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Outside the Courthouse

Damon and Bella went to the courthouse to apply for a marriage license and to spy on council. While Bella was filling out the paperwork, Damon was listening for any useful information. Damon leaned the death certificate for the Mayor was recorded as a heart attack. Nothing was mentioned about John Gilbert. The council members in attendance could not agree on whom should fill in as interim Mayor, and they could not agree on what the medical examiner should list as cause of death for the others.

Damon over heard the doctor, Meredith Fell suggested a gang fight, with the officers who died being their first victims. The fireworks made it plausible for gunshots with all the loud explosions. Damon heard a new voice, a man he did not recognize say, what about the families of the victims, will not they know the truth. Damon thought he was a valid point, if only he could get a list of the families he would take care of that problem.

Bella nudged Damon, "problems?"

Damon nodded, "cover up issues. We need Charlie to get the list of victims. I want to help some forget some details."

Bella pulled out her phone, "hey dad, we need your help. List of victims. Damon needs to do his thing."

Bella hung up, "dad will have Liz call in, and she's officially on bed rest."

Damon took the paperwork from Bella, "so now we can get hitched?" Bella smiled and nodded.

Damon held the door open for Bella to exit the building, when they heard Meredith call out to them. Bella held Damon hand stopping him from walking away. "Stay, we might learn something," Bella whispered.

Meredith reached Bella and Damon asking, "How is Liz feeling?"

Bella was speaking with Meredith when a stranger walked up to the group, "you must be Bella and Damon."

Damon was unhappy that this unknown man knew his name and Bella's so he replied with his usual snark, "depends on who's asking. I don't know you."

Meredith interrupted, "Mason Lockwood you have better manners than that, I'm surprised you are so rude. Bella, Damon, this is Mason Lockwood, Richard Lockwood's younger brother."

Bella tried to ease the male testosterone clearly flowing between the two men, "please accept our condolences. Your brother was a nice man and will be missed."

Mason replied, "thank you, it's been hard. Honestly I don't understand what happened."

Meredith placed her hand on his arm, "not here, besides Damon and Bella were not there. They cannot tell you anything. Mr. Swan was there, but he is caring for Liz right now. It may be a few days before you can meet with him to ask him questions."

Mason saw the truth in Meredith's words. Bella nodded, "our younger brother Stefan had friends over that night, and we didn't want to leave a bunch a teens alone." Bella then asked, "How is your nephew? I heard Tyler was in car accident. I hope he okay."

Mason liked Bella; she seemed honest and caring, even if she was with a Vampire. "Tyler's good, he's at home with his mom. Carol… well it's been hard on her, that's why I'm back in town."

Damon watched Mason's interaction with Bella finally added to the conversation, "I'm sorry to hear that, Richard and Carol have always been gracious. I was sad to learn about your brother."

"Thank you."

Meredith asked, "so what brings you two here today? Are you here for Liz?"

Damon smiled and pulled Bella closer, "no…marriage license." Bella smiled up at Damon adding, "We think Friday, I'm waiting to see if Liz and dad are going to share our day."

Meredith was surprised, "really, that's great. Charlie seems to really care about Liz."

"Yeah, they met years ago for work...training of some kind, both of them being chiefs of police and all." Bella added for Mason's benefit, "My dad was chief of police in Forks, Washington. Very small town," Bella held out her thumb and index finger closing them to indicate how small the town is, "we relocated here recently, mainly so I could be with Damon. Dad was on board when he learned Liz was here."

Mason wanted more information about the beautiful woman was apparently going to marry a vampire and asked, "So, what did you do for work Bella?"

Bella laughed, "Teacher, I taught English literature at Northwestern University in Chicago, I'm hoping to finish my doctorate here, maybe Duke. I'm not sure yet."

Mason was impressed, "Damon, well done, smart and beautiful. I congratulate you both on your upcoming wedding."

"Thank you, we need to get going. We promised to meet Stefan for lunch. Maybe we all get together next week," Bella looked at Meredith before she turned to Mason.

"Maybe," Meredith and Mason said at the same time.

Bella and Damon were in the car when Bella asked, "What's he saying?"

Damon rolled down the window a tiny bit, "Mason is asking about you and your father, he wants to know if you're in the know. He does not like me, but will not tell Meredith why. She is upset and is telling him to get over himself. I think I like Meredith more and more."

Bella bit her bottom lip, "does he know about you?"

Damon nodded and drove away, "he knows, but what bothers me is why he hasn't said anything…he's definitely up to something. He was really surprised that we were not there that night, maybe he thought it was me."

"We need to find out more about him, you know keep your enemies close and all that," Bella told Damon as she pulled out her phone. It's almost time, we need to hurry."

"You do know my Bella…you're my perfect match, we think alike. Stefan knows to wait for us we need this to be seen by a crowd. It will help the rumor mill." Damon kissed Bella's hand. "Let's go make a scene sweetheart."

The grill

Elena, Bonnie, Matt, and Jeremy were sitting in a corner booth. Bonnie knew what was about to happen and dreaded the upcoming scene, but if it meant Stefan was out of their lives, she would stay to support Elena.

Damon and Bella exited their car and started walking towards the restaurant. "You know this town could use another restaurant," Bella said as she looked around for Stefan.

"They tried over the years, didn't take for some reason. At least there's a bar inside," Damon replied.

"Maybe we could try; you do make the best sauce. My lasagna is awesome… it might work, and I wouldn't have to go back to teaching," Bella wondered aloud not expecting Damon to respond to her musings.

"My Bella if that's what you want, we can work on it. It might give Stefan something to do since he won't have to go back to high school."

Bella shook her head, "sorry, not practical with the non-aging thing. I was just thinking aloud that is all. Is Stefan here yet? I'm sort of nervous."

"No, but Caroline is here…and here she comes."

Caroline rushed towards Bella and Damon, wrapping her arms around Bella then decided to add Damon to her circle, "I can't wait, I'm so happy. I have already got the flowers picked out. Oh and I have some things to show you. I hope you like it."

Bella told Damon while Caroline continued speaking, "she's another Alice, but taller and blonde." Bella lead Caroline to a table, "okay, take a breather. I am sure I will love everything. We need to focus." Bella held Caroline's hands in hers and shook them, "focus and breath."

Damon came to the table with 2 glasses bourbon, or what Bella assumed was bourbon and handed one to Bella, "sorry Barbie you don't get any, drink up…here comes Stefan."

Bella and Caroline wanted to be offended at Damon's reference to Barbie, but they soon lost it as they watched the scene play out near them.

"Elena, we need to talk."

"I have nothing to say to you Stefan."

"That's fine, I will make this short. I think we need to break up for good. I'm tired of playing your games."

"Games? Is that all this is to you a game? Well…then, I am glad we broke up. I never want to see you again."

"That's fine with me, I'll stay away."

"Good, go be with your disgusting family. Your brother and his girlfriend deserve each other."

"Leave them out of this; this is between you and me. You don't have to say anything about my family."

"Why? Are you sleeping with her too? Sharing your brothers girlfriend, that's real sick you know that."

Bella and Damon waited, they knew it was coming, but to actually hear the words hurt. Bella walked over to the table and stood next to Stefan. Looking at the faces of Bonnie, Jeremy, and Matt, she knew they felt that Elena had gone too far.

"Leave me and Damon out of your high school drama. I get your that hurt and angry, but you crossed a line. I told you before…if you cannot show me some respect, I will return the favor. Elena ever since I met you, I have thought you were a selfish, spoiled bitch that did not deserve Stefan. Today you proved me correct. Stay away from my family." Bella leaned over the table to be closer to Elena, "I do not like you, and I'm glad my brother is done with you, so I don't have to see your scrawny ass ever again."

Bella turned to leave and saw Caroline standing next to her with Damon behind them both. Caroline said, "I chose my new sister and brothers over you and Bonnie, Elena. I agree with Bella, you really are a bitch Elena and not just sometimes."

Turning to walk away Bella saw the crowd of people watching and knew their big breakup scene did what they wanted. Damon led Stefan, Caroline, and Bella back to their table and signaled for a server to come take their order.

The foursome ate lunch as they discussed wedding plans. They knew not to talk about anything to do with Elena, just in case Katherine was nearby. No one looked over at Elena's table as they left.

The Forbes house

Charlie and Liz waited until Caroline returned to announce their plans for Friday. When the door opened, Caroline was not alone. Stefan entered, followed by Bella and Damon. Bella was clearly upset and sat in Damon's lap while he tried to comfort her. Charlie understood why Bella was upset, having a confrontation whether it was staged or not, was not in Bella's character.

"Well, what happened?" asked Charlie wanting to find out what had upset Bella so much.

Before Stefan or Damon could reply, Caroline repeated word for word what Elena said, then proudly repeated what Bella and she had said in response. Liz was shocked that Elena would say such things.

Stefan worried, "maybe I overdid the compulsion. I never thought Elena would accuse me of…well that."

Damon and Bella said, "No! You did not." Damon continued, "There was something with Elena before, do you remember when I brought Bella home and when we had the dinner, Elena was already jealous and angry. It is not your fault Stefan. If not today, it would have eventually come out. I hate to say it brother, I'm kind a glad she gone."

Stefan admitted, "I know, I saw it too. I just did not think…well anyway it is done and I did see Katherine. She was hiding, but I saw her when Bella was talking."

Damon nodded, "I did too. Now all we need to do is make sure to stay away from her."

Bella finally spoke, "what do you think Matt and Jeremy thought about all of it. I don't want them to think Stefan is a bad person."

Caroline snorted, "Honestly Jeremy already thinks his sister is a bitch, sorry mom, but it's true. Matt, well when Elena dumped him, she was not nice about it, so the way I see it…he may think its karma. And as for Bonnie, I do not really care. She was responsible for my mom getting hurt, not to mention the others including Tyler's dad."

"Caroline, I don't want you to hate Bonnie. She made a huge mistake, one day you need to forgive her. I am not saying trust her, but if you do not get passed your anger, it will eat you up inside. People make mistakes, we need to learn from them," Bella told her. "It may take a while, a long while… I have faith in you… will be able to forgive her."

"Not likely," replied Caroline. "You didn't see her face when you told off Elena. Bonnie hates you." Bella turned towards Stefan and he just nodded in agreement.

It was silent in the room for a while.

Bella's phone chimed, she pulled out the phone to see another text message from Alice.

Bella, I have a dress for Liz.

Tell Caroline the flowers are perfect.

Charlie needs to get the license tomorrow

Between 11 and 11:15 to avoid questions.

Keep Caroline close, cannot say more, it is not clear.

Yes Damon, its fine. Do not screw it up.

Love Alice and Jazz.

Damon held the phone and said, "Your friend is freaky weird you know that." Bella laughed and showed her dad the message.

Charlie said, "Guess we're going tomorrow to get the license Liz." And showed Liz the phone. "Why does she say keep Caroline close?" asked Liz.

Bella shrugged, "not sure, but I trust Alice, so Caroline that means your with me and Damon at all times, okay?"

"Sure, I'm just happy I did a good job with the flowers." Everyone busted out laughing.

"So what for dinner tonight?" asked Charlie, "I'm up for some pizza and beer, how about you Damon, Stefan? Do you like pizza?"

Outside of Mystic Falls

"Stefan broke up with Elena."


"I have to say, Elena is a little bitchy."

"It's the curse, she'll be back to the little angel she was before Stefan appeared. When a doppelgänger is near another doppelgänger, it triggers something."

"Well that good, I would not want to be around her like this."

"I thought you wanted Stefan, why are you upset?"

"I'm not upset about Stefan; I just was surprised Elena could be a bigger bitch than me that's all."

"Time for you to leave, he's on his way. He could arrive by Friday. It does not give you much time. Take care and I'll see you next month at the house."

"Okay, I hope this works."