This is my first Dragon Booster fanfic. I remember watching Dragon Booster when I was 12 and it was one of my favorite TV Shows. I wrote this fanfic only for those who are Twilight fans. I'm not all that good at writing Fanfics. I'm also no Twilight fan, so, please don't hate me about it. I don't own Dragon Booster or Twilight.

Kitt Wonn - Bella Swan

Artha Penn/Dragon Booster - Edward Cullen

Chute - Alice Cullen

Reepyr - Emmett Cullen

Fira Penn - Esme Cullen (No Mother Presented)

Connor Penn - Carslie Cullen

Pyrrah - Rosline Hale

Rivett - Jasper Hale

Moordryd Paynn/Shadow Booster - James

Swayy - Victoria

Cain - Laurent

Marianis - Angela Weber

Spynn - Jessica Stanley

Parmon Sean - Mike Newton

Khatah - Eric Yorkie

Kwake - Tyler Crowley

Vociferous - Jacob Black

OC - Officer Charlie Swan (No Father Presented)

OC - Billy Black (No Father Presented)

OC - Renee Swan (No Mother Presented)