In this next chapter, Charlie will be home, having a day off from his job and meets Artha for the first time. Also, Artha and his family will promise Kitt that they'll protect her from the Dragon Eyes aka evil vampires. I don't own Dragon Booster or Twilight.

That Weekend, Artha was on his way to pick Kitt up.

Kitt got dressed in her room and went downstairs.

Charlie was already sitting at the Kitchen Table, eating breakfast.

Kitt saw that her Breakfast was already on the Kitchen Table.

Kitt sat down and ate her Breakfast.

"Sweetheart, I'll be home, taking a day off from Work Today," He told his daughter.

"Yesterday, at School, a boy named Artha asked me to come to his house and stay with his family for the day," Kitt said.

"Artha?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah," Kitt responded. "He's in my English Class and he asked me to come to his house for the day."

"He's not going to do anything bad to you, is he?" Charlie asked Kitt as they finished their Breakfast.

"No. Of course not," Kitt said.

As, Kitt was done eating her Breakfast, she looked outside the window and saw Artha outside, waiting for her.

"He's here," Kitt told her Dad.

"Ok," Charlie said. "Bring him in."

Kitt opened the door and waved her hand to him to come in.

"Hi," Artha said the Kitt, walking towards Kitt.

"Hi," Kitt said back to him.

Artha went into Kitt's house to meet Charlie.

"Hi," Artha said. "I'm Artha Penn."

"Nice to meet you," Charlie said to Artha as they shook hands. "I'm Charlie Swan, Kitt's Dad. I told Kitt that I'll be here taking a day off from my job Today."

"So, is it ok for her to stay with me and my family while you're taking a day off from your job?"


"Thanks, Dad," Kitt said.

"Be careful, you two," Charlie told them.

"We will," Artha told Charlie.

Then, Artha and Kitt rode off.

While they were riding, Kitt's eye's grew wide as she looked around Sun City.

Then, they finally arrived at Penn Stables.

"You live here?" Kitt asked as they got off of Beau, Artha's dragon.

"I sure do," Artha responded. "Come on. I want you to meet my family."

He and Kitt began to enter into Penn Stables.

"Hi, everyone," Artha said after he and Kitt went into the Kitchen. "I want all of you to meet someone."

Connor, Fira, Chute, Pyrrah, Rivett, and Reepyr all had their eyes on Kitt.

"This is Kitt Wonn. She's in my English Class," Artha told them. "Kitt, this is my family. These are my Parents, Fira and Connor. These are my brothers, Rivett and Reepyr, and my ststers, Pyrrah and Chute."

"It's nice to meet you," Fira told Kitt. "Our son told us all about you."

Kitt just nodded.

"She's new in this City," Artha said.

"Well, welcome to Sun City," Connor said to Kitt.

"Thanks," Kitt said.

"I hope you're hungry," Fira said.

"Oh, yeah," Kitt saild.

"She already ate," Artha told Fira.

Kitt glared at him, but something breaks.

Pyrrah threw down a bowl and now strides out. "Perfect," She said.

"I just assumed," Kitt said to Fira. "Because you don't eat."

"Of course," Fira told Kitt. "That was very considerate of you."

"Don't listen to her," Artha said to Kitt, jokingly.

"Yes," Pyrrah said. "Let's keep pretending this isn't dangerous for all of us."

"I'll never tell anyone," Kitt said.

"She already knows that," Connor said.

"The problem is both of you had gone public now," Reepyr told Artha and Kitt.

"Reepyr," Fira said.

"No," Pyrrah said and looked at Kitt. "She should know that all of us will be implicated if this ends really badly."

"Badly?" Kitt asked. "Oh, badly. Like where I become a meal."

Artha smiles as he wraps his arm around Kitt's shoulders. "Kitt is also a human," He told his family.

"Don't worry, " Connor told Kitt. "We'll never harm you."

Artha, Fira, Chute, Pyrrah, Rivett, and Reepyr all nodded in agreement.

"The Dragon Eyes are bad vampires," Chute said to Kitt.

Kitt froze in fear.

"It's ok, Kitt," Artha comforted her. "We'll protect you and the entire city from them."

Fira, Connor, Chute, Pyrrah, Reepyr, and Rivett all agreed with Artha.

Kitt felt happily relieved.