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The blue lion was missing.

Out of all the things to go wrong already, they had to lose the only lion that lacked a pilot.

Coran was borderline panicking as he tried to figure out exactly how the lion had apparently managed to let itself out of the castle and gone so far out of tracking range in such a short period of time.

The four pilots of Voltron traded theories as the Princess aided Coran in his search.

"The lions are semi-sentient right?" Shiro asked the searching pair.

Allura nodded and looked up from her screen momentarily.

"That's a good way to describe it. The lions are part magic, part science, and part alive. They are naturally compelled to seek out their pilots, just as Keith's was to him on Earth. From there they are compelled to come together so that Voltron can be formed."

Pidge raised her hand.

"Maybe this is a good thing then? I mean if the blue lion went out to find its pilot it'll come back once it has right? We couldn't have expected all the pilots to be human right?"

The other three traded looks.

"That would make sense." Shiro conceded after a pause. "But we still need to make sure that we find the blue lion in case it runs into any trouble."

The group nodded and were just beginning to organize a plan for starting a search when Coran let out a shriek.

"Blue lion dead ahead! It's coming at us like a Jelaen Prima Beast in heat!"

Hunk cowered behind his seat in the control room before peeking around its edges.

"What if it's been capture? What if the Galra are inside it? What if it's possessed!?" He shrieked.

Shrio laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Calm down Hunk. For all we know it's just the new pilot of Voltron arriving. The blue lion wouldn't let itself by piloted by anyone else. Right Princess?"

Allura nodded.

"That's right. The lions can only be piloted by their Paladins. Whoever's in there, they're the pilot of the blue lion. They're one of us."

When the team eventually got down to the blue lion's hanger and saw who the pilot was, they all wished that that wasn't the case.

Because beneath the protective form of the blue lion and clad in a variety of violets was a Galran soldier.

Their species was unmistakable and so was their stiff fighting stance.

"Okay, I don't know why you people kidnapped me from my base or why you felt it necessary to use a gigantic blue lion to do so, but don't think for a second that I'd about to let you kill me without a fight." They screamed shrilly.

All of the paladins raised their bayards as Shiro took a step closer to the captive with his hand flared for battle.

Instantly the blue lion crouched protectively over the solider and let out a roar that sent them all skittering back.

By the time they were all back on their feet the solider was looking up instead of at them.

"What do you mean they aren't going to hurt me?! They're arming themselves right in front of me! That one's arm is literally glowing!" The soldier insisted.

Unable to restrain her curiosity Pidge asked loudly: "You can hear the lion?"

The solider stiffened and turned to face them again.

"What, you can't?" He asked with suspicious curiosity.

Allura stepped forward even as Shiro moved to stop her.

"He's Galran." Shiro hissed.

Allura returned his stare without flinching.

"If he can hear the Blue lion he's more than that. He's a paladin."

The Galaran waved his hand for attention.

"Hello, I'm right here! How am I hearing a giant robot talk that apparently you can't and why are you calling me that?"

Keith stepped forward and activated his sword.

"We should have this discussion after he's been secured." He insisted.

The Galaran removed his helmet and revealed large cat like ears and glowing yellow eyes.

Eyes that immediately looked up and down Keith's frame and smirked.

"Hmmmm I don't think I'd mind that too much if you were the one doing the securing Hot Stuff."

Keith flushed even as he scowled and raised his sword threateningly.

"Just say the word Shiro." He all but growled.

Allura took another step forward and interceded.

"Paladins, the species of the pilot is inconsequential. If he can hear the mind of the blue lion, he is indeed a part of us, and not a prisoner."

The Galra huffed, but loosened his stance a little.

"Again with the referring to me like I'm not here." He grumbled to himself.

A moment later his ear twitched and he looked back up at the blue lion.

"These are the Paladins of Voltron? Thee paladins of Voltron?!"

Instantly the Galra looked panicked.

"Shit, shit, shit. I can't be here! If anyone in high command found out I'm here they'll wring my neck! I'll be charged with treason! I'll never get to be a pilot!"

As the Galra continued to flail around and just generally panic Hunk turned to Pidge and whispered: "If he wasn't like our sworn enemy and everything, I'd think this guy was kind of funny."

Pidge adjusted her glasses and peered up at the Galra.

"It looks like he's gonna work himself into some kind of fit. Should we do something?"

"Like put him in a cryopod until he's useful." Keith added snidely.

The Galran stilled at that. "Hey, I heard that Hot Stuff!"

This time Keith really did growl.

"You call me Hot Stuff one more time and I swear I'm going to-"

"Keith!" Allura cut him off before he could finish his threat.

The red paladin crossed his arms and continued to glare at the Galra who just beamed back at him in response.

"Keith huh? That's an unusual name, but it could grow on me." He muttered mostly to himself.

Keith merely simmered where he stood.

Shiro looked between the rest of the group and the Galra before he offered his own question.

"And what should we call you?" He asked evenly.

The Galra stood straighter and met Shiro's gaze.

"I'm Lance. First born of Anothon and leader of the Theotorian moon base. Care to explain to me why you decided to kidnap me of all people? I mean, I'm awesome and all, but I don't exactly have a lot of influence in the empire and the Galra don't do ransoms."

Allura stood with all her princessly prowess and gestured to herself and the others.

"I am Princess Allura and these are the Paladins of Voltron. The blue lion sough you out because you are it's paladin. You are a member of Voltron. A guardian of the Universe."

Lance froze at that.

"You think I'm a paladin of Voltron?" He asked in a brittle voice.

Allura nodded solemnly. "You can hear the voice of the blue lion. You are the only one in the entire universe with that gift. We cannot form Voltron without you."

Lance's ears twitched once more as he listened to his lion again.

"I'm Galra." He protested weakly to both it and them.

Allura answered his unspoken question.

"There must be some part of you that knows that Zarkon's mission is wrong. That the enslavement and destruction of worlds is an evil act. The pilot of the blue lion is known for their adaptability and compassion. If you have served as a soldier of Zarkon, you have undoubtedly stood witness to tragedies and felt more deeply than those around you ever could about them. You were chosen for a reason. There can be no Voltron without you. No hope for change."

Lance's ears were all the way down when he finally answered.

"Even if I was what you think I am, to join with you. To help you. It would mean going against my entire race. I could never go home. I could never see my family again. I'd lose everything."

Allura actually looked like she pitied him in that moment.

"We are defined by the choices we make when the costs are at their highest." She quoted softly.

Lance looked at the ground, his ears still pressed as far down as they seemed able to go, before turning his gaze back up to the blue lion. Clearly an unheard conversation was being had and the other paladins could only stand by and watch as a barrage of emotions flashed across Lance's face. Sorrow, grief, anger, disbelief, and finally it settled on being resigned.

When his gaze finally landed on them again, it looked immensely tired.

"I'm Galran and I'm the blue paladin. I won't give up one to be the other. Can you all handle that?"

Allura nodded her head into an almost bow before she turned to face the paladins.

"Unity between paladins is the only way that Voltron can be formed. I don't expect it will be a quick or easy process, but we have time."

Weapons were put aside as the other paladins nodded their assent. Even Keith loosened his stance and settled for merely crossing his arms across his chest.

Lance stepped forward until he was half behind the right front paw of his lion and placed all of his weight against it.

"If you don't mind, I could really use some time to think."

Allura nodded her assent eagerly.

"Of course, you must be exhausted, I can show you to your room-"

Lance cut her off.

"If it's all the same to you I think I'd rather stay here. Close to my lion."

The princess deflated a bit at that, but nodded slowly.

"What ever makes you more comfortable. We can bring you blankets, pillows, food or anything else to make you feel more at ease. I'm not entirely certain, but I believe that the pilot's chair can be reclined and arranged into a cot."

"It can." Keith threw in with much more confidence.

Lance's eyes turned to him and even as weary as he seemed to be he couldn't stop his flirting.

"Well if you feel like coming inside with me and showing me how I certainly wouldn't be opposed." He offered with a wink.

Keith flushed even as he rolled his eyes and Pidge couldn't hold back a snicker behind him.

"Yeah Keith, maybe you should show him how the bed works."

Again, before Keith could threaten anyone, the princess cut in.

"That's a wonderful idea Pidge. Why don't you gather some bedding while Hunk prepares a meal for our guest? Keith can help prepare Lance's cot."

Keith opened his mouth to protest, but a stern look from Shiro stopped him.

"Fine." He growled as he stormed past the motionless Galra and into the awaiting mouth of the blue lion. The rest of the paladins dispersed as Shiro and Alteans went off to discuss this new development and the others went to complete their assigned tasks.

Finally only Lance was left with his lion and Keith awaiting him within it.

"I'm scared Blue." Lance muttered so softly that no one but his lion could have possibly heard him.

He could feel the mental purr of the metal masterpiece above him and the quiet reassurances of his lion's warmth in his mind.

"It may not seem like it now, but this will be home. They will be family. Together we shall be a strong Pride."

The Galra unwound a little at that as his gaze turned upwards again.

"And the red one? Keith?" He questioned softly.

"He will resist you; it is his nature." Blue confirmed just as gently.

"But his trust, once earned, will be worth it and more." She promised.

Lance kept his gaze aimed up as he offered his first true smile since he'd arrived at the Castle of Lions.

"I had a feeling that was the case." He assured her before following after the red robed teen that had so captured his attention.

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