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Keith woke up on the morning of the third day of their mating to the same tune being hummed that he'd heard the first night of their union.

He listened to it with fondness as he laid on his stomach and enjoyed the linger warmth of Lance's place on the bed. Said teen was rummaging around in one of the boxes that Hunk had prepared and plucking out some of simpler snacks available to them.

Keith hummed his own appreciation of the sight as he took in the view of Lance bare before him.

His lover was coated in claw marks and bejeweled in bites, each one a reminder of a moment of passion between them.

Keith had never felt so sated and satisfied in his life as he stretch out across the bed just to feel his own body's reminders of the last few days.

Handprints decorated his hips in striking parallels against his pale flesh and a single bite on his neck was sure to scar and leave a permanent mark of their first heat together.

Every pinch and pain that he felt only served to deepen his sense of contentment and satisfaction.

He was mated now. Bound to the boy before him by something stronger than any human promise of commitment. All of his doubts were gone and replaced with daydreams of the future promised to him. Of the children Lance and he would one day share once they defeated Zarkon. Of being with Lance till he was laid to rest. Because now he knew for certain that nothing but death would ever part them.

Keith's glow was impossible to ignore and Lance couldn't resist returning to his mate and kissing the corner of his grin.

"Good morning Kialto." He whispered with tenderness.

Keith beamed under his gaze and allowed his mate to feed him a few small berry-like fruits that he'd taken from their supplies. They tasted like tangerines and figs mixed together and Keith didn't hesitate to lick their juices from his lover's fingers.

"Hmmmm, I could get used to breakfast in bed." He muttered around a juice coated digit.

Lance laughed lowly and ran his free hand through Keith's disheveled hair.

"Whatever my mate wants." He conceded warmly.

Keith brimmed over with satisfaction at the new title bestowed upon him.

"I think my heats over." He announced as soon as they were both done eating.

Lance allowed Keith to clean his fingers completely before lying down beside the pale teen again and catching his hands.

"Are you sure my Treasure? You still smell rather delectable."

Keith blushed at the teasing even as he lightly shoved the other teen's shoulder.

"You said that before I even went into heat." He countered without any real strength.

Lance laughed and gathered Keith into his arms.

"Then lay with me a little longer Love. I want to enjoy you a little more before I have to share you again with the rest of the universe."

Keith smiled against his lover's neck and enjoyed the deep rumble of the purr that started up only a moment later. He was halfway to dozing when a thought struck him.

"Hey Lance."

"Yeah?" Came the sleepy reply.

"That song you've been humming, is it something special?" He asked.

Keith could hear the smile he couldn't see in his lover's voice as he answered.

"If we were on my home world it's the tune they would have played at our mating ceremony."

Lance began trailing his hand up Keith's back and drawing nonsense shapes with the tips of his claws as he continued.

"My cousins would have sung it for us as we met in the middle of a crowd made up of our friends and family. Then bestowed upon us a thousand blessings for long life, healthy children, and fortunate future." His voice got softer as he continued.

"My mother would have woven you a band of blessing for your right wrist and my father would have carved you a clan stone to sit in its center."

Then even softer: "And when I found you in the heart of the crowd with the blessings of my parents, friends, and family all around us…..I would have requested your blessing."

A kiss fell on Keith's forehead.

"That I might always be present in your thoughts."

Another kiss landed over his heart as Lance trailed down his chest.

"Welcomed in your heart."

A final kiss was planted on his navel.

"And able to provide for all your needs."

Keith's eyes were lidded as they looked down at his love.

"And what would I do?" He breathed.

Lance's smile was adoring as he looked up at him.

"You would offer your consent to me with a kiss." He explained.

"Like this?" Keith asked as he pulled the taller teen up to him until their lips were only a breath apart.

Lance barely needed to nod before Keith caught his lips in a kiss that outshone any they had previously shared.

Keith could practically see it behind his eyelids. Lance's family and the other member of Voltron around them, smiling and laughing together in joy over the union. Lance robed in formal Galra attire and his own body adorned with the gift from his in-laws.

Everything as welcome and intimate as the kisses Lance had placed upon him.

When Keith opened his eyes again everything else but Lance was gone and he didn't care.

He didn't need anything else but his mate to celebrate their union. To bask in the raw affection and joy that existed between them.

"Someday." The lavender teen began.

"I'll bring you home to my family and give you a real ceremony to celebrate our mating."

He sounded so sincerely determined Keith couldn't help but kiss him again.

"I look forward to meeting them…..But I think I love our version of the ceremony more than I ever will a real one." Keith admitted fondly.

Lance laughed at his words and nuzzled his nose along Keith's jaw line.

He looked at Keith so reverently in that moment that it made the pale teen blush despite everything.

Which only made Lance laugh softer.

"I never dreamed I'd find a mate like you. When all of my siblings and cousins were pairing off with others from my hometown they couldn't understand why I didn't pick someone too. Why I wouldn't even try courting any of those that showed interest in me."

Lance continued to laugh lowly.

"I never had a good reason. For them or myself. The Galra that tried were all perfectly fine…."

A clawed hand brushed Keith's hair out of his eyes.

"They just weren't you." He admitted with fondness.

Keith melted into his grasp and flashed him a grin.

"You should have seen me reacting to the boys who wanted to date me on Earth. I nearly broke one guy's jaw for trying to kiss me after a crappy first date and I scared another one off when he found out I still had my knife with me after our second date. He thought I didn't trust him or something." He explained with an eye roll.

"Human dating altogether is just really weird." Keith finished with a shrug.

His grin melted into something almost contemplative as he seemed to take note of his own words.

"I feel like I should be more weirded out about finding out I'm not totally human, but I'm just kind of not? It just kind of makes sense on some level. I always knew I was different…..Just being alien was not in my top ten guesses for why."

Keith was so caught up in his own thoughts he didn't note Lance's frown until the taller teen had pulled his hand away.

"I don't need to go hunt any of those past guys down do I?" He asked with a level of seriousness that made Keith's eventual laughter louder than normal.

When he finally stopped it was only because the urge to kiss the frown off of Lance's face was too strong to ignore.

"Hey." He breathed when they parted.

"If they mattered at all I wouldn't be here would I? I was waiting for someone who actually knew how to court me."

He ran a hand through Lance short hair.

"Who wasn't afraid when I pinned them to a wall and threatened them." He explained with a lazy guiltless grin.

Lance became boneless at the touch of Keith's nails trailing along his hairline.

"It only made me want you more." He admitted shamelessly.

Keith's skin darkened a tinge at those words even as his grip on his love's hair tightened.

"When you pinned me so easily and then let me go with an offer to train with me, it was right like nothing they ever did was." He confessed heatedly.

"You showed me you were strong, not with the intent to make me feel weak, but to show that I could be with you. That you could be strong enough for both of us."

Using his grip on his love's hair Keith tilted his head back to expose the length of his lavender neck.

"It made me want to bite you." He recalled lustfully.

Lance's eyes nearly rolled back in pleasure as Keith began placing sharp toothed nips against the skin of his neck.

"Fuck, Keith. You sure your heats over?"

The pale teen merely hummed against his throat for a minute before his unoccupied hand trailed down between them.

He smirked when he felt how hard Lance was against him.

"I don't need to be in heat to want my mate." He half cooed into a purple ear.

"Keith." Lance half keened at the contact.

"You promised to provide for all my needs right?" Keith crooned enticingly.

"Well….I need my mate." He admitted with lidded eyes.

Lance didn't need to be asked twice as he rolled himself over his mate to cage his body under him.

"How Kialto? How do you need me?" He asked with an eager growled that sent shivers down Keith's spine.

The question only made Keith relax against his pillows further as he grasped his lover's hand with lazy strength.

He brought the tips to his lips and muttered "I need you here."

Before dragging them down further until they were pressed against his entrance.

"And here." He commanded calmly, doubtless of the fact that Lance would do everything in his power to satisfy him.

He could practically see his mate's mouth water as he took in the sight of Keith loose limbed beneath him, eager and willing to be enjoyed.

The red paladin's breath caught as Lance toyed with his opening with careful claws.

"You're still so loose Kialto. So wet." He noted with pleasure.

A single digit slipped inside of Keith and tested his resistance.

It made the Halfling's toes curl in pleasure.

"I could just…." He trailed off purposefully as he removed his fingers all together and leaned down to gather Keith up.

The raven haired teen allowed himself to be manhandled without a struggle as his mate leaned back against the headboard and balanced his lover on his lap.

Keith sighed with relief as he felt himself be lowered onto his boyfriend completely.

"Perfect." He breathed when they were settled together.

"Yeah." Lance agreed as he stared adoringly up at his mate.

Keith noted the look and smiled dreamily down at him.

"Come on Lialto." He cooed with affection. "Make love to me."

Lance didn't need anymore encouragement as he braced his hands against Keith's sides and lifted him up with breathless ease.

Gravity brought him back down with a pleased moan as Lance rolled his hips up to meet him.

"You were made for this." Lance praised as he set a punishing pace.

"Made for you." Keith corrected as he buried his face into Lance's hair and wrapped his arms around his neck to cling to him.

The declaration only spurred the lavender teen on as he darkened the bruises already on Keith's hips with his grip.

"Made to please you." Keith panted directly into his ear.

"Made to fuck you and fight you and carry your kids." He continued as he got closer and closer.

"Keith." Lance growled through clenched teeth as the pale teen continued to ride him both physically and verbally.

"Made to take everything you can give me. To make sure that you'll never need anyone else." The amethyst eyed teen swore.

Lance was half mad from the feeling of the teen and his words all wrapped around him. Keith was all he could hear. All he could see, smell, taste, touch.

Keith, Keith, Keith.

His world thrummed.

It was all Lance could do to hang on as his universe narrowed to the beautiful teen in his arms and everything that he inspired in the Galra.

Keith was the storm and its center. The chaos and the calm. Both his destruction and his salvation.

He blazed so beautifully that all Lance could do was want to be consumed. To fuel the miracle that was the boy in his arms.

All at once the pale teen stiffened and let loose a shriek of ecstasy that everyone in the castle must have heard.

Warmth landed on Lance's chest as the muscles around him convulsed and tightened to the point that he couldn't hold on anymore.

With his own strangled moan he released his essence into the boy atop him and rode out the waves of pleasure with slowing thrusts into his mate.

"Oh Lance." His mate breathed blissfully as he felt the satisfying sensation of his mate staking his claim in the most intimate of ways.

The boy beneath him merely shuddered with the aftershocks of it all as his hands gripped the teen atop him tighter.

The two panted and shook for few more minutes as they came down from their mutual highs.

Keith recovered a moment quicker than his mate and swiped sweat matted hair off of his face to place a lingering kiss onto Lance's newly bitten lip.

The simmer inside him had finally transformed into a satisfied warmth that turned his flesh to mush and his bones to jello.

He was so boneless that the only thing keeping him upright was Lance's reflexive grip around him and even that seemed to be loosening.

He knew in that moment that if he had been any more Galra than he was, he would have been purring from the pleasure of it all.

"Lance." He sighed again, noting the still dazed look on his love's face.

The Galra didn't respond as he continued to stare lovingly at his mate.

More amused than anything Keith unhooked his arms from around Lance's neck and moved to cradle his face between his hands.

"If you keep looking at me like that we'll have to start all over again." He threatened playfully.

Lance made a choked off sound at the thought and leaned forward to bury his face into the crook of Keith's neck.

"Kialto, you can't just say thinks like that!" He groaned in mock outrage

Keith laughed into his hair as he trailed his hands up until they were toying with his love's cat-like ears.

"I can if it means you'll keep being cute." He teased shamelessly.

Lance groaned again even as he rolled them onto their sides and carefully pulled out of his mate.

The sensation wrenched a low mewl of residual pleasure from Keith's lips as he felt a fresh wave of seed and slick trail down his body and coat his already filthy flesh.

His heat had left him as decorated in love marks and coated in fluids as one would expect after three many days of love making and he didn't even mind.

Not when the sensation made him feel so satisfied and the sight made Lance's eyes glaze over.

Eyes that never strayed from Keith's face as he checked for any pain beneath the pleasure.

"You'll need some time in the healing pod." He noted softly.

Keith stretched out his body until everything gave a satisfying pop before meeting his eyes again.

"But then I'll lose all my pretty marks." He teasingly whined as his fingers ghosted over the series of bites on his collarbone.

Lance eyed the marks regretfully for a moment before smirking.

"But then we'll get the opportunity for me to make more." He promised with a grin.

Keith accepted his answer with his own drowsy smile as the day's activities caught up to him.

"A little longer." He half yawned as he cuddled against Lance's chest.

"Let's linger just a little long." He whispered as sleep curled at the edges of his mind.

Lance smiled indulgently as he placed another kiss to Keith's forehead.

"As long as you want my Treasure." He promised.

"Love you." Keith sighed against his skin.

"I love you more." His mate countered in a whisper.

It would have been something that the smaller teen would have challenged if he wasn't already fast asleep. Already dreaming of the not so distant day when the seeds inside him would he be allowed to take root and provide the promised children that flittered through his dreams like ghostly butterflies.

Of a time when the universe would know the kind of peace that he felt in that moment. Cherished and cradled by his mate. Warm and worn from the heat. And finally loved and in love.

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