Part 3


Belle was roaming the floor of the castle. She then saw Mrs. Potts.

"How are you holding up Mrs. Potts?" She asked her. The teapot didn't answer. "Mrs. Potts? Mrs. Potts?" She then noticed the poor mother was sniffing back tears. "Aw, Mrs. Potts! I know you're sad over Chip; we all are. But, I have complete faith in Lumiere and Cogsworth. They'll get him back." Mrs. Potts looked at Belle.

"Thanks." She said. "I don't care if the curse doesn't get lifted, and we lose our humanity, and turn into inanimate objects forever; as long as I have my son again, that's all I ever want." Belle smiled.

"Want to walk with me?" It was Mrs. Potts turn to smile.

"I'd love to, poppet."

Somebody picked up Cogsworth from the table he and a dozen other clocks were on. Lumiere noticed this. He was on his own table with candlesticks and candelabras. He looked around to see if anybody was looking, and jumped off the table. He then hopped to the man carrying off his friend, careful not to get caught.

He hopped under a table, and looked out as the man asked the market owner the cost. He then got out his wallet. Lumiere thought about how he was going to get back the clock. He then got an idea. He then eststinguished the fire on his right candle hand, reached for the tablecloth, and pulled on it until every pan on the table fell to the ground. The owner and the guy buying Cogsworth looked when they heard the clatter. Th candelabra made his fire reappear.

"Hey!" The owner cried. "Who did that? Who? I want answers!" Lumeire then hopped to where Cogsworth was.

"Psst, Cogsworth!" He whispered. "Get away before it's too late!" Cogsworth nodded, and jumped down. He and the candelabra quickly went under a nearby table. They then heard a little girl scream.

"Cossette," The woman next to her said. "What is it?" Cossette looked at her.

"I just saw a clock and candlestick run like they were human, Mama." She said. She pointed to the table where Cogsworth and Lumiere were under. "And they're under that table."

"Oh, Cossette, that's nonsense. I knew that woman who taught you how to read was a bad idea."

"But, Mama…" The mom grabbed Cossette's hand.

"Now, come on Cossette. It's getting dark."

"But, Mama.."

"Cossette; enough!" The little girl gave in, and let her mom pull her away.

"Poor girl." Lumiere observed. He then looked mad as he crossed his candle arms across his chest. "And I'm a candabra, not a candlestick. Big difference. I'll forgive her because she's a little girl."

"Yes, yes." Cogsworth agreed. "There's a difference. But, help me figure out where the Enchanted Mirror is, and how to get it." They then saw the magic mirror on yet another table with other non-magical mirrors, and ran to it.

But when they got there Cossette grabbed the mirror and looked at it.

"Mama." Cossette said. "I want this one!" Before Cogsworth and Lumiere could run under the table, Cossette noticed them. She bent down to them. "I knew it." Lumiere looked back. Cogsworth ran under the table, and looked out, He couldn't believe what he saw. Lumiere looked at the mirror, then at the girl. "Do you want this?" She placed the mirror by Lumiere, unsure how he can grip it.

"Merci beucoup little Mademoiselle." He thanked her. "Oh, and I'm a candelabra." He gestured Cossette to be quiet. Cossette understood, and she let him go under the table, pushing the mirror in that direction.

"Au Revoir!" Cossette called after him. Lumeire called the same thing back to her. She picked out a new mirror, and showed it to her mom.

"Lumiere!"" Cogsworth scolded, picking up the mirror. "Why did you expose yourself like that? Don't you know what could've happened?"

"Relax." Lumiere assured him. "It all worked out in the end, non? We have the mirror. Now, let's see where Philippe went off to." Cogsworth nodded, and asked the mirror where the horse was. The mirror showed them that Philippe was close by. "Aha; there he is!"

The two ran to the horse when they got to him,

"Missed us?" Lumiere asked. The two jumped into the pack. Cogsworth showed him where Chip was. "Hmmm, a pottery store; why is that so Deja vu I can't put a candle to it. Aw well; onward!" They then noticed the horse had a rope around his neck. They then saw that a man was holding onto the other end of the rope.

"Now what?" Cogsworth questioned. "Philippe's been caught!"

"Never fret." Lumiere told the clock. "For I have the solution!" He jumped back out on Philippe's pack, and went over to the rope. He touched the rope, causing it to start on fire. The fire burned the rope in two. Philippe panicked, and lifted his hooves up into the air, causing Lumiere to fall to the ground.

"Lumiere, are you okay?" Cogsworth wanted to know, concern in his voice.

"Yeah." Lumiere told him. "I'm fine. Maybe I should have warned Philippe about my plan first, huh?" The man holding onto the other end of the rope screamed.

"Okay, Lumiere. Get back in, and let's go." Lumiere hopped back into the pack. Cogsworth looked over to the horse. "Shh! It's okay, Philippe. Let's just go find Chip." The horse nodded in agreement, and took off. The man tried to get Philippe, but the horse was too fast for him. He cussed in French.


Another man came into the store. I was now on the display window with other fragile stuff.

"Bonjour Monsieur Jean." The man greeted.

"Bonjour Monsieur Pierre." Papa greeted back. Pierre looked confused.

"Say, Jean, aren't you closed? Why are you still here?" Papa pointed to me.

"I found that teacup on the ground by Notre Dame." Pierre went over and observed me.

"Why it is chipped?" Papa shrugged.

"Don't know. He was that way when I found him. I wrote a letter to my friend from Japan if he knows how to fix it."

"I see, but you know, without the broken part it'll be difficult, maybe impossible."

"I know. But, it's doesn't hurt to try." This time, Pierre shrugged.

"I guess." There was a knock at the door.

"Won't you get that Pierre, and tell whoever it is that the store is closed?" Pierre opened it.

"Store's clo…huh?" He looked around. He closed it again.

"No one there?" Pierre looked at Papa.

"Must have been some kids pulling a mean trick on us." I then heard something.

"Psst, Chip." The voice whispered in a familiar French accent. I was confused. "Down here." I looked down. It was Lumiere and Cogsworth.

"Lumiere?" I questioned. "Cogsworth? What are you two doing here?"

"We're going to return you to the castle of course."

"Young man," Cogsworth added. "You are in so much trouble!" Pierre bumped into them. He turned around as they went into their mindless states.

"What the?" He asked. He picked them up. "What's a candlestick and a clock doing down here?"

"Candelabra!" Lumiere corrected him even though he didn't hear.

"Don't know." Papa admitted. "Just put them with the chipped teacup. I'll put them on sale in the morning. And by the way, that candlestick is a candelabra." Pierre put them up by me. He talked to Papa some more.

"Thank you!" Lumiere turned to Cogsworth. "This guy gets it." He looked at me. "Ready to go back home, Chip? Philippe is outside waiting for us. We used the Enchanted Mirror to find you."

"I'm not going back." I told him. They were both shocked.

"But you have to go back." Cogsworth said. "Everyone's worried about you, especially your mama."

"Not Beast."

"Even the bea…Master." I shook my head.

"I don't think so. '

"Yes he does. Look Chip, you are loved by everyone. Master might not show it, but deep down, he's a gentle giant." Lumiere nodded with agreement.

"S'il vous plait, Chip." The candelabra pleaded. "We went through all this trouble just to return you home safely to your mama. Don't turn it into a waste of time."

"I do miss Mama, and the others,' I admitted. "But my papa's here, and I haven't seen him for a long time. It feels like ten years, even though I'm only eight."

"Your papa?" They both asked at the same time.

"Yeah." I told them. "The man in the straw hat." We all turned, and they saw him. "Pretty neat, huh?"

"So, that's why this place is so familiar." Lumiere told Cogsworth. "Mrs. Potts said her husband does pottery for a living. I took a pottery class from him when I was Chip's age."

"Yeah." Cogsworth added. "Good thing he wasn't there when we were all transformed."

"He was very lucky, but the poor fellow's memories been erased. It was a blessing and a curse to him." Pierre noticed the portrait of us.

"Hey, Jean." He spoke. "I've come to this shop everyday, but I don't know these people with you. Who are they?" Papa looked as well.

"Don't know." He admitted. "But, I feel like I know them. They're like family to me."

"Is that why you're still single?"

"Yeah, I guess. I feel like it might be cheating when I date." I asked Cogsworth what he meant. He said I'd know when I'm older. Why does every adult tell me that? How much older do I have to be to understand? Are they hiding other secrets from me like where babies come from?

"Hey, that woman holding the child isn't the mom, is she? She looks too old, like a grandma."

"Yeah, but I feel like she's the mom, like she had him late in life you know."

"I guess."

"Well, this is all dandy and all Chip seeing your father here." Cogsworth told me. "But we still need to go."

"But…but, I haven't seen my father in a long time." I protested. I came up with an idea. "Why doesn't Mama come see him?"

"But he won't remember."

"That's okay. As long as she sees him, I'm sure Mama will want just that."

"Well, maybe you can discuss that to your Mama later. Right now, we have to go before we get locked up in here." Lumiere saw the curtain.

"We can jump down, but where's the fun in that?" He questioned. "Instead we can slide down from the curtain. Man, I am literally on fire with these ideas of mine." We hopped to the edge by the window. Lumiere estinguished his fire, and then slid all the way down like a fire pole.

"Okay, Chip. I'll hold onto you. Ready?" I hopped into his arms.

"Ready!" Cogsworth looked to the floor down below again, and gulped.

"Come on Cogsworth!" Lumiere encouraged. "It might be the only way down, and its fun!"

"Yeah!" I chipped in (get it? Chipped in?). "Let's go!" Cogsworth sighed.

"Oh how did I end up doing this?" He questioned himself. "Why can't I just jump down?" He took a deep breath, and grabbed the curtain. We slid all the way down with Cogsworth screaming in fright, and me having the time of my life! I hopped off when we were on the floor again. "That was so much fun! You make dinner fun, and now this. Wait until I tell Mama!"

"Yes, yes, but fun and games is over. Now, once the door is open, we bolt out of here to Philippe." We went to the door to wait.

"Hey, Jean." Pierre said to Papa. "Did you hear that scream just now?"

"I might've, but let's just go now." Papa got up, and went to the door with his keys. "If you want anything, I open at eight."

"Okay," Cogsworth spoke. "Get ready!"

"We know Cogsworth." Lumiere said. "Calm down!"

"I just want to make sure we know to go right away because, you know, it's crucial." Lumiere gestured that he was crazy with his candlestick. I giggled. Cogsworth was mad. "This is no laughing matter! We need to…" Papa opened the door.

"Now!" We hopped out.

"Come on Cogsworth!" I called back to him. Once outside, we went to Philippe. We were about to jump, when someone grabbed me.

"LUMIERE!" I screamed. "COGSWORTH; HELPPPP!" They looked and gasped. "Sacre bleu!" I heard Lumiere cry out. "That boy has Chip!" I looked at my

captor and couldn't believe it. It was Slaine! Slaine looked at me.

"Hey!" He cried. "It's the chipped teacup Poodion had!" He hatched an idea. "I'll give it to my mom for her birthday tomorrow; she'll love it!" He went

away with me. Cogsworth looked determined, and walked to us.

"Hey, you boy!" He shouted to Slaine. Slaine looked all around. "It's me, the clock talking." Slaine looked at him, and gasped. "Now, you drop the chipped teacup this instant, mister! We have been looking for him, and you aren't going to ruin it; now, scat!" Slaine dropped me, and ran away screaming. Cogsworth grabbed me, and we went to Lumiere.

"Wow, Cogsworth!" He observed. "I'm impressed. I didn't know you had it in you."

"I didn't know I had it in me either. It just burst out of me when I saw Chip in

danger. Okay, now, let's go." We jumped into the pack. Cogsworth ordered Philippe back to the castle, and he galloped off. I sighed, thinking of Papa.

"Don't worry, Chip." Lumiere consoled me. "You'll see him again. You and your Mama both." I sighed, and looked up at him.

"I know, but why just us? Why didn't the Enchantress transform Papa too? I know that sounds cold-hearted but at least we could be together that way. How can the Enchantress take us away from Papa like that? His own son and family?"

"Aw, Chip," Cogsworth said to me. "Your dad wasn't there when she cursed us."

"And you don't want to wish your father the same fate that we have suffered all of these years." Lumiere put in. "He suffered too, remember. By forgetting ever having kids and his wife. I don't know what's worse. And family doesn't have to be blood-related. They can be your closest friends who really care for you. We're your family, and we'll always be."

"I know, but I'm still bummed out. It's not fair."

"This curse haven't been easy for any of us Chip." Cogsworth said. "But, at least we're all together."

"Yeah, but I still miss Papa."

"We know."

Lumiere made sure Philippe could find his way back to the castle at night. I also heard him shoo some flies and moths away that were attracted to his light. Cogsworth told me to get some sleep. I yawned, so I did.

"Chip." I heard Cogsworth. I also felt a nudge. "Chip; wake up. We're here." I yawned. I looked at him. "Ready to see your mama again?"

"Now that's a silly question to ask the boy." Lumiere said. "He's ready. Who wouldn't be?"

"I'm scared." I admitted. "I mean, not of Mom. I'm scared of the beast."

"We'll be here for backup." Cogsworth assured me.

"I'll go get your Mama." Lumiere offered.

The first thing we saw was Belle. She was on the floor reading a book. Cogsworth and I went to her.

"Belle!" I cried out. Belle saw me, and smiled.

"Chip!" She said with glee. She put her book beside her on the floor, and stood up. "We missed you so much."

"Even Beast?"

"Even Beast."

"I missed you too." I frowned. "I'm sorry I made you all worry. Beast is scary when he's mad, and I guess I didn't want to face him. I also am sick of being cooped up in here too."

"Oh, Chip. I understand. But running away from your fears doesn't do you any good. We're on your side no matter what. You'll never lose this love." Belle began to sing.

"Impatient, rude, unkind

That's sadly what some people are about

Pushed aside, left out

Feeling that no one wants to be your friend

Helpless because you're small

Thinking no one will understand you at all

Don't worry; someone will help you when you fall

You are loved after all

So, no tears, or fears

We will always care

We will always be there

Even when we're not here

You don't have to fear

Our friendship and happy family you're always be a part of

Always remember, you'll always have our love!"

"Chip; Chip!" I heard Mama when Belle was done. Lumiere was with her with Babette. They went to Cogsworth. I smiled.

"Mama; Mama!" I hopped to her. We hugged.

"Thank goodness you're home. I missed you so much."

"Mama; I have so much to tell you! I met Papa."

"You did?"

"Yeah! It was so cool! I know he doesn't remember us, but can you and I go see him sometime?"

"Oh, I don't know. It could be dangerous in our states."

"Please, Mama. Lumiere and Cogsworth went."

"Well that's because they were so desperate of finding you. They offered to help. Now come, I want to hear all about the day you had. We'll go by the fireplace so our friends can hear it too." Sultan barked with joy, running to us, and followed us.

So, I told everybody my tale, including my siblings. Lumiere and Cogsworth told us theirs too. I have to admit it. I think I liked theirs better, but I'll never forget meeting my papa.

I apologized again to Mama, and admitted of breaking the window. Beast was going to explode at first, but didn't when Mama cleared her throat. He looked at her, and scolded me calmly. And guess what? He apologized too, and promised to work on not being so scary anymore. I promised to pay for the window. I also told Mama about what she said about why I couldn't I be like my other siblings made me feel like she didn't love me as much because of my behavior. She said no matter what I'll do, she'd always love me, and my siblings equally. She understood why I was sick of being in the castle, and wanted more, but she still grounded me. Ah well, better being grounded here then out there. I also pleaded with her that when I turn into a boy again, I could go to regular public school like I did before. Lumiere and Babette went off somewhere.

Well, that's my story. I hoped you enjoyed it! Even though I'm glad that I met my Papa, I'm happy to be back here with my other family, my family in the castle. And one day, like Lumiere says, Belle will break the spell somehow, and Mama, my siblings, and I will be reunited with him when I'm a boy again. Aw, to be a human child again. I can hardy wait!