The crate that the Mangle was pushed into wound up going where Spike intended anyway.

After six months spent floating around in Customs limbo, at least one rebel encampment of one sort or another, a goat pen,and a cantina, it finally arrived at the Finn's current HQ (a small three room hotel on the outskirts of Ciudad de Guatemala, the national capital) where it sat unopened for another two months due to the Mr. and Mrs. Riley Finns being out in the field eliminating something nastier than they for pay.

Once opened, the C.O.D. delivery immediately attacked the Mr. and Mrs. Riley Finns, repeatedly demanding in a child's voice, "I belong to FazCorp Entertainment Group. Please return me at once to (address withheld upon the request of FazCorp Entertainment Group)!" resulting in the complete destruction of the Mr. and Mrs. Riley Finn's hotel room, their entire set of matching luggage and contents, several ugly wedding gifts, and the total nervous breakdown of a large feral pig named Julio, who lived under the back steps.

Once the destruction of the room and most of the building was complete, the homicidal animatronic did a three-legged slithering march out of the rubble, through the surrounding barrios and into the jungle, going due Northwest where rumors of a steel demon with two heads and three legs could be traced well into Mexico. After unintentionally founding several new religions, it was found standing, battery depleted, roughly in the vicinity of Salina Cruz in the state of Oaxaca, loudly demanding to be returned to FazCorp.

The Finn's luggage was eventually replaced, but not the dirty laundry it contained. The C.O.D. fees as well as the cost of the damage to the hotel was covered by the entire cash payment they had received earlier for services rendered in the Guatemalan jungle, their cell phones, and an unopened carton of Marlboro Lights.

Not long after The Grand Rialto caught fire, there was a minor uproar following the discovery of a desecrated grave in Sunnydale's historic Jewish Union Cemetery. The grave belonged to (name withheld at the request of surviving family members), and had been dug up and something large buried atop the previously existing coffin before reburial. Upon closer examination, the charred, badly decomposed remains recovered by the SPD forensic team proved to be that of a large, overweight elderly male of Eastern European descent with severe arthritis and late stage lung cancer wearing a dress, heels, sequined trifocal harlequin glasses and a bedazzled hernia truss. A numerical tattoo on one forearm indicated that the body was that of Holocaust survivor (name withheld at the request of the surviving family members).

Numerous cigarette butts were found littering the nearby ground along with an empty Manischewitz bottle and a broken shovel.

After probate and being declared a total insurance loss, the remains of The Grand Rialto were bulldozed flat and replaced by a Dollar General store by after the property's sale by (name withheld at the request of the surviving family members)'s nearest heirs, the (name withheld at the request of the surviving family members) of Chicago, IL.

Three years after the fall of Sunnydale, Willow Rosenberg, living with her wife in Paris, France, received two well-worn envelopes postmarked by the defunct Sunnydale, CA post office. One contained an undisclosed amount of cash wrapped in an old movie popcorn bag with Spike's name on it in fountain pen, the other the deed to the now non-existent plot of land where The Grand Rialto once stood. Rather than pursue the legal ownership of the non-existent property it outlined, she had the document framed. It now hangs in a place of honor over the bidet in her Paris apartment. The money languishes in her bedside table, forgotten and the home of mice.

Jacob Raus's supervisor, Bob, when Raus failed to report to his office for three consecutive days, shrugged all fifteen of it's shoulders and promoted the surviving occupant of the next cubicle, Ralph Q. Fantod, formerly of Camden, NJ, with an accompanying doubling of salary, an office with a window overlooking a dumpster, and a new company car.

Charlotte (Charlie) Dunrel, daughter of Mr. Henry Dunrel one of the founding members of FazCorp, after a lengthy legal battle, gained full control of The FazCorp Entertainment Group.

Or did she?

Spike never did get paid for his five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria. However, he went on to have a lot more adventures, most of them ill-advised and quite emotionally painful – which is what happens when one follow the contents of one's BVD's and not that of one's skull.

Buffy Summers, not long after walking past the remains of The Grand Rialto… Aw, hell, you already know what happened so why are we wasting your time?

Anyway, should you be interested, there is a sequal to this story, "Midnight Run" - where Buffy gets more involved, and Spike still doesn't get paid, though considering the state of his mind, I doubt he really cares.