Jon followed the woman the Dragon Queen had called Missandei down the barely light hallways of Dragonstone. Tormund and Davos followed closely behind him and he could feel their uneasiness. Jon, himself, was still trying to process what had just occurred. He had met the Dragon Queen and, truth be told, she was more than what he had imagined in his mind. She was intelligent, passionate, determined. She was also strikingly beautiful. A fact that did not escape him as they stared at each other during their initial meeting. He was disappointed that she hadn't believed him or seemed to really care about the impending danger that threatened everyone. He was brought out of his thoughts as the woman he was following stopped in front of a door.

"This will be your chambers for as long as you stay at Dragonstone, Your Grace. Your companions have a room adjoining your own." The woman spoke with a small smile on her face. Jon looked up at her and smiled back.

"Thank you." Jon simply said while taking the handle of the door away from Missandei and opening it himself.

"I apologize if the accommodations are not up to your standard, Your Grace." Missandei said kindly. Jon peered inside and shook his head slightly.

"I'm used to far worse than this. Give your Queen my thanks." He stated before slipping inside the door. Jon could feel the woman's stare lingering a bit before she closed the door behind them. Jon ran a hand through his hair and let out a deep breath before sitting down on the bed.

"Well we're still alive. I'd count that as a victory." Davos stated as he too sat down.

"Aye, were still alive, but not much else got accomplished." Jon said in a slightly dejected tone.

"I expected the Mother of Dragons to be bigger." Tormund grunted as he stood along the wall of the room. Jon glanced up at him a small scowl on his face but said nothing.

"She was impressive by any standards." Davos stated the obvious. Jon was still lost in his mind and only half way paying attention to what the two men were saying.

"She didn't believe me." Jon stated. Jon heard Davos sigh.

"No, I don't believe she did, Your Grace. Though…" Davos paused here causing Jon to look up at him.

"Speak, Ser Davos." Jon simply said knowing that there was more that he wanted to say.

"Let's say you were receiving Daenerys of House Targaryen, a complete stranger you only had heard stories about. You summoned her because you wanted her to bend the knee to you. To support you in your war. A war that you believe to be of the upmost importance. When she is finally before you; she refuses you. Not only does she refuse you but she tells you that Dragons are coming from the South to burn everything in their wake. She asks you to forget everything you had spent your life working towards to help her, a stranger. How would you take that, Your Grace?" Davos finished speaking and Jon hung is head a little lower. The understanding of his words hitting Jon like a hammer. He hadn't truly believed that dragons could return to the world until he saw them flying overhead upon his arrival. The Dragon Queen certainly has never seen a wight or a Walker, let alone the Night King. You have to see it to fully understand it.

"You're right. I failed." Jon said a bit quietly. Jon felt the weight of Davos' good hand grasp his shoulder. Jon turned to look at him once again.

"Do you remember what I told you about failing, Your Grace? Get up and go fail again tomorrow. You can't give up now because you're right and if we don't come together we will all die." Davos stated with a small smile. Jon nodded his head.

"How do I convince her? How do I get a stranger to believe something that should be impossible?" Jon asked. Davos shook his head.

"I've got no fucking idea. The only way two people quit being strangers is getting to know one another. Maybe you should start there, Your Grace." Davos said. Jon smiled a bit at that comment.

"That simple then." Jon said a bit sarcastically. Jon heard Tormund chuckle.

"You could always make her your woman." Tormund stated with a smirk on his face. Jon smiled slightly.

"I don't think we'd survive that if I did it like the free folk do." Jon looked to Tormund and only found him smirking deeper as Jon finished.

"I've seen the look the two of you had in your eyes before. Like a man too long without meat." Tormund said. Jon's smile disappeared almost immediately at his words. Jon couldn't lie and say that he wasn't taken aback by her beauty and her intelligence but the idea that the Queen of Dragons looked at him in near the same way was ridiculous. He didn't have to answer as a soft series of knocks interrupted the conversation.

"Enter." Jon said is a loud voice. The door swung open and in walked Tyrion Lannister holding a pitcher of wine and two cups. He nodded to everyone in the room before focusing his eyes on Jon.

"I did promise you a drink." Tyrion said holding out the pitcher of wine. Jon smiled and nodded a bit. He turned towards Davos and Tormund.

"Get Ghost and bring him here. He'll be ready to be off the boat." Jon commanded as he watched Tormund grunt but start to head out the door. Davos glared a little at Tyrion but nodded in affirmation before following Tormund out of the room and closing the door behind them.

Tyrion walked towards Jon and handed him a cup before filling it up and then pouring his own drink as well. Jon stared into the wine for a moment before taking a drink.

"So you've met my Queen. What do you think of her?" Tyrion asked as he sloshed the wine around his goblet as he took a seat across from Jon. Jon took another sip of his wine and looked at the candle burning on the table in front of him.

"She's…impressive." Jon answered truthfully. Tyrion smiled.

"That she is." Tyrion responded. He looked up from his wine and looked at Jon before continuing. "You didn't do terribly yourself, Your Grace." Tyrion said with a small smirk on his face. Jon sent a small glare towards Tyrion who simply took another sip of his wine before continuing to speak, "How did a bastard bound for the wall come to be King in the North?" Tyrion asked.

"How did a dwarf from House Lannister come to be Hand of the Queen?" Jon countered to which Tyrion chuckled.

"Fair point. I suppose we both have had quite the road to get to where we are." Tyrion said frowning a bit before looking up at Jon and continuing. "Perhaps after many more goblets of wine we can share our sad little tales." Tyrion mused which made the corners of Jon's mouth twitch in a small frown.

"Aye. Perhaps." Jon simply replied. He didn't particularly feel like rehashing his sad little tale as Tyrion put it.

"You certainly bring quite the story with you." Tyrion stated looking up towards Jon.

"So you don't believe me either." Jon surmised simply. Tyrion shook his head slightly.

"Most people who call themselves educated believe the stories of the Long Night and White Walkers to be legend." Tyrion paused and Jon saw him look into his wine goblet for a few seconds before he speaks again, "Jeor Mormont was an honest man. You are an honest man. I will believe the eyes and words of an honest man over what people think they know." Tyrion finished. Jon felt a small smile of vindication spread across his face. If Tyrion believed he could possibly help him in convincing the Dragon Queen.

"Now I just need to convince your Queen. I don't suppose you have any suggestions?" Jon asked curiously. Tyrion smirked a little.

"Besides bending the knee that is." Tyrion said. Jon narrowed his eyes a bit in frustration. Tyrion raised his hand and after a few seconds of silence and continued to speak. "The people who follow Daenerys do so because they have seen her heart. The people who chose you to be King in the North did so for the same reasons. The simple truth is neither of you know the other. Each of you have life experiences that makes trust a valuable commodity. We need to start small and build a working relationship. Is there anything small you can ask for? Anything small you can offer?" Tyrion asked looking at Jon. Jon only needed a second to think of something small to ask for.

"Dragon glass." Jon said. Seeing Tyrion's confused face he spoke again, "Dragonstone has massive amounts of Dragon glass. It's the only thing that can kill the white walkers besides Valyrian steel. Allow me to mine it. Allow me to send shipments of it North." Jon finished staring at Tyrion. Jon watched as Tyrion seemed to mull the idea over for a few moments before he spoke.

"Dragon glass is essentially worthless. It's something I can at least bring to her." Tyrion finished but Jon frowned a bit.

"No offense, but I'll ask her myself." Jon said. He saw Tyrion look up at him. His confusion was still evident on his face. "I am the King in the North. I can't prove myself to your Queen hiding behind advisors." Jon said firmly. He heard Tyrion chuckle a bit.

"There may be hope for you yet Jon Snow." Tyrion replied before looking up at Jon a bit curiously. "Have you thought what you can offer in return?" Tyrion asked. Jon just shook his head slightly in response. He truly didn't know what he could offer the Dragon Queen. He couldn't offer his soldiers. He couldn't give her the North. He didn't know a damn thing he could give her.

"We need to work on that." Tyrion simply said when Jon noticed an unusual look on Tyrion's face as he kept glancing from his wine to back towards him.

"You act like you want to say something." Jon stated. Tyrion just gave a small smile before speaking.

"I'm losing my touch, it appears, if you can read me so easily." Tyrion stated. Jon watched him sigh before he continued speaking, "About Sansa…" Tyrion started and Jon immediately tensed up. "I just wanted you to know that we never…consummated…"

"I know. She told me." Jon interrupted. He had sat down with Sansa and talked about everything that had happened. He wanted to be close with his remaining family. He and Sansa had never been close and with everything going on he wanted to change that. The conversation was hard to sit through; as she told him of everything from her time in Kings Landing to Ramsay. Jon shook his head slightly before speaking, "Thank you." Jon said looking into his own cup of wine; feeling the full brunt of the awkwardness of the conversation he was having.

"I'm sorry for everything my family put her through. I wish I had done more for her." Tyrion said with resentment evident in his tone. Jon shook his head.

"You did what you could." Jon replied trying to keep his tone even. Tyrion sighed before he rose from his seat.

"I suppose I should leave you to rest. My Queen has a habit of rising with the sun and I have many more cups of wine to go before sleep comes for me." Tyrion spoke as he walked towards the door, making sure to pick up the pitcher of wine with him. Jon merely watched as Tyrion stopped at the closed door. "My Queen has taken to having a walk by herself after her morning meal. She always ends up on the Southern staircase overlooking the cliffs to watch her children play." Tyrion informed him. Jon was a bit confused by this.

"Why are you telling me this?" Jon asked a bit confused. Tyrion chuckled.

"Information is power Jon Snow. Do use this piece of it wisely." Tyrion said before opening the door and walking out of the room. Jon sat in the chair staring at the now closed door as he processed this little bit of new information. Tyrion had given him an opportunity to meet with the Dragon Queen without advisors or guards. Jon heard a screech from outside and he was reminded then that she wouldn't be alone. She'd have her children with her. Sighing Jon stood from his chair and finished what remained of his wine. It appears that Jon's own habit of waking up before the sun rose would actually benefit him. He laid down upon the bed and tried to force his body to relax if even just a little. The bed was too comfortable. Closing his eyes the distant sounds of screeching dragons echoed through the stone. He couldn't help but wonder what he had gotten himself into.

The image of the blood burning woke him yet again. He felt the familiar presence of Ghost nuzzling his hand and Jon instinctively reached out for him. It was the second time that the dream was this vivid. Calming his breathing he glanced out the small window slit to see that the sun wasn't yet peeking over the horizon. At least he hadn't overslept. Jon rose from the bed and poured some water into the basin and washed the sweat from his face and hair. He had stopped pondering why he had these dreams. After seeing the things he has, he assumed it was his mind trying to deal with it all. He didn't have time to think about it now either.

Jon threw on his cape and adjusted it before sliding his gloves on. It was already getting cold this far south. He walked towards the door and stopped when he heard the adjoining door to his room open and Davos step through.

"Going somewhere, Your Grace?" Davos asked him. Jon turned to face him.

"Aye. A walk." Jon responded simply. Davos started to get his cape when Jon continued, "Stay here and rest Ser Davos. It was a long journey for all of us." Jon finished causing a frown to appear on the older man's face.

"Don't expect me to just let you walk around unprotected, Your Grace." Davos said stubbornly. Jon extended his hand.

"I won't be alone." Jon stated as Ghost walked past Davos and slid himself under Jon's outstretched hand. Davos nodded a bit reluctantly and Jon walked out the door with his destination firmly in his mind.

Dragonstone was truly breathtaking. The visuals of the massive cliffs and raging sea were truly remarkable. Especially since the farthest south Jon had ever been was Gray Water Watch. Jon heard the screech before he saw the massive black dragon fly up one of the cliff faces; followed shortly by two slightly smaller dragons. He had to be honest and say they were an amazing sight to behold. Even from so far away he could tell just how big they truly were. His current discomfort was not from the dragons circling around the island. No. He was waiting for the Dragon Queen. He finally heard footsteps and he tried to steel his nerves. The footsteps got closer and Jon turned to look up the staircase in front of him. The Dragon Queen was looking at him cautiously as she descended the stairs.

"Your Grace." Jon said to her as she came down the last step onto the overlook. Her eyes briefly left his as she looked out onto the cliffs where her dragons were circling and strafing in the sky above.

"I see that you've found my children." She mused as she walked up to railing and stood beside him. Jon looked down at her and saw a look of pride on her face as she looked out over the dragons.

"They're amazing." Jon said brining his eyes back up to the cliffs and watched the dragons. She saw the Dragon Queen point a finger at the biggest dragon.

"That's Drogon, named after my late husband." She explained as her hand drifted towards the smaller two that had decided to land on the cliffs together. "As well as Rheagal and Viserion, named after my late brothers." She explained while Jon listened intently.

"I'm sorry for your losses." Jon said earnestly knowing the pain of losing family members and the pain of losing someone you care for. Jon felt her turn towards him slightly taking her eyes off the horizon and her children.

"You've lost loved ones as well." She stated instead of asked. Jon nodded.

"Aye. Too many." Jon replied and as much as he tried he couldn't keep the melancholy from his voice. The wounds from losing Rickon still fresh in his mind. The Dragon Queen didn't pursue the conversation further. He assumed she picked up on his tone. She looked back towards the dragons on the cliff.

"How did you know I'd be here?" The Dragon Queen asked. There was no malice in her words just a slight edge perhaps. She was wickedly smart to already suspect something.

"I spoke with Tyrion." Jon said truthfully. She sighed a little before shaking her head.

"Talking with my Hand are we?" She asked. The edge in her tone still present but Jon could detect something else laced in with it.

"Aye. He promised me a drink." Jon responded immediately. She scoffed a bit before responding.

"Just one?" This time Jon was certain that she was amused, even if slightly. Jon turned his body to once again look at her.

"Aye. Just the one." Jon saw a small smile pull at her lips as she looked up at him but it vanished quickly and her eyes widened dramatically before she took a small step back from the railing. Jon was concerned.

"Your Grace?" He asked wondering what was affecting her so. Then he felt it. Ghost had brushed up against him. He stood as tall as she was. He was sniffing the air around the Dragon Queen. Jon reached down and patted his head.

"I'm sorry Your Grace. He won't harm you." Jon said as he watched her look up at him as he spoke. The fear in her eyes seemed to lessen and she took a tentative step forward as she looked upon his direwolf with a bit of wonder.

"What is he?" The Dragon Queen asks in a quiet yet still commanding tone. She recovered quickly.

"A direwolf." Jon started and her look of wonder intensified as she drew closer towards Ghost. Her eyes flittering back from Jon towards him. Jon nodded again towards Ghost. "As your dragons have been with you; Ghost has been with me." Jon said as he watched the Dragon Queen reach a tentative hand out towards Ghost. She looked up at him and Jon nodded giving her the final reassurance she needed. Jon watched as her hand finally reached the fur on Ghost's chest and started to gently scratch and rub it. He followed the Dragon Queens hand and arm up to her face, and he couldn't stop the small intake of air it caused him when he looked at her. The brilliant smile spreading across her face was stunning. She was stunning. He almost didn't hear the question she asked he was so caught up in it.

"How did you come across such a creature?" She asked in a completely new tone, soft and sweet. She continued her gentle rubbing of his fur. Jon shook his head slightly trying to break his eyes away from her face.

"We came across his mother dead along the road. Five pups for the five Stark children. As we were leaving we found Ghost. The runt of the litter. He was pushed away from the others, so I took him." Jon answered. The Dragon Queen looked up at him and took her hand away from Ghost's fur.

"So why has the King in the North found his way to meet me here this morning?" She asked with that familiar edge to her tone returning. Jon was silent for a moment. He gathered up his courage.

"I came to ask something of you, Your Grace." Jon stated. He saw the curious look on her face and perhaps a bit of frustration as well.

"And?" She asked a bit more tersely. Jon steeled himself a bit.

"Dragonstone is covered with veins of Dragon glass. It's the only thing that can kill the white walkers and their army. With your permission I'd like to mine it and send shipments of it North." Jon stated as he watched her look down over the railing taking a contemplative look upon her face. Jon pressed on. "I'll share whatever we mine with you." He added finally seemingly bringing her out of her thoughts. She looked back up at him briefly.

"I will allow you to mine the Dragon glass. Any supplies or men you need I will provide for you. I will expect a share of each shipment." The Dragon Queen said looking up at him. Jon stared down at her and was truly thankful. He understood that she had just given in a little. It was a big step.

"Thank you." Jon breathed out unable to keep the emotions out of his response. Jon let his stare linger a few seconds longer before speaking again. He decided to be honest. "I don't expect you to believe me or to trust me. I'm a stranger asking you to believe the impossible. So Ill earn it." Jon said letting his gaze fall on her face. Her eyes certainly reacted to his words widening a little. She gave nothing else away other than that. Jon turned to leave and took a step before hearing her sigh and speak.

"I look upon my children and your wolf and recognize things that should be impossible are real." She stated. She was looking out over the balcony her fingers gripping the rail firmly. He understood that this was another step for her. She turned and faced him and leveled him with an intense stare. "I still do not intend to let Cersei sit on the Iron Throne." The Dragon Queen said passionately. Jon nodded in understanding.

"I don't expect you to." He responded to her immediately. He knew that this was her trying to reaffirm her position. That the Iron Throne was important. That her war was important. It frustrated Jon but he understood now it wouldn't be so easy. She turned away from him and watched her children.

"You should get to work Jon Snow." The Dragon Queen said. Jon stared just a moment longer before turning and walking up the stairs. He swore he could feel her eyes watching him as he left.