Kagome sighed as she walked down the busy streets with Hojo, hand in hand. Life seemed great, though some little something nagged her in the back of her mind. Like something was missing. Kagome continued to stare ahead, eyes glazed over.

          "Kagome, is something the matter?" Hojo asked with the hint in his voice that he didn't really care. "Hm? Oh no, nothing Hojo." Having his voice snap her out of her trance, she realized that they were heading towards Hojo's house. When they reached front door, he let go of her hand, carelessly and gave an unreadable expression.

          " Kagome…" Hojo started. "I don't think this relationship is going anywhere, I want to break up."

          "Huh, but I thought- "

          "Stop it Kagome. Later" Hojo said he closed the door on her.

          " Hojo…?" Kagome just stood there and stared at the door as if expecting it to answer her.

* * * * * * * * * * *

          Kagome slipped into her school uniform and brushed her hair. Her mind elsewhere. Why did Hojo break up with me? What did I do? That's it! I don't want my heart broken anymore. She stood up with a determined look. No boy is ever going to play with my heart again!

      Kagome ran down the steps and jumped over the last few landing gracefully. Proud, she walked down the hallway that is until Buyo just happened to appear under her feet. "Ahh! Ouch…" Looking up she saw Buyo staring down at her. "No one will ever know about this. Got it?" "Mreow." Was the only response she got from him.

      "If you don't want to be late, I suggest you come down here, Kagome!" Her Mom called from the kitchen.


      At Mach 3 speed, she grabbed a piece of toast, her book bag and slipping on her shoes all in three blinks. Just as she was about to yell bye, but her mother placed a hand on her shoulder. "Have a good day, Kagome. You know this a new year, so start out fresh."

      "Thanks Mom. See ya!" And with that she was gone.

* * * * * * * * * *

       Entering school grounds, Kagome looked around for her best friend Sango. Now where was she- SLAP!


       Kagome shook her head and just followed were the slap came from.

      "Hey Sango!"  She watched Sango run up to greet her, followed by a red faced Miroku. Kagome sweat dropped at the familiar sight. "Um…hey Miroku." "Good morning Kagome." As he said this Kagome saw his hand slither over to her bottom. Kagome's face grew dark "Don't you dare." She said menacingly. Miroku yelped and jerked his hand away as fast as he could.

       Kagome sighed a breath of relief. Sango walked over to Kagome and patted her on shoulder. Kagome looked up at the slightly taller girl. "Hey, Kagome, I heard about you and Hojo," Kagome sighed again. "I'm really sorry. He doesn't know what he gave up. It's his loss!"

       "Thanks Sango, but really, I'm okay, don't worry about it!"

       "Well it's a new year," Sango started. "So maybe you'll meet a great guy and you two can fall in love!"  "Ha! Yeah right!" Sango grinned and the three of them walked off to their first class.

      I'm not going to fall for another guy again!

* * * * * * * * *

      The three of them walked into class until Kagome halted to a stop. Sango and Miroku knew exactly why. They all thought the same thing. Aw, CRAP…It's her… A girl with long black hair casually walked up to Kagome. "Why hello there, Kagome! I haven't seen your ugly face in awhile."

    "I should say the same for you, Kikyo."

    "Oh please, is that the best you can come up with? I can already tell this will be another fun year…for me at least." Sango had enough of this whore already. "You mean going around the school and screwing ten guys like last year?" Kikyo growled. Sango smirked.

  "Hmph!" Kikyo tried to walk away with a good leave, but Miroku's foot magically appeared in front of her own feet, sending her into a desk. Ohh, that will leave a mark. But that's a nice sight to start off your year with, isn't it?

  As you would expect everyone was laughing their heads off. Even when the teacher walked in, she tried to cover her mouth, to keep from giggling.

  "Ahem! Kikyo, straighten that desk up and everyone get in your seat."

      ~^^~10 min. later~^^~

       "Blah, blah, blah, blah dee, blah dee, blah…."

      God… Kagome thought. Ten minutes into class and I'm already falling asleep…

    Then there was a knock on the door. The teacher walked over to it and answered whoever was at the door. "Hm? Oh, really? Alright!" Walking back to the class the teacher announced: "Class we have a new student joining us!" Everyone started to whisper. Looking over to the door, the teacher motioned the new student to come in.

     Even more whispers when they all saw a tall, long raven-haired boy walk in. He was built well and looked quite strong. Most of the girls started to giggle and "Ohh and ahh." Kikyo was one of them. The thing about the boy that intrigued Kagome the most was his incredible violet eyes. She thought she was getting lost in them, until the boy looked straight at her. Kagome blushed and looked down at her desk.

      Oh god! What am I doing? Staring at him like that!  Kagome mentally kicked herself

     "So what is your name?" The teacher asked.


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