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"Hojou, what are you hiding? Kagome asked playfully as she tried to see what he was holding behind his back. Hojou beamed as he pulled out a bouquet of roses. "Oh, Hojou, they're so beautiful! Thank you!!" Kagome sniffed them delicately after he had handed them to her.

Hugging her, he said, "Of course. Anything for you, Kagome…"

Kagome squeezed her eyes shut as the memory of the day she had received her first bouquet of roses flash across her mind. No…

"NO!" She yelled as she tried in vain to escape his hold on her. Knowing that she didn't have a chance to escape because he was blocking the doorway, Hojou threw Kagome into the wall. Shakily pushing on her arm, Kagome tried to get herself back up.

"Hojou! Stop it! This isn't like you!" Before she could utter another word, Hojou shoved her back down, holding her by her shoulders and straddling her waist. "Shut up. I've seen you with that new guy...Inuyasha." Hojou spat out his name like it was poison. Kagome looked at him incredulously. "What?! Why are you getting jealous?! You're the one that broke up with me!!"

Hojou said nothing as he began to unbutton her shirt. Kagome felt a cold shiver run up her spine and promptly let out a blood-curdling scream. "AHHH!! INUYASHA!!! HE—" Before she could finish the last word, Hojou clamped his mouth over hers.

* * * * * * * * *

Inuyasha bent down on his knees, so that he was at eye-level with the little girl. "Okay Rin, your dad told me to tell you, be good and don't hurt the little man again. Got it?" Rin puffed out her cheeks. "But Uncle Inu, he scared me!" Inuyasha nodded sympathetically with the small child. Scares me too. Looks like a green piece of shit… "Well, you're not really supposed to throw blocks at the daycare assistant and get silly-puddy in their eyes."

Rin made a pout face. Inuyasha sighed exasperatly and stood up. "Just don't get in trouble or I'll get in trouble with your dad." Rin nodded, not really understanding what he meant. "M'kay!" She turned around and walked off to play with a little boy with orange hair.  As Inuyasha walked out the door, he noticed the daycare assitant analyzing him with bulging eyes. Just before the door closed, Inuyasha flipped him the bird and the assitant's shouts could be heard, even as the door was closed.

Making his way through the town, Inuyasha realized he didn't have anything else to do after taking Rin to daycare. Inuyasha watched a leaf float down to his feet. But as soon as it landed on his foot, a high-pitched scream sliced through the air. Oddly enough though, it was cut abruptly short.

What the…wait…that sounded like…Kagome! Without hesitation, Inuyasha ran towards the direction of where the scream came from.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kagome's mind was racing. Why…why is this happening?! Kagome was now shirtless and all that was left was her bra. Hojou could have already discarded that piece of clothing, but he decided this was better. Taking his sweet time.

Kagome felt nauseous as Hojou touched her and kissed her. Tears were already rolling down her cheeks. Someone…help me…

* * * * * * * * *

Inuyasha arrived in front of the steps of some old shrine. What the hell…? Not wanting to waste anymore time, Inuyasha raced up the steps, determined to help whoever screamed, Kagome or not.

(aww, ain't he such a sweetie? ^_~)

This place seems deserted… Inuyasha thought as he aimlessly searched through the shrine grounds. He looked around, until he found a house with its door hanging open. As he came a few feet from the door, he heard sounds of grunts and muffled cries. He walked through the doorway and that's when he saw it.

Hojou straddling Kagome, about to take her bra off and Kagome's indescribable look of fear. Everything vanished from his mind, except for the thought of beating the living daylights out of that boy.

"WHAT...THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Inuyasha rushed over to Hojou and ripped him off Kagome. Hojou could not have been more surprised. Kagome, whose eyes were as wide as saucers, got up and backed away from the two of them.

Inuyasha took Hojou and harshly threw him out of the house, onto the ground. Hojou stood up, but was only knocked back down again by Inuyasha's fist. Hojou mumbled incoherently as Inuyasha towered over his body, his shadow covering him. "What a fucking coward, you are."

Backing away from Hojou's body, Inuyasha glared down at the boy. "Get up," He said as he kicked him in the side.

Hojou stumbled for a second, but finally stood. "W-what...?" He muttered. Inuyasha grabbed him by his shirt collar and snarled, "If you ever show your scrawny ass near me or try to touch Kagome again, you'll be lucky if I only beat you within an inch of your life!!!" Hojou gulped audibly and nodded, before being shoved away.

Inuyasha walked back to Kagome. Scratching his head, Inuyasha tried to find something to say. "Kagome...I'm sorry..." Kagome lowered her head, her bangs covering her eyes. "No it's ok..." She said gently. Inuyasha looked at her disbelievingly. "No! It's not—"

"Please," Kagome's somewhat louder voice cutting him off. She looked back up at him. "...Inuyasha...it's ok. I'm not hurt." "Are you sure?" Inuyasha asked skeptically. "Yes."

"Well, I guess...I'll leave." Inuyasha felt reluctant to leave her, but she probably didn't want anyone around, especially not a guy. "Inuyasha?" The said boy felt a tug on his shirt. He turned his neck back to her, to find her blushing lightly. "Yeah?"

"Would you...um, would you stay here with me...?" Kagome stared down at her feet. Inuyasha blinked at her, taken aback. He hadn't really been expecting that kind of question. "Why? You're okay now." "Yeah but," Kagome looked up at him, her stormy eyes reflecting an emotion he couldn't identify. "I just feel safe when you're around...that's all"

"All right." Inuyasha started to blush at her compliment, though he held it down. But the blush came back with vengeance when he realized Kagome was still in her bra. "Huh?" Kagome went dot-eyed, until she looked down at herself and felt her face burn up. "Ahh! Um, ah, I'll go get changed!" With that she ran back into the house, hoping to salvage some of her dignity while Inuyasha kept his eyes trained on the floor.

A few minutes later, Kagome reappeared in white and blue tank top and pajama pants that had cute little penguins on them. (I saw those pajamas in Aeropostale and wanted them *SO* bad!!!! T_T) "Guess I'll sleep out here." Inuyasha patted the couch. Kagome bit on her thumbnail and looked anywhere but at Inuyasha.

"Um...can you stay in my room?" Inuyasha blinked at her incredulously. "W-why?" Kagome huffed. "Do I have to have a reason?!" Inuyasha studied her, trying to find some ulterior motive in that innocent face. "I guess not..."

Kagome stomped back to her room, leaving Inuyasha behind. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and followed her down the hall; mentally arguing with himself about how weird he felt doing this. When he stepped in her room, she was already snoring softly

Jeez, she's fast… Inuyasha walked over to her bedside, debating with himself. Did she want me to stay in her room…or… Inuyasha looked down at her bed. He sweatdropped when he saw her hand pull on his arm down toward her bed.

He gave her sleeping form an I-am-not-getting-in-your-bed-look. Before he could do anything else, Kagome yanked him down onto the bed with her. Right into her chest. Inuyasha mentally cursed up a blue streak as his face as his face went into a fit of blushes. But Kagome's subconscious must have been happy that he was finally beside her, because she loosened her grip on him and shifted herself to rest her head on his chest.

Inuyasha sighed with relief that he could finally breathe again. The new, more comfortable position they were in allowed Inuyasha to actually get a good smell of Kagome. He never knew she had such a gentle scent... Lavender and something else he couldn't quite name. Inuyasha sighed again, lightly, before letting Kagome's comforting scent lull him to sleep.

Kagome cracked one of her eyes open, to find the peaceful, sleeping face of Inuyasha. She smiled to herself, before succumbing to sleep.

Let us stay like this…even for a moment longer…

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