Chapter 1:

Aro's POV:

I walked down to the Throne room, to say for the passed few days, I had been trying to distract myself, but to no avail. It wasn't that I had nothing to think about, however, the more I was just sitting around and ruling the vampire world, I would find myself wondering, or rather traveling, down memory lane.

It wasn't that I hated the humans like so, not that I would have told anyone, save for Carlisle Cullen, who had recently gained two new members in his coven, making that a total of twelve vampires altogether. To say, I was actually surprised myself when we had heard of the new members.

As I was nearing the doors to the Throne Room, I caught sight of Jane, Alec, and Felix leading the entire Cullen Coven into the Throne Room, making sure that I wasn't caught, I was inside and sitting on my throne long before the group even entered the room, but when the Cullens' came in, there was something strange about the two new members, especially the male vampire, something that sent me on edge about him.

As the Cullens' all filed in, I leaned forward, curious about the new members, who were both looking down, standing next to Bella and Alice, however, I said, getting up and walking over to my friend, "Welcome Carlisle."

Carlisle said, "Glad that you've accepted our letter, Aro. However, I must introduce our newest members."

After a glance, the male vampire bit his lip, his gold eyes turning cold and hardening up, his face becoming a blank mask, his hands clenched into fists, we all noticed that he was shaking, it was clear that he was upset about something, not that he would hide this from the Cullens'.

The female, who was also standing beside him, next to Bella, gently wrapped her arms around the shaking male, and she said, "Dray, dear, what's the matter?"

However, I had to hold back, the sight of this upset vampire was beginning to prove slightly difficult to stay calm, I had to shut my eyes, forcing those memories to the back of my brain, after a few moments of getting calmed down, red soon meet hard gold, after a few moments of looking at each other, ignoring the curious and confused gold who stood beside him, I looked over at Carlisle, and asked, "Care to shed some light, Carlisle?"

Carlisle only said, "If only you knew, Aro."

Just then, we all heard Sulpicia's voice say from behind me, "Another Cullen, I see..."

The vampire's lips curled into an ugly sneer, he soon snarled at me, eyes narrowed, "You broke it! You BROKE it!"

My eyes landed on my right middle finger, I slowly uncovered my right arm, unable to stop the sudden waves of sadness, hurt, and shame from returning once more after all this time, the sight of a tiny small slowly fading triangle met my red eyes, it was something that I had kept a secret, not even Sulpicia and my brothers, knew about it.

Of course I knew why the triangle was there, for it was the only thing that reminded me of my human, my true mate.

But who is this female vampire, who now stands beside my mate?