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There was a time when the thought of anything that cannot be explained by science is laughable, such as magic, cryptids, aliens, and alternate realities. Yet, the longer mankind survived the passage of time, the more the world disproves us of what we once believed was true. Our world has witnessed several things we once believed to be myth and fiction. Once of those being alternate universes.

Our world has its fair share of encounter with alternate worlds. Some are pleasant, some are less than satisfactory. Such worlds are either similar, some are drastically different, and some are something else entirely.

Our world has a close encounter with citizens from another world several months ago. I, Amanda Waller, didn't get the privilege to meet them in person, however. For better or for worse, those people have now returned to their own world, and memories of them are starting to fade away in the passage of time.

But to me, this memory may last longer than an average person, because they forgot to bring one thing back with them...




Every country has its own federal agency and Homeland Security. A.R.G.U.S. is one of those, located in the United States of America. Standing for Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans, this agency is responsible for keeping the country safe from all sorts of danger, such as terrorist attacks, alien invasions, and attacks caused by various supernatural means. If there was ever any protecting that had to be done, A.R.G.U.S. would be there.

Or so they were supposed to be...

Ever since the establishment of the Justice League, A.R.G.U.S. had been thrown into the back burner and reduced to more or less a cleaner, rounding up the culprits captured and left behind by the heroes. It's only natural, as the Justice League had several people who could do things nobody could imagine, while A.R.G.U.S. consisted mainly of normal people, and there's a limit to what people can do.

Even so, that didn't mean A.R.G.U.S. was going to sit by and let themselves fade into obscurity, while the heroes took all the fame. The federal agency had done several things to try to get one step ahead of the Justice League. Sometimes they were successful, sometimes they weren't. At times, they wouldn't hesitate to use underhanded methods to get what they want, which they claimed to be doing for the good of the citizens and the world. Because of this, the league was sometimes at odds with them.

Sometimes you cannot get things done without going short of the extreme... That was what A.R.G.U.S. believed in and something the league didn't quite agree with.

Sacrifices, extortion, inhumane practices, hiding dark secrets... Those were things that A.R.G.U.S. did in order to ensure that the world was at peace.

And speaking of hiding dark secrets, they had acquired a particular thing that they've managed to keep a secret for a long time, even from the league.

Somewhere deep within the main headquarters of A.R.G.U.S., various scientists and security guards were busy doing their jobs, be it patrolling the place for intruders, doing paperwork, performing experiments, developing new tech, or doing research on computers.

There was a place for everything: intel gathering, research and development, metahuman studies, biological experiments, alien research, and even studies of the supernatural.

In the room for supernatural researches, there was a particular room where various artifacts believed to contain magical properties were stored. Some were dangerous, some were not, though anything could be considered dangerous if used incorrectly. There was even danger that some of these things might become dangerous on their own accord.

One particular artifact was what appeared to be a miniature Japanese Shinto shrine, placed on a pedestal located at the far back of the room. Said artifact also had a red and white rectangular paper seal stuck all over it, and on it was written the Japanese kanji for "seal."

The door to the storeroom opened, and two researchers walked inside. One had neatly trimmed black hair and wore glasses, and the other had curly brown hair and a face full of freckles. They both wore typical white lab coats. The two chatted with each other as they looked at the various artifacts lying around. The freckled researcher was new to the place, so he was being given a tour so that he could become familiar with his surroundings and understand how things worked around here.

They eventually got to the miniature shrine, and the black-haired researcher explained to him what it was. "Would you believe me if I tell you that there is something living inside this?"

"There's something alive inside this dollhouse?" asked the novice researcher curiously.

"Indeed, but according to scan results, it's in a dormant state," replied the veteran. "X-ray shows that it appears to be a snake."

"A snake?" asked the newcomer.

"Indeed... But not any ordinary snake, apparently," replied the researcher. "According to our top magical experts, this snake harbors powerful dark magic within it, and the paper seals all over this dollhouse are keeping it from coming out. Whatever that snake really is, it's bad news if it were to get out."

"Where did you get this thing?" asked the newcomer.

"How do I put it...?" said the researcher while trying to come up with something. "Let's put it like this... Have you notice that several months ago, there were some... never-seen-before girls fighting alongside the Justice League?"

"Yeah, I remember that, and they all speak Japanese, apparently," said the new researcher.

"According to our intel, those people come from an alternate universe. I don't know how they got to this world, but when they came, this thing came along," said the researcher, pointing to the shrine.

"This came along with them? Do they know about it?" asked the new researcher.

"It's been several months, and they don't seem to be looking for it, so it's likely that they are unaware about this thing," said the researcher. "I heard that they returned to their own world months ago, and they didn't bring this back with them. We found this shortly after they arrived at this world, and after finding no information on it, we concluded that it must be from another world, theirs."

"Wow... But do you think it's really all right for us to be keeping this?" asked the newcomer.

"They're already gone, so it's probably too late to return it to them now, so the most we can do is to keep it here and hope that nothing bad comes out of it..." said the researcher. "Even the Justice League doesn't know about this! Anyway, I think you've heard enough about this. C'mon, time to get you your first assignment."

With that, both researchers left the room and closed the room, leaving the shrine there alongside several other magical artifacts.

That night, when the lights were turned out at most parts of the headquarters and nobody was present, saved for the guards, a lone person was seen sneaking through the interior of the building. He made his way to the research room of the supernatural and to the storage room for the artifacts. Inputting a specific password onto the lock, he was able to open the door and sneak inside.

He grinned as he eyed various of the magical artifacts around the place, clearly having the intention to steal them and put them to nefarious uses. He was wondering which of the artifacts he should steal while unknowingly approaching the shrine. When he was in front of it, the lights suddenly turned on, much to his surprise. He was revealed to the be the newcomer researcher to the place. He watched in shock at the entrance an imposing and overweight black woman standing there with angry eyes looking at him. It was the kind of eyes that showed this person was someone you never wanted to get on the bad side of. She wasn't alone, as there were some other guards standing alongside her.

"Eric Conwell, I presume?" said the woman, Amanda Waller, director of A.R.G.U.S. "May I ask what you are doing here at a time like this?"

"Um... I dropped something here and so came back to look for it..." said the man named Eric nervously.

"Oh, is that so? You should've reported to the guard at the lobby if that is the case," Waller said to him. "Coming in here at a time like this is breaking the rules, you know? I assume that you are here to steal something, right?"

"No! I'm serious finding a lost property!" claimed Eric.

"Lie!" said Waller loudly all of a sudden. "I know who you really are! Did you think a place like A.R.G.U.S. wouldn't do proper background check on everyone here? We have access to even the most private information, so there was no way you could have ever escaped us, Mark Ross! Wanted for various accounts of theft and robbery!"

Eric sweated nervously at the fact that she was able to deduce his true identity. He was indeed a thief who stole valuables from various places, every time using a different name and even changing his appearance to keep people from recognizing him. He never expected that he would be busted here. Since there was nothing to lose, Mack snickered before saying, "Okay, you got me! I did come here to steal stuff! I wanted to be more than just a petty thief, even if I've managed to escape the authorities for a while. When I heard about this place containing cool stuff that can make me more powerful, I forged a degree in studies of the supernatural in order to come here and steal magical artifacts! Who knows how much power I can obtain from making good use of these things!"

"Too bad you won't be getting anything out of here! You should just surrender now!" Waller said to him.

"Like I'll surrender so easily! I'm going to see what I can make use of here right now!" said Mack. He looked around frantically and saw the shrine. "So I heard that this dollhouse houses an evil snake of some kind, right? What if I remove this seal? I wonder what will happen?" He immediately reached for the seal at its door and yanked it off. As soon as he did so, the guards fired from their guns at him, riddling his body with holes. Mark never got to witness what happened after removing that seal, as he dropped dead onto the floor right away.

One of the guards went over to the corpse to make sure that it was truly lifeless. "Pitiful end for a pitiful thief!" Waller said to the dead man. Suddenly, she noticed a purple aura around the shrine, and the guards raised their guns in caution when they saw it. The guard close to the corpse backed away while pointing his gun at the shrine. He never got to rejoin the others, as the shrine's tiny door opened, and something shot out of it at a blink of an eye and struck the guard in the chest.

The guard turned around with an empty look on his face and moved as if he was going to collapse any second. A small hole was seen on his body, and suddenly, his mouth opened, and a black snake came out of it, much to the horror of the others. Waller didn't show much shock as the guards, though. She was never someone to show much emotions nor be surprised so easily.

The guard the snake was in then fell dead on his side, while the snake came out from his mouth and somehow managed to stand up on the tip of its tail while glaring at Waller and the shocked guards, who had their guns pointing at it the whole time. The snake eventually spoke, though in telepathic manner. "Freedom, at lassst!"

"It can talk?!" one of the guards said in surprise.

Realizing that the snake spoke in Japanese, Waller replied in the same language, "What are you?"

"I am the Evil Dragon," replied the snake while slowly waving back and forth. "I am the greatest evil to walk thisss world, and therefore the rightful ruler to not only all of dragon kind, but alssso the world!"

"Oh great... Another typical wanna rule the world madman, and one with a huge ego... for a snake..." Waller grumbled in her head. She then said to the snake, "Try looking in a mirror, will you? I assume your thirst for world conquest is the reason they put you inside that thing in the first place?"

"People fear those with great power," replied the snake. "Therefore, they unfairly sealed me away without ever giving me the chance to prove that I have the qualities of being a leader. Those fools shall suffer my wrath now that I am freed after several centuries!"

"Well, guess what? I'm only giving you two options on what you can do now," Waller said to him. "Either you go back into your house and stay there forever, or you let us gun you down here right now!"

"I am the Evil Dragon!" said the snake. "Dragons are superior to mankind! You have no right in telling me what to do! For such an attitude towards me, I will kill you all here now!"

"Like I said before, try looking in a mirror first before calling yourself a dragon!" said Waller in an annoyed tone. "And I'll take that as choosing the second option!" She then told the guards to fire. They fired at the snake, but he moved around too fast for them to hit. Having a small frame made him hard to hit as well. The snake slithered away at a fast speed and disappeared underneath a shelf. Waller gave orders for them to find the Evil Dragon and kill him. She then closed the door to keep him from getting out.

The guards, with guns held tightly in their hands, cautiously moved around the room, looking in every direction and every under piece of furniture for the snake. One guard was walking past a shelf full of artifacts when suddenly the Evil Dragon popped out from in front of him and bit him in the nose, causing him to cry in pain. The Evil Dragon then coiled himself around his neck and tightened himself. He tightened so fast and hard that in an instant, the guard's neck was broken, killing him. His cry earlier attracted the other guards, and they fired at the snake as he got off the dead guard to escape.

Once again, they found themselves looking all over for the Evil Dragon. Unknown to them, the snake made his way over to a corner of the room, where he looked up and saw a peculiar-looking on a shelf. The book was thick and had a dark brown cover that looked as if it was made out of decayed skin. What caught the attention of the Evil Dragon was that he felt powerful magic emanating from it, and the dark kind. Interested, the Evil Dragon made his way up the shelf and opened the book to inspect its contents. Despite written in a language not known to an average person, the snake was able to understand what he was reading, and he smiled wickedly after skimming through parts of it.

The guards saw the snake reading the book and tried to shoot him, but he got away, carrying with him the book, which was coiled around his tail. The Evil Dragon made his way to the exit, only to see Waller standing there with the door closed. He looked back and saw the guards approaching. Seeing what book the Evil Dragon was carrying, Waller ordered for the guards to kill the snake fast and reclaim the book. The snake slithered around fast to avoid the bullets and then made his way far from them again. "Time to see what this has to offer!" thought the Evil Dragon as he flipped through the book to get a certain page fast.

The guards found the Evil Dragon and was going to shoot him when a dark purple vortex appeared next to him. The Evil Dragon grinned at them in a victorious manner before leaping into the portal, taking with him the book. The guard fired into the vortex, which closed shortly afterwards. Waller came over shortly and gritted her teeth in frustration. "The Necronomicon! Did he actually know how to use it?!" she said in her head. "We let it escape! This is not good!"

"We're sorry, Director Waller..." one guard said to her.

"Forget it!" she said in a frustrating tone. "We need to resolve this as soon as possible!"

"What do we do, director?" asked another guard.

"Assemble Task Force X! Time to get them back in action again!" Waller replied right away.

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Bad Apple! feat. nomico (vocal remix of the Touhou's Bad Apple by







Floyd Lawton, AKA Deadshot, the man who never misses...

Master sniper, marksman, assassin, and hitman... If you ever need to have the job of getting someone shot from somewhere they never expect, Deadshot is the man for the job. His accuracy in sniping is unmatched. He began his operation in Gotham City, hiring himself out to anyone who is willing to pay him the greenest money. As long as he gets paid nicely, he will stop at nothing to get the job done, and he never misses.

His most recent defeat was at the hands of Eirin Yagokoro the Lunarian.

Digger Harkness, AKA Captain Boomerang, the Aussie master of boomerangs...

One of the most notorious criminals of Australia, Captain Boomerang made his name by robbing every major bank in his home country at least once using nothing but a seemingly infinite supply of boomerangs. In his hands, boomerangs become much deadlier than guns.

He eventually came to the States to find new excitement in his criminal career and seems to have shown a particular interest in making his base of operations in Central City, where he crosses path with its local superhero, the Flash, every once in a while. His latest defeat was at the hands of the living lute, Benben Tsukumo.

Harleen Quinzel, AKA Harley Quinn, the queen of the clown himself...

Harley Quinn used to be a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, her reason for working there being that she is fascinated by criminals' minds. She was assigned as the Joker's psychiatrist. Instead of curing him, however, she ended up falling in love with him, and together, they became the king and queen of Gothan City's criminal underworld. Whereas the Joker was the brain of the duo, she was the muscle, usually being the one to carry out the dirty works for him, all the while getting a good laugh out of it.

She was captured by the Bat several times, only to escape prison an equal amount of times, usually with his king. Her latest defeat was at the hands of Reimu Hakurei, the shrine maiden of Gensokyo. Together with the Joker, she unleashed Doomsday, who was in Lex Luthor's possession, into Metropolis. She was unable to get far when the Bat arrived with help.

Waylon Jones, AKA Killer Croc, the monster...

Born with a face that even a mother wouldn't love, Waylon Jones suffered from a rare skin condition that gave him a scaly appearance. He grew up to be a wrestler and traveled with the circus freak show, but he eventually fell into a life of crime and also developed a taste for human flesh, thereby becoming a cannibal. Like crocodiles of urban legends, he made his base of operations in the sewers of Gotham City, but even such places were not safe from the Bat. His most recent defeat was at the hands of Alice Margatroid, the doll maker magician.

Ben Turner, AKA Bronze Tiger, the assassin as ferocious as his namesake...

Bronze Tiger, at the age of 10, witnessed the death of his parents at the hands of a burglar. In a fit of rage, he killed his parents' murderer, but that did not stop his rage. He underwent martial arts training in an attempt to soothe his rage, but didn't work too. He became a skilled fighter, and rather than putting his rage to good use, he used it to start a criminal career and became one of the most dangerous assassins out there.

Caitlin Snow, AKA Killer Frost, the heat vampire...

Caitlin Snow is the youngest and most talented scientist of S.T.A.R Labs, but then an accident involving coolants mutated her into a metahuman with the ability to absorb heat and transmute it into ice. Her need to stay alive by absorbing heat led her into a life of crime, taking the lives of people by absorbing all their heat and rendering their bodies cold and lifeless.

Chato Santana, AKA Diablo, the pyromaniac...

After having obtained his power through supernatural means, El Diablo made himself a name by becoming a powerful gang leader, believing himself to be the king of the world due to having fiery powers. However, after accidentally burning down his house and killing his family in a fit of rage, he lamented over what he did and what he became, and thus he surrendered himself to the police out of guilt.

Rick Flag, one of the nation's greatest soldiers...

Colonel Rick Flag is one of the most talented soldiers of the nation, having fought several battles and participated in several kinds of missions to help benefit and protect the country. His skills with various kinds of weapons and a brilliant mind for strategy has made him a great leader and a powerful opponent in the battlefield.




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Chapter 1
A New Mission

It was rainy day at Belle Reeve when a helicopter arrived at the landing area of the massive prison for some of the worst criminals one could find on the planet. When the hatch opened, a couple of soldiers came over to provide the passengers with umbrellas. Amanda Waller stepped out of the helicopter, followed by a couple of A.R.G.U.S. agents.

"Director Waller! We've been expecting you!" said one of the soldiers who provided her with an umbrella.

"Colonel Rick Flag," Waller said to the soldier. "I suppose that you have everyone I told you to pick up gathered together by now?"

"They're all here," said the soldier, Rick Flag. "You sure you want to do this again? And with a couple of new members?"

"Do you want the league to get wind of this? They'll never let me hear the end of it if that's the case!" the woman said to him in an intimidating tone. "And as for the new members, you don't have to worry. They will have no choice but to do what I want them to do, and if they fail, that shows the extent of their capabilities. It's not like this world is running low on expendable refuse."

Eight people were inside a room made entirely out of metal. There were no chairs, so they had no choice but to sit on the floor. Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, El Diablo, Bronze Tiger, and Killer Frost... They were all notorious criminals, ones that would likely never see freedom if thrown into prison...

They were previously imprisoned in different locations, but under Waller's orders, they were all brought together to Belle Reeve. Some of them knew the reason they were brought here, but some were confused, even after hearing brief explanations on what was going on.

"Tsk! That big tub o lard loves doing this to us, doesn't she?" said Captain Boomerang in frustration. "Always getting us to do ridiculous stuff and then making us take responsibility for everything afterwards, while she hogs all the benefits herself! No wonder she's so fat!"

"Haha! Good one!" laughed Harley Quinn. "But I think this is fun! Going out there and beating up people without consequences is always something nice! I can't wait to smash people with my mallet again!"

Ignoring those two, Deadshot looked around at the members present. All of them except for Killer Frost, Killer Croc, and El Diablo were new to the team. Though he never worked with them before, he had at least got info on them. Being a hitman required him to have a lot of knowledge not only on his targets, but potential rivals as well, whether or not they were hitman. He was most familiar with Killer Croc, because they both operated mainly in Gotham City and had even crossed paths with each other for a lengthy period of time before.

"So... the three of you know exactly why we're here?" Deadshot asked the three newcomers.

"Yeah, something about working for the government," said Killer Frost in frustration. "I gave no for an answer, but they wouldn't and dragged me here. Froze a guard on the way here before they knocked me out..."

"Cool!" said Harley when she heard the part about freezing a guard.

"I hate these!" said Killer Croc in anger while trying to remove a metal mask that covered his mouth. It was put onto him when he was being sent here so that he wouldn't bite anyone.

"I told them I didn't want to be used as a weapon," said El Diablo in a somewhat sad-sounding tone, "but they still forced me to come... They said it would mean death for me if I disobeyed, though honestly speaking, I'd rather die than to be used like this... They didn't give me the choice to even die..."

"Why sound so suicidal?" Harley asked him. "Cheer up! This is a lot of fun!"

"Probably more fun if you keep your mouth shut for once and don't annoy any of us!" Captain Boomerang said to her in an annoyed tone.

Just then, the door opened, and Amanda Waller stepped in. Captain Boomerang grumbled something about the fat pig being here under his breath upon seeing her. Harley waved at her and cheerfully said, "Nice to meet you, Miss Waller!"

Ignoring her greeting, Waller took a few seconds to look at all those present with a stern expression and then said, "For those of you who don't know me, I am Amanda Waller, director of A.R.G.U.S., which I'm sure all of you should know. For those of you who are here for the first time, I assume you have been giving a simple explanation as to why you are here, right?"

"Yeah, and I think I'll pass..." grumbled Killer Frost.

"You do realize that you have no say in this, right?" Waller said to her. "If I want you to be part of Task Force X, you will be in!"

"C'mon, just use the name Suicide Squad," Deadshot said to her. "It's more awesome sounding!"

"You will be performing highly dangerous covert missions for the government," Waller explained to the newcomers. "Planted inside your necks are miniature bombs that is detonated remotely. Despite its size, it has the power of a hand grenade and can blow your head off instantly. Fail the mission, you die. Get on my nerves, you die. Try to escape, you die. Disobey orders, you die. Do something you shouldn't do, you die. If you succeed, you get time off your prison sentences. I may even consider rewarding you with whatever you ask for if you perform very well."

"Yeah, yeah, we get that. No need to repeat so often..." said an annoyed Captain Boomerang. "How about you just get to the point on what you want us to do this time?"

"Yeah! I'm excited to get into action!" said Harley with enthusiasm.

Amanda Waller then took out a remote control and pressed a button on it to make a monitor appear on a wall. "As you're well aware, months ago, the Justice League had taken in several new members, all of whom are female," she said before pressing another button.

Pressing that button caused several pictures to appear on the screen, and each of those pictures showed the girls of Gensokyo, casual pictures taken when they came into this world months ago. "Any one of them look familiar to you?" she asked.

"Yeah, I remember that bloody redhead..." said Captain Boomerang while looking at the picture of Raiko posing happily with Benben and Yatsuhashi. It was a picture taken when they were at the concert held in front of the Flash museum.

Killer Croc saw a picture of Alice, which also showed Marisa standing next to her, and growled in anger. He was still angry at her for defeating him that time.

"They ruined Miser J and my fun! I remember that one beating me up!" said Harley angrily while pointing at a picture of a bored-looking Reimu standing next to a cheerful-looking Marisa, who was giving a peace sign.

"Yeah, sure do," said Deadshot when he saw a picture of Eirin, who was posing alongside Reisen, Kaguya, and Tewi. "Haven't seen them in a while. But then, I was in prison all this time..."

"You won't be seeing them again, because they have returned to their own world," said Waller. "They came from an alternate universe, and the Justice League took them under their wings until they could find a way back to their own world, which they did so months ago. As far as I'm concerned, every single one of them left. However, there was one thing they did not take back with them, and we have been keeping it in our custody all this time."

"And the Justice League doesn't know anything about it?" asked Killer Frost.

"They don't, and we have even lesser intention of letting them know about this now," replied Waller. "We've been trying to find out more about this thing all this time, and we managed to make some discoveries, one of them being that we shouldn't let it run loose."

"Let me guess: this thing finally ran loose, and you want us to either get it back or destroy it?" Deadshot asked her.

"Preferably the latter," said Waller.

"So what is it that ran off that you need us to find?" asked Bronze Tiger

Waller pressed another button on the remote to make the monitor show a security footage of the storage room for magical artifacts. It showed the guards going after the Evil Dragon but failing, and eventually, the snake disappearing through a vortex. "See that snake?" asked Waller. "That animal was sealed inside a miniature Japanese shrine, possibly because of its evil powers and the fact that it tried to take over the world centuries ago, or so it claims. It calls itself the Evil Dragon."

"Dragon? Are you kidding me? That's just a snake! It looks nothing like a dragon!" said Captain Boomerang. "I can understand people mistaking an Australian snake for a dragon! You know what they saw about us Aussies having large and dangerous animals that are always trying to kill ya!"

"Seriously? You called us together just to go after a snake?!" asked Killer Frost in annoyance. "How about you just call the pest control to deal with that instead?"

"This snake managed to kill two of our guards," explained Waller. "According to our magical experts, the snake possess a large amount of magical energy within it. It is in no way an ordinary snake, and what's worse, it stole the Necronomicon that originally belonged to the sorcerer Felix Faust. The Necronomicon is a book of dark arts. It can be used to perform all sorts of terrifying spells that can be used to end the world as we know it. The Evil Dragon seems to have knowledge of how to use it, so you must get rid of that snake and reclaim the Necronomicon before it puts it to use."

"Okay, so you've got a snake problem," said Deadshot. "Any idea on where it is currently?"

"All of the artifacts have tiny trackers put onto them so that they can be tracked down if they are to get stolen," replied Waller. "We have managed to locate the snake to the sewers of Midway City, and it is still there even as we speak. You will be leaving as soon as possible, in case the snake doesn't plan to stay there long."

"Don't worry, ma'am; you'll be having snake soup before you know it!" Captain Boomerang told her.

"Remember to keep a low profile and not arouse any unnecessary attention, and a reminder that Hawkman and Hawgirl operate in Midway City," Waller reminded them. "The last thing I want is for the Justice League to find out about this. Under no circumstances are you to let those heroes know about this, because remember, I am your consequence!"

The Joker didn't look happy. Not at all. This wasn't something that happened often, and he should be happy at a time like this. After all, he managed to escape from prison for who knows many times again. Yet, he didn't look happy, the reason being he didn't break out with his favorite right hand woman, Harley Quinn, this time.

Seated on the floor of a room in his hideout, surrounded by a large collection of knives and guns that were arranged to form a neat circle around him, the Clown Prince of Crime growled in frustration as he waited for his henchmen to return to him with good news. He had previously sent them to gather info on the current condition of Harley so that he could hatch a plan to break her out.

His latest capture was at the hands of Batman, like always, when he was at Lex's office building, unleashing Doomsday into Metropolis. After being sent back to Arkham Asylum, his execution was to be resumed after the failure last time. It didn't take too long for him to escape again, however, and hastily, so he didn't bother to take the time to take Harley along. He had since then been in hiding. He didn't mind staying low if it meant he could drive his adversary crazy looking for him, but he had to admit that it got boring after a while, especially when his favorite girl wasn't there to keep him company.

The Joker was never someone to show concern for others, yet he found himself oddly attached to Harley. Though she got on his nerves occasionally, what with her eerie obsession with him, he had to admit that she was fun to have around and also useful in carrying out his plans. In fact, he considered his plans to have become more successful ever since she became his partner in crime. He had to admit that life became more interesting when he brought her under his wings, and not having her around felt like a big part of his life was missing. This was why he was frustrated. He told himself he should've taken her with him when he escaped that time.

Hearing the door opening, the Joker brought up a gun and pointed it at the person coming in for safety precautions. It was one of his henchmen that he sent to look for Harley, and seeing his return, he asked him, "Got anything that will cheer me up? Where is she?" He sounded as if he would pull the trigger if he didn't hear what he wanted.

"It's going to be tougher than it seems to get her out," the henchman told him nervously. "According to our intel, she got recruited into the Suicide Squad again."

Hearing this, the Joker growled in frustration as he put the gun down, making the henchman sigh in relief. The latter thought he was going to pull the trigger due to not liking the answer he got. The clown was frustrated to hear that she had to run a favor for that fat woman named Waller at a time like this, but then he remembered something. "It seems that helping her will be easier than we thought! I can't believe I forgot about this!" said the Joker as his frown became upside-down. "We have a better chance at helping her if she is with the team!"

Not too long after Waller's mission briefing, the team was given time to prepare their needs before being guided to a helicopter. It was still raining, but not as much as before.

Deadshot wore a black and red suit and a cybernetic eyepatch over his right eye to help him with his aiming. His weapons consisted of a sniper rifle, a pair of handguns, and a pair of wrist guns.

Harley's outfit consisted of a red and blue leather jacket worn over a white shirt that bared her midriff and a pair of blue hot pants. She had her hair tied into twin ponytails, one side dyed red and the other blue, and she wore white makeup on her face. Her weapons consisted of a baseball bat, a handgun, and a large mallet.

Captain Boomerang wore a dark blue trench coat over a black long-sleeved shirt and a pair of black trousers. He also wore a dark blue knit hat. He had several boomerangs hidden underneath his trench coat.

Bronze Tiger wore a brown leather jacket that had a tiger-patterned fur collar and a pair of black trousers. He was equipped with clawed gauntlets on both his hands.

El Diablo wore a black and blue jacket and a pair of jeans. He was unarmed, as he could shoot fire from his hands and therefore had no need of weapons.

Killer Frost wore a black leather jacket over a dark blue strapless shirt and a pair of black latex form fitting trousers. Like El Diablo, she was unarmed due to being able to generate ice from her bare hands.

Killer Croc's attire was the most simple, consisting of only a pair of brown trousers. He was unarmed as well, as he had always relied on his bare hands and brute strength to fight.

There in front of the helicopter were some soldiers, one of them being Rick Flag. He approached the team and said to them, "We meet again. Hope you understood what your objective is this time."

"Yeah, pest control," replied Deadshot in a somewhat humorous tone. "And I'm so not glad to see you, by the way."

"Feeling mutual," replied Rick with a sarcastic smile. He then looked at Killer Frost, Killer Croc, and El Diablo. "All right, the three of you are new here, so I should get some things straight with you."

"Who are you suppose to be?" Killer Frost asked him with an annoyed look.

"I am your leader, Colonel Rick Flag, and you are to listen to everything I tell you!" Rick told her. "I have been given the authority to set off your neck bombs by Waller, so you better not get on my nerves! You disobey me, you die! You mess up, you die! You try to escape, you die! You vex me, you die!"

Harley then raised her arm and asked him with a smile, "Do you remember me telling you that I can be quite vexing the first time we met?"

"Yeah, and be glad that you didn't get on my nerves that time! That doesn't mean you should do it again!" Rick said to her.

Harley then said to Killer Frost, "He's a fun guy once you get to know him! By fun, I mean someone fun to mess with!"

"All right, get onto the chopper fast!" Rick loudly said to the team. "You'll want to finish this as soon as possible! At least that's how Waller wants it!"

As they were getting on the helicopter, Bronze Tiger asked, "Seriously, it's just a snake! How bad can things be?"

"Lemme tell ya about the snakes we have back in Australia, mate!" Captain Boomerang said to him. "Tis a paradise for snake lovers and hell for snake haters! Actually, it's also hell for snake lovers. I'm not far from exaggerating when I said it's understandable if ya mistake them for dragons!"

"Speaking of how bad can things be, don't you think eight people just to hunt down a snake is too much?" asked Deadshot as he took his seat. "It's like sending an army of hundred after a single lion!"

"I did ask Waller that, and she said the reason for this is due to the book that snake stole, the Necro whatever, having the capability to summon otherworldly beings, so if he manages to do that, we may need an army," replied Rick. "This is also why she wants us to stop that snake as fast as possible. It's a very dangerous book, apparently."

"Ooh! Sounds like fun! I think Mister J will like it!" said Harley.

After several minutes of flight, they finally arrived at Midway City. The helicopter landed at trash dump located close to the edge of the city. When the team got out of their ride, Rick, armed with a machine gun, stepped out and pointed at a large pipe at the side of wall. "That will be our entrance," he told the team.

"We're going into the sewers?! Really?!" asked Captain Boomerang in surprise.

"I like how this is going to start!" said Killer Croc with a smile.

Showing them his smartphone, which had the map of the city, Rick said, "According to the tracking system, the Necronominon is inside the sewer, which means that snake is in there as well. Since we do not want to attract attention, especially the Hawks, we have to enter from there."

Killer Croc then walked up to him and snatched the smartphone away from his hand. "I'll be the guide! I know the sewers better than any of you here!"

"You sure? This isn't Gotham's sewers," Rick said to him.

"Every sewer is the same to me!" said Killer Croc before going into the pipe, and the others followed him.

"Who died and made him the leader?" asked Captain Boomerang.

"A better leader than you at least," Deadshot said to him. "If we let you be the leader, you're going to turn around and take back your words, just like a boomerang." It took a few seconds for Captain Boomerang to understand what he meant when he said "just like a boomerang," and when he did, he responded with an offended "hey."

The team spent several minutes walking through the sewer, spending most of their time walking in dirty water that reached slightly past their feet. It wasn't like they had other options, as the path Killer Croc led them down had no dry ground. "Are you sure we are going the right path? I don't see how letting a pile of leather lead us is a good idea!" complained Captain Boomerang. "His brain is probably only as good as a crocodile's, so that's why he's taking us down his favorite type of path!" Hearing this insult, Killer Croc turned around to glare at him, but the latter wasn't daunted.

"Oh, quit complaining! What are you? A girl?" Killer Frost said to him.

"Is that supposed to be a stereotype about all women hating dirty stuff?" Captain Boomerang said to her in an offended tone. "Ah yes, go and make baseless assumptions on things you hear people passing around without proof! It's very fun, ain't it?"

"Says the person who uses stereotypical Australian weapons," said Killer Frost.

"It ain't stereotype if it's fact!" the Australian told her angrily.

"Awww! So cute! The two of them are arguing with each other! They're made for each other!" teased Harley.

Captain Boomerang angrily turned to her and said, "And don't get me started on that girl and boy love each other because they argue c***!"

"Shut up and get moving!" Rick yelled at them, annoyed. "We're wasting time fighting over something nonsensical! You don't want me to blow your heads clean off, don't you?"

The two villains that started all this angrily quieted down and then continued with the others down the path. After several minutes of walking around the maze-like sewer, Killer Croc said they were coming close to their target. Everyone became defensive as they approached a passage up ahead. Sneaking up close to the passage, Rick looked around it and saw a small staircase leading out of the water and onto dry ground, and there, he saw the Evil Dragon, coiled up and looking at the book.

"There's the target" said Rick. "All right, follow my lead."

"How about we just shoot it from here and be done with it?" suggested Deadshot. "Much easier than getting into an unnecessary brawl."

"But I wanna get into an unnecessary brawl!" pouted Harley.

"I agree with Floyd for once," said Captain Boomerang. "All the better to get out of this smelly sewage dump fast!"

Suddenly, a burst of purple light appeared around the Evil Dragon, much to the surprise of the team. When the light disappeared, they saw that the snake had changed form. Not only was he slightly longer and thicker than before, he also had a pair of demon wings growing out of his back and a pair of draconic horns pointing diagonally backwards into the air growing from his head.

"I don't know what happened... but that definitely looks more dragon-like..." commented Deadshot.

"I know you people are over there, so come out, for it is useless to hide!" said the Evil Dragon telepathically in English all of a sudden.

"How'd he know we're here?!" asked Captain Boomerang in surprise.

"Animals have strong awareness of their surroundings," replied Bronze Tiger.

"I said come out at once!" said the Evil Dragon loudly and fiercely.

"Since he's telling us to come out, let's go greet him right away!" said Harley cheerfully, and then she stepped out without a hesitation, despite Rick's protest. The rest of the team followed her.

The team approached the Evil Dragon as he turned around to face them. "I know why you are here, and let me tell you this beforehand: you will fail to destroy me!" said the snake. "The Necronomicon has granted me great powers, powers greater than anything I can imagine! With it, I shall become the most powerful dragon in the universe and rule over all living things! Feeble beings like you will cower before me!"

"Cool, but cliched," said Deadshot, sounding unimpressed.

"Return the book at once, you snake!" Rick said to the Evil Dragon while pointing his machine gun at him. "Otherwise, we will use lethal force against you!"

"Hey mate, when was it ever a wise decision to not use lethal force against snakes?" Captain Boomerang asked him.

"As much as I hate to say it, I agree with him," agreed Killer Frost.

"You fools have no idea what you are up against! I shall show you ignorant lot the power of the Evil Dragon!" said the snake angrily. Purple energy surround the snake before he charged at the group at a fast speed, aiming for Rick.

Quick as a flash, Harley got in front of Rick and, with a swing of her bat, sent the Evil Dragon flying back through the air and crashing into a wall hard. "Home run!" she shouted after doing so.

"Thanks," Rick said to her.

"Just so you know, I did that because we don't want to die from letting you die," Harley told him.

"Dude! That was pathetic!" Deadshot said to the Evil Dragon. "I thought you were raving about wanting to rule the universe and whatnot? You seriously think with that kind of power, you can do that?"

"Looks like this will be easier than I thought!" said Killer Frost as she brought up her hands, which emitted frost.

The Evil Snake got up and glared at them angrily. He was not expecting this kind of result, and there was no way he was going to let this happen again. These people humiliated him, so he was going to give them the worst kind of death he could think of. Nobody messes with the Evil Dragon and gets away with it!

The Joker and his henchmen were traveling through a sewer. Not just any sewer, but the sewer the Suicide Squad was currently in. The Clown Prince of Crime had prepared for this day, the day when Harley was working with the squad and he wanted to get her out of it. This was easier said than done due to the neck bomb inside her, so simply taking her away will result in the bomb exploding and killing her.

This was why the Joker sent his men to gather information on the neck bombs, such as who made them and how they were made. Thanks to having henchmen who were surprisingly smart and competent, he was able to get them to create a program on his smartphone that could be used to deactivate the neck bombs. This way, he could rescue Harley without fear of killing her. It's been a while since he had this planned out, and it was finally time to put it to use.

He was able to tell that the squad was in Midway City's sewer because of his henchmen finding out about this. Though they weren't able able to find out what the mission was, knowing the location was more than enough. The clown wasted no time in traveling to this place with his men to ruin the squad's day.

"I think I hear someone throwing a party," said the Joker as his group approached a passage up ahead. "C'mon, boys! You don't want to miss out the fun, don't you?" He happily skipped over to the passage and looked into it, and what he witnessed was the sight of the squad fighting the Evil Dragon.

The Evil Dragon behaved more competently this time. Using his wings, he was able to fly around, and at a fast speed at that. He zipped around the air in an attempt to knock down each of the squad members and also bite them. However, the villains were not lacking in combat skills. Despite the snake's speed, they were able to dodge him and fight on equal terms with him.

"Hate to break it to ya, but I have experiences dealing with speedsters!" said Captain Boomerang as he threw several boomerangs at the snake and caught them when they came back.

The Evil Dragon soon found himself being overwhelmed by the squad. After injuries were inflicted onto him, he backed away from them and got to the Necronomicon. The squad approached them, and Deadshot said to him while pointing his wrist gun at him, "Looks like it's the end of the road for you, Mister Snake, or should I say, Mister Dragon? You sure have a lot of ego to call yourself a dragon!"

"Hand over the book at once!" Rick said to the Evil Dragon while aiming his machine gun at him.

"Do not be so full of yourself! I admit that my powers have dwindled since I was sealed, but know this: once I regain my full power, all of you will die!" said the Evil Dragon. "Go ahead and celebrate over your victory now! When my power is fully restored, we will see who gets the last laugh!" The snake then turned to the book and flipped through its pages fast. He then chanted what was written on a particular page, causing a vortex to appear.

"He's going to get away! Stop him!" shouted Rick.

Killer Croc threw himself at the Evil Dragon and caught him by the tail just as he was going to jump into the portal. The snake angrily shouted for him to let go while struggling to break free from his grasp. Harley ran to the Necronomicon and picked it up, but the snake suddenly swung his body against her, knocking her into the vortex, along with the book.

"Harley!" gasped Rick in shock upon seeing what happened. The snake was eventually able to break free from Killer Croc's grasp by biting his hand, and then he jumped into the vortex. The others ran up to the vortex, and Rick suggested that they go in there to find Harley.

"Are you crazy?! Who knows where this thing will take us!" protested El Diablo.

Without a word, Killer Croc jumped into the vortex, and then Rick suggested that everyone do the same before the vortex disappears. After he went into it, the others followed him, even if they didn't feel like it. El Diablo was the last to do so, as much as he didn't want to, but fearing what Waller would do if he returned alone, he eventually gave in and jumped into the vortex.

The Joker and his men ran up to the vortex and noticed that it was gradually becoming smaller. "That Harley! Going headfirst into excitement without me! I'm not going to forgive her for this!" he angrily said. "C'mon, boys! We're going to wherever they're going!" Having said that, he went into the vortex. His henchmen hesitated, and that was when the vortex disappeared all of a sudden, leaving them dumbfounded and without a leader.

It was dark and gloomy in Infernal Prison, a prison building located in a pocket dimension that could be accessed through Gensokyo. It was where dangerous criminals of Gensokyo and the Demon World were imprisoned and never to see the light of the day again. There, the prison guards and torturers were ruthless towards the inmates and made them suffer various kinds of pain. In fact, they were sadistic and enjoyed seeing them in pain. Of course, there were limits to how far they could go before it was too much. The prison warden made sure that the staff members there abide to the rules, or else they would be considered criminals as well.

Seija was reclined against a pillow in her prison room. It had been quite a while since she was sentenced to this place for a lifetime. Being an amanojaku, it was in her nature to behave in ways opposite of what people expect from her. While people expected her to suffer and regret for her crimes, she was doing her best not fulfilling their expectations by chilling out the best she could in this kind of place.

Day after day, she annoyed the staff members and occasionally other inmates nonstop. When she was punished for causing trouble, she would break out into laughter whenever pain was inflicted onto her rather than crying in pain and begging for mercy. She was so annoying to the prison guards that they felt like killing her, but they were forbidden from doing so. Seija knew this well, so she purposely annoyed them to no end, knowing that there was nothing they could do to silence her forever.

The door to her cell opened, and a fairy prison guard was there, telling her to come out. Because it was leisure time, she was allowed to go out and get some free time in a peculiar area made for prisoners to interact with each other. Seija came out of her cell and was led by a different fairy guard down the hallway. "Go ahead and try starting a mess!" the fairy angrily told her. "We're going to let you have it if you do something!"

"Oh, like that is going to scare me!" Seija said to her with a smile. "Don't worry; I'll be a good girl today, because I'm out of ideas on what to do. I sure do hope someone will start something in place of me, though! Heeheehee!"


And thus began my new story, a Suicide Squad and Touhou crossover! This story has been in my head since the Suicide Squad movie got released in August last year. Great movie! I watched it twice, and while I can see a couple of flaws, I don't understand how it ended up getting such a poor reception. People can't appreciate good things... Those who hate this movie can't appreciate great things. This movie is awesome! It definitely deserves the Oscar Award for makeup and hair styling. Recently, it even got an award for the best soundtrack in Kid's Choice Awards! To top it all off, it performed very well at the box office, so much that a sequel is planned! The DCEU is looking great! Looking forward to Wonder Woman and Justice League this year!

Since this story is inspired by that movie, I've included references to it, such as Harley's vexing quote, Waller's "I am your consequence," and the Joker scene at the end. I really love that particular quote from Waller!

By the way, the Evil Dragon is an actual character from Touhou. He appeared in the Forbidden Scrollery manga, though he's a good guy there and a minor character. Let's just say it's not the same character here...

Anyway, I'm very hyped for this story, so I hope you'll look forward to what you'll be reading and review to your hearts content! Please enjoy!