Disclaimer: I do not make any kind of profit out of this story, but I'm borrowing the characters from the movie Logan just for fun, my OC's are the only thing that's my original creation, please don't sue me.

This story takes place 7 months before the actual plot in the movie Logan, in the same set and places but with different characters with a strong chance to reach the actual plot eventually but in an original way. I rated it with M just to be sure.

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I would like to say that none of this was my fault, I would like to say that there was a moment when I had control over the situation, I would really like to say that, but as we all know, it's when we feel safer when everything goes down. Fight or flee. Courage is for the unwary. But still I will not change any step on the way.

CHAPTER 01 – Found You

There was a shrill sound at the entrance of the house, and then she heard footsteps hurrying inside; she was in her parent's room or what was left of it, her house wasn't what it used to be, from a beautiful place of dreams just the ashes remained.

Sitting in the middle of the bed, she held the last book she had been given by her mother, a beautiful tale about love and sisterhood where good and evil are put to the test between the struggles of life, a story very much like her own right now, when her mother gave it to her she was thrill with the book, every night she used to go to her sister´s bedroom and read part of the book until her sister throw her out, if she didn't she could stay there reading to her the whole night, that was one of the most precious memories she had before tragedy struck her family.

Footsteps grew closer, walkie-talkie sounds and well-trained men surrounded the property; Donald walked into the house looking around, it no longer seemed like a habitable place, most of the furniture was burned, big stains of blood were lucid on the carpet.

There must have been a hell of a fight, the Transigen cleanup squad sure made a good number in this area taking care of "dangerous" mutants, but he did not come for a dangerous mutant, he actually believed that such a large squad was not necessary for one girl, but life had taught him to be cautious when it came to dealing with mutants.

Gesturing with his hand troops began to scatter to surround the residence, after a moment of contemplation he set out to climb the stairs in search of the mutant that had eluded them.

According to the data the mutant he was looking for was the second last member of the now-defunct Jones family, Elisa Jones, Ana Jones's younger sister.

'Ana Jones', Donald thought with mirth, oh yes he remember her, she gave tremendous show in her first day in Transigen, she cause riot against the staff with her explosive little hands, flying in pieces two stretcher and trying to escape through the window of her room; she was quickly subdued by his men of course but not without leaving severe skin burns and black eyes, Donald laughed to himself as he remember the scene, the girl sure had fire in her, and that made him wonder what was her sister like .

Arriving upstairs he walked down the hall passing two empty rooms, he follow his way to the room at the end where he found his objective sitting on a bed, hair hanging loose, eyes closed and a bunch of books around her.

He noticed that she was holding something in her lap, at first he though she had a weapon but when he focus on the object he distinguished a small book. He stepped into the room and watched her from the door blocking with his prominent body the only escape route; the girl did not seem to want to recognize his presence, so he clear his throat to get her attention, being ignored again, he approached the edge of the bed and squatting down he tilt his head to get a better look of her face.

In a regular scenario he would grab her, probably creating a little struggle between them, him winning the fight as usual; but this time he was given different orders for some reason he "ignored".

The director asked him to be uncharacteristically gentle with this one, he said something about unnecessary trauma and all kinds of ridiculous shit he didn't deem necessary but orders were orders; so he patiently waited for her to acknowledge him.

He was still being cautious he didn't know with what kind of mutant he was dealin with, the information about her was seclude and no for lack of trying, but her big sister really resisted the interrogation and give cero relevant data about her sweet little sister; Probably thinking we were just going to forget about her and go on with our lives.

What a sweet sacrifice he though ironically. She could have saved herself some pain due the fact that…they will find her eventually, they always do.

After patiently waiting what felt like an eternity he decided to act.

"Hey there honey, anybody home?" he said in a southern accent watching her from his spot, giving a sigh he lifted his metal hand to catch a strand of hair that fell in front of her face playing with it in his fingers, the girl's eyes popped open all of the sudden, dropping the book she was holding and giving him a nasty look.

In a swift motion she throw her hand back pulling a knife that apparently she'd been hiding in her back and with great ferocity she leaned forward attacking him mercilessly, Donald was fast enough to dodge catching her hand before the knife reached him.

"Jesus..woman!" he exclaim dumbfounded. "Here pretending ya are all sugar and honey just to bust my balls" chuckling he shook his head.

"ya got me there little girl I must admit ya actually surprised me, my mistake" making a pause. "I'll be sure not to make it again" showing her a wide toothy smile he squeeze her wrist tightly causing her to utter a shriek of pain throwing the knife, and in a swift motion, he lifted himself pulling her with him.

Without releasing he searched with his hand for the handcuffs he had prepared on his belt, without taking his eyes off her found them, shaking them a little in his hand enjoying her terrified expression.

In a last desperate attempt, she squeeze her eyes in an act of concentration, accumulating all the energy she could in her imprisoned hand transmitting it successfully to Donald causing him to lose orientation stumbling back, taking advantage of the distraction she gave a hard pull releasing her wrist from his hold jumping out of the bed and running down the hall.

"Hell, what the fuck was that!?" he exclaimed rubbing his eyes, blinking continuously and only seeing white in front of him, anticipating the girl's actions he took his radio.

"Don´t let her leave the house, i'll take care of the rest" he said annoyed by the way things were unfolding, listening to the direct order all men relaxed again and covered the doors and possible exits of the house, staying alert.

Donald regained his sight slowly seeing blurred figures at first and then having a clearer image, sharper than he remembered, actually he felt good...¿More vigorous?..¿what?...that actually confused him, usually when a mutant attacked him was to wreak havoc. This weird fact aroused curiosity in him, now he really wanted to know what power she possessed, but that could wait right now he had to play hide and seek.

He reached the door and started moving down the hall scanning his surroundings, he knew she was still in the house since no one had reported otherwise, tracking someone had never been a problem for him, he did that for a living.

Walking down the aisle with the handcuffs still in his hand he watch both rooms inquisitively, but hiding under the bed or inside the closet was very cliché, and this mutie did not seem like the obvious type, actually she seem quite prepared for this situation ¿did she had a plan in mind? maybe he was giving her too much credit, after all she was- ¿what? 19 or 20 years old; he couldn´t take a good look at her in the position she was in, but from his appreciation she was decent enough probably the same as her sister, he gave a quick glance not finding her he went downstairs calmly.

"Come on, come on" he sang. "this game is old and boring plus we both know it will not end well for ya" he enter the living room taking a picture that was over the chimney, on the picture she and her sister were wearing soccer uniforms holding medals in their hands, how ironic, how two persons that look so innocent could create such disaster around them.

Mutants he thought bitterly they were a real problem for society, he always knew that his mission on earth was to hunt and capture that filth and luckily he found a job where they pay handsomely to do just that.

"Did you know you look like your sista?" he said putting the picture back in place. "But if ya ask me...you look more like your mother" he paused meaningfully looking at the photo. "Same eyes" he made sure to make clear that he had met her mother, maybe this fact could arise something in her that make her betray her hiding.

Hearing him Elisa felt tears in her eyes, her sweet mother had to face this soulless monster at some point, and just the thought of it made her sick to her stomach, she put both hands on her mouth trying to control the sobs; she knew more than well that both her parents and her sister, she hoped she wasn't, were already dead and probably this same man had done it.

Bastards! But they won't get away with this, she had a plan and as silly and naïve as the plan could be, she was ready to face anything to try to save her sister no mattered what she had to do, she felt in her heart that Ana was still alive; Ana was strong, stronger than her, she was always the fighter, it was not just her kinetic powers what she meant, Ana had a special soul, she was kind but firm she was like the river that flows cleaning all in the way, unstoppable but nurting, and in some many ways just necessary…at least for her, Ana was necessary.

Calming down she saw him pass in front of her hiding place without noticing her, she watched as he went on to the kitchen in where she heard how he opened the fridge.

Looking inside he found it almost empty, there were some sodas, an expired milk carton and a cabbage, just what the body needs sugar and fiber, making up his mind he went for the soda at the lack of beer…he wasn't going to take the cabbage that wasn't tempting at all.

"No beer?" he yelled from the kitchen "What are you people? Mormons?" taking the soda with him he closed the fridge and at a steady pace he arrived right in front of the camouflaged door under the stairs, leaning forward a little he tap with his metal fingers the door muttering.

"if you come out I´ll give you the soda" he snickered, eyes flashing with joy and big mocking smile plastered on his face, Elisa was at a loss of words she could not believe the nerve on this guy, he knew where she was the entire time and he chose to postpone the inevitable to have a little fun at her expense.

Dammit!, she sigh.

Weighting her options, she ponder staying there till he had enough and dragged her out in probably the most traumatic and scarring experience…or she could come out by herself, stop being a wuss and face her reality, nevertheless he was going to take her with him.

Escape was never on the table; she sadly realize that the only real fact in her control was the ˋwhen'; to be honest he was being patient enough taking in count that she tried to kill him even if it was a pathetic attempt, lost in her thoughts, he kept calmly waiting outside soda in hand, relaxed frame almost lazy.

Giving a yawn he watched his clock, ahg! It´s Late, that was it, he had enough. He was gentle enough for one lifetime.

"¿No deal?" In a nimble move he propelled his leg forward kicking the door open, Elisa panicked backing against the wall, Donald leaned forward remembering he had to control his temper and offered her his hand to help her come out.

"I assure ya that you don't want to do this by force" he breathe slowly. "Although this ya already did it the wrong way… it can always get WORSE" he state emphasizing the word worse; without more options she step out of the closet avoiding touching his hand. She pass him crossing her arms on her chest looking him well for the first time, he was tall well-built imposing man, dirty blond hair, in a different situation she would have consider him good looking, but the last thing she wanted to be doing was thinking about him in other way than a murderer.

"Atta girl" he took out the handcuffs and made a sign with his finger for her to show him her wrists placing the handcuffs and turning them on, finally able to give an end to this silly charade.

"I usually don't power on this right away" he pointed to the handcuff that were buzzing with electricity "but yar little stunt back in the room made ya less trustworthy, darlin'" shaking his head he indicated her to start moving.

Reaching the front door Elisa turn back and looked one last time at the place that she had called home; the house was gone as all the happiness that once filled the now cracked walls, noting she stopped moving, he gave her a little push to keep on. When they crossed the door he leave it to his men whom quickly reached for her arms holding her in place, Donald advanced dodging them placing himself in front of her and putting in her hands the cold soda.

"Chill hun, this hasn´t even started…like I told ya things WILL get worse" showing a sideway smile he straighten putting on his sunglasses "let's move people, we are already late".

In a quick motion they lifted her into a black van covering her head with a blood stain cover, she made a sound of disgust when the smell of dry blood hit her nostrils, Donald entered in the co-pilot seat "drive fast, don't stop for red lights".

From time to time he glanced thru the rearview mirror watching her struggle with the cover, it crossed his mind telling her the origin of the blood and its previous owner but probably that would scar her worse than any attack, so he kept it to himself. Playing it in his mind, he remembered.

« you shitty bastard, I'm going to blow your fucking head off if you dare to touch my sister » Ana warned him while fighting her way out of the van, the troops were holding her back till Donald gestured with his hand to stop, he approached her, cover in his hand « really? » he said smirking shaking his head at how absurd she sounded.

« nah, now you are going to be a good girl, shut yar mouth and put this on » but while he was putting the cover in place she spit on his face staining his sunglasses, feeling very proud of herself for her good aiming, she dedicated him a victory smile before he end of putting the cover blocking her face, he sigh taking the glasses off to clean his face.

« I warned y- » before she could finished the sentence he head-butted her square in the face breaking her nose, blood began to flow rapidly staining the cover crimson and he heard her cough, choking in her blood.

« Not so tough now, are we? » he said with an acid tone, after cleaning his glasses and checking that the bleeding wasn't too bad.

An overwhelming silence followed the whole trip, arriving in the facility they got her out and Donald took the cover throwing it back in the van; he ordered some of his guys to take her inside to the director but just before she left he wanted to make something clear.

« By the way thank you for the tip, we didn't even knew ya had a sister, your father managed to delete all her data from the files, » Ana´s face fell, she had been so stupid trying to protect Elisa, she delivered her to them.

« Let me promise you this blondie, I will take special care of yar little sista', I can be a VERY sweet guy » dazzling her with a charming smile he left her to her fate.

Getting close to the facility Donald came back to reality, when they arrived he jumped out of the van stretching his back soundly, Elisa was drag out stumbling with her feet till she reached the floor, where Donald took the cover off waiting for her eyes to adjust to the light, she glanced around before setting her eyes on him, standing in front of her leaning closer to her face, he whispered.

"Welcome to hell, doll."