Hello everyone who is reading or waiting for this fic to continue, fisrt of all, i apologize for that is not happening, i really lost the inspiration on this fic and a new story caught completely my mind, i'm writing a new story about Donald Pierce/ OC and i assure you is so much better that this one, I really was aiming to write it from the start but i never found the right time to do it, i hope you can give it a chance and i certantly compromise to finish that one to the end.

I leave the name of the story:

(Not) Yours

Or if you want you can find it in my account, im greatly thankful for the persons that commented and read this story and i hope to do justice with the next story im posting.

As a fan of Boyd Holbrook and the Logan movie, i hope you enjoy it.

Hope to hear from you on my new project and thank you.