Sweat and blood from small wounds mixed together, only to splatter onto the floor as sword and spear clashed with weapon and shield.

The two fighters lunged and swung at the other, each trying to get the upper hand, paying no mind to the small crowd that had gathered. Helmets covered their faces, but the golden sword in the male fighters hand and the electric spear in the female's hand were well-known throughout the camp.

It was when the male crouched and swung his feet around that he got an advantage. He managed to trip the other, and she soon ended up sprawled on the ground. He quickly got to his feet, foot lightly set on her stomach and sword pointed at her neck.

"I win," The male declared, taking off his helmet, revealing oddly colored eyes, black hair, and a cocky smirk.

"Yeah yeah Prissy, now get the Hell off me," The sturdy female demanded, and the black haired boy snorted before stepping away, capping his sword and stuffing it into his pocket.

They ignored the crowd yet again as the calls started.

"Way to go, Percy!"

"Next time, Clarisse!"

"Get him, De Rue!"

"New record!"

Percy rolled his eyes and panted as he walked out of the arena, intent on taking a shower before dinner. He walked steadily, nodding every once in a while to passing campers. He was covered in dirt and sweat, and would rather a shower now than after dinner.

The camp had become slightly more sullen since the war. Leo's apparent fiery death with Happy The Dragon had deflated the whole camp, as though the energetic Demi-God had taken the energy of those around him as well with his demise. They were slowly rebuilding, and now, two months later, they had almost managed to put the camp back in full working order. He smiled slightly as he passed Nico, who didn't notice him as he was talking to Will, the two walking side-by-side to somewhere.

Nico had confused him greatly, but he had slowly started to understand the other, younger Demi-God. It was a shame, really, that he hadn't realized sooner. And if Nico was just a tiny bit older. Percy had realized he was bi sexual a year into his 'chase' with Annabeth, and he decided against going after the girl soon thereafter. He realized he leaned more toward his own gender than the other, and that did take him by surprise, but he had quickly taken it into stride.

The eighteen year old glanced at Thalia's tree as he passed the entrance to Camp, only to suddenly stop. The Drakon that protected the tree and fleece was standing on all fours, head reared and ready for an attack. He rushed to the entrance, pulling out Riptide as he shouted to some satyrs nearby. They ran off, he assumed for more help.

He rushed to the arch that was the barrier between mortal and Demi-God.

Only to be tackled.

He made an odd noise as the wind was knocked out of him, something heavy, warm and panting landing on him before quickly rolling off.

He struggled to sit up and identify the source of the commotion.

When he did, however, he blinked. And blinked again. Two feet away from him sat a man about his age, on his stomach, face bowed and panting heavily. Black, slightly curly hair masked his features. Percy did a quick run over the boys build, and found that while the other was about half a foot shorter though not necessarily short, he had a similar build to Percy, being on the leaner side. However, Percy was a bit broader, not to mention taller. A nice build, too, if not a bit...skinny, Percy thought for a fleeting moment before he noticed something rather odd.
Clutched in the man's right hand was a stick.

Faster than Percy's brain could comprehend, the man had rolled over and was on his feet, still panting but seeming to have regained his breath for the most part.
Percy blinked, yet again.

The man had bright, cautious emerald green eyes that shined and circular wire framed glasses that by themselves looked stupid but on him looked adorable. He had sharp features, full lips, long lashes and high cheek bones. His pale skin contrasted drastically with his hair and eyes, making them stand out. Percy was in a trance. Oh, I could certainly hit that...he thought dazedly. He was, after all, a hormonal teenager. Could one really blame him.

Though there was blood and dirt on him, making Percy frown in concern. I need to help him, my mate's hurt. The thought caused him to come to a halting stop for a minute. He'd heard of this happened but didn't ever expect it to happen to him, as it was stupidly rare. Oh, I'm always the exception, he thought with a mental groan. But, appraising the other for a moment caused him to decided he didn't really mind. He could've done worse, when it came to his soul-mate.

"Are you okay?" He asked, stepping closer despite the stick pointed at him and the aura around him screamed BACK THE FUCK UP BITCHES. It reminded him slightly of Nico, actually.

"Fine. What is this place? I was running from-from something and this place...appeared." The other man said, and Percy blinked at the British accent, crossing his legs subtly.

"This is Camp Half-Blood. You were running from a monster. You can put the stick down, dude. Only people like us, Half-Bloods, can get in. The monsters can't. You're safe here." Percy said, feeling an odd emotion, telling him to make the other feel safe to keep him here. The stick was shoved into the other's pocket. "So, were you aware that you're a Demi-God?" Percy asked, amusement coloring his tone.

"Demi-God? What the bloody hell is a Demi-God? And who are you?" He asked sudden, eyes narrowed.

"A Demi-God is a half God. You know, the big twelve, Zeus and all that. Half mortal, half god...Camp Half-Blood...yeah..." Percy trailed off awkwardly, suddenly feeling very flustered around his soul mate. "And I'm Percy! Percy Jackson. You?" He asked, blinking at the sudden need to know the other's name.

His soul-mates name.

"Hadrian Potter. Harry for short," He said, tone clipped. Percy smiled. He liked that name. Hadrian.
Percy opened his mouth, but was cut off as the 'help' finally appeared. Little late, guys, he thought with an eye roll. Really, two minutes had most likely passed, but still.

"Who's he?" Connor Stoll asked, and Percy mentally growled as many eyes appraised his mate. Mine.

"New Demi-God. Names Harry." Percy said, bringing the attention to him shortly.

"How old are you?" Nico piped up suddenly. That question brought a murmur through the crowd. Harry flushed at having so many eyes on him, and from anger.
Nico did have a point in asking, however. Harry knew he could be mistake from anywhere between nineteen and fourteen.

"Almost eighteen," He said, groaning as he heard the intakes of breath at his accent. He knew moving to America after the war would cause that. He just had hoped it wouldn't happen this often. He had moved to New York because it was a big city and he could blend in, but he still stood out easily.

"He's only a few months younger than you, Perce," Jason noted. Percy nodded. His birthday had been the past May, and it was currently mid June.

"Who do you think the parent is?" Someone shouted, causing the others to frown.

"I hope he's not Aphrodite, though he could certainly be," A female voice spoke up.

"Drew! Control yourself!" Piper barked, making the surrounding people jump slightly.

"Could be Hephaestus," Someone noted. Harry just blinked at them.

"That doesn't matter at the moment. I'll take him to the infirmary, someone get Chiron and tell him to meet us there," Percy said, and the crowd dispersed. He then turned to Harry who looked relieved as he watched them go.

"Bloody Hell," He grumbled, and Percy chuckled, causing his previously bowed head to snap up. Percy flushed under the attention.

"I have a few friends who hate crowds. I could tell you were uncomfortable," Percy said, feeling slightly awkward. "But, c'mon, we need to get your wounds healed." Harry slowly stood next to him, and Percy put his hand on Harry's lower back to lead him on instinct, and mentally cheered when the other didn't reject the touch.

As the two walked side by side, Percy noticed he walked with a slight limp. He frowned, looking Harry over with concern. He hesitated for a moment, before he decided this kid probably wouldn't hurt him as bad as Nico would if he were to try the same thing on him.

He dropped his hand from Harry's lower back, and before he could say anything, grabbed his arm and hooked it over his shoulder, other arm wrapping around his waist. Percy clutched him tightly to his side, and glanced over with a small smirk to see Harry gaping at him.

"You seemed to be having a bit of trouble walking. Can't have you injuring yourself further while trying to get to the infirmary." Percy said easily, soaking in the heat of his soul-mate. He couldn't help but notice the other seemed to slot into his build easily.

Harry looked at him with narrowed eyes for a minute longer. "I don't nee-" He started to say, before his foot caught something, causing him to stumble and wince. Percy quickly caught him, arms wrapped around his waist, Harry's arms having flung themselves around his neck.

Percy smirked, snorting. "Sure you don't," He said, rolling his eyes. "you can't even walk properly. C'mon, Bambi, let me carry you." Percy said, holding his arms out, Harry having shifted out of them.

"I don't need to be carrie-" Harry started, before he fell once again, into Percy. Percy shifted easily, taking the smaller man into his arms.

"I rest my case. C'mon, arms around my neck," Percy urged, and smiled when he felt the smaller man due as told, albeit reluctantly. Percy hooked one arm under his knees, the other under his shoulders, and soon the two were walking.

Percy frowned when he picked Harry up. He was surprisingly light. Worryingly so, even. But he felt his worry almost completely wash away when Harry tucked his head under Percy's chin, face red in embarrassment. He smirked. There wasn't even anybody around. They were all at dinner by now.

It wasn't long before they climbed the steps into the small building, and Harry was being treated by a son of Apollo. Percy refused to leave, and stayed by Harry's bedside. He winced as Harry did, almost able to feel the other's pain as his leg bone was properly set. He wanted to hold Harry more than anything, but refrained as his cuts were cleaning and he was forced to eat the Ambrosia.

He had to shift in his seat when a moan left Harry's mouth after eating the substance.
They were soon left alone after that, only to be joined by company again a moment later. Chiron walked in, and Harry didn't even flinch at seeing him, and Percy was glad to see he wasn't completely unused to such things.

"Hello, my boy." Chiron said, smiling kindly, white fur glinting slightly in the harsh light of the infirmary. "I'm Chiron. I take care of this place here, Camp Half-Blood. I'm sure you have some questions, so please, feel free," He said, making a waving motion with his hand.

"Just to confirm, I'm a Demi-God because I was able to get in here, and that means one of my parents was one of the...Gods? Which Gods are we talking about?" Harry asked, eyes narrowed, and Chiron didn't even blink at the accent, most likely having been told.

"Indeed. You are the son of most likely one of The Great Twelve, but there is also a possibility you are a child of one of the more minor Gods. You should be claimed sometime today, or in the next following few days."


"Your Godly parent will make their symbol appear above your head, claiming you as their own. Do not be alarm when this happens."

"Are there ever any kids who don't get claimed?" Harry asked, a sense of dread filling his stomach. He felt like if it was a possibility it was almost sure to happen to him.
Chiron frowned, glancing at an unusually silent Percy.

"Well, it is rare that someone is not claimed, but it does happen, on occasion, sadly. Oh, you shall be staying in the Hermes cabin until you are claimed. That is were all unclaimed Demi-Gods stay."
Harry hummed, and lowered his head, signalling that he had no more questions at the moment. Chiron frowned. He was used to being bombarded with questions, but it seemed this one knew more than he was letting on or he was just silent.

"Your name, my boy,"

"Hadrian James Potter." He answered quietly.

Percy had a rare train of thought going. The boy reminded almost of Nico, how silent and...moody he was.

Chiron looked at Percy, and tilted his head, signalling he wanted a word. Percy got up quickly, telling Harry he'd be back shortly.
The two went just out the door, and Chiron watched Percy with narrowed eyes. "You do not need to stay by him, Percy. Not every Demi-God that you happen across doesn't need constant help, though it is very kind of you," He said gently.

"I know, Sir. He's my soul-mate," Percy said quickly, not bothering to feel ashamed. He didn't even know why he would feel ashamed. His mate was...pretty cool, so far. He seemed like a nice guy...Percy felt he had no reason to feel ashamed.

Chiron blinked, eyes widening. He nodded once, before trotting off, face twisted with an emotion Percy couldn't decipher. Percy shook his head and walked back into Harry's room.
He quickly sat down, and he and the other just stared at each other for what seemed to be several minutes.

"Tell me about the 'big twelve'," Harry said suddenly, startling Percy.

"Well, er," Percy said, attempting to call the information to his head. "first you got Zeus, God of the sky, the King of The Gods. Then, you got Hera, the Queen of Gods, Goddess of marriage and all that," He started, rubbing the back of his neck in thought.

"Then you got Poseidon, God of the sea, my father. Then, Hades, God of the underworld. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are the known as The Big Three, usually." He looked at Harry to make sure he was still listening, and flushed under the attention he was indeed receiving.

"Then Hestia. Goddess of the hearth, or home. Er, who else, uh, Athena, Goddess of wisdom, Artemis and Apollo, the twins. Artemis is the Goddess of the Moon, also the leader of this group of girls that swears off men, The Hunters of Artemis. So, it's already a given you're not her son, since she swore off men. Then Apollo, God of the sun, poetry, music, and all that. He isn't very good at it, actually. Don't tell him I said that.

"Aphrodite, Goddess of love, Hephaestus, God of the fire and the forge, Ares, God of War, and Hermes, the Messenger God, or God of travelers. That's why all the unclaimed kids go to his cabin," Percy said, ticking off the Gods as he went to make sure he got them all.

"And, that's the big twelve," Percy finished, looking at a thoughtful Harry.

"Fascinating...what's the origin?"

"Erm...Greek." Percy answered slowly, not sure if he quite understood what Harry meant by that.

Harry hummed. "Thanks by the way," He murmured. It seemed he gave the correct answer.

"No problem. I was in your position once too. Course, I got a bit more of a...scrambled informational trip, but I learned what I needed to, either way," He said, shrugging.

Harry nodded, before coughing roughly. Percy stood quickly. "Let me get you some water," He said, quickly leaving, Harry looking after him with slightly watery eyes, coughing into his hands.
When Percy came back, he almost dropped the glass.

Harry was looking at something above his head, a flaming red symbol.

"Hades," Percy breathed.