Ranma: I'm my mother's classmate!?

Hello guys, this is a new story which has been floating around in my mind for a while now. I'm hoping to make a long story out of this covering the most of the Negima!?verse and later on the UQ Holder-verse. Please keep in mind that this is not canon-Ranma and there will be a few differences that will make the story run a bit smoother.

I don't own Ranma ½ or Negima, both are respectively owned by Rumiko Takahashi and Ken Akamatsu.

Chapter One: Wait Who is my mother?!

Ranma always wondered why he didn't look like his father, or why he didn't look like a Japanese at all for that matter. With his bright blue eyes and his tall posture he looked more like a caucasian boy then an Asian boy. Of course Ranma always thought that that meant his mother was Europian or something like that. If only he knew the truth….


Jusenkyo China , 2005:

Two persons could be seen walking into a valley full of springs. This valley was the most peculiar sight not only because there hundreds upon hundreds of pools with bamboo poles in each one of them but because the magic there was so thick that someone with enough magic would be able to see it, someone like Ranma.

His father Genma was eager to train as soon as he saw the springs with the bamboo sticking out of them. "Come boy, let's train here it should be a good challenge." Genma said and took off to the springs. Ranma a little reluctant because the strange thing that was flowing through the air followed him shouting all the while: "Father! Are you sure about this? The air looks strange here." "Bah, don't be weak boy it's just a training ground!"Genma shouted back making Ranma ease up a little. "All right, if you say so father, but it isn't my fault if something happens!" And Ranma took off after his father. After reaching the edge of the springs both jumped onto a bamboo pole and began sparring. At first both looked equally skilled but soon it became apparent that Ranma was faster and stronger than his father. 'Damn, he's becoming more and more inhuman, I have to do something soon otherwise he may start asking questions about why his body is different then other people.' Genma thought. Meanwhile while Genma was thinking about how to keep Ranma in oblivion about his ancestry. Rnama noticed Genma being distracted for a second and took his chance.

Jumping up and closing in on Genma with an heeldrop, he got in a clean hit kicking Genma into a pool. At that moment the Jusenkyo guide came running outside. "Aiyah! This is bad another mister customer fell into the springs! How sad!" "What are you talking about?" Ranma asked the strange portly man. "Those who fall in spring take body of victim who drowned there and mister customer overthere fell into spring of drowned panda bear, tragic story of panda bear who drowned there 2500 years ago!" Ranma blanched at hearing this. "What!"

During this conversation Genma the pandabear had jumped out of the pool already and was going to punish the boy for getting distracted during a fight. He jumped at Ranma and hit the unsuspecting boy into one of the pools. Being satisfied with the results he jumped down to the edge of the spring next to the odd Chinese man. Who then shouted "Aiyah! Young mister customer fell into the spring of drowned girl! Very tragic story of girl who drowned there 1500 years ago!"

Meanwhile Ranma's body began to change. His hair became blond and longer. His face got cuter and his eyes became bigger giving them an very innocent appearance. His body shrunk a little bit giving him the appearance of a 12 year old. And his gender switched from male to female(To lazy to write the logical changes that are involved with that gender switch as well ;D). Also his fangs got longer and sharper making them look like the fangs of a predator. Then he Jumped out of the water next to his father and the Jusenkyo guide and took a deep breath.

"Buhaaaaah! I thought I was gonna drown there. Wait what's with my voice?!"

The Jusenkyo guide gace him a mirror and said: "You fell in spring of drowned girl, tragic story of girl who drowned there 1500 years ago!"

"What!" Ranma shouted while Genma tried to shout and found for the first time that he couldn't shout and so discovering his pandahood at that moment.
From out of nowhere the guide got hot water and threw it over them, changing them both back.

"The curse is temporarily cured by hot water, but cold water activates it again."
For some reason this upset Genma more then it upset Ranma.
"What! But that's horrible! But with that curse on him I can't use him for my agreement with Tendo!" Genma shouted. "What agreement father?" Ranma asked in a very cold tone of voice.

Genma started sweating a bit and at that moments the dam burst and he began to tell Ranma everything about how he made a marriage agreement for their children with his old training partner Soun Tendo, to how he kidnapped Ranma from some ten year old child, whom Genma assumed to be his sister, after he found he was sterile.

This upset Ranma greatly of course so he asked his father if his father knew anything about who he original family was or what his original name was. To which his father answered: "After i had taken you from that little girl I looked through anything that was on you to know who to avoid when traveling with you, but the only information I found was that it said a name on your blanket."

"What was that name, Genma?" asked Ranma.

"McDowell…" Genma answereed after which he ran for his life to afraid of the boy he raised to keep close.