Ranma: I'm my mother's classmate!?

Heya! I'm very happy to see that everyone likes the story for so far. I hope to answer some questions from the reviews.

First: Vampires (especially Shinso vampires) are naturally much stronger, faster and durable then normal humans; so when Genma starts training Ranma it would soon become apparent that Ranma isn't a normal human, if human at all.

Second: The reason why Genma is so scared of Ranma after the curse is easy, Evangeline in the manga, is pretty darn scary when she's mad. Like mother like 'daughter'right? ;)

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Chapter 2: Going to school as a girl!?

Three year later:

It's been a three years since she had been abandoned by her 'dad'. And she still hadn't found many clues about the where abouts of her original family. Granted the only thing she had to search by was the family name: McDowell. But the results where still dissapointing.

But this time she had a lead, some school in Japan had registers of a student who went by the name McDowell. And she thought it might have some clues for her.

So here she, Ranma, was walking to this school named 'Mahora Academy' hoping to get some information about who her family is. She had made an appointment with the headmaster to ask him if she could search at this school and maybe even attend, because while she was mentally 19 years old by now her girlform was still physically 12 years old. And while most people would have finished highschool by the age of 19, Ranma still hadn't even attended a junior high school. So that's why Ranma wanted to try and apply for this school as welll as ask permission to search for clues about her family.

One hour later:

At the moment Ranma was staring at a very odd old man with very large eyebrows and a pretty long beard.

"So Ranma may I ask why you asked to make an appointment with me? I doubt it's just because you want to attend this school because then you could have just apply like everyone else. So tell me what's your reason you wanted to see me?" Konoemon Konoe the headmaster of Mahora academy, and secretly the head of Kantō Magic Association, asked Ranma.
"Indeed, I have another reason then simply wanting to apply for your school to ask for this meeting. You see few years ago I found out that the people I thought to have been my family weren't actually my family, and that they actually stole me from my real family. So ever since then I have been searching for clues about my actual family. And recent discoveriesled me to believe that there was someone at Mahora had someone who might be able to provide me with answers. So I wanted to ask your permission to search for clues about my family at this school while at the same time being able to attend school here." Ranma answered. "Interesting story,"Konoemon said "and may I perhaps ask who this person might be? And why you believe this person might be able to help you find your family?" "Evangeline A. K. McDowell. And the reason I believe she might provide with answers is because she has the same family name as me." Ranma answered.


Five minutes later:

After Konoemon had regained his bearings he asked Ranma: "Perhaps full introductions are in place to prevent anymore surprises like this. I am Konoemon Konoe, headmaster of the entire Mahora academy and leader of the Kantō Magic Association. And perhaps now you can tell me who exactly you are? Miss Ranma…"

"Ranma McDowell, one of the best martial artist of the world, 19 years old." Ranma said. "By the way what did you mean with magic? I mean I have seen somethings I guess are magical during my travels but I never actually thought people still practised magic."

"Magic is an energy used by mages and the likes to do extraordinary things like taking control of the elements or flying." Konoemon answered. "But back to your reason for coming here, I think it's alright if you would attend the junior high division here at Mahora for your lessons, and let you find this Evangeline for yourself."

The Next day:

Right now we can see Ranma standing in front of the door to class 1-A.

"Can't they make the skirt of these uniforms a little longer? I feel so exposed like this."Ranma grumbles.

"You can come in now!" a male voice can be heard from inside the classroom. Ranma walks into the class looking a bit nervous. Whispers can be heard going around. "Is she really from Japan?"or "She's really pretty isn't she?" and even "Wow, she looks a lot like Eva-chan maybe their family or something?".

"Please introduce yourself to the class miss…" "Ranma. My name is Ranma McDowell, I hope we'll get along." she introduces to the class. Immediatly she is flocked by a bunch of students asking her all kind of questions like: "Are you family of Evangeline?", "Do you have hobbies?" or "How old are you?". Ranma starts feeling a bit overwhelmed but luckily the teacher intervenes. "Could you please refrain from harassing Mcdowell-san till after homeroom?" Ranma looks at the teacher and says "Thank you…" "Takahata Takamichi." "Takahata-sensei. May I ask where I must sit?" "Let's see you can sit next to McDowell-chan?" "Alright Takahata-sensei."

As soon as Ranma sits down next to Evangeline she hears a growl coming from Evangeline who whispers to her: "Who are you and why are you using that name? Speak up now!" "Like I said earlier in front of the class, my name is Ranma McDowell. And I believe that explains why I use that name, don't you?" Ranma whispers back. "By the way I wanted to ask you something, can we talk somewhere in private?" Ranma asks Evangeline.

"Hmpf fine, come with me as soon as homeroom is over. But your gonna explain me how it's possible that your name is McDowell, and if I don't like the answer I'll kill you." Evangeline whispers back to Ranma.

"Thanks! Maybe now I'll finally find out who my real parents are!"Ranma says to the surprise off Evangeline. 'Could it be?' she thinks.

And cut!

For those who will probably start wondering why Ranma has been described as female for this entire chapter and why there was a timeskip of three years, it's because I'm having a particular idea for the way this story is gonna go.

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