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Chapter 2

[Early morning]

Fugaku discreetly slipped five hundred bucks under the desk to the receptionist, while swiftly looking left and right, making sure there were no witnesses.

A movement on his side made him slightly jump and break a cold sweat.

Upon seeing Hinata's familiar and never-ending curious gaze, he let his body relax. He then turned back towards the receptionist, who discreetly motioned his head, thanking Fugaku for the trade and marking the end of their transaction.

It wasn't a good feeling. Bribing to hide his shameful deeds made him feel corrupt. Though it was necessary and should be enough to ensure that he was away from the jail cell, and his coming promotion won't be jeopardised.

Fugaku managed through muddled emotions and reached the hospital's parking lot. He turned off his police car's engine and pushed his side of the door open. Through his peripherals, he noticed that Hinata was already out from the back seat and was closing her side of the door.

Just that sight of her was enough to bring back memories from earlier that morning…


After realising his mistake, Fugaku internally panicked and froze up. The thing that brought him back to reality was the warm feeling of Hinata's legs, wrapping so gently around his torso and nudging him to continue.

Gazing his eyes at Hinata's pleasure-filled face and flushed body, Fugaku's dread and worries momentarily vanished, replaced by shock at the young girl's unexpected response to his actions.

Fugaku gulped. He was being filled with a warm fuzzy feeling. One that he had never felt for so long. The feeling like he was the most handsome man on earth, being wanted so badly by a beautiful young woman. It made his ego and man pride soar high.

Since when had Mikoto last made him feel this way? When had she last asked him herself to get on the bed and get some action?

He really could not remember.

These past years, it was always him begging, and then it would be very hard to get her into the mood.

So hard had her menopause hit them.

But going back from when he woke up, he should have realised that the girl he was touching was not Mikoto. Her immediate moans of pleasure should have been enough sign, as he would have gotten apologetic hands pushing him off, if it were Mikoto.

And that was why, when Hinata extended her arms out to him, eyes pleading and inviting, he was not able to decline.

He leaned into her awaiting arms and let her embrace him. He claimed her lips again, now fully aware who he was really kissing, the guilt only a pang in his heart as elation and pleasure consumed him.

He stared at her, square in the eyes, as he let himself drown in her desire for him. He gulped again, in excitement this time. His pulse remaining quick, but for another reason. A much nicer reason.

Then he retracted his hip, his face contorting in bliss at the friction from her cavern's tight grip. His lips left hers to let out a hot steam of breath. He dived into her neck next, licking under her ear and then grabbed one of her breasts, as he plunged his length back into her, picking up a pace.

It was very hard for Fugaku to look at Hinata's hurt and confused face, as he pushed her hand away, her hand that was clinging onto his uniform. They were heading to the hospital's entrance and he feared of getting caught.

He also felt constricted. He could see Hinata looking down, as she walked beside him. She seemed to be thinking, and then her head slowly lifted up, her gaze went straight ahead and avoided him. While her eyes used to hold a bit of hope earlier, now it was back to how they were before.

Lost and broken..

How he wanted to hold her...

She also looked like she was about to cry, but she was trying to hold it in.

This made Fugaku gulp for the hundredth time that day, and he hesitated with what he was about to say.

"P-Please don't tell anyone about this and–" Fugaku started whispering, the choice of words making Hinata's face contort in distaste.

For the last time, gulping all of his hesitations, for the sake of his freedom, family, career and reputation, Fugaku continued, "–and let this be our last encounter." His heart rallied against him. He deeply wished to see her again. But he continued as he planned and slipped a good amount of bribe money into her hands, turned around and never looked back.

Hinata finally cried as she embraced her now awakened mother, who was being discharged, despite the fact that she needed more medical treatment. Fugaku momentarily forgotten.

"I'm very sorry…" A female nurse gave one sympathetic squeeze on her shoulder, and then turned around to leave. Another staff member laid down the receipt on the hospital bed, as she also turned around to follow the nurse, all the while carrying the money that used to reside in Hinata's hands. The bribe money from Fugaku.

Oh how she loathed the feel of them on her hands. But they were actually helpful, for they were just enough to pay for Hitomi's hospital bills from last night. But they were not enough for further stay and treatment in the hospital, so they to leave immediately.

Willing her painful heart to cooperate and go numb even for just a while, Hinata wiped her tears on her mother's hospital gown, before helping Hitomi to change.

Seeing as how Hitomi was already awake but unresponsive, like it was only a lifeless shell of her mother, brought Hinata blistering hot tears.

Hitomi was broken.

Her mother was not there beside her.

She was alone.

Hinata couldn't contain it anymore, so, calling for her mother, she wept

[Evening that day]

The street lamps were lit and provided some security in the chilly evening, when–

"Give that back!" Hinata hopelessly shouted in the street, where squatters camped. Her voice hoarse as her energy escaped her. She dropped on her knees, hopelessness creeping in and making a home in her.

They had just been robbed by their fellow squatter. The thief, who held her and her mother's belongings, was getting smaller in the distance, slowly vanishing from her sight.

Those were clothes and some necessities from Orochimaru's house that Fugaku's subordinate delivered. They couldn't really go back to the house themselves and claim the property, as it was documented that Orochimaru let her mother in with nothing. Hitomi had no contribution to the assets whatsoever. So the house, and everything in it, rightfully belonged to Orochimaru and Orochimaru alone. They were already lucky to have been given some clothes. There would be legal trouble if anything more of his property was messed with, and Orochimaru had a good lawyer.

But now, their little amount of possession was also gone.

How were they going to live?

Hinata's stomach then grumbled and knotted in intense pain.

Oh yeah, they were yet to eat anything that day. She could have sold some of their clothing to afford food, but that was clearly not possible anymore.

"Mmmmnn", a pained moan reached her ears.

She never knew she'd hate hearing her mother's voice, her mother's pain-filled voice.

Thinking of other solutions, she remembered seeing some prisoners getting handed their rations of food when she was in the police station to give out her statement.

Maybe they could…

What if…

But, could she really do that to her mother?

Just so they could eat...

'No! Not my mother…" She just could not stomach adding more misery into their lives.

Her mother then let out another moan of agony.

She still couldn't do anything about it.

And so she cried as she kneeled on all floors in misery.

That's when–!

"Hinata?" A deep and shocked voice reached her.

And it was familiar, so familiar that Hinata expected the glint that reflected from his round glasses, as she turned to look at him. Her eyes wide and heart beat rapid as she acknowledged him.


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