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My Demon Tenant Can't Be This Cute!

By Yangster

Chapter #1: My Demon Tenant is a Girl?!

How in the world did he end up in this situation?

Falling backwards into a large cliff to no doubt certain death and pushed in by his own teacher no less! He would never know what was going through Jiraiya's head when the old man decided that his inability to summon up toads warranted the use of deadly force.

Turning his head to the side, Naruto swallowed audibly as he looked into the near endless darkness, with the light at the end being a terribly messy death.

He was going to die. He was totally going to die. Any second now and he would become a pile of mush flattened against the ground.

Naruto only hoped that after he died, he would be able to become a ghost so he could haunt the perverted old man as revenge.

Pressing his shaking hands together, he squeezed his eyes shut and whispered a prayer before going through a series of hand seals. What were they again?

Boar, bird, dog, monkey, ram?


Boar, dog, bird, ram, monkey?


Boar, dog, it was not working!

Also how in the world was he supposed to summon that red chakra that Jiraiya was talking about?! It was not like he had a direct line to it!

Somehow during his quick little moment in thought, he had flipped around in the air. Naruto's eyes widened, as the air stung painfully against his skin. The corners of his vision were starting to fade. He was blacking out. The shock was getting a bit too much for him.

How was he ever going to become Hokage now?

Feeling a subtle numbness wash over him, his eyes instinctively closed.

As his muscles relaxed, the sensation of wind against his body slowly started to die down. He felt as if a veil of nothingness had suddenly wrapped itself around his body. Perhaps this was what people meant when they had told him that usually moments before one dies, they feel calmness as they were taken to the Pure Land?

Reopening his eyes, he found that he was no longer falling to his death.

The stinging sensation of the wind against him was replaced by the numbing sensation of cold water as he found himself lying in a shallow river. Wait, no, it was not a river. He was lying in a stream of water in some sewer.

Crap, did this mean he had landed in purgatory?!

Slowly getting up, Naruto looked around through half-lidded eyes. The heaviness he had felt earlier had already begun to dissipate and he found that it was getting much easier to move around.

Looking around, he confirmed that he was in some kind of sewer.

"Well," said Naruto plainly, his expression going blank as he continued looking around, "I guess.. I'm dead then..?"

Even he did not expect himself to sound so monotone.

Seeing that there was really only one direction to walk in, he took a step forward and began trekking his way through the tunnel. Hopefully he had not ended up in one of those old folklores where a dead person spends the rest of eternity walking to atone for their sin.


"You would think that the Death God would at least furnish the place.." muttered Naruto quietly as he took in his dank surroundings.

Stopping abruptly to avoid slamming his face into a wall, Naruto narrowed his eyes when he saw the tunnel turn in another direction. Rounding the corner, Naruto was immediately met by a doorway with a large opened gate..

Walking in, the doorway led to a much large room. So large, that it felt like he was standing at the entrance of a stadium. Right in the middle were a row of large, metal bars and right slap dab in the middle of those bars was a large piece of paper with the word 'SEAL' on it in large bold letters.

The sheer size of them sent a shiver through Naruto's spine. Whatever that was held behind them must be absolutely huge!

Maybe that was where the Death God kept all the souls of the dead!

Turning around, Naruto began walking back only for the gate to slam closed in his face.

Shaking slightly, Naruto timidly turned his head back to look at the metal bars.

"I don't want to die.." began Naruto quietly, his eyes widening as the usual volume in his voice returned, "I don't want to die!"

"Oh God, why me?!" cried Naruto loudly as he dropped down to his knees, his hands reaching upward to pull at his hair.

"I'm too young to die!"

"I still haven't kissed a girl yet!"


"Eesh, you're kinda pathetic, aren't you?"


Slowly getting back up, Naruto looked over at the metal bars where the voice had come from.

"Who're you calling pathetic?!"

"You," answered the voice, which sounded both deep and intimidating.

Naruto did not even have to see the thing speaking to know that he, she, it, whatever it was, was pointing a finger at him. A very antagonistic finger at that. Forgetting the situation he was in, Naruto began loudly shouting at the voice.

"I'm not pathetic!" retorted Naruto, pointing a finger back towards where the voice came from.

"Last time I checked, you still were," replied the voice.

"No I'm not!"

"Yes, you are."

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are."

They continued bickering for a few more seconds before Naruto changed up his argument.

"Well at least I'm not stuck behind a cage!"


Folding his arms, Naruto puffed out his chest confidently as he put on a victorious smile. He had shut that disembodied voice up for good.

"At least I got ramen in my cage."

Naruto widened his eyes, letting out a quiet 'huh' as he looked back at the metal bars. He then narrowed his eyes and went back to crossing his arms.

"Hah! As if I'd fall for a dumb trick like that."

He heard a low growl, "Look, just come in here. I promise I won't do anything to hurt you.."

Naruto quirked a brow, a bit of hope glinting in his eye, "Really?"

"Well, not too badly at least."

Whatever hope inside of him vanished as he deflated, "That's still not really convincing."

"Look, just get in here before I get any more ticked off by your monkey antics."

"Monkey antics..?" thought Naruto as he took a step forward, "Who the heck is this guy calling a monkey..?"

"Alright, fine. I'll come in," replied Naruto, as he began walking forward.

What other choice did he have? The only other direction to walk in was closed off. It was not like he wanted to just keep standing there forever.

Looking up over at the paper seal once more, Naruto narrowed his eyes. Maybe he was not dead. Maybe he had actually finally found a way inside the seal that held the Nine-Tailed Fox inside of him. Wait, that meant he was currently walking right towards the giant beast right now!

He did not know whether that was a good thing or not.

"Too late to turn back now," murmured Naruto to himself as he slipped in between the bars.

Squinting his eyes in an attempt to see through the darkness, Naruto called out to the voice, "Alright, I'm in. Where are you?"

"Near the back," answered the voice simply.

"It's too dark," replied Naruto, having already lost himself and was now rendered to having to flail his arms around in an attempt not to bump into anything, "I can't even tell where the back is.."

"Ugh," groaned the voice, "Just stop moving for a second."

Hearing someone clap their hands, a sudden beam of light appeared in front of him, revealing the owner of the voice. Naruto felt one of his eyes twitch at what he saw.

"Huh, guess you were a lot closer than I thought."

Naruto just continued standing there, both his eyes starting to twitch now as he stared wide-eyed at the figure. When the figure finally spoke up, the voice he had heard earlier which sounded deep and intimidating had immediately changed, remaining still somewhat deep but much more feminine and authoritative.

"Are you just going to keep staring at me or what?"

Pointing a finger, Naruto began stammering, "Y-You're a girl!"

The girl's cheeks went pink, but instead of melting into a shy, bubbly mess like a certain Hyunga, she instead grit her teeth and snarled, "Well of course I'm a girl! Did it really take that long for your monkey brain to process that?!"

"B-But you're a cute girl!" stuttered Naruto loudly, the blush on his cheeks spreading to other parts of his face, "Y-You've got l-long hair and..!"

"And?" asked the girl in an unamused voice.

"Y-You've got boobs.. YOU'RE NAKED!" began Naruto only to widen his eyes in shock as realization hit him like a truck.

The girl blushed, her brow furrowing as she raised an arm to cover her chest, "Yes, well, that shouldn't be a surprise to you, since you've already stated that I'm a girl."

Taking a deep breath to instill some calmness back into himself, Naruto folded his arms, "You're the Nine-Tailed Fox, aren't you..?"

"Yep," answered the girl plainly, a pair of fox ears suddenly sprouting out of her head between locks of her red hair, along with a set of nine black-tipped tails that began growing rapidly out from her rear.

"Eh..?" let out Naruto, not expecting her to be so nonchalant.

"What?" asked the girl harshly, "Wasn't it obvious enough?"

"A-Aren't you supposed to be some giant demon fox?" asked Naruto, his shoulders sagging as he continued looking at the naked girl in front of him.

She shrugged, "Yes, well. I only used that form to scare you monkeys away so I could have some privacy."

"Why do you keep calling humans monkeys?

"Because that's what you are," she answered plainly, "All I see when I look at your kind are just a bunch of hairless monkeys dancing around."

Naruto furrowed his brow, "We're not monkeys! Humans and monkeys aren't anything alike!"

She gave him a look and Naruto took note of the small, passing glint in one of her grey eyes. It was as if she were debating whether or not to argue with him.

"Monkeys use their hands, yes?"

Pausing briefly, Naruto nodded.

"Humans use their hands, yes?"

Naruto nodded.

"Then you are one and the same. You are all monkeys to me."

"But don't you use your hands, since you decided to be in that form?" asked Naruto, tilting his head to the side.

"Yes, but instead of using my hands for stupid things like peeling bananas or pressing them together in weird shapes to perform hand-seals, I actually use them to do important things," answered the girl.

"And what important things do you do with your hands?"

"They're really useful for when I want to kill a lot of things very quickly," answered the girl bluntly, her lips curving upward into a small smirk, revealing a small fang.

Giving her a blank expression, Naruto folded his arms before sitting down. Even at his much lowered height, the girl did not seem that tall. If he was standing, she might have been at least ten centimetres shorter than him.

"Nine-Tailed Fox my ass.. More like Nine-Tailed Psycho Girl.."

"She is kind of cute though.."

"Scratch that, she's really cute."

"Wait, no. Stop, Naruto. That's the Nine-Tailed Fox you're thinking about!"

"Well then. It seems I have won this argument," said the girl as he watched the boy go quiet, her chest puffing out slightly as she praised herself, "It was the obvious outcome of course. No mortal could ever dare to win an argument with an immortal such as I."

She then let out a laugh, which sounded more like a giggle. At least that was the way Naruto heard it.

Taking a moment to look at the girl in front of her now that was utterly distracted by her small little 'victory', Naruto could see that she was rather small. She had a body similar to that of Sakura's but was way shorter. Plus her hair, which reached down to her upper back, was much darker than Sakura's, being dark red in colour.

One of the other differences between the height and hair colour was that the girl was just a tad bit chubbier than Sakura, with a bit more meat on her arms, legs and..

Other places..

At long last, the girl had stopped laughing. While it felt like a minute had passed, she had only really laughed for ten seconds. Where in the world did she keep all that air?

Also, why did he come here again?

"Yes, well. Now that I've utterly destroyed you in debate," began the girl, brushing her hair to the side with her hand as she took a step towards him, "What is it that brings my weak little monkey container to his powerful demon tenant?"

Oh yeah.

"I need to borrow some of your chakra," stated Naruto with a nod.

"Hmm," hummed the girl in response, suddenly going into a thinking pose with her chin resting thoughtfully on her hand.



Just the way she brushed him off so nonchalantly. That was what really pissed him off.

"Don't you know what's happening?!" cried Naruto loudly, immediately bolting back up, "I'm falling to my death right now!"


"If I die, you die!"

The girl's features darkened. He caught just a glimpse of something he did not really understand appear in her eye before she turned her head away from him. Now she was actually thinking. Her actual thinking pose was a lot less exaggerated than the pose she had struck earlier.

As she continued thinking up a response, her tails curled around her, covering up her legs. It was kind of like they had a life of their own, acting complimentary to their owner.

"We do not have to worry about that yet," replied the girl after a few moments of deep thought.

"Eh?" let out Naruto in response, "Last time I checked, I was still falling off a cliff!"

"This is your mindscape," stated the girl, raising a hand to gesture at the large space around them, "In here, time moves exponentially slower. Think of it as a dream. Things move here as fast as the neurons in your brain can fire. One hour in here may or may not be a few minutes out there."

"N-Neurons..?" asked Naruto, his tongue curling uncomfortably as he pronounced the word.

She nodded, "Yes."

"Okay then.." replied Naruto as he looked around, "So then how long do we have till I go splat on the ground?"

"About half an hour," answered the girl plainly.

"What the heck are we supposed to do for half an hour?!" asked Naruto loudly, the volume of his voice prompting the girl's fox ears to twitch in discomfort.

"We? There is no 'we'. I'm going to get comfortable and spend the next thirty minutes watching you sweat," answered the girl with a chuckle.

With a snap of her finger, a luxurious throne appeared behind her. The girl then promptly sat down and crossed her legs. It seemed that her nudity no longer embarrassed her as she watched him with a devious smirk on her face.

Naruto looked at her with an unamused expression. His worry over whether or not he was going to die was overpowering his instinctual love for the female body. Somehow he doubted Jiraiya would have been able to come up with a plan to save his life if you just planted a naked woman in front of him.

The humourous thought comforted him.

"Could you at least tell me your name?"

Her watchful gaze turned into a glare when he asked that question. Naruto quirked a brow. Did he somehow offend her with that simple question?

"You dare presume that you can ask me, the Nine-Tailed Fox a question without permission?" the girl asked, her nine tails suddenly raising by her sides liker serpents, each glaring at him along with her.

Yes. Yes he did.

Naruto shrugged, "I mean.. I guess?"

She slammed a small fist down on to the armrest before standing up and crossing her arms, "Look, monkey, I have never given my name to anyone before and I refuse to do so now."

Naruto closed his eyes in disappointment, "You don't need to be such a bitch about it.."

"What did you just say?"

Opening his eyes, Naruto felt a bit of fear lodge itself in the back of his throat as he saw the girl's expression.

Completely devoid of mercy, possibly filled with disdain and just a few hints of contempt. There was also a lot of anger, but sometimes you have these moments where you find yourself completely ignoring the obvious.

"Uhh.. I didn't mean it," answered Naruto, raising both of his hands up defensively.

"That's not the way I heard it," retorted the girl, her glare intensifying, prompting Naruto to metaphorically shrink, "You would do well if you were to treat me with more respect. I am a thousand years plus your senior after-all."

"A thousand years my senior and you're still somehow shorter than me," replied Naruto with a sigh, his words prompting the girl to furrow her brow.


His eyes widened as a stinging sensation suddenly appeared on his cheek. Then he felt a slight rush of wind against his body before a terrible pain on the side of his face as his other cheek collided against the floor with a thud.

How in the world did a girl that small hit that hard?

Then the pain kicked in and he found himself cradling the side of his face. Hopefully bruises in his mindscape did not translate to bruises in real life.

"Let that be a lesson to you. No one disrespects me," stated the girl lowly, her foot twitching slightly as she considered kicking him a few times while he was down, "Feel lucky that this seal stops me from completely taking over your body or killing you."

"Ugh, you could have used your words instead of hitting me," replied Naruto with a groan as he slowly limped back up.

"Says the knuckleheaded brat," murmured the girl quietly.

"Hey! I'm not knuckleheaded!"

"Last time I checked, words don't seem to get through to you."

"Eesh," let out Naruto in response, "How much more time do we have?"

"Fifteen minutes," she answered.

"I was sure that more time than that had passed.." said Naruto as he rubbed the pain out of his cheek.

"Well you were wrong," replied the girl bluntly.

"Why the hell are you so mean?" asked Naruto, crossing his arms as he turned around so that he could peer at the girl from the corner of his eye.

She shot a look at him.

"Why do I need a reason to be mean?" retorted the girl, raising a hand to point a finger at him and then at herself, "Why can't I just like being mean to you?"

"That's still kind of a reason," replied Naruto, "Liking being mean to me.."

Then Naruto looked away before quietly muttering under his breath.

"Like how everyone likes being mean to me.."

"What did you say?" asked the girl, taking a step forward, "Speak up, monkey!"

Naruto looked at the girl, "I didn't say anything."

She furrowed her brow, her disappointment for his lack of an answer very evident on her features. When she opened her mouth to reply, her voice came out scarily deep and intimidating, just like it had before she had changed it.

"Why won't you tell me what you said?"

Naruto turned back around, a frown marring his features as he did so.

"Because I don't want to."

"Eh?" uttered the girl.

Naruto chuckled, "Not use to someone saying no, huh?"

She crossed her arms, letting out a quiet 'hmph', in response as she glared at him. Her glare only intensified when he responded by giving her a smile. It was a full, warm smile that stretched to both sides of his face. Actually, scratch that. It would have been a warm smile if it was not so fake.

"What's with the smile, monkey..?" asked the girl, her voice slowly getting quieter near the end of her sentence.

"Nothing," answered Naruto simply, smile still on his face.

She narrowed her eyes before stepping backwards and sitting back down into her little throne. Her lips vibrated slightly as she let out a low growl. She did not like that smile. It was not honest. She wanted to keep calling him out on it, but there was just something so utterly heart-breaking about it.

She sucked in her breath, "Look, brat, you can drop the fake smile. Being dishonest with each-other, especially with the situation we're both in will only make it worse."

His false smile dropped only for the corner of his lips to quirk back up ever so slightly.

"So since we're going to both be honest here, why don't you tell me your name?" asked Naruto, tilting his head to the side, "I mean you already know mine right?"

He did not get a response.


"Eh..." let out the girl, her toes pressing nervously into the floor as she squirmed slightly in her seat.

"You don't even know my name, do you?" asked Naruto, his words prompting a bit of pink to appear on the girl's cheeks.

"I-I.." stammered the girl, "Why would I need to know your name if I could just address you as 'monkey' or 'brat'?"

Naruto gave her a blank look, the dullness of his expression somehow hitting her harder than it would have if he were glaring or shouting at her.

She swallowed audibly, "So.. What is your name then?"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Na.. Ru.. To.." said the girl, sounding out the syllables awkwardly, "Why does your name remind me of food?"

He shrugged, "I don't know."

"So since I gave you my name, why don't you give me yours?" asked Naruto, a bit of hope finding its way into his voice.

"Absolutely not."

"Well why not?!" asked Naruto, his voice getting louder as he threw his arms into the air.

"Because I don't want to," answered the girl simply with a smirk.

Crap. Did she just use his own words against him?

"So why not instead of begging me for my name, why don't we discuss the price of my power?"

"What? Shouldn't we be talking about the price of you living inside of me?!" retorted Naruto loudly, "I mean you are sealed inside me after-all."

"Yes, but what do you have to give me?" she asked as she summoned up a nail-file before she began filing at her daintly fingernails, "I'm already stuck inside of you and neither of us will be able to change that. You provide me with nothing and you dare ask me to pay you something?"

Naruto shrunk slightly in his spot as he sat down.

"I know what you and that old man were trying to do. If you want to summon up that toad, you're going to need my help," continued the girl, her smirk growing bigger and bigger as she continued talking.

"S-So what do you want in exchange for your chakra..?" asked Naruto timidly, his shoulders deflating in defeat.


He waited patiently for a response.


He quirked an eyebrow at her silence.

"Headpats and belly-rubs!"


"Do I have to repeat myself..?"

Naruto just stared blanky at her.

Huffing quietly, the girl slid off her seat and began walking over to him. She reached forward, grabbing on to his wrist and eliciting a gasp out of him.

"Headpats," stated the girl as she bent over slightly to raise his hand to her head before lowering it and pressing it against her stomach. "And belly-rubs."

It did not help that she over-enunciated every word as if she were speaking to a child.

"Did that get through your thick monkey skull?"

He frowned before jerking her hand away from him and standing up, "Yeah, I got it."

"Yes, well why did it take you so long?" she asked.

He shrugged, "I just didn't expect the scary Nine-Tailed Fox to be asking me for headpats and belly-rubs.."

Puffing out her chest proudly, she placed her hands on her hips, "Well, I'm a girl after-all! I enjoy my headpats and belly-rubs greatly!"

"Yeah, I'm still trying to wrap my head around that.." replied Naruto as he rubbed the back of his head, "But I don't think all girls like headpats and belly-rubs.."

"Yes, well. Don't compare me to those other girls, Naruto," retorted the girl lowly, "I may look like one of your female monkeys, but I'm not."

"Could've fooled me," muttered Naruto as he rolled his eyes.

"Eesh," let out the girl, crossing her arms as she gave him a look, "You really don't know how to be respectful, do you?"

"I mean, I see how you treat all the superiors in your life, like that old man in the white coat, and that white-haired man and now the current old man you're with. You never ever respect them."

"I don't really think Jiraiya deserves my respect," retorted Naruto, his words prompting the girl to quirk a brow, "He's a pervert after-all."

She rolled her eyes, "Yes, well. You get my point, don't you?"

He nodded.

"Yes, good," continued the girl as she looked down at him. "Since you've decided to once again disrespect me, I will be adding foot rubs to the list of things you must do for me if you wish to use my power."

He deflated, "Eh.."

"I also demand that you brush my tails whenever I order you to."


"And I also de-"

"Alright! Alright!" shouted Naruto loudly as he stood up, "I get it! I'm falling to my death right now! So could you just help me now and I'll owe you something later!?"

She smirked, "Sure, we could always do it that way."

He let out a relieved sigh, "Finally. Now how do I get outta here so I can summon that toad?"

She did not respond. Instead, she walked up to him. The closer she got, the more nervous Naruto got. What was she doing? She raised a hand, eliciting a flinch out of him. It appeared the slap earlier had left a mark on him earlier.

"I'll see you later then."

She then flicked him on the head, just like Jiraiya had, but instead of flying away, he blacked out.

Reeling back into consciousness, Naruto's half-lidded eyes immediately burst wide open as he realized that he was back to falling to his death. Quickly pressing his hands together, he began running through the necessary hand-seals to save his life.

Boar, dog, bird, monkey, ram!

Along with his own chakra, he suddenly felt a huge pressure burst through his chakra points. It was much more powerful than his own chakra and it sent goosebumps rising all across his skin. Narrowing his eyes, he focused.

"Ninja Art: Summoning Technique!" he cried as he extended his hand and activated the technique.

Rock crumbled and broke apart as a large toad appeared out of nowhere. The sheer size of it creating a giant gap between the sharp rocks, creating a large thundering sound as huge stalactites fell to the ground.

With a thud, Naruto landed on its back, somehow not going splat as the chubby back of the toad enveloped him.

"Success!" cried Naruto as he raised a fist into the air.

With that said, he blacked out.

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