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My Demon Tenant Can't Be This Cute!

By Yangster

Chapter #18: My Demon Tenant Forever!

How many years had passed since they had left Konoha?

Much more than just a couple of decades. A lot more than just a few centuries. Perhaps even a millennium. Honestly, she had lost count. It was hard to really keep track of time when it passed by so quickly. She would have to thank Naruto for that. He made every single day exciting after-all.

Even as the world evolved, broke down and evolved again, he was there with her.

Obviously the first few years were pretty rough, but that was to be expected. It only got easier once Naruto's body had fully transitioned itself to being made up completely of her chakra. It had been a bit awkward at first, but not having to eat, sleep or anything else that limited the human body turned out to be pretty cool.

Not that they did not continue eating and sleeping afterward. Just because they did not need to do it, it did not mean that they did not enjoy eating or sleeping.

They had eventually became a pair of traveling merchants, spending their days sitting on a cart and selling their goods in the towns they passed. Since they were always constantly on the move, the Akatsuki could never pinpoint them. The constant worry of being found out slowly died after a couple decades had passed. They always kept hoods on their heads whenever they traveled through different villages.

It would not do for people to get suspicious of their lack of age after years had passed.

As they traveled around, Naruto had always done his best to get news on Konoha. It was always a fond memory to look back on; the expression of surprise on Naruto's face when he had heard that Sakura had became the Hokage after being under the tutelage of Tsunade.

It was also even more surprising that Sakura had ended up marrying Shikamaru.

Naruto never asked around about Sasuke though. In his mind, Sasuke was a person he just wanted to forget.

Which he eventually did.

She was fine with that. She never talked about Sasuke, but she had made a promise to herself that if she ever encountered the Uchiha, she would slap him dead on the spot. Any person that dared hurt her beloved companion deserved to die after-all.

Kyuumi would also never forget those days when Naruto would receive bad news on those he cared about. Whenever a friend died, he would always hear about it. He would always make sure to be at their funeral, usually transformed into something discreet, like a bird or a squirrel.

Sometimes a fox.

She would be there for him during those times. She would comfort him. It was never easy, but she was glad that in their relationship, it was just her relying on him. She liked the balance.

It was hard for Naruto sometimes, she would have to admit. It took a long time for him to get use to immortality and the consequences of being able to live forever. People would die, but he would remain. He never gave up on making friends whenever he could though. It was almost an unconscious decision for him, that if he would be able to live forever, he would spend forever being kind to others.

He was noble like that. It was one of the reasons she loved him.

More and more years had passed by. New Hokages came around, wars were waged, people rebuilt. Not that they minded. As long as they had each-other, they could just shut out the world around them.

Some time around what must have been the nineth, perhaps the tenth war, most of the ninja in the world had effectively wiped themselves out. It was funny really, that a hundred years worth of tradition was ended by itself. Eventually those who were knowledgable in using chakra to perform techniques died out. The people left behind, now with no real effective way of waging the large scale wars they once were able to, focused on peace and innovation.

Which was good for them. It was more than once that they would find themselves in the centre of a conflict.

Eventually, as technology progressed, they had to eventually ditch the merchant cart behind. More and more villages sprung up around the world, eventually turning into towns, and then into cities. As more and more space was taken up, their ability to just spend their days wandering around became limited.

Which was a shame, she would have to admit. She much preferred forests to skyscrapers, rivers to factories and peaceful silence to the sounds of the city, but there was a bit of charm to city-life. Plus Naruto liked it. As mushy as it sounded, she liked what Naruto liked.

Most of the time anyways.

The elemental nations had become somewhat of a very diverse single country continent. No longer did there exist the different superpower villages that controlled their specific parts of the land, but each unique environment did provide the people would something. The Land of Fire became the leader of the lumber and agricultural industry, the Land of Water became main exporter of seafood, the Land of Earth, having been cleared of all its large rocks had become the main exporter for precious metals, and the Land of Lighting had eventually became the centre for technology.

The Land of Sand on the otherhand.. Now that the people had different alternatives to live in and since travel became much easier with the invention of the airplane, most of the people that once inhabited that barren part of the world had left.

Adapting to modern times was easy enough. Kyuumi and Naruto had gotten themselves identities as two orphans who were related. Naruto got to keep his name but since Kyuumi absolutely hated the idea of anyone else but Naruto uttering her's, she had opted to call herself Kurumi.

No one ever questioned them since they both had the same shade of red hair and the same coloured eyes.

There were some rough spots though. The day that the government had made a law stating the age requirements for alcohol, Kyuumi had spent the entire day weeping. Even with proper ID, no one ever believed she was over the legal drinking age! She was a million years old!

Sometimes she cursed herself for having such a youthful body.

Luckily, she had Naruto to secure alcohol for her.

Another thing that pissed her off about living in the city was that she had to always tuck her fox ears and tails. The world was more connected than it had ever been before. If there were news of a girl with fox ears and nine-tails wandering around, it was pretty much all over.

And another thing that really pissed her off about living in the city was working! She hated working! But there was no other way to afford the rent on the apartment that she and Naruto lived in.

Speaking of working..

She would really need to start job hunting again..

At least that was what the conversation she was having indicated..

"Look.. I'm sorry, Kurumi, but we're gonna have to let you go.." stated her boss from behind her desk apologetically.

Kyuumi sputtered, "W-What?! Why?!"

"You sort of yelled at one of our clients today.. I'm sorry, but you've been pushing too many clients away, which is why we have decided that perhaps this position is no longer right for you.." answered her boss.

"It's not my fault that they're all idiots! I mean come on! That one guy made me explain the charts to him over and over again!" protested Kyuumi as she threw her hands into the air.

Her boss frowned, "Perhaps marketing is not for you, Kurumi."

"I guess it's not!" replied Kyuumi as she furrowed her brow, "If marketing forces me to listen to idiotic monkeys talk about stupid things all the time, then it's not for me!"

With that said, she pulled off her pin, threw it on to her boss's desk and left.

Ugh, how was she going to explain getting fired again to Naruto once she got home?

As she rode the bullet train home, all Kyuumi could do was glare at her reflection in the window. There were more monkeys than ever now, and probably more idiots too. How she would just absolutely adore running through them all with her claws, burning down their cities and eating them..

But then Naruto would get upset.

She hated when he got upset.

Kyuumi looked down at her hand and immediately felt some of the anger she felt fade away as she saw the simple wedding band on her ring finger.

She much preferred it when Naruto was smiling.

Walking up the stairs to their shared apartment, Kyuumi felt just a bit nervous as she pulled her keys out of her purse. This was what, the fifth job she had lost? Honestly, she was not cut out for working!

"I'm home!" exclaimed Kyuumi, huffing slightly as she opened the door in front of her.

"Welcome home, Kyuumi!" replied Naruto, turning his head to give her a smile.

Kyuumi snorted as she closed the door behind her, "I feel so very welcomed."

"Oh? Bad day?" asked Naruto as he stood up from his computer and walked towards her.

Kyuumi nodded as she placed her purse on a hanger and rushed toward Naruto give him a hug, "Mhmm. Bad day.."

"What happened?" asked Naruto as he rubbed the top of her head with his hand.

"I-I.." began Kyuumi as she looked up at him, puffing out her cheeks indignantly as she forced the words out, "I got fired again!"

Naruto looked down at her and chuckled quietly.


"Honestly, Kyuumi. Why do you want to work so much? I already make more than enough money writing books," answered Naruto as he gave her a warm smile.

Kyuumi pouted, "It's because I feel bad for always making you work so hard for me, dummy!"

"Eh? But I don't really work that hard," remarked Naruto with a shrug, "I just spend like what, five hours total in a day just writing?"

"Yeah, but.."

"No buts, Kyuumi. Honestly, you should just stay home with me. I'm so much more happy and productive with you around!" stated Naruto as he embraced her, eliciting an embarrassed squeakfrom her as he did so.

"Y-You're not gonna feel ticked off that you're gonna be the only one working then..?" asked Kyuumi hesitantly as she looked back up at him.

Naruto shook his head, "Not at all! Plus, it kinda gets lonely here without you."

"Don't you have little Miko to keep you company..?"

"I mean, yeah," replied Naruto as he pulled back to look at her, "But little Miko still can't talk, so it's kinda just like me talking to myself."

"Speaking of little Miko.. Is she asleep right now? I want to see her," stated Kyuumi as her gaze turned to her daughter's bedroom.

Naruto shook his head once more, "Actually, she just woke up! I just fed her! Honestly, she's got your appetite."

"Our appetite. We both eat a lot," corrected Kyuumi with a smile.

"Usually when we eat out though, it's you that ends up eating the most," replied Naruto as he returned the smile.

Kyuumi blushed, "I-I can't help it.. Modern food is so tasty.."


"Could you go get me some of those honey candies from the top shelf? I can't reach them," asked Kyuumi as she pointed up over at the kitchen cupboards.

Naruto nodded, "No problem!"

As Naruto walked into their kitchen to fetch her the candy she had asked for, Kyuumi snapped her fingers, changing the business attire she had on into something more casual before she headed into her daughter's bedroom.

Little Miko was just so absolutely adorable; red hair, just like her father's, or her mother's, the same shade of blue-grey eyes and a pair of cute fox ears. If someone from back before she had met Naruto had ever told her that she would have a child someday, she would have laughed at their words and killed them. Now though, she loved her child.

Just like she loved Naruto.

The thought made her chuckle quietly, prompting Little Miko to coo and turn her head to look at her mother. Honestly, she had never thought she had room for someone in her heart, let alone two.

Walking up to her child, Kyuumi gently wrapped her arms around Little Miko before carefully bringing her up so that she could carry her in her arms.

Kyuumi remembered when she had first realized that she was going to have a child.

She had wanted to name the child Kyuumiko the Second, Second Great Destroyer of Monkeys, Princess of the Tailed Beasts, Descendant of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Naruto had convinced her to just name the child 'Miko'. He had argued that the name she had chosen was way too long for the birth certificate.

Miko Uzumaki. It had a nice ring to it.

"How's Little Miko doing?" asked Naruto as he walked up from behind her and wrapped his arms around her stomach.

Kyuumi smiled, "She's doing well."

"Honestly, I can't wait for her to say her first words," admitted Naruto as he looked down affectionately at Little Miko, "She's around that age."

"I can't wait either," agreed Kyuumi as she nodded her head, prompting Naruto to brush a few of her stray hairs to the side.

"I brought the honey candy you wanted," stated Naruto as he handed her a few wrapped candies.

"Thanks," replied Kyuumi as she unwrapped one of them and popped it into her mouth.

"You really do like your candy," remarked Naruto with a chuckle.

Kyuumi shrugged as she gently rocked Little Miko in her arms, "What can I say? Monkeys always seem to come up with new delicious things to eat. Hard candy like this is just one of the examples."

"I wonder if Little Miko will inherit your sweet tooth.." pondered Naruto out loud as he raised a hand to tickle Little Miko's cheek with his finger.

Little Miko giggled in response to his light touch.

"Or maybe your love for ramen?" asked Kyuumi as she turned her head and smirked at Naruto.

"Maybe. Who knows?"

"I hope she likes ramen and candies," stated Kyuumi as she smiled warmly, "Alcohol too. It'd be fun sharing a drink with my daughter someday."

Naruto chuckled, "Don't you think it's a bit early to be talking about your daughter drinking?"

"I guess," replied Kyuumi as she gently placed Little Miko back into her cradle, "I guess I can wait. I got forever after-all."

"Hmm, well, why don't we have some dinner to pass the time then?" asked Naruto, prompting Kyuumi to turn around to look at him, "What do you want today?"

"Didn't you buy those two steaks yesterday? They're still in the fridge right?"

Naruto nodded, "Ah, you want steak tonight?"

"Mhmm," hummed Kyuumi as she nodded her head, "Steak please. With buttered corn.. Mashed potatoes as well.."

"Alright!" replied Naruto as he leaned down and gave Kyuumi a quick kiss on the cheek, "Love you!"

Kyuumi smiled as watched Naruto walk out the door. Once again, she looked down at her hand and admired the wedding band on her ring finger. Then she turned to look back down at Little Miko. Eventually, she found her gaze turning toward where Naruto would have been in the kitchen.

Kyuumi could not help it as her lips curved upward into a smile.

She really did love him.

She needed to tell him that more often.

Untucking her ears and tails, she gently picked up Little Miku once more using her tails as a pouch. Walking out of Little Miku's bedroom, she quickly found Naruto cutting up potatoes. Without saying anything, she walked up behind him and embraced him.


"I love you.. I love you. I love you!"

Naruto blinked, "I love you too? What's with all 'I love you's'?"

"I don't get to say it enough.."

Kyuumi then nuzzled her cheek against his back.

"Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with love for you and Little Miku, that I just have to release it."

Naruto chuckled, "That happens to me sometimes too."

"Honestly, I can imagine myself loving you forever.."

"I don't have to imagine," replied Naruto as he smiled, "I know I'm gonna love you forever."

Kyuumi blushed, "Dummy.."

"That's me."

"Love you.. Naruto.."

"I love you too, Kyuumi."

There was a moment of silence.

"Now go back to making my steak dinner.."

Naruto rolled his eyes but continued smiling nonetheless.

"Alright, Kyuumi."

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