It was three minutes past nine, and everyone was gathered in the conference room. Joshua, Carl and Jackson sat at one end of the table in a deep discussion. Terri sat next to Lex laughing at one of his corny jokes. And Stiles could do nothing but sit across from her and stare. She was wearing a white button down shirt, black slacks and black pumps. Half her hair was pulled back with a black clip, and the rest fell around her shoulders. The only piece of jewelry she was wearing was a turquoise pendant that was visible only because three buttons of her blouse were undone. She popped a grape into her mouth, when Quinn walked in. " Morning all, " he said in a voice that made a simple greeting seem like a threat. Before waiting for a response, he moved on.

The meeting was nearly over, and Stiles still hadn't gotten a mission. But it was a slow day in the intelligence world. Azerbaijan had a new defense minister, and the last mission had been a success. The president wanted more intelligence on the Middle East, and someone in congress was mad about something. Stiles thought he was off the hook, when Quinn turned and looked at him. " Don't worry Mr. Stiles, I haven't forgotten you," he said with a sly grin, as he clicked a button. The picture on the screen changed to a young Latin woman with a deadly glare. " Maria San Tino." Quinn started " Of the San Tino cartel?" Terri asked looking up from her notes. " Very good, Ms. Lowell." Quinn grinned. " For those of you who aren't as up to date as Ms. Lowell, the San Tinos are one of the most powerful, well-connected and deadly cartels in the world. They have networks in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. And these networks are only growing. There have been some claims that their money fuels terrorist activities around the world, and even Al Qaeda. We had no solid ties, and no way to gather information, that is until now. This little daring," he said pointing to the picture, " is the only child of Miguel San Tino, who now runs the San Tino family. She was being groomed to take over the cartel from her father, that is until dear Daddy killed her lover. Apparently this angered Miss San Tino to the point of offering a rival cartel information on the family, for a hefty price, of course. The girl is not stupid. Luckily for us we intercepted the rival cartel contacts, and they have graciously decided to allow us to go to the meeting with Ms. San Tino in their place. Mr. Stiles you will meet them, along with Ms. Lowell. Lex, we will need you to make it look like 1.5 million was deposited in Miss San Tino's Swiss bank account. You and Mr. Haisley will also provide surveillance for the mission. Here are your mission summaries. Read and review. That is all people." He said closing his briefcase, and leaving the room. They all flipped through their reports for a second, before standing up and filing out. Terri waited a little longer than the rest, then she closed her book as well and stood up. Stiles waited until she got up, and then quickly he filed into step with Terri. " Did you see in the mission report, we are meeting Miss San Tino at Del Carlo's?" He asked following her down the hall. " I had no idea," She asked in a fake shocked voice. " It's fairly nice place. We might want to help each other pick our outfits. You know, so we are dressed similarly." They were now standing in front of the elevator. She gave him a digested look, before turning around and pushing the up button on the elevator. But Stiles wasn't done yet. After making sure no one was looking, he leaned forward and put his hands on her hips. Slowly he leaned forward and blew some hair out of her ear, then he softly whispered into it, " I remember a promise you made about changing in front of each other sometime? I hope you keep your promises." He lightly kissed her ear, and was more than pleased to see Goosebumps on her skin and her breathing increase slightly. " Don't count on it," she harshly whispered. The doors opened and she walked into the elevator. Then thinking better of it, she turned around and motioned him forward. She leaned up to his ear and whispered, " But if you are good on the mission, well, we will have to see then, won't we?" She softly nibbled on his ear, then turned around and stepped into the elevator. Now it was Stiles turn to gape in shock.