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He noticed her first. She had a bag slung over her shoulder, and was still wearing the dress from the restaurant. She still looked as beautiful as she had early, but he could easily see the unease clouding her features. She was several yards in front of him, yet was too busy looking in the office to notice him, and they soon collided. " I'm so." She started before realizing who it was. She found herself gazing into a pair of blue eyes belonging to one AB Stiles. They both stood there a second hardly moving, just staring into each other's eyes. Seeing all that was unsaid between them became too much for Terri, and she started to back away but found that he had a light, yet firm grasp on her arm. Her slight movement broke the stillness that had bonded them together and he momentarily broke eye contact. " Terri... are. are you alright?" He said sheepishly looking up. She made a slight, uneasy laugh at his worry. " Yes, it just a bruise, it doesn't even hurt." She started, hoping to dismiss his fears with a wave of her hand, but his expression stopped her mid-sentence " Not the bruise," He paused not sure if he should, or could go on. He closed his eyes, and then rose them again to meet hers. " I mean are you alright?" The concern in his eyes was so potent she found her self meekly nodding, and once again averting her eyes from his intense gaze. For the second time that night he knew he needed more from her, but decided to change the topic instead of pushing her to a place she didn't want to go. " Do you need a place to stay tonight, or someone to stay at your place?" She quickly looked up straight into his eyes. She wanted to say yes, but her pride wouldn't let her. He was shocked by the anger flashing though her eyes. She immediately pulled away from him in one violent movement. " Did Joshua put you up to this? Do you both think I'm so incompetent, I can't be left alone???" Her whole body quivered in anger. Stiles found him self-speechless at her anger. He thought he was doing the right thing, but once again he had done something wrong. He found himself muttering, trying to find the right answer to ease to wrath. " No.Terri.I.He never. err he did mention it, but." At this Terri threw up her hands, and started to walk passes him, clutching her bag. Stiles was immediately on her heels. " Terri. Terri, wait! For God sakes let me at least offer you an explanation!" Terri stopped so fast that, he almost ran into to her. She stood there with her back to him. Stiles wanted to have a face to face discussion, but knew better than to push her right now. " Joshua did mention it, but I did it because I... I wanted to. I want to be with you Terri and not just for tonight" His last words came out so quietly, that even through he had leaned down to whisper them in her ear, she wasn't sure she had heard them. He straightened himself and just stood there waiting for Terri's reaction. She slowly turned around, and he breathed a sigh of relief. " Why? Why now Stiles?" " Why not. I know I've made a lot of mistakes with us, but I didn't want to add this to the list. Terri if you want to be alone tonight, that's fine, but I'm not letting this go. We will talk about us and Jeff and everything else between us, whether it is tonight, or next year, it will happen. I mean this Terri. This was never just a one night stand to me" He said his words with such power and emotion, Terri was taken aback, but it was the emotion in his eyes, that truly surprised her. After a brief few moments, she felt herself tearing up, so she turned around and continued her walk down the corridor. Stiles just stood there with a feeling of sadness he had never experienced before. He watched her go and most of him wanted to run after her, but he knew reasonably it had to be her choice. He had delayed them enough, it was her turn to call the shots. She had to come to him on her terms. He sighed in defeat, and was just about to leave himself, when Terri stopped. She slowly turned her head towards, and a mischievous smile played on her lips " Well, are you coming, or are you just going to stand there?" In a heartbeat he closed the distance between them. He laughed as he stood there next to her. He leaned down and once again whisper in her ear, " Let get out of here."