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Annabeth grinned in triumph as she finally landed her triple Lutz, a jump she'd been trying to master on the ice for weeks now. She had been worried she would never get it considering the amount of times she had fallen on the ice in attempt to get her landing right.

"Good Annabeth. Give me another then you're free to go." Her coach Christina told her.

Annabeth nodded and started to pick up speed on the ice again. When she had enough speed and the space was clear around her she preformed the jump again. This time her landing was a little shaky, something that could be improved with more practice. With a nod from her coach, Annabeth skated off the ice and headed to the locker rooms where the other figure skaters were. She often stayed a couple minutes after to get help from her coach on a jump she was trying to master.

Annabeth had been skating since she was nine. She had gone to a friend's birthday party at the ice rink when she was in the third grade and instantly fell in love with it. She loved the feeling of gliding smoothly across the ice. She had begged her mother to sign her up for lessons and from that point on Annabeth had been competing in several competitions and winning many medals. She wasn't in it for the awards though. She did it because it was her passion. Whenever she needed time to think or just be alone she would skate. Her father had left her mother and her when Annabeth was fourteen and during that time she remembers staying at the ice rink way past her practice time and just skating. It helped to clear her head and she doesn't know what she would have done if she didn't have skating in her life during that time. She was now 18 and becoming one of the most talented skaters in the state.

Once in the locker room she was greeted with the sight of the other figure skaters in her class. Among them was Piper, she was fairly new having just moved to New York from North Carolina but she had shown that she wasn't one to be taken for granted on the ice. She had choppy brown hair and eyes that constantly changed color like a kaleidoscope. Annabeth had been the first to befriend her and the two were now close friends.

Calypso was another skater in her class. She wasn't the strongest on the ice but she was someone who wouldn't give up no matter how many times she fell down on the hard ice. She had dark almond colored eyes and long caramel colored hair. She was also the nicest person Annabeth had ever met. Seriously, that girl did not have a mean bone in her body. She was a year younger than everyone being only 17 but she was welcomed warmly into the group.

Then there was Rachel. Annabeth still has no idea what she did to make Rachel hate her so much but she was the only other skater that had been in the program as long as Annabeth had. She had fiery red curly hair and she always wore tons of makeup. When Annabeth had tried to talk to her during their first few weeks of meeting each other Rachel had tripped her while they were skating causing Annabeth to get a sprained ankle and have to sit out of practice for a couple weeks. From that point on the two had despised each other but Annabeth had to admit that Rachel knew her way around the ice. The two often competed against each other during competitions.

"Fall on your ass again Annabel?" Rachel asked harshly, her friends Ashley and Rebecca laughing along with her.

Ashley and Rebecca were skaters too. They were always somewhere around Rachel so Annabeth liked to call them Rachel's minions. Ashley had hazel eyes and blond hair like Annabeth's but it was straight instead of in curls. Rebecca had wavy black hair and brown eyes.

There were other skaters on the team as well. For the most part they were a bonded team with the exception of Rachel, Ashley and Rebecca who never bothered to get to know anyone else.

"As a matter of fact no. I landed it." Annabeth says, sending a glare towards Rachel before walking over to her locker to change. When Rachel is about to comment back Calypso cuts in.

"That's awesome Annabeth!"

"Yeah congrats!" Piper adds, giving her a quick hug.

"Whatever." She hears Rachel mumble under her breath.

When Annabeth's finished switching her white skates for some comfortable boots she shoulders her duffle bag before following the other skaters out of the locker room. The rink was for the most part your standard ice rink. People came all the time to skate for fun and the lessons for the different teams were in the evening. The atmosphere was cold seeing as how even if you weren't exactly on the rink, the sitting room and front desk where people rented skates and bought tickets to skate was still filled with cold air. The fact that it was the middle of January didn't help much either. She hears the light tread of her feet as well as the other figure skaters walking on the rubber-like flooring that was made so that the sharp blades of the skates didn't do damage to other floors like wood. Many scratches and indented marks can be seen on the floor from people walking on it in skates over the years.

She hears the clanking of equipment, sticks to be more exact. A series of laughter and conversation breaks out a few feet away from her and she tenses, hearing the heavy skates make contact with the floor.

Of course at the same time they make it out of the locker room the hockey team that was practicing in the rink next to theirs gets out of practice. Why would she expect it to be any other way? Annabeth thinks sarcastically. Both groups stop in their tracks when they see each other.

There had been a rivalry between the two groups for as long as Annabeth can remember. She doesn't really know why. There was just some unspoken rule that figure skaters and hockey players were just supposed to hate each other she guesses.

If there's one person Annabeth couldn't stand more than Rachel it was the captain and star player of the Tridents hockey team. Percy Jackson. She'd met him when she first started skating in the third grade. She doesn't know how long he'd been playing hockey for but it couldn't have been too much longer than how long she had been figure skating. The rivalry had still been around even all those years ago but it was more of a thing where the groups simply avoided each other. Nowadays there was a full out war between the groups.

She guesses it makes sense if you use logic. They were younger back then, more interested in drawing and playing games than fighting. Now that she thinks back on it, the older skaters who had long since left the rink to go on to college would have arguments all the time back when she was nine. She just never paid it much attention and now she was in their position. She could deal with pretty much everyone on the Tridents team for the most part, they were annoying but it was tolerable. It was just their egotistical captain that she hated with every fiber in her being.

The guy was full of himself and thought figure skating was easier than hockey. If anything, hockey was an easier sport to master. All you really needed for hockey was speed and direction.

"Well well, look who it is." Percy says coyly, looking in her direction and shooting her a cocky expression with his piercing green eyes.

Rachel silently giggles near her and Annabeth rolls her eyes. Rachel had had a not so secret crush on Percy for the longest time. She can admit he's not exactly bad looking with his unusual sea green eyes and messy black hair but that doesn't make up for the fact that he's a total jerk.

Both teams attended the same high school. Goode High School to be more specific. With the exception of a few of the players and skaters most of them were all in their senior year. It was challenging to balance out schoolwork and skating for Annabeth but she still managed to be one of the top students in her class, earning all A's and being a part of many different clubs like the student council.

Since both teams had the same practice times during the school week they had to share the big rink all the time. Today the hockey team got it so Annabeth and the other skaters had to make do with the smaller one.

"Jackson." Annabeth sneers back.

"Is that any way to greet someone princess?" He replies.

"As if I'd waste my breath greeting you."

A chorus of ooo's comes from the guys standing behind Percy but his stupid amused grin stays plastered on his face. Annabeth hated that stupid smirk that always seemed to play on his lips.

"You're just upset you and your little group of ballerinas didn't get the big rink today." Percy rebuttals.

"Figure skaters." Annabeth corrects, sending him a hard glare.

"Whatever. Same difference." Another one of the hockey players, Leo Valdez comments.

"It is not! I'd like to see you even try to do what we do!" Calypso buts in, glaring menacingly at Leo. I guess Calypso really did have a mean streak to her but it only came out when Leo was around.

Leo was the goalie for their team. He had brown curly hair and brown eyes. He wasn't as big as the others but he had fast reflexes. From what Annabeth had observed, he was someone who was always cracking jokes. He was a close friend to Percy which gave Annabeth all the more reason to not like him. Calypso and him had immediately gotten off to a bad start when he had locked her inside the ice rink as a prank to mess with her.

A wave of arguments settled over the two groups. Everyone was bickering except Rachel and her minions who were just standing off to the side staring dreamily at Percy.

How pathetic. You call yourselves figure skaters yet you don't defend your own sport? Annabeth thought.

"Alright, alright break it up!" Christina and Coach Hedge (the hockey team's coach) shout while trying to get in between the two groups.

"Ladies I said practice was over. You all can leave now." Christina says harshly, turning towards Annabeth and the other skaters.

By the tone of her voice Annabeth could tell that for practice the next day they would all be conditioning for most of the time instead of working on jumps. Great, just what she needed.

"Locker room to change. Now." Coach Hedge demands while standing in front of Percy and the other hockey players, pointing towards the doors to the men's locker rooms and looking like he was about to explode with rage.

Both groups dispersed but not before Annabeth gave Percy one last glare which he gladly returned.

Annabeth groaned as she hit the button on her alarm clock to make the beeping stop. It was Friday morning and she was so ready for the weekend to begin but first she had to get through one more day of school.

Slowly dragging herself out of bed, she walked lazily to the bathroom to get a shower. She turned on the water and while she was waiting for it to warm up she stripped out of her pajamas which consisted of comfortable shorts and a black t-shirt. She hated wearing pajama pants to bed because they always made her really hot so she wore shorts to bed all year round. If she ever got cold she would use a blanket but normally she was fine with just a comforter.

When she figured the water was warm enough she quickly got in the shower, letting the water and the steam soothe her muscles from practice the night before.

Her peacefulness didn't last long as she thought about all the things she had to endure before the day was over and the weekend finally started. A math test, an English in class essay and figure skating practice where they would most likely condition. Not to mention she would probably bump into Percy either at school or at practice and he always had some way of making her day a bad one.

After a few minutes she switched off the shower and stepped out, wrapping a grey towel around herself and heading back to her room where she could get dressed.

The cold air brushed against her causing goose bumps to appear on her skin. She grabbed a pair of light blue jeans from her dresser, along with a cream colored tank top and her white converse low tops. Fifteen minutes later Annabeth was dressed and downstairs in the kitchen where she saw her mother making breakfast.

"Hey mom." She greets as she grabs a piece of toast from the plate on the table.

Her mother Athena Chase was one of the if not the top architect in New York. Her architecture firm was very successful and had constructed a lot of the buildings in New York City. Annabeth only hoped that one day she would be that successful but in her own passion- figure skating.

"Morning Annabeth. You better eat fast or you'll be late to school." Athena warns her daughter.

Annabeth's eyes widen when she sees that she's only got ten minutes before first period starts. It's a good thing she lived close to the school. It was about a ten minute walk but five if you drove there which she usually did.

She shoved the rest of the toast into her mouth before grabbing her car keys and rushing out the door, grabbing her backpack in the process.

Upon reaching the high school, Annabeth pulled into a parking spot, grabbed her stuff and got out of the car. As she walked up the steps she admired the modern style looking building otherwise known as Good High School. Students could be seen talking and laughing amongst themselves.

As soon as she made it to her locker the bell signaling that first period was starting soon rang. She quickly grabbed her stuff for her first few classes before lunch, which included her heavy biology textbook and walked to first period. When she entered the biology classroom she smiled when she saw her best friend sitting at one of the desks with an extra seat saved for her.

"Hey Thals. You're here early." She comments, taking a seat at the desk next to hers. Thalia was never early to school. She was one of those people who ended up having to go to the office to get a late slip because she always slept in late and missed half of first period.

Thalia and Annabeth had been friends for as long as Annabeth could remember. They didn't seem like a common pairing though. Thalia was someone who enjoyed wearing all black no matter what the weather was outside, Annabeth didn't even know if Thalia owned a piece of clothing that wasn't a dark color. She was a punk rock type of person with short choppy black hair while Annabeth had wavy blond hair and preferred to wear lighter and simpler clothing instead of black leather jackets with studs. One thing the two shared was their intimidating nature. Although Annabeth didn't have half the school scared to death of her like Thalia did, they were both the type of people you did not want to make angry. There was only one thing Annabeth didn't like about Thalia and it wasn't even necessarily about her.

Thalia and Percy were cousins. Annabeth didn't know how it was possible that her best friend could be related to such an ass with a big ego but it was true.

"Yeah I had to take the bus today instead of driving because my car has some stupid problem with it." She grumbles tiredly, Thalia really wasn't a morning person.

Before Annabeth could reply the teacher, Mr. Jameson starts the lesson on enzymes and proteins so Annabeth takes out her notebook to write down the notes the teacher was writing on the chalkboard. Her teacher goes abnormally fast during the lesson so Annabeth's usual neat and straight handwriting turns out to be messy and unorganized.

Forty-five minutes later the bell rings signaling the end of first period. Annabeth's next class was English where she would have to write an in class essay on the Shakespeare novel they had just finished reading. It takes her the whole period but as soon as the bell rings Annabeth finishes writing her last word on the page and turns it in to her teacher.

Two periods later it's finally time for lunch. When she reaches her locker, Annabeth chucks her books into it and makes her way to the cafeteria where her friends Piper, Thalia and Calypso were sitting at a table eating.

"Can this day go any slower?" Piper groans in annoyance as Annabeth takes her seat next to Thalia after getting her lunch. Picking up a forkful of her salad, she listens as the conversation unfolds amongst her friends.

"That's what you say everyday Piper." Calypso responds.

"Well it's true! School sucks."

"You can say that again." Thalia says.

The cafeteria looked like your typical average high school. Everyone was split up by table and had their own cliques. There was the skateboarders consisting of the guys and girls who rode their boards to school everyday and for the most part didn't talk to anyone but each other.

The nerds who were your typical book worm and straight A students. Annabeth was friends with a lot of them because of the fact that she was a pretty big nerd herself.

The theatre kids who loved everything that had to do with art and music. They practically lived on the stage where all the school plays took place. They were really nice once you got to know them.

Lastly, Annabeth's favorite, the populars (note the sarcasm).

The group mostly consisted of the girls who caked their faces in makeup and the guys who were jocks and hooked up with just about anyone they found worthy of their time. Rachel and her minions were part of this group as well as-yup, you guessed it-Percy freaking Jackson.

Besides being one of the most gifted high school hockey players in the state he was also the most popular person at Goode. He had just about every girl in the school wrapped around his finger. Annabeth couldn't understand how they could like someone so self centered and full of himself.

Annabeth herself as well as her friends didn't really belong to any specific clique. They considered themselves to be more of a group that didn't want to be defined by a title.

"So you think coach will make us condition today at practice?" Piper asks, interrupting Annabeth from her thoughts.

"I don't think, I know she will."

Piper groans in response. "This is so unfair. It's not even our fault! It's those idiot hockey players with their stupid egos."

"Uh…can someone fill me in here?" Thalia asks confused.

"This is why you should be on the figure skating team Thalia. You would know everything that goes on." Calypso says.

"Oh hell no. Annie tried to take me skating once and it ended horribly. Besides, seeing you guys all riled up everyday when you explain what happened is entertaining."

Annabeth and the others shoot her a glare before Piper fills her in on what happened at the rink yesterday, an annoyed expression apparent on her face as she recalls what happened.

"And it really bites cause today we're supposed to get the big rink but instead we'll be doing leg and core workouts and probably not even touching the ice." Calypso adds once Piper finishes.

"Damn that really does suck." Thalia comments.

"Yeah and it's all your cousin's fault." Annabeth says angrily, taking a bite of her salad. The sound of the lettuce crunching fills the table as she chews.

"You know he's really not that bad once you get to know him." Thalia defends, trying to ease the tension in the air that had surrounded them.

"As long as he's a hockey player and as long as he acts like a complete and total arrogant jerk I won't see any point in getting to know him."

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