Chapter 19: The Invasion of Dun Morogh

After that there was a scurry of activity. It felt very strange - everyone was rushing through the camp, grabbing armour, weapons, and trinkets. People helped others clip plate into place, sharpen sword and gather arrows and knives. Addy saw Vindi grab several bottles of poison, coating her daggers before sheathing them. Joseph was grinding his axe on a wheel, his eyes determined and burning.

And it was silent.

There wasn't a single word being spoken as everyone worked. The rustle of chain mail and the sharp sound of metal against wet stone was the only thing that could he heard as everyone hustled about. It was a bit disconcerting, and such a sharp contrast to the loud, endless screaming that she remembered from the attacks themselves.


Addy jumped and turned to see Father Samuel approaching with an armful of plate.

"It's not much." He muttered, grabbing a breastplate, "But it should fit you."

Addy nodded, and turned, allowing him to fir it around her body, moving to secure the straps she couldn't reach. She quickly grabbed the arm bracers and started to secure them. She was glad she had gotten the expensive leather outfit which had straps and laces which snuggly held the armour again her chest and legs.

Her hair had been braided tightly against her head, twisted into a close bun at the nape of her neck. Once everything was in place Samuel handed her a helm. A simple iron helmet, looking well worn. She slipped it over her head and shook her head a bit, glad that it fit tightly and couldn't rattle her head too much.

"You good?" Samuel asked.

Addy nodded, "Yeah. I think so."

He reached behind him and pulled out a large scabbard with a sword inside of it, handing it to her, "Here, take this. It's about as good as I can get at such short notice. I was hoping to get the smith to make one for you, one that was well balanced for you and the right size."

Addy took it, cursing when she noticed her hand shaking a bit. She quickly grabbed the sword, hoping that Samuel hadn't noticed and tied it to her belt.

"How are we getting there?" She asked instead, changing the topic, "Gryphon?"

"No." Samuel scoffed, quickly working to put his own armour on. It was much nicer than Addy's, gleaming metal with gilded gold and silver and the carved sigil of the Silver Hand on his chest. It had nicks and dents in it and look obviously well loved. "Too slow. We're taking the tram."

Addy nodded and the two of them quickly walked to join the rest of the group. They were all just finishing getting ready as well - all were quiet with a few muttering prayers and other whispers under their breathe. Father Samuel walked in front of them.

"None of you are in the Stormwind Army." He spoke quickly, "This is not a civilian conscription - this is a call for arms. None of you have to come, and you have one last chance to back out - and nobody would blame you if you did."

Nobody moved. A few people tightened their hands on their weapons, others shared grins and looks of bravo that Addy figured would soon be whipped form their faces. Even the men and women who looked terrified swallowed and held their ground

Addy supposed she was scared - her mind flying back to the attack on Sentinel Hill and she felt momentarily nauseous at the thought that many of the men and women in front of her would not be coming back.

But despite that there was an aura of excitement in the air. Addy was vibrating with it - she now had the chance to take the fight to the Legion. To repay them in kind for the damage they had wrought on them.

"Alright." Father Samuel smirked at them. He reached up and twisted his dreadlocks into a tight bun, then slipped his own helmet over her face. "Let's go then."

The tram ride was nerve racking. The train was packed with people heading to Ironforge, the returning track stuffed full of dwarves and Gnomes evacuating the city. Addy felt a bit out of place surrounded by the Stormwind army, dressed head to toe in matching shiny armour, with the blue and gold tabard and the blue horse hair plume sticking out the top. They were all deadly silent, looking forward and standing at attention.

Every now and then there was an adventurer in their mismatched armour, sharpening their weapons and leaning against the walls of the train. The group Addy was with was the largest of them, and she saw a few curious glances from the others along their carriage.

But true to Father Samuel's word, the train ride was short, a mere twenty minutes. She wasn't quite sure how it worked but when asking Father Samuel the paladin had simply muttered something about Gnomish engineering and then ignored her. As she watched the tunnel zoom past them in a blur it occurred to her that maybe she didn't want to know how fast they were going.

"This tram line is why they're attacking Ironforge." Father Samuel explained to her as they travelled, "It's a direct link to Stormwind, and is also the main evacuation route for both cities. If Stormwind should be attacked, the majority of the people would escape through these tunnels towards Ironforge - after which they would collapsed the tunnels, and break the glass tubes. If Ironforge falls, then the people of Stormwind have nowhere to go should the Legion Attack."

Addy thought about the tunnels that Anduin had dragged her through, trying not to think about the warmth of his hand in hers and the mischievous grin he'd worn on his face. She knew that there was't enough boats tied up for the entire city - it was only meant for the nobles. Should the Legion attack the city, the people would be trapped.

They couldn't let Ironforge fall.

"Don't worry." Father Samuel gave her a grin that didn't reach his eyes, "Ironforge has never been taken. It's a point of pride for the Dwarves."

He didn't sound very sure.

They stoped sharply at the Ironforge station and quickly everyone vacated the tram. The soldiers immediately ran off to their pre assigned locations. Addy paused, looking at Father Samuel for instruction.

"We'll head up top, luckily we've still got a perimeter around the city." Samuel told her, and she looked around, noticing a small groups of people around them. Some where from Northshire - others had just joined them, looking at Father Samuel as defacto leader, "I spoke with several of the men on the Tram - it seems the attack is focused in Kharanos, but theres smaller attacks over the entire of Dun Morogh. You're not soldiers, you don't have orders to follow. Let's just go out there and kill some demons, hm?"

There was a resounding shout of approval from everyone, and then the group dispersed.

Addy stayed with Father Samuel. She reached to grab her sword as they walked through the halls of the great Dwarven city. She stopped for a moment to gap at the great forge, the heat from the magma could be felt throughout the entire city - warming it despite the frozen dirt and rock the city was carved from. But she didn't fault in her steps, and followed Samuel to the large entrance.

The burst of cold from the snowy side of the mountain hit her face, and was a sharp contrast with the warmth of Ironforge. She was momentarily blinded by the bright whiteness in front of her and had to close her eyes, blinking rapidly while her eyes adjusted.

And then everything came into focus.

It was exactly the same as Westfall, a large swirling green portal had opened up in the skies above the mountains - the large black ship that had given them so many headaches was positions just underneath it, shooting off bursts of fire down below. She could see the black pods scattering the mountain, seemingly random, and hundreds of demons, thousands maybe.

Addy could clearly see the smaller town of Kharanos, which wasn't far from the base of the path to the city. The buildings were mostly made from stone, so they didn't burnt he same as the homes in Westfall, but the demons didn't seem deterred they smashed and crushed the underground buildings into the dirt. She could hear the screams of panic and fear and pain from where she stood and immediately pulled her sword from her sheath. She reached inwardly and felt for the light. She used enough to form a soft shield around herself and her skin started to shimmer with a bright golden light.

"Remember to pace yourself." Father Samuel pulled out his hammer, a large heavy metal beast that looked like it could crush a chest.

Addy nodded, her eyes scanning the town until she spotted a Doomguard which several Dwarven guards were having troubled keeping at bay.

So she charged.

Not looking back, Addy reached out and sent out a burst of light which hit the Doomguard in the chest, causing him to leap back and screech as the light burned through his chest. With a single twist of her light enhanced weapon Addy took his head clear off.

She didn't stop to see if the two Dwarves were okay, she assumed they were on the move the same as her. There was small group of imps and she immediately dove into them.

She didn't pay much attention past that. She sliced and hacked and sent burst after burst of light. She'd been hit a few times on her own, a slice on her outer thigh, heavy bruises on her chest where blows had vibrated off her chest. At one point a hit from a very large Dreadlord knocked her helmet clean off her head, and she had lost it in the rubble.

She'd rolled away quickly, gapping her sword upwards and sinking it into his skull from under his chin. Then she'd rolled away, trying to stop the ringing in her ears.

She didn't see anyone she recognized around her, and she tried to ignore the dead bodies around her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a fiery green form coming towards her and she twisted, raising her hand to form a shield which the blow bounced off of causing the demon to fly back.

She gasp at the sight of a massive infernal. It towered over her, a swirling mass of rocks held together with fel magics, creating a large elemental beast. It quickly recovered and started towards her.

Addy immediately tossed up another shield, giving her enough time, to pour magic into her sword. She then held her ground until the infernal was right on top of her and stabbed her sword forward with all her might. The light seemed to part of the rocks like butter, and as soon as it was hilt deep the infernal erupted and fell to the ground in a pile of dull plain rocks.


Addy twisted and saw Father Samuel walking towards her. He tossed something at her and she frowned, her eyes going in and out of focus. "What is this?"

"Drink it." He snapped.

Addy pulled the cork out of the top and down it, coughing a bit at the strong taste of cold mint as she travelled down her chest - but only a few moments later she was starting to feel a bit better and energy coursed through her bones.

"Mana Potion." Samuel grunted, "Important to have on you for times like that. infernals are nasty to take down."

Addy realized with a warmth in her chest that he'd been keeping an eye on her while they fought. She gave him a quick nod, and quickly refreshed her shield and allowed her light to flow free.

As she looked around and realized that they'd barely even scratched the surface of the demons in Kharanos. They seemed to be swarming here, no doubt grouping up to take on the entrance of Ironforge.

"We can't let them get into the city." Samuel narrowed his eyes. "I'll go speak to the commander's, we need more men pushing the army back." He pointed behind him, "They've collapsed the Inn, clear some of the rubble and see if anyone's trapped in there."

Addy nodded, then quickly ran over towards the inn. She made quick work of the demons around it, and was joined by a mage who seemed to notice what she was doing and started to help out. The female mage with short brown hair and a long heavy purple robe covered in runes and chains shot blast after blast at the demons around her, breathing heavily and sweat dripping down her forehead.

"Go on!" The stranger shouted, creating a large arcane barrier that kept the demons at bay.

Addy wasted no time. She pulled as many of the boulders away from the entrance as she could. "Stay back!" She shouted, hoping that anyone on the other side could hear her. She took a few steps back and reached inside her. She pulled light into her hand and sent a massive blast towards the door. The Large boulders cracked and she was easily able to yank the remainders out.

Out of the debris a handful of people, a mixture of dwarves and gnomes, came running out of the wreckage. They were covered in dirt and ash and seemed frightened.

"Come on!" Addy shouted, waving her hands, "Head towards the city!"

They started to scurry out, all still protected by the Arcane barrier. They were met by a handful of Ironforge guards who ushered them up the path to the city.

Addy turned to the Mage, "I'm going to make sure it's clear."

She didn't stop to see if the woman had responded before crawling into the inn. She rushed down the stairs and into the lowered bar. Half the room was on fire and the smoke made her eyes water. She rushed through the inn, checking all the rooms and the basement as fast as she could. As soon as she had determined it was empty she ran out, pushing the boulders back into place so no one would enter.

She turned to the mage, "All cle-"

A long javelin pierced through the arcane shield and embedded itself into the mages chest. The woman gurgled, the shield surrounding them shattered and Addy ran forward to grab the woman.

She quickly yanked the spear out of her chest, trying to ignore the blood rushing out. Immediately she raised her hand over the wound and started to heal it.

The mage reached up and grabbed her hand, "S-Stop."

"Shut up." Addy snapped, continuing to heal, "You'll be fine."

As soon as she spoke she felt a tingle in the back of her neck. She ducked and felt something swipe where her head had been a moment before. Gasping she twisted into the dirt, grabbing her sword and raising it to block another blow from a Terror Fiend. She used all of her strength to keep the axe from impaling itself in her chest. She twisted her head to look at the Mage, and her eyes widened as she saw the blood rushing from her chest.

"No!" Addy screamed, pushing outward with the light. She sliced forward with her sword, ripping across the demon's chest, then twisted around it and sunk her sword into it's back.

She rushed forward to heal the Mage, but another demon took the place of the one she'd just killed. Addy went sprawling back into the snow and felt a burst of panic reminiscent of the attack of Westfall. She let out a sob as she brought her sword up to parry an attack, sending a burst of light. But for every demon she killed another replaced it. She hacked and slashed and blasted one after another. She just needed a moment so she could heal the mage. She was going to die!

She felt a blast of magic hit her chest and she went flying back with a gasp into the snow. She felt her ribs crack and screamed, turning and crawling to her feet.

A Dread Lord crept up to her and she reached for her sword, holding it up.

He laughed at her and Addy felt her face flush red with anger. "Tiny human."

Addy snarled, and pushed light into her weapon, swinging it so slice at him. He reached forward and grabbed her blade, making her eyes widen. He ripped it from her hand and tossed it aside.

"Your light is no match for the power of the legion." The Dread Lord snarled, and he surged forward, his clawed hand read to rip her apart.

Then a beam of light erupted across Kharanos.

Addy shielded her eyes and then gasped as the sheer power from it forced her further into the ground. She could hear shrieks of pain and terror and through the painfully blinding light she saw the Dread Lord in front of her burst apart into, Ash.

As soon as the light faded she blinked rapidly, turning to look for the source of the incredible power There was a large black spot in the middle of her vision and she struggled to dispel it as she struggled to her feet.

Addy turned and saw a large group of fighters, beating back the demons from the entrance to Ironforge. They all seemed to be glowing with light and the entire group had energy about them. In the centre stood a man with white hair under a shiny golden helm. In his hand he held a large sword carved with runes she didn't understand. The hilt was wrapped in thick red leather and gilded with gold and there was a golden disc carved with more runes and a sigil of a single open palmed hand, all glowing with a bright light.

"Argent Crusade!" The man shouted, and instantly the entire battlefield seemed to burst with hope and energy. Addy felt her panic started to fade away, and slowly started to crawl back to her feet. "Attack!"

The men and women behind him charged, slicing and forcing their way through the demons easily.

Father Samuel wandered over to Addy, helping her to her feet, "The Agent Crusade!" He cheered, looking excited.

Addy realized the man with the sword must've been Tirion Fordring, and the sword must've been the famous Ashbringer. She watched him as he fought, feeling a weird sort of tingle in her chest as she watched the pure power of the Light coming from the blade. She was so dazed by it that she had to force herself out of the moment and back into reality.

She gasped, looking around and running over to the mage laying in the dirt. She was soaked in blood and was deadly pale.

"No," Addy cursed and placed her hands over her chest, healing her. She pulled as much of the light as she could without passing out and forced it out into the woman. "Damn it!"

The wounds weren't closing, no matter how much she tried, how much light she forced through, the woman wasn't healing. For a moment Addy thought she might be dead, but there was still a rattling breath coming form her chest.

"Come on!"

"Let me help."

A moment later another set of hands was over the mage's chest, and a burst of light came through. Soon enough the woman's bleeding stopped and her wounds very quickly started to close. Only a few seconds later there wasn't a scratch on her, but she was still unconscious. The Light couldn't replace the blood that had already been lost.

"Take her to the camp up by the entrance." The man who'd helped her spoke quickly, before turning to leave.

Addy looked up to thank him, only for her breathe to catch in her throat. It was Tirion Fordring. The man barely spared her another glance before he rushed out into the fray, killing more demons as she sat there, gapping like a moron.

Tirion looked back at her, "Go girl!"

Addy shook herself out of it, reaching to pick up the slim girl. She quickly began to rush up the hill. She handed her off to a solider, who thanked her and made his way back into the city. Addy watched them go until they disappeared into the mountain.

There was a shudder on the ground and Addy nearly stumbled as the earth started to shake. A nearby solider steadied her and she looked back towards the town. Again the earth shook and she gasped as everyone felt to their knees in order to keep themselves stable.

"What's happening?" Addy asked, looking around. Nobody answered her, all looking around for

Addy got a sinking feeling in her gut, and she looked up at the ship hovering above them. She remembered...this had happened in Westfall, right before...

"Samuel!" She shouted, running down the path, looking around with wide eyes for her trainer as she barely stopped herself from tripping over her own feet. Eventually she found him, standing ready alongside Tirion, each holding out their swords as they braced for attack.

She rushed over to them, noticing that Kharanos was now mostly free of demons beyond the odd imp that scurried away from the weapons of those chasing them. She rushed around them, realizing for the first time that she didn't have a weapon since the Dread Lord had tossed her sword away. She quickly grabbed a small one handed war axe out of a nearby demon, and held it up as she ran towards Samuel.

"Father." She was breathing heavily as she reached them, "Last time when we started beating them back they sent a Pit Lord."

Father Samuel froze, his eyes widening as he looked upwards, "And they sent Eredar commanders the second time..."

Tirion brandished his weapon, looking larger than life, "We must be ready for anythin-"

A burst sent all three of them flying back into the low hill. There was a burst of dirt and dust that made Addy cough as she sat up, spitting into the dirt, her mouth dry and covered in dirt.

Samuel and Fordring had climbed to their feet, their swords held out as they stared ahead, their faces hard like stone. Addy grabbed her small axe, turned to face whatever the Legion had thrown their way.

Addy felt her heart sink into her stomach, and a burst of fear and panic shot through her. It couldn't wasn't possible...

It was a Pit Lord. was the same Pit Lord. The same one that had been killed at Sentinel hill almost ten month previously. She could see white scars that erupted from the back of it's neck, trailing down it's arms like lightning and down it's back and over it's wings. Did she do that? She'd never seen the body of the beast after it had been destroyed, but here it was, right in front of her...alive.

"H...How?" She stuttered, her eyes wide and horrified.

Father Samuel raised his sword, "Annihilan." He cursed.

"It's the same one." Addy shouted, waving her hand at it, "How can it be the same one?"

"Demon's cannot die in this realm." Tirion spoke softly, eyeing the demon in front of him with sharp eyes, "Their souls wander the twisting nether, but they will eventually reform. The only way to truly kill them is in the Twisting Nether itself - as was done with Archimonde on Draenor."

Addy felt a wave of hopelessness overcome her. How could they possibly win against a never-ending respawing army? Even her greatest achievement had come back to life a mere few months later. She thought about all the demons she had killed, just now. How long would it take for them to respawn? How could they ever hope to survive?


Addy blinked, looking at Father Samuel who was standing in front of her, holding her by the shoulders.

"You with me Kid?" The man asked, his eyes looking up at the Pit Lord and down at her.

Addy swallowed. Now wasn't the time to have a freak out. She gave a sharp nod and gripped her axe tighter in her hands.

Tirion raised his sword and it let out a blinding light which caused the Pit Lord to let out a piercing roar. It took only moments for soldiers from stormwind and Ironforge, paladins of the Argent Crusade, and adventurers to gather around the beast.

"It's done." Tirion called to the monster, "You've lost here, demon. Go back to the nether!"

A deep vibrating sound echoed from the demon's chest, and after a frightening moment Addy realized the demon was laughing.

"Tiny human." The demon rumbled, "We are legion!"

And then he brought his large mace on onto the inn, crushing the entire structure into pebbles. Addy winced, thanking the light that they'd emptied it beforehand.

"Archer's!" She heard someone shout, "Pull! Hold!"

Tirion folding ran around the perimeter of the Pit Lord, rallying his men. Soldiers started to make shield lines to block the path to the city, poking spears through so the Pit Lord would impale itself if it went that way, but Addy figured it wouldn't deter it.

Addy raised her axe, thinking about the people she'd rescued from the inn and the mage who'd helped save them. They were in the city, along with thousands of others. And if they got into Ironforge...

Addy filled her axe with the light. To her surprise as soon as she did the white scar lines on the Pit Lord started to bubble with a pale gold and the demon hissed, lifting it's head into a roar. It turned it's beady eyes to the crowd surrounding it, searching rapidly until it zeroed in on her, snarling.


Addy felt the blood rush from her face. Oh that couldn't be good.

Father Samuel raised an eyebrow at her, "You know each other?" He asked incredulously.

"I told you." Addy whispered, raising her axe, "It's the same Pit Lord as the attack on Westfall. I made those stupid scars when I attacked it with Judgement."

The Pit Lord roared and started to storm towards them.

"He remembers." Father Samuel quipped.

"Thanks!" Addy snapped, her voice a bit high with panic, "I'd noticed!"

The ground vibrated, and Addy noticed with horror that the gigantic Pit Lord had taken a step towards her.

"Run." Father Samuel's eyes were wide, and his voice a bit breathless. Addy didn't move, feeling frozen with fear as she realized that the demon was out for blood - her blood specifically. "Run!"

Addy didn't waste time and immediately started to run, she ducked behind the ruins of the Inn, covering her head as the demon slamming it's mace into the ground next to her. Her eyes went wide as she stared at the weapon, twice her size, lodged into the dirt next to her.

She heard shouting behind her and a general confusion as to why the Pit Lord had abandoned his attack on the city. But Addy didn't have time to think about it as she stumbled to her feet and moved.

The demon was large and slow, so as long as she kept moving it wouldn't be able to get a hit on her. She zig zagged through the buildings, trying to keep it as close to the other fighter's as possible. She knew that it would only take a single hit for it to kill her, and she couldn't let it take that chance.

"Archer's! Fire!"

Addy cursed when she heard that, ducking down and tossing a semi-transparent shield above her. She heard several sharp tings as arrows bounces harmlessly off her shield and tried not to think about what might have happened if she hadn't acted.

A loud roar vibrated her bones and Addy looked up, ready to run again. But the Pit Lord had taken it's attention off of her and had turned towards the archers. Paladins and other fighters had approached and were now attacking it's side, trying to find kinks in it's armour and hard scale like skin. Addy quickly stood up, dusting the snow off her armour and raised her small axe.

She skirted around the back of the beast, thankful that for the time being she had lost it's focus. She spotted Father Samuel fighting alongside Tirion Fordring, who sent burst after burst of light from the Ashbringer. She spotted several of the trainees from Northshire as well - Joseph who was focused on defending the Archer's, and Vindi who was near invisible as she attacked at the beasts ankles - trying to hobble it.

Addy decided to attack from the back, swinging a light enhanced blow right into it's hind leg. The blow bounced harmlessly off it's scales and in a burst of anger she twisted the blade and sent it straight down into it's foot.

Again the Pit Lord howled. It swung it's massive tail towards her and Addy barely had time to gasp before it collided with her stomach, sending her away.

She groaned in the dirt, quickly making sure it hadn't focused back on it. But thankfully the Pit Lord seemed to regain vision of it's goal to enter the city, and was ignoring her.

"Right." Addy mumbled, climbing to her feet, "Watch for the tail..."


She turned and saw Father Samuel making his way towards her.

"You alright?" He asked.

Addy nodded quickly, "Bruised, some broken ribs. But I'm good."

Father Samuel raised a glowing hand and pressed it to her side. She hissed in pain, but a moment later a warm slowly filled her chest and the sharp pain of the broken ribs vanished.

"Thanks." She grumbled, embarrassed that she didn't think to do that herself.

"Focus your attacks on it's belly." Father Samuel instructed, "It's low to the ground, but soft. One good slice to to bottom will kill it."

Addy nodded, seeing what he was talking about. The belly practically dragged on the floor, but she could see where the armour and hard scales ended. She also knew that unlike an animal, it wouldn't be stupid enough to rear and expose it's weak spot.

She had an idea - it was stupid, and she would most likely die trying. But her track record with Pit Lord's and not dying was pretty good. So she thought, why the hell not?

"Can you distract it?" Addy asked him, making Father Samuel give her a worried glance, "I need to get in front."

He looked at the beast, watching Tirion who sent another beam of light at the encroaching demon army, blasting them to dust. "I'll figure something out."

"Okay." Addy adjusted her grip on her axe, looking at the blade. She sure hoped it was sharp enough, "Because I won't have another chance at this."

"Do I want to know w-"

"No." Addy cut him off, pursing her lips as she glanced sidelong at him,"You really don't."

He gave her another worried look, but then nodded and ran over to where Tirion and the Argent Crusade fought.

Addy took a deep breathe, trying not to think about what could happen if she failed. She would die - and it wouldn't be a nice death, it would be horribly painful and would probably take a long time. But if it worked, then it would kill it.

At least for now.

She edged her way toward the front of beast, keeping best to stay out of it's eyesight. If it spotted her there was a chance it might remember that it had been trying to kill her a few minutes before, and would ruin the surprise part of the attack.

She glanced over at Father Samuel, who gave her a quick nod. She nodded back and waited in the sword of fighters, trying to blend in and wait for the moment when the Pit Lord's focus would be broken.

It didn't take long. After a few moments a loud explosion erupted near one of the demons pods. The Pit Lord raised it's head, looking to the direction of the explosion and Addy took her chance.

She ran through the crowd, pushing people out of the way as she did. Finally when she got close to the demon, face to face with it's armoured chest, and dropped to the ground, allowing the momentum to drag her under the beast as she slid on her side.

Ignoring the pain of rocks and dirt ripping apart any unshielded skin, she raised her axe and sunk it into the soft underbelly. As she slid the entire length of the Pit Lord the axe came with her, slicing it opened breast to belly. She heard wet sounds as entrails and blood and organs spilled out, and she quickly closed her mouth as she was covered in it.

She came to a stop near the tail, and immediately rolled sideways from under the beast as it started to wobble. She had only just climbed shakily to her feet when the Pit Lord collapsed to the earth, with a single low rattle from his throat signalling it's death.

"Holy shit." Addy mumbled, feeling the adrenaline leave her body in waves. Her side was ripped apart and she could feel warm blood seeping out. Every inch of her was covered in green slime and Pit Lord blood and she had lost her axe somewhere inside the beast. She gently placed a hand on her side and healed the wounds quickly, sighing once she had determined the skin was closed.

A loud boom echoed throughout the valley And everyone ducked, covering their heads. When nothing attacked, everyone looked skyward in confusion, towards the source of the sound.

The ship was moving. Slowly it moved forward and vanished through the swirling green portal, leaving the sky clear and blue as it had been before it all started.

Addy looked around, feeling a burst of relief as the crowd started to burst into cheers.

They had won.

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