Chapter One: Looks

Two years into his training, Saitama felt that there was something off about the people around him.

It was the way people looked at him when he went jogging by or the little glances they gave him when he went to buy groceries. He didn't really notice it all that much at first since he was too preoccupied with training and beating up the occasional monster. But after a while, it became so obvious that he could do nothing but notice it.

Seriously, it was like they never saw a guy training in a track suit before. If he didn't know any better, he would have thought that everyone was afraid of him for some reason.

Though now that he thought about it... a lot of people started avoiding him on the streets. And the police were giving him shifty looks whenever he went out to run. And all of his neighbors moved out one day in the middle of the night. Along with his landlord, who he was pretty sure had been running away from him when he went up to the guy to pay for his rent.

Saitama stopped running through the park and took a cautionary sniff of his track suit. Did he smell? Was that it? Did that monster he killed a few minutes ago leave some sort of stench behind?

A snap of a twig brought his attention over to a group of teenagers. From the looks of it, they were having a picnic date or something. They were staring at him with wide eyes that reminded Saitama of a deer he saw once before his dad hit it with his car. They stared at him for an uncomfortable amount of time and just when he was about to ask them what they were looking at they, as one, slowly started to back away.

They kept backing away until they were out of sight, then there was the rapid sound of running footsteps. Seconds later there was a squealing of tires before everything went silent once more. Saitama glanced over and found that the teenagers apparently dropped their picnic basket in their haste to get away from him.

"Eh... their loss." He started rifling through the baskets contents. He wasn't one to waste free food when he got it. "Ooh, peanut butter!"

"Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God."

"Holy fuck that was close."

"We could have died!"

"Yeah, did you see the blood on that guy's clothes? He looked like a fucking serial killer!"

"I'm pretty sure he was a serial killer. He fit the description on the news and everything."

"Didn't the Hero Association call him a dangerous villain or something? They said he was wanted for the deaths of two hundred people!"

"Thank God we managed to get out of there. Who knows what he would have done to us?"