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Chapter 1: Bad Dream

Emma smiled as she looked down at the baby in her arms, sleeping, she had fallen asleep while Emma had been feeding her.

"Oh Cassandra," Emma said sighing, "You wake me up at three am for your feeding, and you can't even finish your whole bottle."

Taking the bottle Emma placed it on the table beside her, and then stood up carefully, so she wouldn't wake her baby up, unfortunately for her she accidentally knocked the bottle off the table and it fell to the ground breaking, waking Cassandra up.

"Crap!" Emma said rocking Cassandra slightly trying to calm her down.

"Are you alright, love?" Killian asked running out of the room with an alarmed look on his face.

"Yeah." Emma said repositioning Cassandra so her head was on her chest, her favourite position to be in, even though it wasn't too comfortable for Emma it was the only way to calm Cassandra down, since she was only a few weeks old Emma figured it was because she could hear her heart, just like she could in the womb.

"You broke another bottle?" Killian asked, looking down at the shattered remains of the bottle that Emma had accidentally hit with her arm.

"Yeah," Emma said feeling slightly embarrassed, she had broken probably about five bottles since Cassandra was born, "we probably should have brought some plastic ones back with us."

Killian laughed kissing Emma's head, "well on the plus side," he said patting Cassandra's head, "at least you got her back to sleep."

Emma looked down at Cassandra smiling, "she loves the sound of my heart."

"And I love you." Killian said leaning in for a kiss, which Emma gladly returned.

"I love you too." Emma said feeling her heart flutter, her and Hook had been married for a few months now, and had been seeing each other for over a year, but his kisses never ceased to make her heart skip a few beats, she had never been so happy with anyone.

"I'll clean the bottle up, you go and get some sleep."

Emma looked at Killian and then at the glass, "are you sure?" she asked unsure, "you helped my Father all day…"
"Emma," Hook said placing a finger over her lips interrupting her, "I fell asleep pretty early, you've been up every couple of hours with Cassandra, yes I'm sure."

Emma smiled up at Killian kissing him once again, "alright thank you."

Hook smiled at Emma, moving out of the way to allow her to pass by with Cassandra without waking her up, Emma moved very carefully and walked on her tiptoes so she wouldn't wake Cassandra, walking into her and Killian's bedroom, that was also serving as Cassandra's room for the time being, Emma placed Cassandra gently into her crib bending down and kissing her head.

"I love you, sweetheart." Emma whispered barely audible, Cassandra started snoring lightly, Emma sighed happy that she had stayed a sleep, and tiptoed out of the room shutting the door quietly.

"I thought I told you to go to bed?" Killian asked dumping out the last shards of glass into the garbage.

"Just wanted to make sure that you were OK." Emma said.

Killian walked over to Emma placing his hand on her waist, "you need some sleep."

Emma put her arms around Killian's neck, "well, I've always been stubborn." Emma whispered kissing Killian with more force then she originally intended, but Killian kissed back with just as much force.

"Well maybe it's good to be stubborn sometimes." Killian said when they both took a break to catch their breath after a few long moments of kissing.

Emma chuckled as Hook pushed her against the wall lightly, as to not wake Cassandra or Snow and Charming, since they were still living in their castle for the time being, and started kissing again, and in that instant everything seemed to stand still, Emma could feel her heart pounding, and as she placed her hand on Killian's chest she found that his heart was pounding as well, Killian kissed her neck a couple of times, before picking her up bridal style and carrying her to the couch, the whole time they never stopped kissing, it wasn't until a bright light went by the window that Killian and Emma finally stopped kissing looking out the window.

"What was that?" Killian asked.

"I don't know…" Emma said standing up walking to the window looking out of it, gasping she turned to Killian her eyes bulging out of her head.

"Emma, what's wrong?!" Killian demanded, running to the window gasping when he saw a dragon breathing fire and most of the land was on fire.

"Let's go!" Emma cried grabbing a sword, running out of the room she stopped one of the servants, "look after Cassandra!" Emma demanded, not waiting to hear the answer as she ran after Killian to the front door of the castle, where Mary Margaret and David already were.

"Emma!" Mary Margaret said surprised, "where's Cassandra."

"She's safe." Emma said reassuring Snow.

"Who's the dragon?" Killian asked.

"Maleficent?" Emma asked.

"No, when she turns into a dragon there's always a hint of red in her eyes, not green." David said looking at Killian, "are you with me?" He asked.

"Yes." Killian said, and before Mary Margaret or Emma could stop them, David and Killian were running towards the dragon, taking swings at it, but nothing seemed to be working.

"Where's Regina when you need her?!" Emma growled.

"Took Henry on a vacation," Mary Margaret said, sighing Emma remembered that they had gone to visit some parts of the enchanted forest together, so luckily Henry wasn't there, but unluckily that meant that Regina wasn't there, and Emma's magic wasn't strong enough to do anything by herself.

"David!" Mary Margaret cried as the dragon's tail swung at him sending him flying against a tree.

"Dad!" Emma cried watching as David fell to the ground unconscious.

"You're going to pay for that!" Killian said swinging his sword at the dragon, the dragon looked down at Killian, breathing fire at him, he managed to jump out of the way.

"I need to help him!" Emma said trying to run down the stairs but Mary Margaret stopped her.

"No, think of Cassandra." Mary Margaret said wiping away one of Emma's tears as she watched Killian jump out of the way of more fire, but Emma knew that Killian was starting to get tired, as he jumped out of the way, the dragon put its foot on him, making him unable to move.

"Killian!" Emma cried tears running down her face as she tried to escape her Mothers clutches.

"Emma…" Killian said looking at her with tears running down his face as well, "I love you." He managed to say just as the dragon breathed fire on him.

Emma gasped sitting up in bed disoriented for a minute, looking around she discovered that she was still in her parents' house, in Storybrooke, taking a few deep breaths to steady herself, she wiped away the few tears that were still escaping her eyes, and looked down at her stomach still flat, and she hadn't had any morning sickness so Emma was pretty sure that she wasn't pregnant, looking beside her she was surprised to see that Killian wasn't in bed, which was odd she didn't even hear or feel him get up this morning.

"Emma!" David's voice called from downstairs, "I made breakfast!"

Emma wasn't even sure if she would be able to eat after the dream she just had, but she knew that was silly since it was only a dream, no matter how real it seemed.

"Emma!" David called again, "are you up?"

Emma cleared her throat which still had a tickle in it and then called back, "yes!" before getting out of bed, and walking downstairs.

As Emma walked downstairs she was expecting to see Killian at the table, but he wasn't there either, Mary Margaret, David, and Henry were all around the table, although Mary Margaret was feeding Neal, and David and Henry were eating.

"Morning, Mom." Henry said smiling as she sat down beside him.

"Morning, kid." Emma said rustling his hair a bit.

"Did you sleep OK?" Mary Margaret asked concerned.

"Yeah, why?" Emma answered maybe a little too quickly, since Henry and David were now looking at her with the same concern as Mary Margaret, making Emma wonder what she looked like.

"I just had a nightmare and didn't sleep well last night." Emma decided to only tell the half-truth since she didn't want to bring up the dream again.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Mary Margaret asked as she finished feeding Neal, and burped him, before standing up and putting him in his crib and then finally sitting down to eat her breakfast.

"No I'm good." Emma said picking up a piece of the toast on her plate putting some butter on it, and then eating it, before looking around, she had expected Killian to be in the bathroom, but she had been downstairs long enough to have finished her breakfast now, and still no Killian, "where'd Killian go?" Emma finally asked.

"He left you a note." Henry said pointing to a piece of paper on the counter, Emma took her plate to the kitchen unfolding it.

"What's it say?" David asked.

"That he had to go do some things on his ship." Emma said refolding the paper, "maybe I'll go there today."

"Well why don't you have the day off?" David asked putting on his jacket.

"No I can come in, just let me get changed." Emma said turning to walk back upstairs.

"Emma, you deserve a day off," David said stopping her, "you deserve a day off."

"Are you sure?" Emma asked unsure.

"It's Storybrooke, what's really going to happen?"

Emma wanted to remind him of all the bad things that had happened in this town but having the day off did sound tempting, and she really just wanted a hug from Killian right now.

"Alright thanks, Dad." Emma finally said.


"Have a good day." Mary Margaret said walking to the door, and kissing David.

"You too." David said smiling at Emma and Henry and then walking out the door.

David hated having to go to work without Emma, because it was so boring without her being there, but she didn't look well at all this morning, but of course she wouldn't tell anyone about her nightmare so there was no point in asking her time and time again since it would just make her angry.

"David!" Killian called running over to David as he made it to his police car.

"Killian," David said surprised, "aren't you supposed to be on your ship?"

Killian looked at David confused for a minute, and then remembered the note he had left for Emma, "right the note."

"So why aren't you there?" David asked crossing his arms.

"Well, I was hoping to ask you a question…" Killian said trailing off.

David felt his heart sink as he realized what the question was, but he decided to play dumb, "what question would that be?"

Killian felt himself starting to get flushed, and his mouth was extremely dry, in fact he felt like he was going to pass out any second now, why was he so nervous? He was a pirate he had done so many tougher things then asking his girlfriend's Father if he could marry his daughter, this should be easy, and yet here he was standing there looking at his potential Father in law not sure what else to say.

"Well?" David finally asked.

Killian cleared his throat, and took a deep breath trying to make the nerves go away, "sir," he began, "I was wondering if I could have your blessing," Killian said trailing off trying to read David's facial expression, but all he was doing was smirking, it looked like David was enjoying watching Killian, who was usually confident, lose his cool a little bit.

"My blessing for what?" David asked, trying not to laugh.

"May I please ask Emma to be my wife?" Killian finally asked.

Even though David knew that this day would be coming soon, after all Killian and Emma had been very close lately, and they obviously loved each other a lot, it was still hard for a Father to be asked the question if a man could marry his daughter, especially since David and Mary Margaret had missed out on so much of Emma's life, but she wasn't his little girl anymore, and David knew that he had to let her go.

"Killian," he began, "I thank you for asking me for my permission."

"You're welcome, sir." Killian said clearly trying to earn some brownie points out of David.

"I give you my blessing." David said holding out his hand, "congratulations."

Killian took David's hand smiling from ear to ear, "oh thank you sir!"

"You're welcome." David said, "Now if you'll excuse me I have to get to work."

"Oh yes of course," Killian said stepping out of the way so David could get in his car, "I'd better go get some stuff set up."

"Good luck." David said starting his car.

"Thank you." Killian said walking away, David watched Killian leave and after he was out of sight he took out his cell phone texting Mary Margaret, and then drove away.

Zelena hated Oz, the munchkins had managed to kidnap her with the help of Dorothy, and that stupid band that Regina had put on her to stop her magic had made its way over with her, so that meant she had no magic to even try and escape from this prison. Sighing she laid down on her very uncomfortable wooden bench that she had to use as a bed, looking up at the ceiling, that was all the excitement she had.

"Zelena!" One of the munchkin guards called, "you have a visitor!"

"A visitor?" Zelena whispered to herself sitting up intrigued, no one ever came to visit her, looking out of the bars of her jail cell, Zelena was surprised when a man walked up, he was tall, probably around six foot six or seven, and he wore a suit of armor, but he was holding his helmet in his hands, and that's when Zelena saw his face, he was very good looking with piercing blue eyes that were still shining even in the darkness of the dungeon, short brunette hair, and as he smiled at her Zelena was surprised to see that even his teeth were shining in the horrible light.

"Zelena?" The strange man finally asked.

"Yes, darling," she said standing up, walking closer to him, "and who might you be?"

"My name is Saunders." He said taking her hand through the bars, "and may I say it's a pleasure to meet you, I have heard of you far and wide, and the stories of you certainly do you no justice." Saunders kissed Zelena's hand.

Zelena chucked feeling herself blush, luckily it wasn't visible since her face had gone back to green shortly after she had arrived in Oz, "well, Saunders, what brings you here?" Zelena asked.

Saunders flashed her another gorgeous smile, "well you and I both want the same thing."

"We do?" Zelena asked confused, "all I want is to get out of here."

"That's all I want to." Saunders said looking around making sure none of the munchkins could hear him, "To be honest, my dear, that's all I want to."

"It is?" Zelena said surprised.

"Absolutely, for once you're out of here you can help me put my plan into action."

Zelena was truly intrigued now, "what plan?" she asked a little too eagerly.

"Saunders laughed, "let's get you out of there first, and then we'll talk."

Zelena rolled her eyes sighing in exasperation, "I've tried."

Saunders smiled holding out his hand, "but I have something you don't have."

"You have magic?" Zelena asked surprised.

Saunders didn't reply he held out his hand and magic came flying out of it dissolving the bars, Zelena stared at him surprised.

"Are you coming?" He asked offering her his hand.

"Who are you?" She asked once again.

"I will tell you everything," Saunders said, "after we get out of here."

Zelena crossed her arms turning away from him, "I don't know if I want to go with someone I don't know."

"If you don't come with me right now then the munchkins will be back in here with Dorothy and then they'll put you in a different cell, and I can guarantee you they'll never let me back in here." Saunders warned.

Zelena turned to face him, gasping as she heard footsteps coming towards them, "well when you put it that way." Zelena said taking Saunders' hand; he made them disappear just in the nick of time.

End Chapter 1

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