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Chapter 33 – Happiness

Mary Margaret waited eagerly for Emma and Killian to finish their kiss; she was dying to hug her daughter, to congratulate her on, (once again) being engaged. But as she looked at David she remembered when he had asked her to be his wife, and how magical it had been when they kissed each other, the first kiss after getting engaged was always special, and it was probably even more special especially since Emma and Killian had spent so much time apart.

Putting a hand around Mary Margaret and kissing her head, David found it kind of awkward watching his daughter kissing so passionately with a man, of course Killian had more than proven how much he loved Emma these past few weeks, and now as David looked at Emma's stomach, a small bump was just barely visible, under her clothes.

Taking Mary Margaret's hand and squeezing it; they both locked eyes smiling, as they both realized that their daughter was about to start a new chapter in her life. Sighing Mary Margaret wiped away a tear that David hadn't even realized had fallen from his eye.

"Are you alright?" She whispered.

David looked at Mary Margaret before looking back at Emma and Killian; they finished kissing and were now staring into each other's eyes smiling brightly at each other, David realized how happy Emma looked.

"Congratulations!" Mary Margaret screamed, unable to hold her excitement back any longer she ran towards Emma and Killian hugging both of them, "I'm so happy for you both!"

Emma and Killian both laughed.

"Thanks Mom."

"But your wedding dress!" Mary Margaret said looking at Emma her eyes growing wide with a mix of excitement and tears.

"Oh um…" Emma began before Mary Margaret cut her off.

"You can wear mine!"

Emma looked at Killian, he smiled at her, and she gave him a small smile back.

"Come on Mary Margaret," David said walking towards her putting a hand on her shoulder, "these two just got re-engaged, give them a moment to enjoy themselves."

Mary Margaret frowned at David before looking at Emma and Killian, "sorry…"

"It's alright Mom," Emma said hugging Mary Margaret, "we completely understand."

David hugged Emma tightly, "congratulations, sweetheart."

Emma smiled at David, "thanks Dad."

David then turned to Killian, "congratulations to you as well, Killian." He said offering Killian his hand.

"Thank you, David." Killian said shaking his hand.

"I'd still like to know how we're all back." Regina said confused.

"Yeah that's right." David said.

"What are you talking about?" Emma asked.

"We were all in the Underworld." Mary Margaret said.

"You were?" Henry asked.

David, Mary Margaret, Regina, and Killian all nodded their heads.

"That is strange…" Emma said.

"How come you weren't there, Emma?" Henry asked, "I saw you get knocked out and you never got back up."

Emma shrugged, "I don't know." She admitted.

"Perhaps I can help." A female's voice said.

"Who said that?" David asked looking around.

Emma smiled; as she recognized the voice, "Willow." She whispered.

"Who?" Killian asked confused.

"Me." Willow said after she appeared.

"Who are you?" Saunders asked, just as confused as Killian.

"My Fairy Godmother." Emma said.

"You have a Fairy Godmother?" Mary Margaret asked.

"Of course she does," Willow said smiling at Mary Margaret, "everyone does."

"What are you doing back here?" Emma asked.

"I know that you all have plenty of questions, and I'm here to answer as many of them as I can."

"So you can tell us how we're back here?" David asked.

Willow nodded her head, "you want to know how those of you who were in the Underworld could possibly still be alive?"

Mary Margaret, David, Killian, and Regina nodded their heads.

"It's because nothing that happened while Emma was under Zelena's spell actually happened."

"But dying sure felt real." Regina said shuddering at the memory.

"OK let me explain that better…" Willow said thinking for a moment, "what happened when Emma was under the spell technically did happen, but it wasn't real… except for death if Emma hadn't have remembered then you'd all still be in the Underworld, and Emma would have been forced to live her life as a ghost, since when she hit her head she technically did die, but I was able to get to her before she could enter the underworld."

"So everything that happened…" Emma began.

"Never happened." Willow said, "Here let me show you." Willow said before making a crystal ball appear in her hand, she handed it to Emma, "ask it a question."

Emma took the crystal ball and thought for a moment, "I'd like to see what happened to Whitney." She said before staring into the crystal ball, as it showed Whitney, working at the diner serving customers, she looked healthy and happy, and there was no sign that she had been shot in the shoulder.

"Wow…" Emma said.

"You never existed in that time frame, so she was never shot." Willow said.

"What about Don? Or Peter? Or Captain Simpson?" Emma asked.

Willow smiled, "look into the crystal ball."

Emma stared into the crystal ball watching as Don and Peter walked into Captain Simpson's office in the Seattle police station.

"Good job on getting the Thug Gang put away," Captain Simpson said grinning widely, "the streets are that much safer now and it's all thanks to you two."

"All in a day's work, sir." Don said smiling.

Captain Simpson smiled looking at Peter, "you two work so well together."

Don and Peter smiled at each other, "well you made the right decision making us partners."

"Keep up the good work." Captain Simpson said.

Don and Peter both stood up walking out of his office, Emma smiled wiping away a tear.

"Are you alright, Swan?" Killian asked taking her hand, Emma smiled at him.

"Yeah I'm fine, just Don, Peter, and Captain Simpson suffered so much when I was there, because of Zelena's spell, it's just nice to see that they're doing OK."

"Everything is just as it was before you came," Willow said, "and that's the way that it shall remain."

Emma walked over to Willow hugging her, she gladly returned the hug, "thank you for everything."

"I didn't do much," Willow said touching Emma's cheek, "you're the one who had the toughest job."

"I did?" Emma asked confused.

"Yes you did, you had to remember a life that you didn't even believe existed, and being under a spell as powerful as Zelena's I wasn't sure if you'd be able to, and yet you did," Willow smiled at Killian, "and now you're able to start your happily ever after," Emma looked at Killian he smiled and kissed her head.

"Goodbye, Emma." Willow said before disappearing.

"Thank goodness that she showed up," Mary Margaret said, "I don't think I would have survived being stuck in the underworld for all eternity."

"Me neither." Regina said putting a hand on Henry.

"I'm just glad to have my whole family back together." Henry said happily.

Emma smiled walking to Henry, hugging him, "and we'll always be here for you."

Henry hugged Emma back tightly, before looking up at her, "So when are you two planning on getting married?" Henry asked.

"Honestly, after everything we've been through," Emma began before Killian cut her off.

"And with a little one on the way." He said touching her stomach, "I don't want to wait any longer."

"Well how about tomorrow at sunset?" Regina suggested.

Emma and Killian looked at each other, "will that give us enough time?" Emma asked.

"It will if we start planning right away!" Mary Margaret said excitedly.

"Then let's get started!" Emma said taking Killian's hand, as he led him inside Regina's castle.

David sighed watching Emma and Killian disappearing, "you alright?" Mary Margaret asked concerned.

"Yeah." David said but his voice broke which didn't convince Mary Margaret.

"What's wrong?"

"Just a little emotional that our daughter's getting married." David admitted.

Mary Margaret smiled kissing David, "she's still going to be your little girl, even after she's married."

"I know," David said smiling, "but it's still hard."

"It'll be OK," Mary Margaret said squeezing David's hand, "but right now I think it's time that we go and see our son, and help our daughter plan her wedding."

David nodded his head, as the two of them walked towards the castle.

Regina waited for Mary Margaret and David to walk away before looking at Henry.

"Henry, I have a question for you."

"Sure Mom," Henry said turning to face her, "what's up?"

Regina leaned down whispering in Henry's ear.

"That would be a perfect gift for Emma!" Henry said happily, "and I'm totally on board for it!"

Regina sighed relieved, "alright good, now go in and help them for now, I'll be back as quickly as I can."

"OK Mom." Henry said before running off to the castle.

"What was that all about?" Saunders asked confused.

Regina looked at Saunders for a moment before looking off in the distance, "just a wedding gift for Emma."

"Are you going to tell me?"

"No I'm not." Regina said walking away, "Gold, where did you go?" She whispered.

"Why not?" Saunders asked, "You can trust me."

Regina rolled her eyes, "look just go and help them plan the wedding, I'll be back later."

Saunders shrugged before he started walking towards the castle.

Regina looked around smiling when she spotted Gold.

"Gold!" She called.

"Ah Regina," Gold said smiling at her, "what can I do for you?"

"I need your help with a wedding gift for Emma and Killian."

"What kind of wedding gift?" Gold asked confused.

"Did any of your documents come back with you?" Regina asked.

"I can come up with any document that you need." Gold said waving his hands, making a stack of documents appear in them.

"Perfect!" Regina said happily, "but not here I want it to be a surprise."

Gold nodded before waving his hands making him and Regina disappear.

End chapter 33.

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