Cora felt as if she was going to be sick as she watched Regina hugging Emma and Killian, and then when Mary Margaret and David joined in, how had her daughter become such a sap? Obviously Cora had failed somewhere along the way of being a good Mother.

Deciding that she had had enough of watching this happy family moment, Cora waved her hands disappearing from the room, luckily everyone's attention was on the happy moment up on stage.

Cora smiled when she appeared in the library inside Regina's castle. Walking over to a shelf Cora took out a big book with a brown and gold design on the spine, "Here comes the boogeyman" she read out loud. It was a book that Cora used to read to Regina when she was a little girl, it used to scare the crap out of her, so Cora knew that it was perfect for her plan to finally get rid of the whole Charming family, Killian, and her pain in the butt daughter.

Waving her hands Cora disappeared from the library before anyone could spot her.

That's the end for That's Not How The Story Goes, thank you to everyone who read and reviewed my story, you're all awesome! The sequel for this story titled "Here Comes the Boogeyman," will be out in a week or so.