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Chapter 1

Luke groaned as he regained consciousness, unable to help the sound as his body, especially his head, throbbed in agony. The last thing he remembered was… Ben striking Snoke down with Rey unconscious nearby. He had been dealing with the Stormtroopers from the First Order, backing up Finn and Chewie. He twitched his hand slightly and frowned even as he tried to reach out with the Force only to wince, why could he feel sand beneath his hand? He forced his eyes open to be faced with something he hadn't seen since they had rescued Han so many years ago, the twin suns of Tatooine. He struggled to sit up, even now Tatooine was no place to be found helpless and was comforted by the weight of his lightsabre at his hip as he lifted his hand to shade his eyes, glad he had found the time to have the limb upgraded and covered in synthskin again. He would stand out less on the planet with all limbs intact. He struggled to his feet and then looked down, he wasn't wearing robes anymore…he hadn't worn clothes like this since he'd fled the planet with Ben…. what was going on? He took a better look around and sighed, at least he wasn't in the Wastes. He began walking and as the pain faded he found none of the familiar aches from old joints or he pull of old scars. He was more confused than he had felt in years and he didn't like it.

After an hour of walking he was happy to find his memories had been right as he walked into the outskirts of Mos Espa, lightsaber hidden underneath his poncho. Even before the First Order had destroyed the New Republic, making the Resistance really outlaw, walking around such a place with a lightsabre in view was asking for trouble. He kept his head down, just one more old native only to freeze as he passed the mirror on a speeder. He stared in shock at smooth skin and shorter hair, how was this possible? Even for the Force this was…. he looked no older than the Commander who had rushed to Bespin to confront Vader. He shook off his shock and kept walking, he did not want to stand out. He walked the streets, a feeling of dread growing in his heart. Tatooine had always been a bit behind the times but this…. the tech in use had been old when he was a boy and had been mostly gone when he returned for Han. He paused as he felt a gentle nudge from the Force and then slipped into the alley to see a gang of youths beating something…. or someone. "Hey!" He yelled, wishing his full height was closer to his Father's, being short wasn't very intimidating. He wrapped the Force around his presence, making him seem dangerous and the youth's hesitated before bolting and he moved forward to see a young boy curled defensively on the ground. "It's alright, they've gone now." He called, kneeling beside the boy and reaching out to gently help him up. To his shock he found himself looking into blue eyes so like his own.

"Thanks." The boy muttered and Luke smiled.

"No problem. You hurt?"

"No sir."

"Alright, come on, I'll see you home."

"You don't need too."

"Maybe not but let's not give them another chance."

"Thank you. I'm Anakin, Anakin Skywalker." The boy introduced himself with a shy smile.

For a second it felt like the Universe froze. It couldn't be….it wasn't possible and yet…. he swallowed hard and then took a deep breath, reaching to the Force which fairly sung in joy and truth. "Luke Solo." He lied, taking his brother-in-law's name, oh how he still missed Han even after five years of knowing he was gone. He had seen the utter desolation and grief in Ben after he came back to them, how his actions haunted the boy. But he knew it was a name that would not be claimed by anyone else on the planet.

"Are you a Farmer?" Anakin asked as they began to walk, Luke on guard for any further danger.

"My family was but I've been offworld for several years."


"We had a farm out past Mos Eisley. I've been working on freighters since then but I thought I'd come back for a while."

"Why would you ever want to come back here when you could travel to other planets?"

Luke chuckled. "I thought that at first but… I guess I just needed closure." He shrugged slightly.

"Are you going to be a farmer again?"

"No. I thought I'd go into business for myself."


Luke felt sick as he followed Anakin, he knew where they were going and it was a shock. His Father had been a slave? Well that was the first thing to change and he was thankful that the money pouch he wore felt very full.

"Mom! I'm home!" Anakin called as he pushed open a door and Luke followed him inside. A woman emerged from a backroom dressed in the common wares of slave women and Luke bowed to his grandmother. He'd known her name of course, how could he not when her grave marker and that of her husband had lain on the edge of the homestead for his whole life, later joined by the ones he had made for Owen and Beru. "This is Luke Solo."

"Sorry to intrude Ma'am."

"It's alright." She smiled warily but couldn't be afraid of the stranger with a gentle smile. "Shmi Skywalker, welcome to our home." She greeted.

"Thank you. Come on Anakin, let's look at your injuries." He nudged Anakin towards the table.

"Injuries?" Shmi asked in alarm.

"He took a bit of a fall." He lied, seeing the alarm on Anakin's face, winking at him and Anakin smiled. Shmi quickly got their small medical kit and Luke took it, expertly tending the child's injuries but as he did the poncho slipped and Anakin's eyes went wide.

"Are you a Jedi?"

"No." it wasn't really a lie, Ben and Yoda had declared him one but everything he had scraped together since said he had barely scratched the surface of what a Jedi really was.

"Then how did you get one of their light swords?"

"It was given to me by the man who saved me when my family was killed. He was a Jedi and taught me as much as he could but we didn't have much time together before he died."

"I dreamed I was a Jedi."

"A vision maybe." He smiled and gently reached out to him with the Force, causing Anakin to gasp.

"Whoa! What was that?"

"That was the Force." Luke finished tending his injuries, sending some healing energy his way.

"Go wash up for dinner Ani."

"Kay Mom." He left the two alone.

"He's gifted, isn't he?" Luke asked softly and she nodded. "But the Jedi don't search this far out."

"Could you teach him?"

"The basics sure. Where is his Father?" he asked and she set food on the table, setting it for three in silent invitation and Luke moved to help her.

"There was one. I carried him, gave birth to him but…" She shook her head and Luke was surprised, that was not something he had ever heard.

"He is extremely strong in the Force; I can teach him to hide his presence from those who may mean him harm as well as basic exercises to refine his control so he doesn't accidentally hurt someone or himself. It will have to wait though, I only just arrived back on planet and need to see to accommodations and work."

"Unless you want to work for the hutts there is very little work available, except for signing on to a ship."

"I remember. I'll find something." He assured her. He knew how things worked here.


Luke walked the streets, a blaster now strapped to his leg, his lightsabre well hidden. He was just grateful for the lessons Han had given him on shooting, and all the messes he'd gotten into over the years where he couldn't use the blade. He was now a far better shot than he had been as a farm kid, and that was without using the Force. He'd also managed to secure newer clothes that didn't mark him as a famer and therefore a relatively easy mark. If anything his clothes too were a reminder of Han, it was odd to think he hadn't even been born yet. He had enough funds to get off planet but he wouldn't, not unless Shmi and Anakin came with him. instead he put the cash into renting an old empty shop and went to work fixing it up. Soon 'Solo Repairs' would be open for business. At least he'd finally conformed the date, twenty-five years before he was even born. If only he knew more history, knew where and when his interference might really change things but he had never had time to sit down and study the reconstructed history but together by survivors of the Republics last days. So for now he was better off staying and teaching Anakin, after all his Father had been a Jedi which meant sooner or later they would show up.

He walked into the junk shop and glanced around even as he felt the approaching lifeform.

"Here to buy?" Watto asked, taking in the blaster warily.


"I have many ship parts, droids..."

Luke cut him off. "Actually I am interested in two slaves."

"Oh?" He asked, really wary.

"I wish to purchase the Skywalker's."

"What? Impossible! The boy is too useful, the woman perhaps but not the boy." Watto denied.

Luke sighed, wishing more beings on the planet were able to be Mind Tricked, it would make life so much easier…. then again easy wasn't always good. So he offered an amount for both, above 'market value' for either of them and the bargaining was on.


Luke knocked and then entered the small dwelling, putting down the bag of fresh fruit while Shmi moved over to hug him briefly in greeting.

"We weren't expecting you today."

"Saw the fruit in the market and couldn't resist. I also got you these." He handed over the paperwork and watched as she read through it, collapsing into a chair as she realised what she held.


"I bought you and then freed you both. It took a bit of bartering with Watto but he's as greedy as most around here."

"I could never repay this."

"I don't expect you to Shmi. The two of you are family now and I could not let you live in slavery, with the threat of being separated always there."

"Where will we go?"

"There's room at my place until you work it out. And if you really want to repay me then stay, you're a far better cook than I could ever be. I'll continue teaching Anakin and if he's bored he can help out in the shop. If you want, I'll help you get two tickets off planet. It's up to you." He explained as he went to save lunch from burning.

"Oh Luke…." She got up and hugged him again. "Thank you."


"What are you working on?" Luke called as he walked down to the back of the shop to find Anakin bent over the bench.

"Found some droid parts, is it okay if I try and put one together?"

"Sure. You can always sell it if it works or if you manage we can always use a translator." Luke reached out to ruffle his hair before moving to open up for the day. He was glad they had stayed; he would have followed if they left but hadn't wanted to be creepy or something. He set out the displays and gave the place a quick clean, no matter how often he did it didn't take long for the sand to invade. After a while he felt Anakin's frustration and sent calm down their bond. That had shocked him, other than Leia he had never really had a bond with anyone. Vader…. that had been complicated with him trying to bury or break the link and Vader trying to use it. But this one had simply snapped into place between them like the one with Leia had. He guessed it made sense, they were family even if Anakin didn't know that and he was teaching him as well. He wished he could call out to Ben or Yoda but they were still alive in this time and he didn't know of anyone else he could contact for advice.


Luke held his lightsabre out to Anakin who stared in shock before carefully taking it. Luke gently adjusted his grip and then activated a single remote. "Don't rely on your eyes, feel where the danger is." He called gently as Anakin tried to keep it in view. A bolt hit him and he yelped, Luke smothering a laugh, so that was what he'd looked like on the Falcon. Anakin would be nine soon and he was trying to decide what to do for his birthday, other than breaking the news that Shmi had an admirer in one Cleigg Lars. At least he now knew why Anakin and Owen had different family names, they were either half or step siblings. He left Anakin working with the remote when a customer entered, going to help her with her speeder.


"I hope you honoured sirs with the most comfortable here. My master will be with you shortly." The droid bowed and left.

The two men lowered their hoods and walked to the window to look out at the planet below. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"I don't sense anything."

"It's not about the mission, Master, it's something...elsewhere...elusive."

"Don't centre on your anxiety, Obi-Wan. Keep your concentration here and now where it belongs."

"Master Yoda says I should be mindful of the future..."

"... but not at the expense of the moment. Be mindful of the living Force, my young Padawan."

"Yes, Master...how do you think the trade viceroy will deal with the chancellor's demands?"

"These Federation types are cowards. The negotiations will be short."


Luke looked up from the vaporator he was working on and frowned, something was coming…. change…. change was in the air but for good or bad the Force wouldn't say.