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Mary Phillips Story

By ForgetfulDaffodil

Chapter One: What Happened To Stormer?

Everyone's had their story told to the audience, every loss and gain, they bore their souls and who they truly were in front of anyone who would take the time to read it. Whether out of curiosity or to judge, Now the day has come for me to tell my story, to let the world know what life is like behind the glitter and heavy make up.

There is no Hollywood glamour or movie foundation to hide the flaws and ugly truth that is human nature, I won't regal tales of The Fabulous and kind hearted Sharon 'Jem' Benton of The Jem and The Holograms and how great they are together, or the Fierce and Strong Phyllis 'Pizzazz' Gabor and her hardcore group of Rockettes, The Misfits, nor will you hear of the Stunning Stingers and all of their exciting adventures.

I'm here with the truth, and if you don't like it, then you can leave now. After this point there is no turning back from it.

It had started on a hot day in the middle of May, I hadn't been feeling well at all. I was working all day and night bringing in new songs with the Misfit Flair to it, Pizzazz wouldn't have it any other way.

The stress, frustration, and heat had gotten to me, I had started turning more and more towards drugs. I know, not that surprising, right? Especially when I was at the time.

I could remember doing drugs as clearly as this mornings sunrise.


"Here girls," Eric had come in with a couple clear bags of this white stuff and set it on the table. "This'll help loosen you up."

I glanced at Roxy in confusion, but she was staring darkly at the white stuff on the table. "..."

Pizzazz had strutted from the vanity mirror of the dressing room over to the sectionals and snatched up the baggies.

"They're just something to help take the edge off girls." He gave a smarmy grin.

"Huh?" I blinked. I had never heard of something like that before.

"Don't be lame Stormer." Pizzazz scoffed as she leaned over the table and sniffed some of the white powder up her nose.

I cringed away and Roxy scowled darkly. "I don't do drugs." She hissed.

Eric furrowed his brow. "Roxy drugs aren't like what those stiffs in suits harp about. It just makes you loosen up and have a fun time, is all." He shrugged lightly.

"HA!" She laughed harshly. "Aren't you one of those stiffs in suits?"

Eric huffed and glared at the rebellious platinum blonde.

Roxy stood up abruptly and shoved Eric with her shoulder as she stormed out. "I'm getting a drink." I think the alias Stormer fits her much better than I, she was a force all her own.

"Come on Stormer, You want to fit in with the Misfit image don't you?" Pizzazz smirked.

"But-drugs...they're-a-and Roxy-"

"Oh quit stuttering and try it Stormer, it's not like it will kill you. It's just for fun and I thought you liked fun."

"I-I do." I bit my bottom lip apprehensively.

"Then come on." She spat, annoyed.

And I did, In a swirl of bright colors and flashes of memory later, I woke up face down on the couch. I wasn't completely sure what had happened and I felt


"HAHAHAHAHAHAH!" I looked up to see Pizzazz laughing.

"You're such an ameteur, You only went twice and you were out." She snickered.


After that day drugs became a kind of crutch that I needed to get through the tough times. When Pizzazz yelled, or Eric started breathing down our necks, or just the stress of fame.

It's been years since that day and Eric is our main supplier, He keeps our 'stock' up so he can make Pizzazz more compliant. Roxy still hasn't done any drugs, but she drinks a lot. Her mother, Suzette Pellegrini, had done drugs and neglected Roxy all her life. She hated her mother with a passion that rivals her love for music and cars.

Jetta does it from time to time, I think she has more control than Pizzazz does. She's more of a social user, she only does it with Pizzazz or someone she likes to hang out with. Our groupie, Clash Montgomery, couldn't handle the effects of the drugs so Pizzazz kind of pushed her to the side.

I tried to quit, but my body started to react violently without my usual dose of cocaine, I had done the stupid thing and tried to quit cold turkey. I started having stomach pains, shaking, and being soaked in sweat. I couldn't handle it so...I reverted back.

Now as I lay here on the floor with my mind going blank and shaking uncontrollably, foam spilling out of my mouth, all I could think about was how I didn't want to die yet. We still had to beat Jem and The Holograms, we bested them in the Top 100, we were going to beat them in the Top 3 as well.

Then it hit me like lightning bolt, Craig, my big bro. What would he say if he saw what had happened? He never knew, I made sure to hide it. He's the last thing I had and now I'm leaving him behind because I couldn't resist peer pressure and the life of the high and fast. I could see his face now, the devastation, anger, and hurt. We were going to go up to our old family's lodge to spend Yule like we used too. I promised him, I would get time off so that we could finally have a real family holiday before our parents went missing, I not only let him down, but I 'm leaving him here alone.

The last thing I saw were neon yellow high heels. 'Those are Roxy's.'

"Stormer! Can you hear me?!" She waved her hand in my face. "Goddammit Jetta! Call the fucking ambulance! Now!"

And that's when the world slowly started to go black.

The next moment I woke up, it was in a place I knew wasn't my room. All white walls and floors, sparse decorating, itchy flat sheets, I was in a hospital room, in a bed... alive. I had survived an overdose.

"You're awake." I slowly turned to see Roxy sitting there with a 'Cool Trash' magazine. I couldn't see the front of it since she was on my right.

"You're on the cover." She flipped it over so that I could see. On the front was a glossy picture of me in full Stormer costume with a huge caption saying: 'Keytarist and Lyricist of The Misfits collapsed from heat exhaustion, Is said to recover.'

''Eric made sure to get a handle on the situation before anything had the chance to be leaked." She scoffed.

"Wh-what happened?" My voice was raspy and I croaked a bit.

"You've been here for two days," Roxy stared me down and I knew instantly that she was disappointed. "God Stormer! How could you be so reckless?! You're twenty- two now, it's been six years since we formed The Misfits and you're still on this stuff?"

"I tried to... quit, but-but it was so hard I just-I kept going back to the drugs and I felt like they made everything so much easier." It was a struggle for me to answer, my throat felt like it was being constricted.

She just sighed loudly. "I need help."

"No shit." She grumbled. "Just be glad I didn't rat you out to your brother."

"Thanks." I gave her a small smile, I felt like all my energy was drained.

To think it had been six long years, so much had changed about Roxy, She became much more hardworking and levelheaded. She had learned to read about two years ago and she actually likes a book, Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare, She loves the whole plot.

Her appearance had changed drastically as well.

She now sports a pixie cut, a large streak of white on her bangs swooping to the right, her hazel eyes had a wizened look to them. Roxy always wears smokey eye shadow or a nude tone and maybe a powder pink lipstick or her favorite lip gloss, Strawberry Milkshake. She was now dressed in a light grey pair of tight pants, an all black halter top, with a short leather jacket, black ankle booties with silver buckles on them, she had on two bangles on her left hand, and black hoop earrings.

She had become more responsible since she took in her five year old little brother, Steven. Her mom had been neglecting him and the father had disappeared before he was born. Roxy is twenty-six, so she was able to gain custody of her brother. She's really good with him, he absolutely adores her.

Roxy's family life isn't the only thing going for her, she went back to school and finished college, She got a degree in Psychology and Child Psychology. Her response as to why was: 'I kind of want to help save kids like me, give 'em someone they can talk to, who knows where they're coming from.'

She also has a new best friend, Aja Leith, the guitarist for Jem and The Holograms. They talk about cars, the latest in instruments, sports, and sometimes guys. They hit it off after they realized they had something in common and that being friends wasn't going to hurt anyone.

As if things couldn't get any better, Rox had met a guy named Sven Devan, a Russian-American chef, whose cut in all the right places, platinum blonde hair cut short, murky brown eyes, and a huge smile always on his face. They met at a benefit he happened to be catering, He cooked so well, that not even Pizzazz nor Jetta could complain.

After that Sven had tried everything to get Roxy to go out with him, but you know how Roxy is, She wasn't going to give in no time soon. After four months of constant 'courting' she gave in, he ended up taking her to his high raise and cooked dinner for her, they sat on the balcony and ate while watching the sunset. If you can't tell by now, Sven is a hopeless romantic.

But they've been dating for eight months now and all three of them fit like the perfect family. Sven loves Steven like his own and I think Roxy is really truly in love.

"How is Stevie?" I asked as she handed me a glass of water.

She brightened up. "He's great! we're teaching him his numbers now. He's so smart he speeds right through all of it. Sven and I want to make sure that he know as much as he can for school next year." I smiled at her happiness.

"Wow. School already? How time flies, I see what my parents were always talking about." I chuckled weakly.

"Now you're starting to sound like you're thirty or somethin'."

''Has anyone else visited me?''

''Yea, I brought Sven and Stevie, Zazz stopped by yesterday and Jetta was here earlier, Jerrica and the rest of her 'Merry Band of Girl Scouts' stopped by a little after Jetta left. Than that mountain man you dated some years back sent roses for you." She responded.

"Angus Bean?" I raised an eyebrow.


''That's sweet.'' I hummed.

''No it's weird, since he still calls you Princess." She retorted.

"No it's not." I argued.

"Yes it is. Maybe not as creepy as Riot stopping by just before you woke up to give you lilies.'' I started.

"He did?!" She nodded.

"That is weird," I furrowed my brows. "Wonder why he did that."

"Who knows with that guy, but apparently he has a soft spot for wallflowers like yourself."

"What?" I laughed.

"Aja said that Jem said that Riot's mom was in the hospital for stress four years back, Aj also said she's a bit of a wallflower; Real timid, shy, polite, and quiet. Maybe when you got hospitalized he felt some sympathy and decided to give you flowers as a gesture of goodwill.'' Roxy flipped her bangs out of her eyes.

"Maybe you're right, I guess I should be thankful. Riot hardly does goodwill gestures and it's sweet he took the time out to actually come down here and give them to me, well indirectly at least."

"Sure. Sure." She dismissed.

Almost a week later I had been released from the hospital and into a rehab center in the middle of nowhere, California. Eric thought it best if the press didn't know
where I was and I have to agree with him on this one.

I really needed this break and the press would only add on to my stress. So with Kimber and Roxy's help, we gave me a new look to disguise myself. Eric already signed me up under a different name, Gloria Goldstein. I had brown hair and blue eyes, inconspicuous enough.

The transition into the program will be hard, but I was willing to do it for Roxy and Kimber, they've been my biggest support system throughout the whole process.

*Three weeks later

"Hey Gloria, Come look at this!" Another patient had called, her name was Nell.

"What is it Nell?" I slowly shuffled into the common room, where the T.V. was on.

"Look!" She pointed at the television with the remote control. I looked and paled in complete horror.

There on the screen was Stinger Sound all over the 12 o'clock news, It had been completely destroyed. One side is lower than the other, all the windows are busted out and it looked like at been completely demolished, what could have done this?!

"They say it was an explosion from the lower level, in the basement, and that it went up all forty-two floors, We don't know if anybody died yet, but the news says that only the lower floors got the brunt of the blast and the top levels got the minimal." I gaped at the screen.

"What's up with you?" Two other patients, Dougie and Laura looked at me funny.

"Did you have family working there?" Nell asked.

"I," Quickly swallowing the frog in my throat. "Yes." I blinked away a few tears.

"Excuse me, I have to make a phone call."

To Be Continued...