Author's Note: Just a quick thing while I finish my next chapter of HK. ^^;; I write poetry very, very rarely, but Miranda inspired me to this. She's a favorite of mine, though she seems to get put down a lot for being bitchy. However, one of the things I like the most about LoD is that character's angsty backgrounds actually have an effect on their personalities, instead of just coming up whenever drama is called for. There's a reason Miranda's a bitch, and the fact that it's made her that way makes me like her even more.

Miranda's Rose
By Amanda Swiftgold

When they turned and
Walked away
Into the trees
Her and
That Man
I did not feel
One thing
But the snow beneath
My feet
And the winter's chill in the air
And the prick of the thorns in
My heart
Bloody thorns
Like the hands that beat me
The rose
My blood
Blooming behind
Your head
Across your face
And into
My mind
As Daddy
Frost on his lips
Looked away
And even that snow
Could not kill
The rose
You loved better
Than me