Disclaimer: I don't own Mulan, and you know, it seems like Disney doesn't want to own Mulan… the whole movie practically is non-existent in Disneyland and California Adventure. What's up with that? Anyway, yeah.

[Author's note] Ever notice Shan-Yu doesn't sing? What's a good villain without a few lyrics to his name? Well, he turns out pretty believable, but still. Here's a song I wrote for him at the beginning of 1999, and posted it on the Entertainment Asylum message board… but I think it will be appreciated much more here.

I'm a Villain

(he's looking at a picture of his mom in his tent)
They said I was a villain,
Right from the very start…
I stabbed my only mother
Ripped out her beating heart..

(he sets fire to the canvas, and watches as her picture burns away)

And then my dear, dear father
So dashing and so brave…
He couldn't keep his only son
From sending him to his grave
(He steps on a picture of his father)
(glances out of the tent on all the other tents in his army)

And for a while I was feared
But then they threw me out of town
They called me a disgrace
So I burned their village down
(he clenches his fists and grits his teeth. He turns back inside and sits on a chest)

I'm just a villain-

I'm just a poor unwanted soul…
A part of me wants mercy,
The other, heads to ROLL

(unrolls a map, points to his village, and then to the Great Wall of China)

So I took up my own conquest
Gathering village men like me
I heard about Great China's wall
And made my own army

I plan to cross that great, great wall
And play the Emp'ror's game
I'll make that old man bow to me,
Gain back my dignity and name.

(he steps outside and gazes up at the moon)

I'm just a villain-
I'm just a poor unwanted soul…
I want to take my honor back,
And then… I… will… be…wHOLE!