Mother and Daughter

Summary: Though they weren't related and were more of a teacher and student, Madeline thought differently when it came to her caring and loving teacher Miss Clavel. Will take requests.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Madeline series. Elements from the animated cartoon will mostly be used but the element of Madeline being an orphan thanks to the live action 1998 film will also be used.

Chapter One: Bandaging prickled fingers

Setting: After Madeline's rescue in Lost in Paris.

Madeline said that she had been brave. Brave she was but embarrassed she definitely was as she looked down at her prickled fingers.

She wasn't surprised that they were sore and turning red from the work she had done, terrified that they would bled as she felt a small but patient tap on her shoulder.

"Madeline we're home now. But dear are you alright?" Miss Clavel asked as Madeline looked up. "Nicole and Chloe just informed me that you've been looking down at your hands for quite awhile."

Madeline smiled softly. "They hurt a little bit Miss Clavel. La Croc didn't hit them or anything but they're sore and almost ready to bleed from the work I did."

"Thought so. Come with me Madeline I have just the things to fix your fingers," Miss Clavel said, carefully taking her hand.

"Thank you Miss Clavel," Madeline muttered, trying to hide her embarrassment from her friends.

It wasn't that she didn't trust them it was just that she was the brave one.

"Miss Clavel what will happen to Fifi and the other girls from the lace shop?" Madeline asked with anxiousness as Miss Clavel came out with the school's first aid kit.

"I know dear. I'm worried for them too. But don't worry too much. Just remember that they're free and Fifi is getting treatment for her cough," Miss Clavel said as Madeline sat down on a stool.

"I know but I'm lost with what I want to do with the reward money," Madeline admitted as she felt a sting from a bottle of spray.

"Madeline what would make your friends the happiest?" Miss Clavel asked, wrapping up Madeline's left hand as Madeline thought back to what Fifi had told her the night before about how La Croc and Herri had lied to the courts about take care of them.

"Miss Clavel I need to talk to Miss Murphy about something really quick," Madeline said, getting off the stool.

Miss Clavel smiled, finishing her wrapping of Madeline's left hand. "Okay Madeline but be careful with your hands! Especially your right!"

"I will Miss Clavel," Madeline said before running off, careful of her right hand as it wasn't wrapped up yet.

Madeline want down the stairs before stopping to the kitchen and smiled. "Mrs. Murphy can I ask you something?"

"Sure Madeline what is it?" Mrs Murphy asked, looking up from the small lunch she was making.

"Mrs. Murphy how did the old house become a school for girls?" Madeline asked with a grin.

It couldn't be that hard to explain. Could it? Especially because Mrs Murphy was the housekeeper, owner and maid of the boarding school.

Madeline watched as Mrs Murphy began to explain how the old house was eventually turned into a girl's school, impressing the little girl and taking her away from looking at her right hand.

Once it was over, Madeline thanked Mrs. Murphy before running back up the stairs.

"Miss Clavel I know what to use the reward money on now!" Madeline yelled before remembering that others were inside and could hear her.

"On what Madeline?" Miss Clavel asked as Madeline sat down on the stool.

"A school for Fifi and my new friends," Madeline explained as Miss Clavel started wrapping up her right hand. "It's what Mama would've wanted me to do right?"

"Madeline I think she would've been proud of you no matter what," Miss Clavel said with a smile.

"Miss Clavel I want to surprise my friends," Madeline explained before a smile grew on her face. "Can we call Lord Cucuface please and have him meet us tomorrow at the police station?"

"I don't see why not," Miss Clavel said as she finished wrapping up Madeline's right hand. "There all finished. "

Madeline frowned a little bit as she looked down at her hands. "I just hope they'll be better by tomorrow."

"Knowing you and all that's happened today mon cher I know that they will," Miss Clavel said as she knelt down, giving Madeline a small hug.