Chapter Twenty: The not so happy swan

Setting: Alternative to Madeline at the Ballet.

He chose each girl along the line' excepted for one girl.


Madeline frowned, looking at the other girls and their excited smiles.

What did she do to not get picked?

"Gaston, I'm sure there's something else Madeline can do," Tatiana whispered with a smile.

"She's too small and wobbles," Gaston recalled with a grumble.

"I was too when I first auditioned for you."

"Qui Tatiana but I don't see anything that she can do."

"Gaston, I'm sure you'll think of something she can do," Tatiana encouraged, looking back at Madeline.

Gaston sighed, nodding his head softly as Madeline glanced at Miss Clavel.

"Why wasn't I picked?" Madeline wondered, looking down at her feet. "Is there something wrong with me?"

"Madeline no. There's nothing wrong with you," Miss Clavel said, squeezing her hand.

"I don't know. Monsieur Gaston barely noticed me."

"Madeline just keep your head up. Alight?"

"Okay Miss Clavel," Madeline sighed with a smile. Then she frowned in remembering that she wasn't picked. "I'm gonna take a walk."

"Alright Madeline. We'll meet you back home," Miss Clavel sighed, patting her back in an attempt to cheer her up.

Madeline nodded softly, walking home with tears down her cheeks without acknowledging Pepito who wanted to know what was wrong.

She tried her best. Why did she get picked?

"Madeline, why aren't you in ballet with the other girls?" Pepito asked in concern despite having teased them all about it earlier.

"I wasn't picked for the Happy Swan," Madeline sighed with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Show me your dance steps," Pepito said, taking her hand.

"No thank you. I'm going home."

"To be alone? You sure Madeline? I can walk you home if you want."

"That would be nice," Madeline admitted, a small blush creeping up on her cheeks.

"But why weren't you picked?" Pepito wondered, starting to become angry.

"I heard that I was too short and that I wobbled."

"The nerve of whoever did that. I would've let you in."

"Thanks Pepito," Madeline smiled a little before frowning again.

It wasn't her fault for being short or wobbly.

"Want me to wait with you until Miss Clavel and the others get back?" Pepito offered once they arrived to the old house.

"Thank you but I'll fine."

She was lucky that Pepito didn't see her run to the room she shared with the girls and flopped on her bed in tears.

Pepito heard Madeline cry from one of the windows as he ran back to the ballet studio.

Anger was started to rise in his veins before being stopped by Miss Clavel who held him back.

"Who is this?" Gaston wondered, looking straight at Pepito.

"Pepito. A friend of my girls," Miss Clavel explained, patting the angry boy's shoulder.

"Gaston," Pepito sneered, looking at the poster for the Happy Swan. "Thanks to you, Madeline's at home crying her eyes out. So you better get her a part in this show."

"Come on little girls. We're going home."

"But Madeline won't want to see us!" Chloe protested with a frown.

"But she will see me," Miss Clavel assured, giving her girls in a hug.

"Okay Miss Clavel."

"Who's there?" Madeline sniffed, rubbing her nose as Miss Clavel gently came to her bedside and sat next to her.

"I know Gaston didn't pick you Madeline," Miss Clavel muttered, stroking her hair.

"Then why didn't he? Did he not like me?"

"Well he was a bit discriminating towards you."

"Dis a what?" Madeline asked in confusion.

"Discriminating Madeline!" Miss Clavel chuckled a little.

"What does that mean?"

"It's like excluding you."

"Excluding me?" Madeline frowned, laying down on her bed.

"Madeline it's nothing bad sweetheart," Miss Clavel muttered, kissing her cheek.

"Well I exclude him from my life Miss Clavel!"

"Madeline, I know you're upset."

"I hate him," Madeline grumbled, crossing her arms.

"Madeline you know I don't allow the hate word!" Miss Clavel scolded, a frown on her face.

Madeline knew that her teacher was right. The word hate wasn't what she used very often but she was angry as Miss Clavel left the room for her to calm down.

Madeline was upset about the Happy Swan and she didn't blame her.

How could a famous director break a little girl's heart?

"Miss Clavel! It's Tatiana!" Chloe yelled, interrupting her thoughts as the phone was handed over to her.

"Tatiana?" Miss Clavel asked in surprise.

"It's about Madeline."

"Merci Chloe."

Chloe had left the room, peeking through a curtain in hopes of hearing about Madeline.

Besides the last thing she wanted was Madeline crying all night.

"What's going on Chloe?" Danielle wondered, seeing her behind the curtain.

"Miss Clavel got a call from Tatiana," Chloe whispered with a smile.

"Maybe it's about the Happy Swan."


"It could be," Danielle smiled as the two girls listened in.

"Qui Tatiana. Madeline will be so surprised!" Miss Clavel chuckled with a smile. "Goodbye."

"Did she get the part?!" Chloe and Danielle asked together in excitement.

"Little girls..."

"Please Miss Clavel?!"

"Alright little girls," Miss Clavel smiled, gathering them close.

"What did Tatiana say?" Chloe asked with a smile.

"Well Madeline got a part."

"Is it a swan?" Danielle hoped with a smile.

"Or a part she'll like?" Lulu guessed with a giggle.

Miss Clavel laughed, kissing their cheeks.

"You'll see tomorrow little girls."

Madeline grumbled as she was dragged to the ballet studio by Miss Clavel.

She didn't want to go back there again.

"Miss Clavel, I am not seeing the show!" Madeline grumbled with crossed arms.

"Madeline, you're not going to watch the show," Miss Clavel assuredly her, taking her in arms.

"I'm not?"

"No you're not. Let's go backstage. I have a surprise for you."

Madeline was confused.

What did she mean? She wasn't part of the show.

"Madeline hurry and change into your red dress!" Tatiana beckoned gently, holding up a child size red dress. "You're dancing with me on stage instead."

"I am?" Madeline gasped before she brightened into a smile. "I get to dance!"

"Yes Madeline you are."

"But why? I'm too small and according to a certain someone, I wobble."

"Madeline, I used to be wobbly when I was your age," Tatiana assured the discouraged little girl with a smile. "That's nothing to be ashamed of."

"But how did you do it?" Madeline wondered in surprise. "How did you become a prima ballerina?"

"Practice," Tatiana smiled, musing her hair.


"Qui. Now come on. You don't want to miss your chance to be a star!"

"Coming Tatiana!" Madeline giggled before looking back at Miss Clavel. "Merci."

"Anything for my cher Madeline," Miss Clavel smiled, patting her shoulder. "Good luck."