Chapter 4: The Fight (2).

After Deadly Chaser explains what happened, everyone's totally shocked.

"What? If he's that fast, you're the only one who could catch him.", said the Asura.

"I know I can, but what about the rest of them?"

"Chiliarch seems to be good at close range attacks, Noblesse has long range and Diabla has all kinds of ranges.", said the Night Watcher.

"Royal Guard seems to have long range as well, and the last man… I'm not sure but it is possible for him to be the same as Diabla.", said Grand Archer.

"Yeah, you're right.", agreed the Wind Sneaker.

"I think I can handle Chiliarch.", said Eun.

"I can handle Royal Guard.", said Infinity Sword confidently.

"I'll handle Noblesse.", said the Battle Seraph.

"Let me handle the last man.", said the Mastermind.

"And I'll handle that Diabla, or whatever she is. Hehehahahahaha!", said the Diabolic Esper.

"Enough talking? Let's settle this.", said Diabla.

"Oh fine, Dia blah blah blah.", said Diabolic Esper.

"How dare you-", said Diabla angrily.

"Calm down, Diabla.", said Demonio.

"Ok, Demonio. Now, let's get into battle!", shouted Diabla.

"Hey Dread, chase me!", said Deadly Chaser.

"Really? Then I suppose I will accept your challenge, Chaser.", said Dreadlord. Then they start to chase each other, with insane speed. No one can see them, they're just way too fast.

"Hey, Chiliarch! You pest!", called Eun.

"Don't you dare call me a pest!", said Chiliarch annoyingly. They jump at each other and their weapons clashed, gauntlets vs a spear.

"Heeeeey! Royal Guard!", called Infinity Sword.

"Hm?", Royal Guard turned to him.

"Eat my swords!", said Infinity Sword. He shot a rain of swords onto Royal Guard, but he managed to run away from it.

"You seem to like fighting.", said Royal Guard while running. Then he stops and say "Twilight Judgement."

"Giga Stream.", said Battle Seraph.

"Shadow.", said Noblesse as she send a shadow of her own self to take the blow. "Show me what you've got, Nasod Queen.", said Noblesse.

"If you want to, I'll show you.", said Battle Seraph. She then turn into a real seraph, with electric wings.

"Hey, Demonio. Face me.", said Mastermind when he summon his drones.

"If you say so.", said Demonio. Right then, he jump at Mastermind with full speed.

More, and more fights are coming for you.