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Ladies and mentlegen. Alligators and Crocodiles. This is an addition to the StarGazer Universe, an amalgamation of several unique and growing worlds. Some of these universes will be new, some ancient. Some will be good, others evil. Some may be known to you, others you will find strange. Together, heroes will unite, villains will scheme, and unlikely alliances will be born. We are boundless, we are fearless, we are limitless. Welcome to the StarGazer Universe. ENJOY!

Chapter 12 Feeling Green Part 3

"Stop him!" Peter heard Psychobos yell behind him, as he spider sense fired off and he leaped over a hail of red laser blasts. Peter knew better than to look behind him, knowing that dozens of Techadon robots were chasing him.

As Peter's feet hit the ground again, he continued forward down the long alien hallway. Peter continued to pass several strange alien rooms. In one room, Peter saw a large yellow alien strapped down to a table. In the next room, he saw several Incursean scientists working on black and blue nanobots.

Peter could barely take in the different sights he saw because Psychobos followed closely behind him, ordering Techadons to kill him. As Peter reached the end of the hallway, he made a sharp left turn, running into an abandon lab, with several hanging pictures of Doctor Psychobos. Peter blinked for a quick second, when he suddenly remembered he was being followed.

The young human quickly spun around, and punched the door's control panel. The laboratory's door immediately shut, as Psychobos and the Techadons reach it. Psychobos' skull on his head opened wide, revealing his pink brain. Psychobos then began firing blasts of lightning from his brain, and the Techadons also began firing their lasers at the closed doors.

As Psychobos and the Techadons released their full arsenals on the lab doors, Psychobos yelled, "Do not touch anything in my lab, human! Your puny human mind could not begin to comprehend the wonders I have been working on in that lab!"

Peter, who was scanning through the different pictures of Psychobos, frowned in disgust. The different portraits of Psychobos were very disturbing to the young human. Psychobos continued to rant from outside the door, as Peter's attention was drawn to the different equipment in the lab.

Peter walked by a large control panel, that stood in front of a large monitor. Peter glanced at the monitor and saw the prison block that Saeko mentioned earlier. Peter saw Alan sitting alone in his cell. Peter looked through the different cells and saw the different aliens that were captives to the Incurseans, knowing that he needed to free them all to escape. Peter, however, could not read any of the strange alien text that hovered over the different buttons.

Peter winched at the buttons as he lowered his fingers to certain ones, but continued to stop in caution. Peter reached for one button, but then stopped. The webslinger reached for a different one, but once again couldn't bring himself to push the button.

The room was suddenly shaken by a small tremor by the blasts Psychobos' forces were releasing on the outside door. Peter frowned at the door, as it began to bend inwards. He then looked down at the buttons again and knew he had to decide now.

"What the heck do I do?" Peter said aloud.

"I thought you'd never ask!" Peter heard, which caused the webslinger to jump and look around the room in confusion. Peter looked around the room, seeing a hanging golden and blue Omnitrix, which immediately caught his attention.

Peter ran over to the golden Omnitrix and smirked, "That's a beautiful sight for sore eyes. Might not be Ben's, but I think we can get this one to work."

"Glad you like the Omnitrix, human." Peter heard again, "Now can you please get me out of the glass tube?" Peter began looked around trying to find whoever, or whatever, continued to call out to him.

"Who are you? Where are you?" Peter cautiously called out.

"I'm in the glass tube on the lab table. I'm on your right, 4 o'clock your right." Peter heard, and he glanced down to his right, and saw a sealed glass tube that floated over the lab table. The glass tube was filled with a black goopy substance, that seemed to have a mind of its own. The tube was covered in electricity, and the electricity seemed to be harming the black liquid.

Peter blinked at the substance and said, "No way...Venom?"

"Venom?" The voice said again, now clearing coming from the black substance. "No, I am not a type of venom or poison. I am a living organism, human."

Peter then raised an eyebrow, "I've met a substance like you before. It was a parasite, that latched onto me and tried to drain my life-force."

"Well, you shouldn't put all of us symbiotic life forms in the same category, boy." The symbiote called out to Peter again, which made him frown.

Peter walked over to the symbiote and he growled, "Okay, what do you want? You want to be freed? So, what? So, you can latch onto me and then turn me into a lifeless husk?"

"That does sound nice." The symbiote quickly retorted back to Peter, which caused the webslinger to hop back in surprise. Peter narrowed his eyes at the symbiote, as it continued to speak to him, "I don't want to kill you, human. I simply wish to be released and free, so I can go on to live."

Peter was then surprised by the symbiote's next response. "If you free me, human, I will help you escape this spaceship alive."

Peter shook his head and then growled, "No way. I don't trust you."

"Well that's good." The symbiote growled back to Peter. "I don't trust you either. But I need to be freed to survive. You need to get out of this room to survive." Peter narrowed his eyes at the symbiote as it finished, "So we both need each other. What do you say, boy?"

Before Peter could answer, the lab shook again. Peter then growled and glared down at the symbiote, "If you trick me-"

"I won't." The symbiote growled back.

"If you do," Peter warned, "I'll kill you. Even if it means killing myself as well."

"So be it." The symbiote said. "Now free me, boy! Quickly!"

Peter grabbed hold of the glass tube and felt electricity go through his hand. Peter growled in pain but continued gripping the tube. The symbiote began to groan in pain, but Peter continued. Peter lifted his fist up and punched down on the glass tube, completely shattering it.

As the symbiote dropped to the ground, Peter quickly hopped away. The symbiote, however, leapt forward onto Peter and began to engulf him. Peter struggling against the symbiote's hold, when it called out to him, "Stop struggling, human! We need to merge together in order to survive!"

Peter stopped, but continued to shake as he felt the cold symbiote crawl over his body. The symbiote connected to Peter's spinal cord, his nervous system, and finally his brain stem. Peter began moving around uncomfortably, as the black symbiote began forming around him into a black version of his spider suit. The entire suit was completely midnight black, and Peter's new spider symbol was white and stretched to the back of his suit. Peter winched in discomfort, as he heard the symbiote say in his mind, 'Our merge is complete.'

"I hate this feeling." Peter growled, as he looked down at his black symbiote suit. "And I hate this suit! Why did you put me back in it?"

"I didn't do anything. When I attached to your brain stem, I transformed into the first form you wanted me to become." The symbiote said, then quickly retorted, "Don't blame me if your mind is in the darkest place possible."

Spiderman ignored the symbiote's last comment, and began to stretch, trying to get use to the suit again. Much to his dislike, Spiderman could feel his body adapting to a new symbiotic costume. As Spiderman continued to get use to the costume, the lab door was struck again, and this time it popped off the door's hinges.

As the door began to now hang open, Spiderman ran over to the control panel again. But much to his surprise, the strange alien text began to morph into English in his eyes. Spiderman blinked in confusion and then thought, 'Is the symbiote helping me understand the new tech?'

'Of course I am, boy.' The symbiote said in Spiderman's head. This caused the webslinger to jump in surprise. The symbiote then said in Spiderman's mind, 'I can and will translate all the Incursean symbols and text you need to read. Just concentrate on it and I will do the rest.'

"Wow…" Spiderman said, "Thanks goopy."

The symbiote then growled in Spiderman's head, 'Do not call me that. You may call me Lax.'

"My name is Peter." Spiderman said, when the lab door was struck again, and the door began to collapse in. Spiderman looked down at the control panel again, and as the text began translating to English, he saw the button that said, 'Shut off Power in Prison Block'.

Without saying anything, Spiderman slammed down on the button as the lab door exploded open.

"What happened to the lights?!" Helen called out of her cell, as the entire prison block's power went out.

Alan heard Helen's question, the he shook his head and answered, "No idea! The lights just seemed to turn off."

"No duh, haters." Ben 23 called. Alan heard Ben 23's annoying voice, and he felt a burning feeling in his guts. Alan balled his fist and growled. However, much to his surprise, both his hands caught aflame.

Alan jumped up in fear and quickly yelled, "What the hell?!"

"What did you do?!" Alan heard Manny yell from across the prison block. Alan lifted his flaming hand up to see that the energy wall in front of him was now gone. Alan walked out of his cell and looked around in confusion.

As the young Pyronite continued to look around the dark and powerless cell block, several other aliens began walking out of their cells. Alan looked down at his power collar and saw that it was powered down. Alan quickly yanked it off his neck and sighed.

Before Alan could relax, Kyle ran out of his cell, and Manny followed him. Kyle quickly said again, "I swear, I didn't turn on the device!"

"You had to have!" Manny growled, as he came marching out of his own cell. Manny looked extremely angry, as he ripped off his own power collar and tossed it aside. As Manny began cracking all four of his knuckles, the Tetriamond growled, "You just ruined the entire plan! If anything goes wrong, we're never gonna make it out of here."

"Wow." Alan blinked in shock, as he finally got a good look at Manny. Much to Alan's surprise, Manny was not as large or muscular as most Tetramand that he met before. Manny looked at Alan, as Alan turned into his full Pyronite form.

"What plan are you talking about?!" Ben 23 ran out of his cell, but then stopped in his tracks when he saw both Alan and Manny. Ben 23 then growled, "Oh man. More alien freaks." Ben 23 then turned back and saw the hundreds of more aliens now leaving their cells and helping each other take off their collars. Ben 23 then gulped and backed away, "Oh man. A lot more alien freaks."

"Hey, you shouldn't be so rude." Helen said behind Ben 23, as she moved out her cell. Alan's eyes widened when he realized that Helen was a Kincelerian. Helen smiled at Alan and then blushed, "Oh wow...I didn't realize that you were… you know…"

"What?" Alan said, as he looked down at himself and laughed as he lifted his molten hands, "Hot?"

Helen then giggled, "Lol, sure. We'll stick with that."

"Enough of your flirting!" Kyle growled to both Alan and Helen. "We need to get out of here. There are two guard Techadon robots that are outside the prison block. We're going to have to take them down to get out of here."

Kyle then looked down to the end of the cell block, and to much of his surprise, the cell at the end of the block was still active. Kyle raised an eyebrow, "They keep that cell on reserve power. Who do they have in there?"

"That's not important." Manny growled, "We need to go now. Alan, you and me will take out the two Techadons." Manny ripped off Ben 23's collar and tossed it aside. As Manny moved over to take off Kyle's collar, Alan moved over to Helen. Alan carefully removed Helen's collar, and both young aliens blushed at each other.

"So...do you have anything to do this Saturday?" Alan laughed, "Me and my friends were thinking about hitting up the movies to see that new superhero movie-"

"Get a room, you two freaks." Ben 23 growled, as he moved over to Kyle. Ben looked at Kyle and nodded, "So, what exactly do we do now, tough guy?"

Kyle looked at Ben 23 and rolled his eyes, "We follow Manny's lead." Kyle looked at Alan, as he finished removing Helen's collar. "Alan. You and Manny are going to have to take out the two guards. I'll rally all the other prisoners, so they can riot and start a revolution here. Helen and I will then go to Psychobos' lab so I can get my ring. After I have my ring, we'll get to the hangar, so we can steal a ship."

"Then we ride the storm out of here." Manny smirked, as if the plan was foolproof. Ben 23 nodded, as if he liked the idea. Helen remained silent, not wanted to add her own input.

Alan, however, was not up for this plan. "Um, you're forgetting the part where we go and find Mirajane and Saeko."

Kyle heard Alan say this, and then he put his hand over his eyes. "Dammit."

Manny stepped up to Alan and then simply said, "Sorry, Alan. But Psychobos took them. They're probably dead now. We have to get out while we can. This is it."

Alan, however, did not accept that answer. He stepped in on Manny and then growled, "There is no way I'm leaving Mirajane or Saeko behind. I'm a superhero, and I don't leave anyone behind."

Manny and Alan seemed like they were about to square off, when Helen tried to run between the two, "Wait! We need to focus on getting out of here! Not fighting each other."

Manny and Alan, however, ignored Helen and then each threw a punch at each other. Alan pulled his punch back as he tried to duck under one of Manny's four arms. As Alan ducked under Manny's two uppercuts, Manny used his two lower arms to punch into Alan's chest. Alan was sent flying back, but Manny quickly grabbed him and yanked him forward. Manny pulled Alan into a hold and began squeezing the young hero. Alan growled and then ignited himself, exploded in a bright blast of orange and red flames. Manny growled in discomfort from Alan's flames, when the young Pyronite then slammed his head into Manny's head. Manny dropped Alan and pulled away from the Plumber's Helper.

Alan aimed his fists forward and began blasting a constant stream of flames at Manny, who crossed his arms in front of him and began pushing through the fire. Alan narrowed his eyes at Manny and suddenly cut off his blast. Manny, who now had too much momentum, stumbled forward at Alan, who growled and delivered a devastating right uppercut to Manny's jaw.

Manny began backing away in pain, as Alan stood on his own two feet and balled his fists. Alan then growled to Manny, "We are not leaving Saeko or Mirajane! That is not up for discussion."

"You son of a bitch!" Manny wiped blood from his mouth and growled, "I'll tear you in two."

As Manny and Alan started to charge at the two, Kyle ran between the two and ordered, "If you guys want to kill each other, can't you do it when we're free from this place?"

"Get out of the way!" Manny growled to Kyle, but Kyle then turned to the large Tetramand and refused to move.

Helen then moved in front of Alan and placed her hand on his chest. "You two need to stop this! Stop trying to prove who's the Alpha Male here, so we can get out of here!"

Alan and Manny began to slow their breathing, as Kyle and Helen tried to cool down the situation. As two aliens began to finally seem to be level-headed, Ben 23 rolled his eyes and growled, "Okay. Now that the dick measuring contest is over, can someone get us out of here?"

"Sure thing-" Helen started to say, when a banging noise began coming from one of the vents in the prison block. All the prisoners grew silent, as the banging began to get louder.

"What is that?" Ben 23 gulped.

Kyle quickly snapped at the young boy, "Zip it."

The room grew quiet again, as the banging got louder. All the prisoners looked at each other, when they all suddenly hear a voice coming from the vent, "Are you sure this is the right way?"

The vent was then kicked opened, and Spiderman crawled out of the air vent. Spiderman hopped on the ground, and realized he was surrounded by a legion of alien prisoners. As the aliens all looked at Spiderman, the webslinger looked around and then awkwardly laughed, "So... I'm guessing this is Cell Block B."

"Spiderman!" Alan cheered, as he moved through the different aliens. Alan looked at Spiderman's new Black Suit and he raised an eyebrow, "What's with the costume change?"

"It's temporary." Spiderman quickly said.

Alan was about to say something, when Helen zoomed next to him and giggled, "Um...Alan. Introductions? You didn't tell me you knew Spiderman!"

"Well, you know." Alan blushed and chuckled.

Before Alan could finish his comment, the two exit doors to the cell block opened, revealing four large red Techadon robots, and behind them were the two-blue guarding Techadons. All the prisoners growled or roared at this new sight.

Kyle backed away and growled "Oh f**k me!" Just then the Techadons all aimed their weapons forward at the prisoners and began opening fire. Kyle hopped behind Manny, who crossed his arms in front of his vital organs. Helen zoomed over to Ben 23 at super speed and tackled him. The two slid into an empty cell, narrowly dodging the energy blasts that were now ripped through the alien prisoners!

Spiderman's spider sense was causing both his ears to ring, as he was barely dodging the hail of laser fire. As Spiderman flipped backwards, nearly being hit with a large red laser beam, Lax growled in his mind, "There is a life form in the locked cell in the back of the block!"

Spiderman landed on the ground and growled, "What does that have to do with me?!" Spiderman fired a black web into Alan's back and yanked the young Pyronite away from the fight.

The six Techadon began to advance, as they continued to mow through the innocence alien prisoners.

"We need to get through the vents! I used them to escape Psychobos and his robot guards!" Spiderman yelled to Alan, who could not seem to concentrate because of the screams of aliens around him. Alan's eyes widened as he watched multiple aliens fall victim to the Techadons laser fire.

Alan could not seem to shake himself back into reality, until Spiderman slapped the Pyronite in the face. Spiderman then yelled, "ALBRIGHT! I NEED YOU WITH ME!"

Alan blinked a few times, then he began to nod. Spiderman then yelled, "Kid! Get to the vent! Once you get there, lay covering fire for the others!"

Alan nodded, but couldn't seem to get words to proceed out of his mouth. Spiderman then heard Lax say once again, "Human! There is a life form in the back of the cell block who is listed as a Persona Non-Garda, in the Interlac Database!"

"What does that mean?!" Spiderman once again asked Lax, as his Spider Sense went off again, and he leaned back, dodging a photon missile.

"A being that is classified as a "Planet-Killer" is trapped inside of the cell in the back. If you free this prisoner, you could use it as a distraction to escape with your friends." Lax's voice said in Spiderman's head.

Spiderman then grumbled, "OR, that being will end up killing me and all of my friends."

Spiderman leapt into the air and began swinging towards the back of the cell block, where the remaining locked cell stood tall.

As Spiderman swung away, Manny leapt forward at one of the approaching red Techadon robots. Manny punched the Techadon, and it stumbled back a few feet. However, as Manny tried to close the distance between that Techadon, a second robot turned and fired a missile at Manny's head.

Manny blinked in shock, but a fireball hit the missile. The missile's blast sent Manny backwards, and he hit his butt on the ground. The Tetramand looked over to see Alan, who made his way over to the large broken vent, firing fireballs at the Techadons.

Kyle glanced over at Helen and Ben 23, and realized the two were alright. Kyle then looked and saw that Spiderman made it to the end of the cell block and began tampering with the keypad to the last locked cell in the prison block. Kyle then yelled to Helen, "Helen! Take the kid and get to Alan! Manny, give us some cover!"

Manny and Helen nodded, and both immediately got to work. Manny punched the ground in front of him, and a large piece of the floor rose out in front of him. Helen yanked Ben 23 up, which caused the immature alternate version of Benjamin to growl something to the young alien. Helen, however, ignored him and sped out of the cell, nearly being hit by a large missile. The missile flew into the cell that Helen and Ben were once in, and it completely demolished everything in that cell and the cell next to it.

Kyle, on the other hand, began running towards the back of the cell block. As Kyle drew near the back of the cell block, the force field around the last cell came down, which caused Spiderman to run inside the cell. Kyle called out, "Hey! Be careful! We don't even know who's inside there-"

"WHAT THE HECK MAN?!" Kyle heard Spiderman yell, and Kyle rushed into the cell. Kyle stopped next to Spiderman, and a look of surprised came over his face. Kyle and Spiderman looked down on a naked Hispanic teenage male, with spiky black hair, and orange eyes. The naked Hispanic guy looked extremely mal-nourished, and very sickly.

The boy looked up at Spiderman and Kyle, and put on a weak smile. The guy then laughed, "Oh man...have you guys seen my monkey?"

"Um…" Spiderman said dumbfounded, "Back to the drawing board, Lax."

The boy stopped and started stumbling towards Kyle and Spiderman. Lax said to Spiderman, 'This human seems to be extremely mal-nourished.'

"No duh." Spiderman growled aloud, which caused the boy and Kyle to stop and stare at him. Spiderman looked at both Kyle and the Hispanic teen and then he nervously giggled, "Um, my bad. I have an annoying symbiote attached to my nervous system."

"I didn't know that 'does whatever a spider can' part included having crazy symbiotes in your body." Kyle quickly shot at Spiderman.

Spiderman glared at Kyle and quipped back, "Oh, I didn't know part of the Green Lantern's oath was to be captured and imprisoned like a bitch."

"You're Spiderman?" The Hispanic teen smiled at Spiderman and then Kyle. The boy then spread his arms out, as if he were revealing his true form. "I'm Rex. Nice to meet everyone. Now, you guys know where my monkey is?"

"We need to go guys!" Alan ran into the prison cell, but then stopped in his tracks when he saw the skinny Hispanic guy named Rex. "Who the hell is this guy?!" Alan pointed at Rex, who waved.

As Rex began to open his mouth, Kyle pointed at him and growled, "If you say one more got damn thing about your monkey."

Rex's mouth shut, but his mischievous smile was still planted solid on his face. Rex then looked out of the prison cell, and he saw as the Techadon robots were now rounding up the different alien prisoners.

"Oh boy." Rex then smirked, "Looks like it's nano time."

"What?!" Kyle, Alan, Spiderman, and even the symbiote Lax, all said at the same time.

Rex, however, ignored the three hearable voices, as he charged forward. As Rex charged the deathly Techadons, the large war robots turned on him. One Techadon fired a massive blast of red energy forward, so Rex slid under the blast. Rex rolled under the Techadon, and leapt forward onto the chest of a Techadon. Rex slammed his hand onto the chest of the robot, and blue outlines began growing out of Rex's hand and into the Techadon. As the other Techadons began to turn on Rex, the bright blue glowing outlines grew passed the Techadon, into the ground, and into the remaining Techadons in the room. The Techadons all suddenly shut down and fell silent.

All the remaining aliens and other beings looked at Rex in a mix of surprise and confusion. Rex then looked back at Spiderman and Kyle, and called back, "So, I'm guessing I'm not in Providence."

"Rhode Island?" Helen asked, innocently.

Manny then growled to Helen, "Obviously not, idiot."

"Who is the hell is this freak?" Ben 23 pointed at Rex.

"Who are you, munchkin?" Spiderman asked Ben 23, who glared at him.

"Are you serious? I'm like the world's greatest superhero. Ben 23! You ever heard of me?" Ben 23 growled to Spiderman, who crossed his arms.

Rex then laughed, "I'm Rex Salazar." Rex then snapped his fingers, and all the Techadons began breaking down into tiny nanites. The nanites began to be absorbed into Rex's body, and Rex began to become nourished again. Rex's eyes began glowing blue and all his muscle mass began returning to him. A blue and black tight jumpsuit grew around Rex's body, and Rex stretched his arms out. Rex then looked at Spiderman and then nodded, "Generator Rex is back"

"Oh." Kyle shook his head, "You named yourself, didn't you?"

Alan's face glowed extremely bright, as he tapped Helen's shoulder in excited, "This is going to be so bad ass."

As Ben began to shake furiously on the ground, Saeko tried to move over towards her fallen friend. But as Saeko ran towards Ben, the orange armored Fury jabbed her Vibranium spear at Saeko's head. Saeko swatted the spear away with her sword, and then kicked the orange Fury in the chest. As the orange Fury rolled on her back, the green armored Fury slashed her green lightsaber at Saeko's throat, which caused the purple haired swordsman to hop back. Saeko jabbed her katana forward at green Fury, so the green Fury twisted her green lightsaber and bounced the katana away from her. Saeko took this chance to grab the green Fury by her blue and white hair, and then Saeko yanked the Fury forward. Saeko drove her knee into the green Fury's chest, and the Fury coughed in pain. Saeko then delivered a right hook to the green Fury's head, while the orange Fury began recovering. As the green Fury stumbled backwards, Saeko hopped up and slashed down at the green Fury's head, slashing her katana into the faceplate of the Fury. The Fury, however, did not even flinch. She simply delivered a powerful right hook to Saeko's face. Saeko's lip burst, as she backed away from the Green Fury. As Saeko stumbled backwards, the Orange Fury twisted her spear and jabbed it at Saeko's back, which caused the purple swordsman to side step to the left. The Orange Fury's spear jabbed forward at the Green Fury, who hopped over the spear, stepped on the Orange Fury's back and then leapt forward at Saeko. The Green Fury slashed her lightsaber at full force, and Saeko tried to hop backwards, but her back hit the side of a spaceship and the lightsaber gazed her stomach. Saeko growled in pain, as the skin on her stomach superheated and blackened. Saeko pushed the Green Fury away, and thought to herself, 'They...have gotten a lot better.'

Kai, who covered in blood and sweat, swung her orange prototool laser sword at the Red Fury, who stabbed her red scissor blade into Kai's shoulder. Kai growled in pain, as the Red Fury pushed her blade deep into her shoulder. Kai responded by slashing her sword outward in a wide arc, slashing deep into the Red Fury's shoulder. The Red Fury backed away in pain, and then hissed in anger. Kai grabbed hold of her shoulder, trying to stop the bleeding, when the Blue Fury lashed her blue, red, brown, and green elemental whip into Kai back. Kai yelled in pain, but quickly turned around to face the advancing Blue Fury. The Blue Fury swung her whip forward at Kai, who quickly slid on the ground. Kai then leapt up and tackled the Fury, and the two Female Fatales rolled on the ground. As both Kai and the Blue Fury began lifting back up, the Red Fury began moving towards the two.

Kai yelled out to Saeko, as she kicked the Blue Fury in the chest. "Saeko! We need to end this!" Kai looked over at Ben, who was still shaking, and obviously dying. "Ben is dying!"

"I know!" Saeko growled, as she kneed the Green Fury in the chest, and then elbowed her in the face. As the Green Fury's helmet started gushing out blood, Saeko punched the Fury in the back of the head, and then launched her forward.

As the Green Fury tumbled away, the Orange Fury advanced on Saeko's front. This caused Saeko then growl and furiously kick forward into the Fury's chest.

Kai, who quickly twirled out of the way the Blue Fury's whip, had to take a blind leap backwards, as the Red Fury stabbed forward at her leg. Kai dodged this assail, and then slashed into the Red Fury's hip, which caused the Red Fury to back away in pain. Kai then spun around and slashed the Blue Fury's right hand, and the Fury's hand exploded in blood.

As the Red Fury then turned her attention towards, Saeko, was still more-or-less holding her own against the two other Furies, the Blue Fury moved in on Kai once again.

Kai growled at the Blue Fury, who slashed her whip against the ground. "COME ON, BITCH! COME ON!"

The Blue Fury slashed her whip at Kai's face, and Kai ducked out of the way. Kai tried to move forward on the Fury, but the Fury slashed the whip again, and this time the whip cracked on Kai's cheek. This caused the Kai to winch in pain. The Blue Fury whipped her whip forward one more time, but Kai lifted her Prototool at the right moment, blocking the whip. The whip wrapped around Kai's Prototool blade, and much to Kai's surprise, the Blue Fury yanked the whip forward. Kai stumbled forward, but quickly regained her footing. The Blue Fury would not quit, so she began wrapped the sizzling electric whip around her own arms, as she pulled Kai towards her. The Blue Fury's arm plates seemed to be melting into her skin, as she pulled Kai within breathing distance now. As Kai became trapped under the Blue Fury's strength, the Fury lifted her right hand up to Kai's face. The Blue Fury's hand, began collecting all the blood around, and the blood began forming into the form of an extremely sharp and deadly blood blade. The Blue Fury began pushing the spike down at Kai's throat, which caused the young girl to growl and then twist her Prototool away from the Fury and maneuver herself behind the Blue female. Kai then stabbed her prototool into the Fury's good shoulder, but the Fury quickly slammed her elbow into Kai's face. Kai's nose burst in blood, which caused her to pull her prototool out of the Fury's shoulder and back away. As Kai grabbed her nose, the Blue Fury's whip turned into water, and the Fury tossed the whip aside. The Fury then lifted her hands, and two large dueling knives made completely of earth, lifted out of the hangar bay's floor. The Blue Fury began twisted the knives around her, as she began slowing walking towards Kai.

Kai, who was already breathing heavily, growled as she twisted her own Prototool. As her Prototool came to a stop in her hand, Kai then let out a savage scream, and she charged forward at the Blue Fury.

As Saeko and Kai fought off the four Furies, Granny Goodness had Mirajane's Cosmic Satan Soul form pinned against the Hangar Bay wall. Granny Goodness lifted Mirajane up with one hand, and growled, "You ungrateful little whore! You would treat your Granny like this? I saved you from death. I pulled you from that s**thole world you called home. And this is how you thank me? I'm going back to Edolas, and I'm killing whatever remains of your Fairy Tail family!"

Mirajane growled, as her body began to glow bright orange. Mirajane's skin turned into a light brown shade, as she changed into a new Satan Soul form. A dark brown armor, which seemed to be made completely rocks, sand, and precious metals, formed around Mirajane's torso and legs. Three blue diamonds formed a triangle on Mirajane's chest, and the diamonds shone extremely bright. Rock-like gauntlets formed over Mirajane's wrists, and those gauntlets, seemed to be small drill bits pointing outward from Mirajane's arms. Mirajane's wings disappeared into her back, and her the end of her tail was engulfed in a large metal ball, with several jagged diamond spikes pointing out.

Granny Goodness smirked at Mirajane's new form and growled, "You think the Spring Jackal: Satan Soul transformation will save you? I know all of your forms and all of your moves, girl!"

Mirajane, whose eyes drifted towards Ben's lifeless body, then growled. Granny Goodness, however, continued to taunt Mirajane, as she slammed the she-demon into the wall. "You're weak! You've grown soft around these humans! I'll have to toughen you up again."

Mirajane's tail then randomly whipped upward and slammed its metal spike into Granny Goodness' face. Granny Goodness was taken by surprise, and she dropped Mirajane and backward away. Mirajane fell to the ground, and then began running at Granny at full speed. Granny's fist began engulfed in Omega Energy, as she laughed at Mirajane, "A cheap shot? I always thought Saeko was the one I taught to fight dirty."

As Mirajane closed in on Goodness, Granny mercilessly jabbed the she-demon in the chest. Mirajane immediately coughed up blood, as all her rips were suddenly shattered by Granny Goodness. Granny then lifted her elbow up and drove it down on Mirajane's head. Mirajane slammed into the ground at an extremely high speed. Mirajane's head slammed against the ground, but this just caused Granny to then stomp her foot down on Mirajane.

"We need to make this quick." Spiderman said, as he Rex, Manny, Kyle, Ben 23, Helen, and Alan ran into Dr. Psychobos' empty laboratory. Spiderman looked around the lab and then nodded, "I honestly thought this place would be swarming with those robots."

"Yeah, Techadons are a lot to deal with, especially when you don't have the proper equipment." Manny mumbled, as he walked over to a wall of energy rifles, pistols, and other powerful weapons. Manny strapped on four energy pistols to his vest. Then he lifted two energy automatic rifles, and latched them on his back.

Ben 23 walked over to where his Omnitrix hovered inside a containment field. Ben 23 tapped a few buttons on the control panel, and the containment field dropped, and the blue and golden Omnitrix fell in Ben 23's hand. Ben was about to put it on, when Spiderman called out, "Wait Ben! Our Ben...the Ben from this universe… he needs an Omnitrix to survive. To live. His Omnitrix has exploded into a dozen pieces. It's completely ruined."

Ben 23 frowned at Spiderman and then growled, "No way. This is my Hero watch. There's no way I'm giving up my Hero Watch."

Spiderman got on his knee and looked the younger version of his good friend Ben. "Ben...listen buddy. I promise you that we will get you your watch back. But my friend is going to die without it, and I can't let that happen." Spiderman put his hand on Ben's shoulder and nodded, "I need you to trust me. Please."

Ben 23 lowered his head, but refused to say anything.

Spiderman was about to say something to encourage Ben, when Alan called out to Spiderman. "Hey, Peter! I mean...Mr. Parker...I mean, Spiderman!"

"Just go ahead and out my secret identity, Heatblast." Spiderman growled to Alan, who scratched his head in embarrassment.

Helen looked at both Spiderman and Alan, then she said in excitement, "Wow, your name is Peter?"

Alan then nervously laughed and said, "Um, actually. His name isn't Peter. I was calling him Peter, because that's not his real name. Hahaha."

"Oh." Helen said, now a bit disappointed.

"In the Hangar Bay, Saeko, Kai, and Mirajane are fighting an old lady and a bunch of armored chicks. They don't seem to be having that great of a time. We need to help them." Alan pointed at the camera monitor, and saw multiple angles of the fight. Granny Goodness had her foot on Mirajane's chest, while Saeko and Kai continued to try to fight off the different Furies.

"Everyone!" Spiderman ordered, and got to his feet, "Get whatever you need! We're moving out now!"

Kyle pulled out his Green Lantern ring, and picked up his lantern. Kyle looked over at Rex, who looked around the lab in a mix of confusion and interest. Rex looked at several pieces of scrapped technology and then rubbed his chin. Kyle asked Rex, "Hey man. What are you staring at man?"

Rex rubbed his chin, and then he looked at Ben's golden Omnitrix and then he smirked. "I think I have an idea on how to help your friend, Spiderman." Rex looked over at Spiderman with a mischievous smile on his face.

Kyle slipped his ring on his ring, and then he lifted his ring to his lantern. Kyle's eyes started glowing bright green as he began chanting his oath. "Brightest Day, Blackest Night…"

Green will power energy began swirling around Kyle, as his arm was engulfed in a blast of green power. "...No evil shall escape my sight,"

Green and black metals and substances began growing around Kyle's body. As his armor grew around him, a black mouth plate grew under Kyle's eyes and covered everything below the Lantern's eyes. The black plated mask began to become glossy, and small white glowing spots began floating around the mask. "...Let those who worship evil's might,"

"Beware my power…" Kyle's green and black armor finally came together on his body. Kyle's entire torso was covered in a dark green armored plating, with a white circle in the center of the armor. Inside that white circle was a green lantern-shaped object, which shined extremely bright. Kyle's legs and arms were covered in black and white plated guards, that latched tightly to his body. Kyle's eyes had a powerful green glow to them, as he declared with power, "GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!"

Everyone backed away from the Green Lantern, as Kyle's body released several waves of green energy around him. As one wave of energy faded away, another was instantly released from Kyle's body. Kyle's armor finally molded together, and he began levitating a few feet off the ground.

"Wow…" Alan shook his head in awe.

Spiderman gulped then nodded, "Yeah, that's not something you see everyday, am I right?"

Helen's mouth hung wide open as nodded her head in silence. Lax then said in Spiderman's head, 'That was quite the spectacle, indeed.'

"That was pretty awesome, Kyle." Ben 23 smirked, as he crossed his arms.

Green Lantern looked over at the young human and then nodded, "Ben, I think I'd prefer you use my proper title. Green Lantern."

Ben 23 nodded and said, "Save it for someone who cares, Rayner." Ben looked at Spiderman and then grumbled, "So, what now, Spidey? Are we still going to save your friends?"

Without a hesitation, Spiderman nodded to everyone and ordered, "Let's go!"

As Granny stomped down on Mirajane's head, Saeko became pinned by both the Green and Orange Fury. Both the Orange and Green Furies crossed their weapons into an X, and then pushed Saeko's katana back against her chest. Saeko struggled as both Furies pressed their attacks on her, and she growled to the Orange Fury, "Rei, stop this, dammit! I don't want to kill you! We can protect you all on Earth! We can kill Darkseid."

The Orange Fury, however ignored Saeko, and pushed her spear with more force. As Saeko pushed against the two Furies, the Red Fury slowly stalked Saeko from behind. As the Red Fury slowly twisted her sword, she silently made her way to Saeko's blind spot.

As the Red Fury was about to strike, Saeko heard Spiderman's voice above her. "Watch your back, Busujima!" Saeko glanced up to see Spiderman, in his new Black Suit, swinging towards her. And much to Saeko's surprise, Spiderman was followed by Alan, Helen, Manny, Ben 23, Green Lantern, Rex, and a couple dozen recently escaped alien prisoners. Alan fired a large fireball at both the Orange and Green Furies, and the blast caused the two Furies to zoom away from Saeko. This allowed Saeko then furiously turn around and stab her katana upward into the jaw of the Red Fury, and through the Fury's skull.

Spiderman landed on the ground and his eyes widened as Saeko yanked her katana out of the head of the lifeless Fury. Spiderman looked at Saeko, who glanced at him with wild eyes. Spiderman shook his head, "Saeko...you okay?"

Spiderman was interrupted by Lax yelling in his head, 'Duck! Lightning!' Spiderman's spider sense exploded, as he ducked and barely missed a large blast of lightning. Spiderman looked behind him and saw Dr. Psychobos crawl into the Hangar Bay with a dozen remaining Techadon behind him.

Green Lantern yelled to any of the prisoners who could hear him over the explosions around him, "Everyone needs to get out of here! Get into a ship and launch into hyperspace. That can't follow us all out of here!" As Green Lantern was about to say something else, Granny Goodness slung Mirajane by her tail into the Emerald Knight. Both Mirajane and Green Lantern tumbled away from the New God, as she stomped towards the two.

As several aliens began trying to move away from the Techadons and towards the several abandon ships in the Bay, the Techadons began opening fire on the aliens, and anything that seemed to move. Several large laser blasts hit stray spaceships, which caused them to explode.

As an explosion happened behind her, Kai's prototool slashed with one of the Blue Fury's stone knives. The Blue Fury angled her second knife and thrashed it at Kai's head. Kai swatted away Blue Fury's knife away, and then kicked the Fury in her side. The Fury recovered and then jabbed Kai in her arm with one of the knives, and Kai backed away in pain.

Saeko pointed her sword outward, as both the Orange Fury and the Green Fury began to circle around her. Spiderman ran towards her, but Saeko yelled, "Pete! Get everyone out of here! You have to help Ben!"

Spiderman stopped in his tracks and slapped his head, "BEN! Oh man!" Spiderman pointed at Ben 23, who still held his Omnitrix in his hand. "Ben! Follow me!" Ben 23 nodded, and he and Spiderman ran towards the motionless Ben, who was still lifeless on the ground. Rex saw Spiderman and Ben 23 running for Ben, and then Rex's eyes fell on the destroyed Omnitrix. Rex's nanites began forming a picture of a strange new device in his mind. Rex's nodded, and ran towards Ben's destroyed Omnitrix.

Spiderman yelled to Alan, as he, Helen, and Manny hid behind a collapsed spaceship. "Alan! Get to the Rustbucket, and plot a course to Earth! We're going to have to get going as soon as everyone's on board!"

Alan nodded, and then looked at Manny. "Manny! Cover us!" Manny nodded, as he pulled the two plasma rifles off his back and began firing at Psychobos and the Techadons. Psychobos crawled out of the way of the plasma fire, and many of the Techadon robots refused to move, just taking all the gun fire. Alan and Helen then took this chance, and both teenagers charged for the Green Plumber Starship, that was still surprisingly in one piece.

Saeko aimed her sword at the Orange Fury and growled, "Rei! I will kill you if I must! I don't want to do this, but I'm not going back! I'm never going back!" As Saeko finished, the Green Fury pushed her lightsaber forward, and the green energy blade loosened into a long green energy whip! Saeko heard the buzzing of the lightsaber behind her, and narrowed her eyes. The Green Fury began twirling her whip as she walked behind Saeko, and the Orange Fury's spear began radiating Omega energy.

The Green Fury slung her whip down at Saeko's head, so Saeko slashed her katana upwards, knocking the whip off course. As the green energy whip slung into the ground, melting into the floor, the Orange Fury stabbed at Saeko's chest, which caused Saeko then twist her sword into the spear, barely angling the spear away from her. The spear tip cut through Saeko's thigh, and the swordswoman growled in pain. She kicked the Orange Fury in the chest, and as the Orange Fury rolled away, the Green Fury slashed her whip into Saeko's other side, and Saeko screamed in pain. Saeko quickly turned and slung her katana at the Green Fury's arm, and the sword cut the Fury's arm off completely. Saeko slid towards the Green Fury, who caught her lightsaber in her remaining arm. Saeko kicked the saber out of the Fury's hand, and then headbutted the Fury so hard that a large gash was cut into Saeko's forehead. The Green Fury stumbled backwards, as Saeko picked up her katana in one hand, and held the lightsaber in her other hand. The Orange Fury glared at Saeko and then nodded. Saeko raised an eyebrow, when the Red Fury suddenly hopped from behind Saeko and tried to grab hold of the her. Saeko side stepped and slashed her katana forward at the Red Fury. The Red Fury lifted her arms upwards, using them to block Saeko's katana. Much to Saeko's surprise, the Red Fury's armor held up against her Vibranium katana. Saeko then growled and slashed the lightsaber into the Red Fury's back. The Red Fury yelled in pain, but then Saeko pushed her off. As the Red Fury lay unconscious, the Orange Fury then slammed her shoulder into Saeko's chest, and Saeko yelped in surprise. The Orange Fury kicked both Saeko's katana and lightsaber away from her, then she twisted her spear around Saeko's neck and forced Saeko on her knees. Saeko struggled to push the spear away from her throat, as the Orange Fury twisted her spear's tip to aim at Saeko's neck. Saeko struggled to push the spear away, when the Orange Fury leaned forward and whispered in Saeko's ear, "Time to die." The Orange Fury yanked her spear downward, but Saeko slammed her head into the Orange Fury's head, causing the girl to jerk backwards. Saeko grabbed hold to the Orange Fury's spear and swung it downward onto the Orange Fury's head. The spear slung down, cutting the Orange Fury's mask open, revealing the face of a Japanese teenage girl, who had hardened cold orange eyes, and an orange buzz cut hair style.

Saeko aimed the spear down at the girl and growled, "Rei! Stand down! This is over!"

Rei, the Orange Fury, glared back at Saeko, not speaking. She only glared at Saeko. Saeko lifted the spear and declared, "I have bested you! Submit!"

"Never." Rei snarled to Saeko. "I will kill you, and deliver your head to Darkseid."

"Darkseid?" Rex whispered to Spiderman, as the two made it to Ben 23, who was kneeling next to Ben's unconscious body. Rex put his hand on Ben's chest, and blue outlines began growing on Ben's chest. Ben 23 and Spiderman both looked at Rex, as he closed his eyes and began to concentrate. "Wow...my nanites are telling me that this guy's DNA has been shredded to bits...how is that possible? I've never seen anything in the universe that can tear apart a person's DNA."

"You haven't met Malware." Spiderman said, as he glared at Malware's soupy remains.

Dr. Psychobos began crawling towards Green Lantern, as the young hero charged forward at Granny Goodness, who was making short work of Mirajane, when a large ship craft pulled in front of him. Dr. Psychobos stopped in his tracts, and much to his surprise, the pilot of the spaceship was Princess Attea.

"Get in, Egghead." Attea yelled to Psychobos, who frowned at her. Attea then growled, "Hey, I'm not going to repeat myself. SixSix and SevenSeven are waiting on one of my cruisers, right outside the Armada's rim."

"And the prisoners who are trying to escape?" Dr. Psychobos narrowed his eyes at the princess. Attea simply smirked.

"I've ordered all my other ships to blow this vessel to bits as soon as I give the order." Attea nodded, "Now get on." After hearing this, Psychobos smirked and crawled on the ship, as it began angling towards the Hanger Doors.

Mirajane punched down on Granny Goodness' head, as the New God directed her attention on Saeko and Rei, who both seemed to be locked in a heated glaring battle. Granny growled as Mirajane then leapt over her and slammed her mace-like tail against her head. As Mirajane landed in front of Granny Goodness, Granny began moving towards the she-devil. But to much of Granny's surprise, a large wall of green bricks made completely of energy appeared in front of her.

Granny Goodness snarled to herself, "Lantern?!" Goodness turned her head, to see the Green Lantern float behind her, aiming his ring creating his construct. Goodness smirked at the Emerald Knight and chuckled, "So, you're suppose to be a Green Lantern? What is your name, boy?"

"Why does that matter, bitch?" Green Lantern growled.

Goodness continued to shift her attention between Mirajane, and the Green Lantern, as both fighters circled her slowly. Goodness then smirked, "I think it would only be right to know the name of the boy I'm about to kill."

"In your dreams, bitch!" Green Lantern created two long swords with his ring, and pointed them both at Granny Goodness, while Mirajane crouched and began glowing bright orange. An orange magic circle appeared on Mirajane's chest and it began twirling in circles. Mirajane's body began releasing several waves of sand and dust around her, and then fists became engulfed in multiple rocks and metals.

"Magma Prominise!" Mirajane roared, and then charged forward at Granny Goodness. Mirajane launched herself fist forward, and this caused the old hag to grab hold of Mirajane's fist, completely absorbing the attack.

Mirajane's eye widened, as Granny Goodness' eyes began glowing bright red. The old hag snarled at Mirajane, when Green Lantern flew behind Granny Goodness and slashed both of his green construct swords down on the New God. Much to his surprise, Granny released a wave of Omega Energy from her back, and Lantern's constructs were instantly obliterated by the wave of energy. Granny looked at both Mirajane and the Green Lantern and then laughed, "Oh come on! Is this really the best you got?"

"Above you, bitch!" Granny Goodness heard, and she looked upward and saw Manny diving downward at her, with all four of his fists ready to punch the old woman. Granny Goodness smirked as Manny continued, "You're wide open!"

Granny Goodness rolled her eyes at Manny, and then as Manny closed in, Granny Goodness snarled, "OMEGA BURST!" Granny Goodness released a large flash of bright red energy from her eyes, and this energy released a concussive force so power that it sent Mirajane, Manny, and Green Lantern flying backwards.

As Mirajane sailed over Saeko's head, Saeko still had Rei's spear aimed at her chest. Rei put a smirk on her face and goaded the purple haired swordswoman. "What are you waiting for, you stupid bitch! You've basically killed me already! You left me alone with Darkseid-"

"I did what I had to do to survive." Saeko quickly shot to Rei, whose eyes widened in a crazed feeling of anger.

"You killed Takashi! You killed the one person who ever loved you." Rei called out for everyone to hear.

"What?" Spiderman asked silently.

Green Lantern, who was on a knee, looked over at Saeko and Rei and then asked aloud. "What? Saeko killed someone?"

"In cold blood." Granny Goodness gloated, as she walked next the Lantern. Granny Goodness then called out, "Saeko had to chose between her life and the lives of some of her friends. Saeko chose her own life. She murdered them all in cold blood."

"The man I loved." Rei growled to Saeko, who lowered her head and had tears streaming out of her eyes. Rei then smirked, "You killed him, and that's why I'm going to kill you! You're nothing but a filthy traitor! You kill everyone you touch."

Saeko shook her head and whispered, "No... that's not true."

Mirajane yelled out to Saeko, "Saeko! Don't listen to that stupid bitch! She's wrong!"

"Quiet, she-devil." Rei snarled at Mirajane, who snarled back at her. Rei then directed her attention back at Saeko, "So, do it bitch. Kill me. But if you do, I will come back. I will haunt you...just like he haunts me...just like he haunts you."

Saeko dropped Rei's spear and backed away from the Fury, who quickly rolled forward and grabbed her spear. Saeko stomped on the hilt of her katana and it slung upwards into her hands. Saeko and Rei clashed their weapons together, and sparks of energy were sent flying everywhere.

"SAEKO!" Spiderman yelled, who was at Ben's side, with Ben 23 next to him. Spiderman stood to run over to Saeko, but Rex grabbed him and stopped the young hero.

"Spiderman!" Rex said, as he kneeled next to both Bens and lifted the mangled Omnitrix. "I need you here! I'm going to try to save Ben!"

Spiderman shook his head in concern, as he looked away from Saeko and kneeled next to Ben.

"Lantern!" Mirajane yelled, as she and Green Lantern had gotten back to their feet. Tears streamed down Mirajane's face, as the Orange Fury loosened her grip on Saeko.

"Let's get this bitch." Green Lantern growled, as both he and Mirajane began charging Granny Goodness. Green Lantern glanced at Mirajane and nodded, "I go high, you go low!"

"Let's tear this bitch in half!" Mirajane snarled as they neared her.

Granny Goodness, however, began to laugh. "Hahaha. Well, well. How the mighty have fallen! I expected a certain death for the human over there," Granny motioned towards Kai, who was now disarmed and pinned down by the Blue Fury. "But Saeko? I would never had thought she'd be brought to tears...because of her dead boyfriend! I can't wait to tell Darkseid!"

Mirajane glared at the old hag, as she continued. "And Darkseid thought getting her back was the most important thing. Congratulations, Rei! Queen of Darkseid's Furies! You are now officially the head of Darkseid's honor guard!"

Mirajane roared and began charging at Granny Goodness, who saw this and rolled her eyes. "Oh, Mirajane! You never learn! I know all of your moves!" Granny Goodness began summoning a ball of Omega energy in her hands.

As Mirajane continued her charge, Green Lantern soared behind her and began summoning a ball of his own green willpower energy. Green Lantern fired off his ball as Goodness fired off hers, but as both balls of energy crossed each other, Mirajane leapt forward at the ball of Omega energy. A magic circle appeared over Mirajane's chest and she growled, "Gaia Force Alive!" Mirajane's body was engulfed in an orange and brown aura, and she collided with the blast of Omega Energy. Lantern's ball of energy hit Granny Goodness, but the old woman was unfazed by the attack.

"Please," Granny growled at the Green Lantern, "Don't tell me that's the best the Guardians of the Universe have to offer." However, Mirajane emerged from the Omega energy unharmed. Still covered in orange magical energy, Mirajane charged forward and slammed her shoulder in Granny Goodness' chest. Granny Goodness yelped in surprise, "What the hell?!"

"Gaia Force Alive is a special magical technique that my Master Makarov taught me." Mirajane growled, as she drove her fist upwards into Granny's stomach, which caused the hag to cough up air. "This technique makes my body completely invulnerable. That's not all, any energy attack that hits me is converted into Terra energy, which I can use to strengthen my attacks!" Mirajane then slung another punch into Granny's face, which caused the New God to back away in pain.

Green Lantern took this opening and then created a large spikey gauntlet construct with his ring, and then he punched Granny Goodness in the back of the head. Granny Goodness stumbled forward, and Mirajane leapt forward and drove her knee into Goodness' rib cage.

Granny Goodness grabbed her chest, and Mirajane charged the old woman yelling, "I will defeat you, and send whatever remains of you back to Darkseid! I'm not the same little girl you use to bully."

Granny Goodness growled as Mirajane neared her, but then Green Lantern, who created a green sledgehammer with his ring, slammed the hammer into Granny Goodness' knee and the old hag fell to one knee. Mirajane then leapt forward and her fist became engulfed in a ball of orange and brown magical energy. Mirajane then growled, "Now die!"

Mirajane socked Goodness in the face, but the New God quickly hopped to her feet and pulled Mirajane into a strong death lock. Granny Goodness wrapped her arms around Mirajane and began crushing the she-devil.

Mirajane yelled out in pain, as Granny Goodness jerked her arms together and Mirajane's back snapped! Granny Goodness smirked and laughed, "OH! I love hearing the sound of snapped bones! It's so refreshing!" After Granny Goodness finished her statement, Mirajane's Satan Soul form disappeared and Mirajane returned to her human body. And while Mirajane's body was instantly healed, she was still rendered unconscious.

Granny Goodness tossed the young woman aside, then directed her rage at the Green Lantern, who looked at Mirajane with wide eyes. Granny Goodness simply laughed, "Okay, boy. Time to deliver on my promise. What was it again?" Granny Goodness then gave Green Lantern a dark and evil smile, "Oh yeah. I said I was going to kill you."

"How long until he's okay?" Ben 23 asked Rex, as the Hispanic Evo held his hand on Ben's chest. While explosions and chaos swirled around the group, Rex continued to try to save Ben's life.

"I don't know, man." Rex shook his head, "My nanites usually fix machines, or cure Evos. I've never used them to try to fix a person's DNA."

"You have to try." Spiderman said to Rex, as he glanced over to Saeko, and saw the swordswoman grab Rei by the head and slam her knee into her face.

"Why don't you try to fix his Hero Watch?" Ben 23 pointed at the shattered and scrapped Omnitrix that once belonged to Ben. "If your tiny robot bots can fix machines, just fix his Hero Watch."

"It's too advanced for my nanites." Rex grumbled, as he kept his hand planted on Ben's chest. "My nanites have no idea where to even start with that tech. I'd have to let them study his watch for days to get a simple understanding of his device."

"That makes sense, I guess." Spiderman said, as another explosion happened behind the trio, who hovered over Ben.

"Why does that make sense?" Ben 23 asked in confusion.

Spiderman, who continued to look at Rex, simply nodded and narrowed his eyes at Ben's body, "The Omnitrix is alien technology. And I'm guessing your nanites can't get a grip on the level of tech that is built in it."

"My Hero Watch is alien tech?" Ben 23 shook his head in confusion. "But...that doesn't make any sense! Aliens are the bad guys! I know that for sure."

"That's not always an absolute, kid." Spiderman grumbled to Ben 23, as he looked over at Rex. "Alright, Rex. So, your nanites can't fix his DNA or his Omnitrix, what do we do now?"

Rex looked at Spiderman and shrugged, "I have no idea. Unless you have a spare...watch." Rex looked over at Ben 23. Spiderman then looked at Ben 23 as well. The young man glanced at both teenage heroes, who had determined looks on their faces.

Ben 23 shook his head and then immediately said, "Oh, heck no! This Hero Watch is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I can't just give it up!"

"Ben is going to die if you don't let him wear it!" Spiderman growled, "He's being pulled apart from his DNA! Nothing can save him besides an Omnitrix!"

Rex put his hand on Ben 23's shoulder and he then nodded, "Hey, Ben. Spiderman is right. This guy is dead without your Omnitrix."

"He will give it back to you, I swear." Spiderman nodded to Ben 23, who's lip started to quiver. Spiderman then quickly said, "And if he tries to keep it, there is a Kryptonian and a super-powered vampire who will not hesitate to kick Ben's ass. But if we're doing this, we need to do this now."

Ben 23 frowned down at Ben's unconscious body, and then he nodded. Ben 23 then lifted his gold and blue Hero Watch, and then handed it off to Spiderman. "Do what you have to, I guess."

Spiderman immediately slapped the new Omnitrix on Ben's unconscious body. The Omnitrix immediately latched onto Ben's wrist and began glowing bright blue. Spiderman looked at the Omnitrix and then Ben's body and then he raised an eyebrow, "Um...so this should be working, right?"

Rex, who was still injecting nanites into Ben's body, called out, "My nanites are still saying that his DNA is still ripped in two and still unraveling. What else do you need to do with the watch?"

"Maybe you have to active it." Ben 23 guessed, as he crawled on top of Ben, and lifted his arm up. Ben 23 pushed down on the flat faceplate of the Omnitrix, and a blue holographic screen launched upwards. A holographic circle with multiple of Ben's original aliens' faces on it hovered over the watch, and Ben 23 began cycling through the list of different heroes. Ben 23 finally reached the alien Ben had dubbed 'Frankenstrike'. Ben 23, however, laughed and then said, "Okay! Time for some LightningVolt action!" Ben 23 released the faceplate, and the faceplate shifted out of the way, revealing the Omnitrix's core.

"Lightning Volt?" Rex asked as Ben 23 slammed down on the Omnitrix's core, and Ben's body was engulfed in a flash of bright blue light. Ben 23, Rex, and Spiderman backed away as Ben's body floated to his feet. Ben's left arm suddenly had several veins start growing outwards and upwards towards his face. As the veins reached his eyes, Ben's eyes went from white with green pupils, to all yellow eyes. Ben's arms grew extremely large, and suddenly two massive arms punched out of Ben's lower torso. Ben's suddenly turned dark red and his transformation was finally completely. Four Arms roared loudly and then flexed all his muscles.

"Handy Man?" Ben 23 grumbled, as Four Arms began lifting his arms and checking himself in all places.

"Ben!" Spiderman yelled, when both Ben 23 and Four Arms looked at the webslinger. Spiderman then shook his head and then nodded, "I mean, my Ben."

Four Arms then smirked at Spiderman, "It feels good to be back! I swear I thought I was dead! Everything was really black, but I could still hear a bunch of explosions around me." Four Arms then looked at Ben 23, and noticed that this Ben seemed younger and covered in expensive jewelry. "Oh man. Who's the runt?"

Ben 23 crossed his arms and then growled, "Who you calling a runt? I saved your life. You're wearing my Omnitrix."

Four Arms looked at his shoulder and realized that the Omnitrix he had on was blue and not green. Four Arms blinked in shock and then he looked at the young Ben with wide eyes. "You saved my life...thanks. I owe you one."

"You owe him a new watch, amigo." Rex laughed to Four Arms.

"Who is this guy?" Four Arms pointed at Rex.

"Great question." Spiderman said, when his spider sense went off, and then he grabbed Ben 23 and hopped out of the way yelling, "Hit the deck!"

Rex and Four Arms both ducked as the ship that both Attea and Psychobos were in fired off, and began flying towards the Hangar Bay doors.

Saeko kicked Rei in the chest and then yelled, "Jesus! Everyone grab hold of something!" Rei took this chance to punch Saeko in the face, and Saeko's lip burst open.

As the ship flew towards the Hangar doors, the doors swung open and then all the air in the Hangar Bay began flying into the vastness of space. Saeko and Rei both stabbed their weapons into the ground, barely holding themselves in place. As the Blue Fury reached for something to hold onto, Kai grabbed her by her head and then kneed the Fury in the face. Kai then stabbed her Prototool into the ground and grabbed hold of the unconscious Fury. Granny Goodness stood tall, as all the oxygen flew passed her, and she seemed unfazed. Green Lantern created a hooked gauntlet and smashed the hook into the ground, hooking himself to the ground. Mirajane, on the other hand, ignored the fact that all the oxygen was escaping the room, and was engulfed in a ball of demonic energy. Her original Satan Soul form appeared, and she snarled at Granny Goodness. Spiderman slammed his hand to the ground and stuck to the ground, and then he held tight to Ben 23. Four Arms punched into the ground to hold himself in place, but Rex then growled and glared at Granny Goodness.

"We need to get out of here!" Spiderman yelled to any Titans who could hear him.

Rex, on the other hand, growled back, "We need to finish this." Rex's hands were then covered in several blue highlights. Then two massive orange, black, and grey metallic fists grew over Rex's own hands. Rex then growled, "This ends now!"

Rex leapt forward, and the vacuum pulled Rex forward towards Granny Goodness. Granny blinked in confusion, as Rex punched her with his massive fist. Goodness backed away in pain, but then Mirajane tackled the old woman and the two were sucked into the vacuum of space.

Rex's massive fists broke apart, revealing his normal hands. But then Rex's right arm was suddenly covered by the blue highlights once again, and then a large orange and deadly sword grew out of Rex's arm. Rex stabbed the massive sword into the ground, and he slid next to the Rustbucket. The Rustbucket's engines began to fire off, and Rex looked at the large green spaceship.

Kai, saw this and then yelled, "We need to onto the Rustbucket, and then get out of here!" Kai then looked at Spiderman and then yelled, "Parker! Get everyone on!"

Spiderman nodded to Rex, and yelled at the top of his lungs, "Rex! Use your nanites to close the Hangar doors!"

"What about Mirajane?!" Four Arms screamed, "We can't leave her out there!"

"Do it!" Green Lantern yelled, as his body became covered in his green aura. "Close the doors once I'm outside! I'll go and help her take down Granny Goodness!" Before anyone could yell out to Kyle, the Lantern had already launched himself forward and out of the bay doors and into space.

"Rex! The doors!" Spiderman yelled again.

"Wait!" Four Arms yelled, "One more!" Four Arms released the floor and was sucked towards the Hangar Bay doors. Four Arms then slammed on the blue Omnitrix and he was engulfed in a flash of blue light. Four Arms was then replaced by the alien hero Jetray. Jetray was a red, humanoid, manta ray like alien with two black lightning bolt-like stripes coming down from his shoulders to his Omnitrix symbol. Jetray had yellow horns extending from his nose, gills underneath his arms and yellow patagia which he uses to fly and glide through water.

"Jetray!" Jetray yelled and then zoomed out of the Hangar Doors. Rex then slammed his free hand onto the ground and his nanites began flowing through the floor. After a few seconds, the massive Hangar Bay doors began to close.

Saeko saw the doors begin to close, and she took this time to try a crazy plan of attack. Saeko kicked Rei's spear out of the ground, and the Orange Fury lost her grip on the spear. As Rei was sucked towards the closing Hangar Doors, Saeko released her sword and grabbed hold of Rei. As the two flew towards the doors, Saeko punched Rei in the face, which caused Rei to grunt. Rei then kicked Saeko in mid-air, but Saeko grabbed Rei's kick and then punched down on Rei's stomach at full force. Saeko felt her heavy punch crack a few of Rei's bones, and Rei growled in pain. As the doors finally closed, the outer pull into space came to a stop, and Rei and Saeko slammed into the Hangar Bay doors at a high speed. Saeko and Rei hit the door extremely hard and both Furies fell to the ground unconscious.

Spiderman released Ben 23 and then began running towards Saeko. "Saeko!"

'She is fine.' Lax said in Peter's head. 'I detect her heartbeat from here. She will be alright. Her body is extremely durable.' Spiderman reached Saeko and lifted her in his arms, and he began breathing heavily. Lax then said in his head, 'You can slow your heart rate now. Your friend is alright.'

"Good." Spiderman said, as he brushed a small piece of Saeko's purple hair that covered her face. "I'm glad."

After looked at Saeko for a few seconds, Spiderman realized that the swordswoman began to awaken. Saeko's eyes slowly opened, and she smiled upwards at the webslinger. Spiderman's black mask slowly formed off his head, and revealed his human face. Spiderman smiled back at Saeko, and this caused Saeko to laugh.

"Nice suit." Saeko gigged. "I think the black...looks pretty good for you."

"Thanks." Peter laughed, as the black suit then formed on his face again, covering his identity once more.

"Hey, you two!" Rex said, as his arm returned to normal, as he began running towards the Rustbucket. "We need to get out of here!"

"He's right!" Kai said, as she had Manny carrying the unconscious Blue Fury. "We need to get into the Rustbucket and then get out of here." Kai looked at the still unconscious Rei, and then she looked at Saeko, who Spiderman was now carrying bridal style. "Do we take that Fury with us too? We couldn't stop the other two from flying off into space."

"No." Saeko growled, as she looked back at Rei. "We leave her to die."

Spiderman looked at Saeko, who continued to glare at Rei's helpless body. Kai nodded, and then snapped to both Manny and Rex, "Come on! We need to get going."

Kai, Rex, Ben 23, Spiderman, Saeko, and Manny, who carried the Blue Fury on his back, ran up to the Rustbucket, and the spaceship's ramp opened down to the five. Helen stood on the ramp and then called out, "Hey guys! Alan has the ship prepared! He said he's waiting for Kai to give the order to launch!"

"LAUNCH!" Kai yelled as she ran passed Helen and towards the cockpit of the spaceship. Kai then looked back at the lot of heroes, and then ordered, "Get into a seat in the cockpit! We are launching now!"

As both Mirajane and Granny Goodness were tumbling in the vastness of space, as Mirajane socked Granny Goodness in the face. Granny seemed unfazed by Mirajane's attack. This caused Mirajane to roar in anger, and then deliver a roundhouse kick to Granny's chest, which Granny Goodness simply shook off.

"That was a huge mistake!" Granny Goodness laughed as she grabbed Mirajane by the head and then drove her Omega Energy covered fist into Mirajane's chest. Mirajane was sent flying backwards, as she flew passed Green Lantern, who zoomed forwards at Granny Goodness.

Green Lantern summoned a large green energy sledgehammer and slammed it against Granny's head. Granny leaned against the sledgehammer, and the hammer exploded on contact. Granny Goodness growled and then punched forward at Green Lantern, who used his flight abilities to angle himself out of the way of Granny's punch. Green Lantern then aimed his ring at Granny's face, and blasted a large wave of energy into the New God's face, and pushed the old hag backwards. As Granny Goodness as pushed backwards, Jetray zoomed behind her and then fired out his green neuroshock beams into her back. Granny Goodness grunted in pain at this attack, but she could not turn in time to punch Jetray, who zoomed out of her way and floated next to Green Lantern.

"Who the hell are you?" Green Lantern looked at Jetray with a bit of an annoyed look.

"I'm Jetray." Jetray said simply, as if that were common knowledge.

"Tennyson!" Jetray heard behind him, and to much of his surprise, Mirajane tackled him in a bear hug! Mirajane held onto Ben tightly and quickly laughed, "I thought you were dead! I thought I was dead, honestly!"

Mirajane then released Jetray and then shook her head, "I'm...really glad you're not dead!"

"Same here." Jetray laughed, and then looked over at Granny Goodness, who was now recovering. Jetray looked at the Green Lantern and then nodded, "So, is this the guy we were sent to rescue?"

"You were sent here to rescue me?" Green Lantern laughed, "The way you were looking inside the Hangar Bay, I thought I was going to have to try to save your little ass."

Jetray then nodded, "I'll admit it, I came on this mission a bit unprepared." Jetray then looked at Mirajane and nodded, "This isn't even my Omnitrix. I'm on borrowed time."

"What?" Mirajane asked in concern.

"Guys!" Green Lantern said, with a hint of fear in his voice. Both Mirajane and Jetray looked over at Green Lantern, who was staring at Granny Goodness. Granny Goodness was covering herself in large balls of Omega Energy. After one sphere of energy was created, another would start to form. Green Lantern gulped, as Granny Goodness roared an extremely loud and demonic roar. "Um...Mirajane! What exactly do we do now?!"

Mirajane blinked in fear and then said, "She's activating an ancient power known as the God Killer form. She's going to temporarily become as powerful as Darkseid!" Mirajane looked at both heroes and then nodded, "We need to get out of here, now!"

Green Lantern nodded quickly, but Jetray remained silent. Mirajane noticed this and she quickly asked, "Hey, Ben! What's wrong?!"

"How can we hear each other in space?" Jetray asked, in a very confused manner. "I mean, we're in space! So, how can I hear you guys? I've never thought of that, and I've been in space several times since I was ten!"

Granny Goodness roared in anger, and launched herself forward at the trio of heroes. Lantern and Jetray zoomed to the left and right respectively, but Mirajane snarled and charged her head on. As the two mad titans collided together, Mirajane delivered a powerful right hook into Granny's head, but Granny didn't even feel the attack. Granny, however, punched straight into Mirajane's chest, as the She-Demon tried to attack again. As Mirajane was sent flying backwards, Granny Goodness whipped her head towards Jetray and opened her mouth wide. Granny Goodness then released a massive beam of energy from her mouth, and the beam began flying towards Jetray.

Ben yelped, "Oh crap! Not the lasers!" Jetray zoomed upward to try to avoid the beam. However, to much of the alien's surprise, the beam exploded into multiple rays of energy, and then began frantically whipping and zigging around following his new path. As Jetray made a wide loop in the vastness of space, the beams of Omega Energy zipped after him. Jetray yelled back to Mirajane and Green as he zoomed towards the hundreds large Incursean War Crafts, "Guys! I can't shake these things! I need to lead them away!"

"Tennyson!" Green Lantern reached his hand out as Ben jetted away from the fight. Granny Goodness then zoomed over Lantern and slammed her Omega charged fists downward on the Lantern. Lantern punched his ringed fist upward and barely put up a green force shield to block the blast, and Granny Goodness broke through the shield like butter. As Lantern flew downward, Mirajane punched Goodness in the back of her head, and the old hag growled in annoyance. Goodness then whipped around slapped Mirajane furiously, causing Mirajane to fly backwards, but then Goodness grabbed hold of the She-Demon's tail and yanked her

Towards her once more. Granny Goodness then punched Mirajane in the face again, and Mirajane was sent flying back. Granny Goodness smiled as she realized that Mirajane had been knocked unconscious.

As Granny Goodness floated towards Mirajane's helpless body, an assortment of green cybernetic cuffs and locking mechanisms wrapped around Goodness' body. Granny Goodness growled, as she looked back, and saw Green Lantern creating the different imprisoning constructs with his ring. As the Granny tried to shake off the chains and cuffs, Green Lantern continued to create more constructs to hold her down.

"You're not getting out of this one, bitch." Green Lantern smirked down at Granny Goodness.

Granny Goodness could feel her 'god killer' power fading, but she still had confidence she could finish off the Emerald Knight and claim victory for Darkseid. Granny Goodness began building up Omega Energy in her core and her entire body started collecting red Omega energy around her. Green Lantern building in shock, as he saw a crimson light pierce his green constructs, but a soon as he realized this it was too late. Granny Goodness snarled to the Lantern, "I have tricks of my own, boy!"

Granny Goodness then exploded in a blast of Omega Energy, annihilating all the traps, chains, and other contraptions that Green Lantern had woven and formed around the New God. Both Green Lantern and Granny Goodness were both launched backward, and both quickly used their flight abilities to regain stability.

As Green Lantern and Granny Goodness glared at each other, suddenly a large missile flew between the two and hit the Incursean ship that the young heroes were just on. Green Lantern and Granny Goodness looked at the ship as it rocked at the explosion caused by the missile. As several more lasers and missiles began raining down, Granny Goodness pushed the red Omega symbol on her belt and she growled, "Rei! Get your furies out of there! Take the flagship."

"Saeko is getting away! She is in the green Earth craft-" Rei snarled in the communicator.

Granny Goodness then snarled back to the young fury, "Get your Furies out of there, now! That is an order!"

"They took Korra." Rei coldly added in.

"Good." Granny Goodness whispered to herself. She then looked at Green Lantern and growled, "Time to die Lantern!"

As Green Lantern and Granny Goodness zoomed towards each other, the Rustbucket launched out of the Incursean's ship hangar. Kai, who sat in the cockpit with Alan in the copilot seat, yelled to all the passengers onboard, "Everyone! Get to a seat! And get out of the hangar bay, we're going to have to open those doors to get Ben and the others."

As the Rustbucket zoomed through space, Kai and Alan began looking through the windshield and saw the hundreds of smaller alien crafts that were filled with innocent alien prisoners. The next thing Alan and Kai noticed were the several dozen massive Incursean war ships that were firing on the Royal Incursean ship they had just left. As Kai and Alan looked at the massive armada of warships, Alan noticed a small flash of green light. Alan then looked in the direction of the green light and saw Granny Goodness with her hands wrapped around Green Lantern's neck, and the old hag was strangling the Emerald Knight.

Alan stood and quickly said, "She's going to kill him! I have to go out and help!"

"Belay that!" Kai growled as Spiderman, Saeko, and Rex entered the cockpit. Kai looked at the three and ordered, "Hey get in a seat! And where is everyone else?"

"In the med bay." Saeko said, as she sat in a seat next to Spiderman. Rex, however, ran up to Kai and Alan and saw Green Lantern struggle to free himself from Granny Goodness' embrace.

Rex looked at Kai and nodded, "Hey, open the Hangar Bay doors. I'm going to help out."

"You need a space suit, don't you?" Alan asked.

Kai then retorted, "Don't be insane! Granny Goodness is killing both Mirajane and the Green Lantern! Who are you to stop her?"

"I'm Generator Rex." Rex smiled at Kai, as if she should know who he was. Kai, Saeko, Spiderman, and Alan looked at Rex for a few seconds in silence, not knowing how to even begin responding to Rex's answer.

Kai raised an eyebrow to the Evo and growled, "What the hell does that even mean?!"

Before Rex could answer, as small green beam zipped passed the Rustbucket and hit one of the escape ships that were being piloted by a group of the captive aliens. As the beam hit the escape ship, the ship exploded, and it instantly killed the passengers in that ship. Everyone in the cockpit looked out to see the dozens of warships releasing hundreds of smaller Incursean fighter ships. The Incursean fighters were green and yellow circular disk-like ships that had pink laser cannons attached to their front. The hundreds of ships began zooming towards the dozens of escaping alien ships.

"Jesus!" Kai gulped, "We're fish in a barrel!"

"It gets worse!" Jetray's voice came over the coms.

"Tennyson?!" Saeko yelled, "Where are you?! Kyle needs help! And we haven't seen Mirajane!"

"That old witch fired these red glowy lasers at me, and they're still chasing me!" Jetray cried out, as if he were exhausted. "I don't know how long I can keep this up, but I am getting tired!"

"Those energy beams are similar to Omega Beams, Ben!" Saeko yelled from her seat. "Do not let them hit you! I don't think you'd be able to survive the blast! I've seen Darkseid destroy energy with those attacks."

"I can't shake them!" Jetray yelled, as Rex turned and began running out of the cockpit. Jetray then yelled, "The Incursean warships are also releasing hundreds of fighters! We're not getting out of here without a fight!"

"You're right." Kai grimly said.

"Hangar Bay doors opening!" The Rustbucket's ship said aloud, and Kai and Alan looked on the security screen and saw Rex opening the Hangar Bay doors and being yanked forward into the coldness of space.

"What the hell is he doing?!" Kai yelled in a mix of confusion and anger.

"What the hell am I doing?!" Jetray yelled to himself, as he zig zagged through several Incursean fighter ships, as the streams of Omega Energy began closing in on him.

Jetray flipped backwards and fired a blast of his neuroshock beams at the rays of Omega energy. Jetray's shocks collided with the Omega blasts and quickly fell to the power of the Omega Energy. Jetray quickly then launched himself upward again, nearly hitting a passing fighter. As Jetray whipped around the fighter, two or three of the eight Omega rays hit the ship, completely destroying the ship in the process.

Jetray continued to fly away, as the remaining five beams continued after him. Jetray looked back and then said aloud, "These things are locked onto me!

Jetray looped around an Incursean warship, as it began bombarding the line of escape ships that were making a beeline towards a small blue and white moon that Jetray had just noticed. Jetray then yelled to his Omnitrix, "Kai, are you in the group of ships headed towards that Hoth-looking planet?"

"It's a moon!" Alan quickly corrected Ben on the com.

Kai then growled, "Shut up, Albright. Yeah Ben. I'm leading the ships to the moon. There is an old and abandoned mining station on that moon. If we can reach it-"

"This is an Incursean armada!" Jetray growled, as he zoomed passed another Incursean warship and launched himself towards Granny Goodness, who had landed on the burning and drifting Royal Incursean ship, which was on the brink of destruction. "These guys will tear through the planet if it means killing us!"

"We can't deal with a prolonged battle in space, Tennyson!" Saeko said for Ben to hear. "Our best option is to get to that moon base, and set up a last stand."

"We'll die if we do that!" Jetray said, as he closed in on Granny Goodness, who was about to snap Green Lantern's neck. Jetray then yelled to the ancient imp, "Behind you, old bitch!" Jetray pointed his strange red alien feet forward and kicked Goodness in the face, which was enough to catch the New God by surprise. As Jetray pushed himself off of Granny Goodness, which caused her to release Lantern, the remaining Omega Beams zipped towards Granny Goodness and hit her in the chest. The Omega energy sent massive shockwaves throughout Granny Goodness' body, and the hag roared a demonic shriek in pain.

Green Lantern and Jetray took this chance to fly away from the exploding Incursean Royal ship, they were currently standing on the outside of. As the two heroes flew away from the shocked New God, the Apokolips Flagship zoomed out of the Incursean ship, as it finally reached it critical and exploded. The Flagship zoomed upwards, hitting Granny Goodness and dragging her on the windshield. Granny Goodness glared inside the flagship, and saw Rei piloting it.

"Rei." Granny growled.

Rei then nodded to Granny, "Granny Goodness. Saeko and her human lackeys are leading the escaped prisoners towards that abandoned moon. If we can reach them-"

"We're going back to Apokolips. That's final." Granny Goodness growled through the windshield, as she pushed the Omega Button on her waist again. Granny Goodness then said into the communicator, "I need an Apokolips Cruiser to my sector of the galaxy in five minutes. Get it done."

Rei growled, as she watched Jetray and Green Lantern, who had retrieved Mirajane's unconscious body and were now providing cover fire for the remaining refugee ships as they began entering into the moon's atmosphere.

"How long will we have, once we land?" Spiderman asked, as the Rustbucket began entry into the planet's atmosphere. Spiderman looked at the surface of the strange white planet, and saw nothing but large mountains and wide empty fields of a white crystal-like substance.

"Less that five minutes." Kai said, as she began getting a communication on her screen. Kai clicked the communication, and the channel opened. "Who is this? And how did you get this frequency?"

"We are on one of the ships following you down to this planet." A scared female alien voice said through the radio. "My passengers would like to know what the plan is after we reach the surface of the planet."

"Dammit." Kai said, before pushed the communicator to response, "There is a cave about 9 klicks from where we are now." Kai started, as the Rustbucket lowered its flight and reached under 4,000 feet. "I was informed that there is a large mining station inside that cave. This mining station is an industrially built station by Techadon Weapon Masters. It will be able to provide us food, shelter, and a hyperdrive engine to get to Earth."

"Earth?" The alien female asked on the radio. "We have over 9,000 alien refugees, ma'am. I don't think Earth will be ready to open its arms to us all of a sudden."

"We have Plumbers who can help everyone!" Alan said prematurely, as he pushed the communicator. "And the Teen Titans will be able to easily fight off the Incurseans if they try to follow us there."

Kai yanked Alan's hand off the transmitter and glared at the young Pyronite. Alan whimpered at Kai, but the senior Plumber continued to glare at the Helper.

Kai then growled in the communicator. "If you don't want to get aboard and come to Earth, please feel free to hyper jump to any other system. You'll just need to get passed the massive Incursean armada that is hovering over the atmosphere of this moon now."

After a few moments of silence, the female alien voice then quietly sighed, "We don't have enough fuel for a hyper jump." The voice then cried, "We barely have enough fuel to reach this cave that you've assured us we are going to. If this machine does not pan out, we will all die."

Kai looked at her fuel levels, and she grabbed Albright's hand as he reached for the transmitter. Kai looked back at Spiderman and Saeko, who had worried looks on their faces. "We don't have enough fuel to make a hyper jump either. The Incurseans must have drained out fuel cells when they had our ship locked up."

"Jesus." Saeko said, as she slowly buried her face in her hands.

Before Kai or Peter could say something for Saeko, a new deeper and darker, but panicked, voice came on the radio. "Oh Rao! We've ran out of fuel! Our fuel cell is completely empty!" Suddenly a small blue and grey alien transporter crashed downward in front of the Rustbucket. Kai and Alan barely dodged the ship, as the Rustbucket leaned out of the way of the hopeless ship, as it dipped into the crystally ground and exploded into a ball of flames as it tumbled down in front of the six dozen ships barely following behind Rustbucket Mark 2. Alan looked at the sight in horror, and Kai lowered her head towards her lap.

Kai pushed her transmitter and glanced at Alan, "Put this on a frequency for all the ships to hear."

"What about the Incurseans who are following us?" Spiderman warned. "If they've entered the atmosphere, they'll pick up on whatever message you send to these following ships."

"It doesn't matter. We have to save as many of these people as we can." Kai glared at Spiderman. Kai then nodded to Alan, who followed his captain's order. After adjusting the ship's frequency, Alan gave Kai a thumb up. Kai then pushed the transmitter button. "All alien spacecrafts who can hear me, lower your attitude to under 1,000 feet. That way, if you run out of fuel and crash, your ship might survive impact."

Kai cut off the message, as she and Alan began lowering their attitude. Kai then began tampering with the frequency analog switch.

The cockpit doors suddenly opened, and Ben 23, Helen, and Rex ran in. As the three began to talk, Alan lifted his hand up, trying to wave them to be quiet. As the trio suddenly quieted down, Kai pushed the transmitter button and then said with as much confidence as possible. "This is an urgent message sent from the Rustbucket 2! I am Kai Green and I am the captain of this vessel and also a Plumber! I am escorting several unarmed alien crafts, and we are about to crash land on the abandoned moon named Halu. There is a massive Incursean fleet following after my crew and the unarmed alien crafts, who carry innocent aliens of different species. Men, women, and children! If anyone can hear this, whether you are a Plumber, a Lantern, or any fighting force that protects the weak, please respond. This Incursean armada will destroy us all if we don't get any help. It's now or never."

As Kai finished, she noticed another alien craft's engines go out, and the craft began tumbling towards the ground. Kai then heard the familiar alien voice come on the Rustbucket's communicator, "We've run out of fuel! We're crashing!" However, as the ship neared the ground, suddenly a large green baseball mit made of energy formed underneath the ship, catching it before it hit the ground and exploded.

Kai and the others in the cockpit looked up to see Green Lantern with his hand aimed forward, creating the freshly appearing construct. Behind the Green Lantern flew Jetray, who was holding Mirajane in his feet talons. Green Lantern lifted the mit higher in the air, raising the ship safely from the ground, as the Rustbucket and the other alien crafts neared a large cave opening, that was at the head of a large silvery mountain.

Green Lantern called out to Jetray, as the Rustbucket, and the 34 alien ships behind it began slowly their speed, as they approached the mountain. "Hey Tennyson! Did you catch the message that Kai released to the Rustbucket?"

"I got it, yep!" Jetray smirked as the Rustbucket landed at the foot of the cave. As the other crafts began landing near the Rustbucket, Ben then nodded, "With a message like that, the Plumbers will have to come and help us!"

As Jetray landed next to Rustbucket, Ben returned to his human form, and landed on his feet. Mirajane's unconscious body then fell into Ben's arms, and he caught the her and stumbled a bit. As Ben began getting his footing again, Green Lantern placed the caught ship safely on the ground, and then landed next to Ben.

As the Rustbucket opened wide, Kai and Spiderman were the first down the spaceship's ramp. Kai said into her communicator, as the different alien crafts began opening, and hundreds of panicked and worried aliens began flooding onto the moon Halu. "Albright! You and Saeko will have to pull the Rustbucket into the cave, and find the mining drill that we scanned for when we found this planet. Once you find it, see if you can start it up!" Kai turned and pointed into the ship and yelled, "Manny, Rex! Come on! We need those weapons out here now!"

Manny and Rex both came down the Rustbucket's ramp, both pushing two large hover carts with hundreds of guns and energy batons. After Manny and Rex barely got off the ramp, the Rustbucket entered into hover mode, and the green starship began hovering into the cave.

Saeko's voice came over the com and quickly asked, "How exactly do we start up a massive space drill?"

Green Lantern then lifted off the ground and nodded, "I'll go and help them out! You all need to give us cover for as long as possible!" Lantern then slung his ring forward and a large line of energy slung forward, cutting into the ground in front of the crafts, creating a small trench. Green Lantern then nodded, "Once we get the ship working, I'll signal for you all."

"Gotcha!" Kai nodded, "Now move."

Ben ran next to Kai, as the final ship opened, and a young woman came out of the ship, leading mostly alien children and mothers off the craft. The young woman appeared to be human, she had peachy skin, blue eyes, and shortly cut black hair. Ben found it very surprising that the girl had on a torn Metropolis High T-Shirt. The girl looked over at Kai and then nodded, "I think I talked to you on the radio."

"We did." Kai nodded, immediately recognizing the girl's voice. "I'm Kai Green."

"Wendy Harris." Wendy nodded, "I'm from Metropolis. I was on an alien cruise liner, when me and my family were attacked by-"

"Not now." Kai said, trying not to sound rude. "We need all the women and children to begin heading into the cave. Wendy, you need to lead the evacuation into the cave."

Wendy tried to say something, but Kai pointed at her and nodded, "No time for arguments. Get these people into the cave, and follow the Rustbucket. Once you get to the mining device, get them all settled in."

Kai then faced all the male aliens, who were a complete mixed bunch. There were some farmers, some entertainers, fathers, son, etc. It was obvious to Ben, Kai, and Spiderman that none of these aliens were breed warriors, and that was not a good sign.

Kai yelled aloud, "ALL MALES! IF YOU CAN FIGHT, RALLY UP ON ME! IF YOU CAN STAND, RALLY UP ON ME! IF YOU ARE NOT DEAD, RALLY UP ON ME!" After hearing Kai's demanding voice, many of the male aliens fell into place and began circling around Kai.

Ben leaned over to Spiderman, as Manny and Rex passed by the two and moved over to Kai. "Kai is really taking charge. I guess she's going to set up a last stand until the Plumbers get here-"

"They're not coming." Spiderman looked at Ben, and Ben noticed the worried look on his leader's face. Spiderman shook his head and rubbed his head, "No one responded. No one at all. No one is coming to help us. And even if the Plumbers on Earth heard us, they won't be here anytime soon. Our only way out is that mining station."

"Great." Ben said, as the two rallied with the rest of the heroes and aliens.

Kai and Manny were handing out blaster rifles to as many aliens who could grab one. There were about 2,000 male aliens who could fight. Much to Kai's horror, the Rustbucket only had about 500 blasters. The situation continued to get worse, as more information was revealed.

After all the blasters seemed to be handed out, Kai began passing out small sticky plasma grenades. Kai made it clear that anyone without a blaster needed at least one plasma grenade. Kai climbed onto a large rock, as the plasma grenades were nearly done being passed out to the unarmed aliens. Kai looked up at the sky, as the massive armada of Incursean warships could be seen in the planet's atmosphere.

Kai looked at everyone and yelled, "The plan is simple. We have a trench!" Kai pointed down at the trench. "Since we only have about 500 soldiers' with blasters, everyone without a blaster goes into the trench. All soldiers with blasters go near the mouth of the cave."

"What?!" Manny asked quickly, "That means the only guys with weapons stay in the cave, and those without weapons are sitting ducks."

"Wrong." Kai nodded, as she tossed her blaster to an unarmed alien and took his three plasma grenades. "Tennyson, Rex, and yourself, Manny, will get the attention of the flyers that will be scrambled onto the surface of the planet."

Kai then glanced at the abandoned and nearly fuel less cargo ships as she continued, "Once you three get their attention-"

"This is a suicide mission." Manny grumbled.

Ben then raised an eyebrow and asked, "Do you have a better idea?"

Manny remained silent, as Kai then continued, "-you'll lead them back towards the cave. As the ships fly over this trench, we've start throwing the plasma grenades onto the Incursean ships. If we keep this strategy going-"

"They'll see through that in a couple runs, if we're lucky." Rex said, as two large mechanical orange and silver wings launched out of his back. Rex then nodded, "What if we take all the fuel out of the ships, and then build a big bomb?"

"We don't have time for that." One of the aliens pointed out to the Evo, who frowned in disappointment.

Manny then nodded and snapped his fingers on all four of his arms. "But, we don't need time to disconnect each ship's battery! If we disconnect the ships' batteries, they will become naturally unstable! Ben, Rex, and I could toss a few of the batteries onto the armada ships. That would cause some major trouble."

Ben looked at Kai, who rubbed her chin. "Kai! That could work! We can get it done!" Ben then activated his Omnitrix and then slammed down on the faceplate. Ben was then replaced with XLR8, and he glanced at Manny, "Follow me and show me how to disconnect one of these thing's battery!"

XLR8 and Manny zoomed off.

Kai and Spiderman then moved into the trench, as the 500-armed soldiers began moving towards the head of the cave. Kai hopped inside the trench, and hundreds of the aliens followed after their new leader. Spiderman hopped in and landed next to Kai.

Spiderman glanced at the human girl and then nodded, "This plan-"

"I'm praying to God that the mining station is operational." Kai said.

'Several hundred of the Incursean flyers have entered this moon's atmosphere! Prepare yourself!' Lax said in Peter's head. Peter winched in his mask, as he looked at Kai.

"They're here!" Spiderman yelled, and several aliens began shivering in fear. XLR8 came to a stop, holding several disconnected spaceship batteries. XLR8 was then replaced by Big Chill, who grabbed several of the weaponized batteries and touched them on his chest, and the batteries froze on his torso. Manny picked up four of the batteries, and Rex put his hands together and used his nanites to form a large orange and silver scooper with his two hands.

"On my signal, Tennyson!" Kai yelled, as she looked at everyone in the trench. Kai could see the terrified faces of aliens who have never been in a battle before. Kai then said as calmly as possible, "Remember! I need you all to be brave. Stay low, and watch your supply. Once we run out, we're out!"

Kai then looked out of the trench, and upward at the large armada that floated over the galaxy. Kai's eyes then widened when she saw several hundred small dots descending from the sky. Kai then gulped and muttered, "Oh s**t."

"Oh s**t!" Alan yelled aloud, as he and Saeko pushed forward on the air brakes of the Rustbucket, as the Rustbucket entered into a large cavern, that was massive. As the Rustbucket turned on its ultrabright lights, and suddenly dozens of large 2-meter-long bat-like aliens began swarming around the Rustbucket. The bat creatures eventually began flying into the darkest areas of the cavern, where the Rustbucket's light could not reach.

Saeko glared at Alan and growled, "Don't do that again, okay?" Saeko then looked out of the windshield, and glanced down at the thousands of scared aliens hiding under a large energy bubble that Green Lantern had formed around them. Saeko hit the communicator and yelled, "Kyle? Are the people down there safe?"

Lantern nodded, "Yeah, they're all good...relatively speaking. How much further til we reach the drill? These people can only go so much further!"

Saeko and Alan moved the Rustbucket deeper into the opened cavern, and the lights shone through the darkness. But suddenly, the light fell on a massive object, which made both Alan and Saeko lean forward in awe.

The Rustbucket floated in front of a massive crashed alien vessel that seemed to be over 10000 meters long. This ship was made of a thick and shiny silver and black metallic substance, and had three massive arcs that shot out of the ship's top. Massive golden solar panels lined up over the top of the ship. On the back of the massive ship were 17 massive hyperspace engines. Much to both Saeko and Alan's surprise, there was a massive S shield curved into the side of the massive ship.

"Holy-" Alan gulped.

"S**t." Saeko finished, and then said into the communicator. "Okay, Kyle...are you seeing this?"

Green Lantern had lifted above the women and children and stared in awe at the massive ship, and shook his head in amazement. Green Lantern then said into his ring, "I'm seeing...still working on that believing part."

"That's a Kryptonian ship!" Wendy called out in excitement. "That's the ship of the House of El! Holy crap! That's an actual Kryptonian ship!"

Green Lantern aimed his ring at the ship, and then he nodded, "Ring! Scan this ship for me! Let me know where this thing is from. How many life forms are on this ship? And how do we get in?"

"Scanning." Green Lantern's ring said, as the ring fired a green beam of light that began rolling over the Kryptonian ship twice and then it said, "This ship is a marooned and depowered ship from the planet Krypton. There are over 99,000 living life forms detected on this ship. There is a hangar bay door that is located near the bottom rear of the ship."

Green Lantern then shouted to the women and children, "Follow me to safety!" Lantern then slowly floated down to the massive crashed ship, and the thousands of happy and suddenly hopeful aliens followed.

Alan then went on the com and called for Kai. "Kai! Kai! You won't believe this! We find a Kryptonian ship down here! It wasn't a mining station, it's a Kryptonian ship! Lantern is going to find a way to open the hangar doors, and then we might be able to use something useful inside there!"

Kai then growled on the coms, "I'm glad you're excited, Alan! Find a way to open the ship, and load as many people you can into it. They're here! And they are about to bombard us!"

Manny hopped high in the air, as hundreds of the Incursean fighters began zipping downward towards the mouth of the cave, where the escaped prisoners were. As Manny sailed over the many fighters, he landed on top of one, and he gripped hard to the top of the fighter. Manny then lifted him four arms and let out a scream of rage, as he slammed down on the fighter, and the fighter's jets went out and smashed into a second fighter.

Manny leapt off the crashing fighter, and sent himself flying towards a higher fighter. As Manny landed on his mark, a trailing fighter aimed its cannon at Manny, who was unaware of the hostile Incursean's actions. However, as the fighter began opening fire, Rex zoomed past Manny and landed on the fighter. He then pushed his hand forward, and let his nanites flow through the alien ship. The alien ship then began to dissolve, as Rex's nanites began converting the metal into his own nanites.

Big Chill flew head first into an Incursean's ship, then the alien hero turned intangible and phased through the ship. As Big Chill flew right through the middle of the ship, the ship froze completely over, and then it exploded.

Big Chill, Rex, and Manny continued to move their way around the small fleet of fighters, taking out as many as possible.

Kai watched the battle from the trench and then nodded, "Okay. Ben, you and Rex need to lead those fighters towards the cave. Manny, while their doing this, you need to unleash the unstable engine batteries."

Kai then looked back at the cave and nodded, "Cave defenders. You all are going to need to lay out some cover fire. Get their attention! But be careful with your ammo. Once you run out, you're out!"

After heard this, Ben and Rex flipped backwards, and began attacking the fighters that were in front of them. Big Chill hit his Omnitrix, and then he was replaced by Heatblast. Heatblast's feet ignited and then he launched after the hundreds of ships that he and Rex were now trailing. Heatblast slung his fist forward, and a long ray of solar energy flew off of Ben's wrist and began slashing through the Incursean Fighters.

Rex allowed his nanites to begin collecting on top of his mechanical wings, and they suddenly began forming two massive orange and silver cannons that began firing off large cannonball-like projectiles, that were made out of clusters of nanites. The projectiles flew forward, each perfectly hitting its mark, causing several Incursean ships to fall victim to Rex's superior machines.

As both Ben and Rex worked as a collected force, each destroying dozens ships per second, the Incurseans began turning their attention towards the duo.

Heatblast glanced at Rex and nodded, "You ready?"

Rex smirked and then laughed, "Of course I am! Let's get crazy!"

Rex and Heatblast both spun away from each other, dodging the hail of blaster fire that the Incurseans released at the two heroes.

Kai watched carefully, as the Incurseans began tailing both Heatblast and Rex. Kai then said into her communicator, as Heatblast aimed his hands behind him and began releasing several torrents of fireballs, knocking off a few of the ships behind him, "Open fire, cave guard! But do not hit my people!"

As soon as Kai said this, the cave defenders began opening fire from the mouth of the cave. The laser blasts began sailing over Kai, Spiderman, and the other warriors within the trench. The trench warriors all ducked under the fire, as the lasers flew towards the incoming Incursean ships. As the swarm of lasers began flying towards them, Rex and Ben both yelped in fear. Rex angled his jets downward and dove into the trench, landing next to Kai and Spiderman. Ben on the other hand, blasted upwards, turning around towards the fight that Manny had gotten himself in.

"Get ready!" Spiderman yelled to the trench warriors, as the hundreds of ships began zooming right above their heads, opening fire at the mouth of the cave. Spiderman watched in horror as several of the cave guards were mowed down by the laser fire that the incoming fighters were laying out. As the ships flew over them, Spiderman then yelled, "NOW!"

The aliens began throwing up the sticky plasma bombs, and they easily connected to the passing ships. As the plasma bombs connected to the ships, the ships began exploding on contact, and tumbling to the ground.

"YES!" Kai yelled, as the trench warriors continued to lead their sneak attack on the incoming fighters. As dozens of the ships continued to explode, the ships that were making it through the plasma bombings, began flying over the cave and looping around for another gun run.

Ben, who had just caught Manny out of the sky, looked at the approaching Incursean ships, and realized that their angle of attack had changed significantly. Ben then said aloud, "Ummm…"

"We see that too, Tennyson!" Rex yelled in his com, and then yelled, "They're about to gun down the trenches!"

Rex put his arms together, and then his nanites began forming a large shield that had a 4-meter diameter. Rex yelled, "EVERYONE GET DOWN!"

However, it was too late for anyone to react, the Incurseans began opening fire on the trenches. Spiderman and Kai hopped under Rex's shield, as he screamed in agony, as the wave of blaster fire was too much to bare. Spiderman and Kai watched in horror as dozens of the unarmed trench warriors were killed one after another by the lasers. Several of the warriors were scorched, dismembered, or completely annihilated.

"NOO!" Kai yelled, as the Incursean fighters then pulled up and began letting loose onto the cave defenders next. While there were survivors from the trench onslaught, dozens of aliens fell victim to the Incursean's attack. Kai looked at any survivors and then yelled in a mix of fear and confusion, "Everyone fall back to the cave!"

Spiderman then tapped his communicator and yelled, "Saeko! Please tell me you guys found that drilling machine!" There was silence for a few seconds, when suddenly a dozen of the Incursean began lining up on the remaining evacuating trench warriors. As the first Incursean fighter began firing, a red blast flew and hit the fighter, causing it to explode.

"NOT EXACTLY!" Saeko yelled back to Spiderman, as the Rustbucket flew over the heads of the trench warriors, and it flew into the swarm of Incursean ships, fighting all the guns it could possible release.

The Rustbucket began cutting through the massive swarm of Incursean fighters, and this caused all the remaining fighters to begin swarming the ship.

Saeko yelled to Spiderman in her com, "Pete! You need to evacuate the remaining troops into the cave. We have a ship, and Albright and Helen are starting its hyper-space engine. They found…some unexpected help!"

"Saeko! What about you?! I'm not leaving you behind-" Spiderman began, when the Rustbucket lifted upwards and began leading the Incursean fighters up towards the atmosphere. Spiderman then growled, "Where the hell are you going, Saeko?"

"What does it look like?" Wendy's voice came on the com. "We're leading them out of the atmosphere! We'll keep the fighters and the armada ships busy! Get the people onto the ship inside, and get out of here! We'll catch up as soon as they ship is operational!"

Spiderman grumbled something, but then he lifted up and began moving with the escaped prisoners towards the head of the cave. Kai followed behind, occasionally glancing up at the sky, as the Incursean armada still seemed dangerous enough.

"What the hell is this?" Spiderman asked, as he and Kai walked into the massive Kryptonian ship's cockpit, where there were over 2 dozen chairs in front of the ship's different control panels and operating systems. Spiderman narrowed his eyes as Helen and Alan were working with the awakened Korra, who still wore her Fury armor.

"What the hell is she doing out of her restraints?!" Kai growled.

Alan then nodded, "Oh no! It's cool! She's cool! She activated the ship, with a little help from Lantern and Saeko." Alan awkwardly looked at Spiderman and Kai, who were obviously not convinced of the turned Fury's loyalty.

Korra looked at both of them, then she turned away from the two heroes, and pointed at Helen, "Okay, fire up the cosmic rotators."

Helen zoomed around the control panel, and then she pushed a button, and the ship's lights and jets began firing up. Helen zoomed next to Korra and then nodded, "It looks like everything is actually working well! You did it!"

Korra then lifted a small rectangular purple box and nodded, "Don't give me the credit. It was my mother box that gave me the orders to get the ship started."

"A what-box?" Spiderman asked.

Lax then said, 'I'll fill you in later, human.'

Korra looked at both Spiderman and Kai and then nodded, "Well, there you have it. I just fixed your escape vehicle…um…who are you guys again?"

"Oh, we're the Teen Titans!" Alan laughed in excitement.

"Wrong." Kai pointed, "You're not a Titans."

Spiderman then nodded to Kai, "And neither are you." Spiderman then looked Korra and then nodded, "Can you start the ship, so we can get out of here?"

"This ship takes a crew of at least 10,000 people to run, operate, and sustain." Korra rolled her eyes, "Do I look like I can do something like that alone?"

"You don't have to!" Ben ran in the cockpit with Manny and Rex. "We have the next best thing! We have a Rex. Everyone's on board, and Lantern has finished fixing piecing the hyper drive back together." Ben waved his hand at Rex, who quickly slammed his hand down the control panel, and the ship's jets began firing at full power, and the ship crashed into the side of the mountain. Many error, and warning messages began, and the ship began to make many dangerous scary noises.

"Rex!" Spiderman said, as the shockwaves forced him to sit down in the captain's seat. Everyone in the control room followed suit, and sat down in the various seats, besides Rex, who growled.

"Come on. Push through." Rex growled to the ship, as he forced more nanites into the ship, and the ship continued to push against the mountain's walls, when suddenly the ship broke through the mountain, and the crew looked in awe, as the massive Kryptonian ship hovered over the planet's surface.

Spiderman then pushed his communicator and yelled, "Saeko! The ship's operational! I need you to turn your ship back around and find us!"

"A bit busy!" Saeko yelled back to Spiderman, "Get that ship out of the atmosphere and center it for a hyper-space jump!"

"A jump?!" Alan asked, "That's not the plan! We need to enter into hyper-space, so we can get back to Earth! If we do a jump, we could end up crashing into something else in the solar system! Or if our calculations are off we could collide with the Earth's surface. This ship has a hyperdrive, so it would end up exploding and killing every living thing on Earth!"

"Albright! We're about to die! Time for insane plans!" Saeko yelled to Alan, who gulped.

Spiderman then nodded to Rex and yelled, "Rex! Use that nanite brain of yours, I need you make sure, I mean 100% sure, that if we jump, we end up 1,000 miles away from Earth's atmosphere. We need to approach Earth from it's northern hemisphere! We'll land this thing in the Pacific Ocean right outside of Metropolis."

"Are you sure about this?" Kai glanced at Spiderman, who did not respond.

Lax then warned, 'If your plan is off by even a few millionths, you will destroy all life on Earth.'

'I know.' Spiderman thought back to Lax.

Lax then immediately said, 'If it means anything to you. I'll survive the impact and explosion.'

"Let's do this." Spiderman stood in his chair. Spiderman looked at Kai and Korra. "You two ladies need to pilot this ship, and get us out of the atmosphere. Get us to where Saeko and Wendy can get inboard in the hangar."

"Yes captain." Kai grumbled, as she and Korra began piloting the ship, and the Kryptonian ship began slowing lifting off towards the atmosphere.

"New plan, Parker!" Saeko yelled on the coms, and Spiderman winched. Everyone looked at him, and he awkwardly gulped.

"Um…my name is not Peter Parker." Spiderman tried to sound assuring to everyone in the control room.

However, Saeko then yelled in the com, "Peter! The armada ships are about to all fire on the planet! Everything is about to be destroyed down there! Wendy and I are about to enter hyperspace, you all need to jump now!"

As Saeko finished her sentence, several large purple and yellow bombs began falling down towards the planet's surface. As the bombs hit the surface, they released massive waves of purple explosions. The bombs began approaching the Kryptonian vessel, and Spiderman called out to Saeko, "Saeko! Did you go into hyperspace yet?"

There was no answer.

Spiderman asked again. There was still no answer.

"Parker!" Kai looked back at Spiderman, "We need to go! Now!"

Spiderman blinked in confusion, then he nodded, "Ye…Yeah! We need to launch! Now!"

"I'm not done with the calculations!" Rex warned.

Kai then began activating the hyperdrive engine. As all the ship's jets began to build up energy, the explosions neared them. Kai then pulled forward are the thrust, and growled to Rex, "I'll make the calculations for you." The ship then suddenly disappeared in an explosion of blue light, and the planet was then destroyed by the bombs.

The ship's cockpit shook furiously, as Green Lantern, Ben 23, and Mirajane entered in. Ben looked around at all the young heroes inside the cockpit, and then he saw that the ship was flying through hyperspace.

"Okay." Ben asked as he sat down in a free seat next to an exhausted Rex. Ben looked at Rex, and the Evo teenager shook his head in exhaustion. Ben then looked over at Ben 23. The alternate Tennysons met eyes, and then Ben smiled, "Hey, man. Thanks, again for letting me borrow your Omnitrix. I'm already starting to feel better."

Ben 23 was about to say something, when Mirajane called from her seat up to Kai and Alan, who were both piloting the Rustbucket. "Hey, Kai! How long until we reach Earth?! We need to get out of this star system immediately!"

"What are you in a hurry for?" Kai growled, as she rubbed a wound, that Spiderman was bandaging. Kai looked back at Mirajane and then quickly barked, "And we're going FTL, right now. Unless Incurseans suddenly gained a new access to hyper-fusion engines, we're good."

"Granny Goodness and the Incursean! This is not a good situation! They both hate us, and they both want us dead now." Mirajane quietly whispered, as she sat in her seat completely drained of magical energy. "I can't believe it. Darkseid actually found us…and he wants us back…"

"Hey, Mirajane." Ben looked back at Mirajane and smiled, "I'm not going to let Darkseid lay a finger on you."

"Oh, and how will you do that?" Ben 23 growled, "With my Omnitrix, I'm guessing."

"But from what I've heard about Darkseid," Kai said, as Ben fumbled around with his new blue and golden Omnitrix. "Anyone with Darkseid's power could swat any of us like insects."

Ben pushed down the faceplate of the Omnitrix, and the holographic circle appeared over the Omnitrix. Ben jumped back and then he blinked in shock, "What the hell?!"

"What?" Rex groaned next to Ben. Rex glared over at Ben and then grumbled, "Why are you yelling?"

Ben then looked over at Ben 23, and then lifted his wrist. "How do I work this new thing?"

Ben 23 nodded, and then said. "I got you." Ben 23 began to undo his seatbelt, but Kai glared back and snapped at the two Bens.

"Don't leave your seats. We're arriving at the Plumber's moon base center." Kai ordered. "We're exiting hyperspace soon. Hopefully."

"You could have destroyed the moon, if your calculations were off." Max growled to the young heroes, as hundreds of the freed aliens exited the massive Kryptonian ship.

"I tried to tell them." Rex started, but Max ignored him.

"We're having a long debrief about this Green." Max looked at Kai, who narrowed her eyes at the older man. Max then looked at Ben and added, "And don't think you're getting out of this either, Benjamin."

"I want all the children and non-plumber personnel to be escorted to the med bay." Max Tennyson yelled ordered to the several alien plumbers, who scrambled around the massive moon base hangar, as the young heroes climbed off the Kryptonian vessel. Max saw the changes the different teenage heroes had goes through over the last few days.

Max then looked at Ben and nodded, "You're looking pretty good for someone who was nearly ripped apart, sport. I'm glad you're alright, son."

Ben gave his grandpa a weak smile, "I'm glad I'm alright too, Grandpa Max." Ben's smile then turned into a frown, when he realized what Max had said to him.

However, before Ben could say anything, Ben 23 pushed him aside and looked at Grandpa Max in awe. Ben 23 shook his head as tears began falling from his face, "Grandpa Max!" Ben 23 hugged the old man, who looked around in confusion.

"Umm…" Grandpa Max muttered.

"Oh," Ben 23 wiped the tears from his eyes and smiled at Max, "I'm sorry. In my world...my Grandpa Max is gone. I'm sorry."

Kai put her hand on Ben 23's shoulder and then nudged him towards Alan, Helen, and Manny. "Hey Ben." Kai got on a knee and smiled at the alternate Ben. "How about you go with Alan and the gang? Alan is going to meet with one of his friends, Jaime Reyes. You go with the others, and we will meet with you later."

"But what about my Hero Watch?" Ben 23 pointed at Ben's wrist. "I have to make sure this guy doesn't just jack me for my watch."

"That won't be a problem." Azmuth's voice was heard by the team, and the Galvan walked from behind Max Tennyson and looked at the different humans and aliens. Azmuth looked at the Green Lantern and then raised an eyebrow, "So, you're the new Green Lantern of Earth? Interesting."

"You're Azmuth, the First Thinker?" Green Lantern smirked and then laughed, "Nice to meet you. I'm Green Lantern Kyle Rayner."

Azmuth then looked at both Bens and then frowned, "Two Benjamin Tennysons? I can barely handle and deal with one Ben Tennyson at a time. Now there are two of you." Azmuth then looked at the gold and blue Omnitrix that rested on Ben's arm. Azmuth's eyes widened, which caused Ben and Max to grow silent.

"Is he…" Ben began.

"Surprised." Max finished, with a raised eyebrow. "What are you so surprised about, Azmuth?"

Azmuth looked at Ben 23 and then nodded, "You're not from this universe, are you son?"

"No." Ben 23 crossed his arms and then grumbled, "So what? What does it mean to you?"

"Ben." Ben warned his younger counterpart. "This is Azmuth. He is the one who made the Omnitrix. In your universe, there is most likely an Azmuth who created your Omnitrix too."

Mirajane then said as if it were obvious, "That means show some respect, runt."

Azmuth looked at the older and slightly more mature Ben. "So, I'm guessing this younger counterpart of yourself is the person who supplied you with your current Omnitrix."

"You're right." Ben nodded in defeat.

"So where would my Omnitrix happen to be?" Azmuth grumbled to Ben.

Rex then snapped his fingers and winked at Azmuth. Rex then dropped the shattered and broken Omnitrix down in front of the First Thinker. Azmuth blinked in shock, and looked down at the watch with wide eyes.

"There's that look of shock again." Saeko smirked.

"That's not a shocked look." Ben gulped. "He's gonna explode."

Azmuth looked up at Ben and snarled, "I put the Omnitrix under your protection."

"You did." Ben nodded, and then he pointed at Azmuth, "And under my protection, I came to the conclusion that the Omnitrix would be better off destroyed than in the hands of Malware."

Azmuth looked down at his destroyed creation, as Ben came to a close. "So, that was my choice. My choice alone."

Azmuth then looked up at Ben, and shook his head, "You are a very reckless human, Benjamin Tennyson."

"That's an understatement." Kai giggled.

"A huge understatement." Mirajane laughed.

Spiderman, who was standing next to the conscious and smiling Blue Fury, then said, "Um, what do I do with her. She did try to kill all of us, several times."

"You ever heard of mind control." Korra laughed to Spiderman.

Saeko narrowed her eyes at Korra, but Wendy just shrugged, "She has a point, I guess."

"That is Korra." Mirajane nodded, "We trained together, while I was still under Darkseid's control. She use called the Avatar or something really stupid like that, from where she came from. She's an elemental."

"Avatar?" Green Lantern said to himself quietly.

"Yep." Korra crossed her arms and smirked at all the new superhumans. "It's nice to meet so many superhumans that don't want to kill me."

"She's delusional, obviously." Saeko growled to Mirajane.

Rex smirked at the girl and immediately said, "Wow. She is hot." Mirajane and Saeko glared at him, and he blinked in confusion. "Um, did I say something wrong?"

"Yeah, you did." Saeko growled.

Mirajane then rolled her eyes and grumbled, "Dumb ass."

"Thanks." Korra smirked.

"Take her to the med bay." Max said to a Plumber, who nodded and grabbed Korra gently. Korra waved at the heroes as she was escorted away. Max then looked at Rex and nodded, "You should go to the med bay as well, young man. We need to run a scan on everyone who's been brought back."

"Do I really have to go with the little kids?" Rex smirked. Max, however, did not laugh back. Rex then frowned and grumbled, "Fine."

Azmuth looked at Ben, as Ben 23 and Rex left with the younger heroes. Azmuth then said, "When you drifted into my lab a day ago, Benjamin, you were not worthy of an Omnitrix."

Ben looked at Azmuth and shook his head, "I wasn't worthy? I'm still not worthy of this Omnitrix. Or any Omnitrix." Ben looked at the strangely colored Omnitrix and then he nodded, "I don't deserve this thing, no matter what strange new color scheme it has."

Azmuth nodded, "I couldn't agree more."

"But." Ben smiled at Azmuth, "I can earn it, one day. I've been growing. I've been learning about being a hero since I was ten." Ben then looked at Spiderman, Saeko, Kai, and Mirajane. "And when I'm with these knuckleheads, I'll become a hero that is worthy of the Omnitrix."

Ben smiled down at Azmuth again, who looked at Ben with a serious face. Ben, who still had a big smile on his face, then laughed, "You're still not making me a new Omnitrix."

"No." Azmuth said.

"No?" Ben asked. Azmuth then nodded back at Ben.

"No." Azmuth repeated him.

"No?" Max then said.

"Yes." Mirajane laughed, and Saeko nudged her.

Azmuth then nodded, "Ben Tennyson. You have destroyed my Omnitrix. I will not build you a new Omnitrix."

Ben frowned at Azmuth, and then he said, "Wait…but I stopped Malware. And I saved my friends- "

"You destroyed my Omnitrix, Benjamin." Azmuth looked up at Ben. "I am glad that your condition has improved, but you have let me down, young one. That Omnitrix was trusted to you, and you allowed the Omnitrix to be destroyed."

Ben frowned at Azmuth, as he collected the broken and shattered Omnitrix from the ground. Azmuth looked up at Ben, and the new Omnitrix, "I will repair the Omnitrix, so it will fix your DNA. But making the additions to the Omnitrix so that you can transform into other beings is a different story. You have broken my trust, Benjamin."

Azmuth narrowed his eyes at Ben, who lowered his head to the First Thinker. "I'm…I'm sorry, Azmuth."

Azmuth continued to look at Ben. He then bluntly said, "I know." Then he disappeared in a flash of light.

Ben turned back to the Titans, with a big smile on his face. Everyone looked at Ben in a shocked and awkward manner.

"Um...Ben?" Mirajane began, when Ben shook his head and laughed.

"I am so screwed." Ben laughed.

Kai then glanced over at Spiderman and then nodded, "Oh, I'm in."

"In what?" Spiderman asked, and then Kai punched Spiderman's shoulder.

"Oh, I'm on the team, Spiderman." Kai smirked as she pulled her proto-tool off her back, and began walking towards the med bay.

Saeko then nudged Spiderman, "Oh, I like her. She's in." Saeko and Mirajane then followed Kai. Max looked at the 3 remaining boys, and then nodded.

Green Lantern, Ben, and Spiderman watched the ladies leave, and then Lantern smiled at the two other heroes.

"So…I'm going to have to look into this new Justice League that you've guys formed on Earth." Green Lantern smiled at Ben and Spiderman. "I'm sure the Guardians of the Universe would be pleased to know that someone is picking up the slack."

"More like doing your job." Ben smirked, as he continued to tamper with his new Omnitrix.

"Don't break that thing, man." Spiderman nodded. "You really seemed like you pissed the little guy off enough."

"It'll be fine." Ben smirked at Spiderman, who blinked at him and then gulped.

"You sure about that, Tennyson?" Lantern smirked.

Ben then glanced over at the Emerald Knight with an extremely cocky look on his face. "Oh yeah. I'm definitely sure. Because I know something that Azmuth doesn't know."

"And that is?" Kyle asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"Why do you have such a confident smirk on your face?" Spiderman asked nervously.

Ben then nodded, "I know someone who can build me a new Omnitrix."


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The Four Furies that fought Saeko and Kai are the following:

Blue Fury: Korra (Legends of Korra)

Red Fury: Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

Green Fury: Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

Orange Fury: Rei Miyamoto (Highschool of the Dead)

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You can play the music of Infinity War Trailer 2, and you'll see how it sort of flows with everything.

Metropolis was on fire. The city's skyline was covered in dark ashes and smoke, which completely blocked out the sun. Buildings seemed to crumble down to the ground, as civilians tried to avoid the rumble and tumbling hell that rained from the sky. Superboy laid on the ground, with a large bleeding gash in his chest. He seemed to be wearing a red and blue suit, that closely resembled Superman's old suit, with a long red cape attached to his back. Next to the young Kryptonian was a shattered statue of Superman.

"We met for a reason…" Superboy's voice rung in the air.

"We all have a purpose for being here…" Natsu's voice could be heard.

Natsu, Erza, and Lucy looked up at the sky, as a dark winged figure hovered over a demolished Fairy Tail guild hall. Natsu's fists became engulfed in flames, while Erza summoned a large blue flaming blade, and Lucy pulled out a strange and new golden celestial key. The three mages seemed to be prepared for battle, as the figure descended from the heavens above Fiore.

"We have abilities...talents...powers that many people do not have." Takumi said, as he stood alone, looking down on Tokyo. Takumi stood in a large mansion, that hovered over a skyscraper in the city. Takumi wore a dark purple tunic, with black pants, and had a long black cloak that hovered over his back. As rain poured down again the window of the mansion, Takumi glared down at the people of Japan.

"It is our duty to use these powers…" Peter Parker said, as he held a strange yellow serum in his hand, glaring down at the vile labeled, 'cure'. Peter held his red and blue mask in one hand, and the serum in the other. Peter's eyes became filled with tears, as he seemed to be battling his own personal demons.

"To help those who can't help themselves." Albedo's harsh and cold voice cut through the air, and then suddenly stopped.

Albedo held a lifeless young woman in his arms, as the Fairy Tail guild hall seemed to be burning behind him. The petite young woman had short blue hair, light brown eyes, and peachy skin. Albedo laid the young woman on the ground and began giving her CPR, as the ground began to shake around him. As Albedo pressed his lips into the young girl's lips, Mirajane ran next to him, and looked out towards the bay. The young mage saw a large brown and metallic golem standing tall in the bay, aiming a large and destructive magic circle at Fairy Tail's already burning hall.

A dark voice finished off by cruelling laughing, "What foolish sentiments." A sudden image of the entire Milky Way Galaxy burning with purple and black flames appeared, and screaming of terror and agony could be heard from each corner of the known universe.

YEAR TWO of Greatest is upon us...the limitless Stargazer Universe, which contains both Nega Fairy and Teen Titans: Multiverse's Greatest Heroes will continue and grow.

"A great threat is coming over to our world. And we must prepare." Vlad Masters laughed, as he stood in front of a podium that said, 'Masters for President'. As Vlad stood in front of the large crowd of cheering fans, Danny Phantom shot a murderous look at Masters from the crowd. The halfa, who wore his usual black and gray uniform, was trying his very best to contain all his anger. The D on his chest shined extremely bright, as Danny glared at Masters. Takumi Nishijou, who wore his normal school attire, tightened his grip on his pink D-Sword. Peter Parker, who wore a black motorcycle jacket, and dark sunglasses. Peter whipped his sunglasses off, as Vlad narrowed his eyes at the young heroes. Akeno, who stood in between Takumi and Danny, wore a tight white tunic, and had white magic circles floating over her hands.

"We have one shot at this!" Spiderman said, as he wore a black symbiotic version of his Iron Spider armor. As Spiderman rocketed towards the sky, the black symbiote around his feet began morphing into a large rocket booster. The rocket then fired off, and Spiderman was launched upwards, and out of the atmosphere towards a massive space-platform.

"If this doesn't work, we lose everything!" Akeno nodded to Moka, who was covered in sweat, ashes, and blood. Akeno stepped towards her injured friend and then nodded, "We have each other. And that makes us unstoppable."

The scene shifted to a bridge that led into Metropolis. The bridge seemed to have several hundred vehicles backed up on it. A school bus on the bridge, which said, 'Bellwood High School', sat in the middle of the bridge. Inside that bus, sat Alan Albright, who was awkwardly seated at the back of the bus. Alan, then felt a sharp chill up his spine, which caused him to look out the bus's window. A large space station, which seemed to be as large as the moon began glowing in the sky. Much to his own surprise, Alan's hands became engulfed in flames, as several children piled against the bus's windows to gaze at the sight.

Ultimate Wildmutt charged forward at Master Jose, and Erza, who was in her Heaven's Wheel Armor rode on his back. Ultimate Wildmutt leapt forward at Master Jose, who swatted his hand forward.

"So, can we talk about this plan you have, just really quick?" Issei asked Green Lantern, as the two other all stood in a dark and haunted looking high-tech alien ship. Beside Issei was Rias, who was covered in dirt and sweat, while Spiderman, Alan, and Takumi, and stood with them. Issei smirked at Green Lantern, who crossed his arms. Issei then nodded, "So, your plan is to blow up the ship while we're inside of it, which will result in a massive black hole than none of us can escape?" Lantern was about to respond to Issei, who immediately shook his head and laughed, "Okay, so your plan sucks ass. How about I come up with a plan that won't get us killed."

"Wow…" After a few seconds of awkward silence, Takumi smirked at Issei and shook his head at the young demon, who could not help but smirk at the Emerald Knight.

"We can't defeat him alone." Static nodded to Albedo, as both of them stood in a grassy field, next to a massive Black, White, and Green exoskeleton, with Danny Phantom's symbol on it. The exoskeleton, which was dubbed "The Ecto-Skeleton", stood tall, and suddenly Gear, Green Lantern, and Danny Phantom flew over the massive armor.

"We can't beat him together." Albedo muttered back to Static.

The angeloid known as Ikaros, had her foot on Superboy's chest and a glowing pink sword at his neck. Ikaros then lifted the sword and jabbed it down at Superboy.

The scene then quickly changed to an outer space view of the Earth, which was burning all over. As the sight of Earth drifted away, several large Apokolips warships, with the Omega symbol on them, floated towards the dying planet.

"The end is near…" Darkseid's voice laughed in the air.

Argit's eyes widened, as Akeno fired white lightning into Moka's back. Moka's body, however, began absorbing the diving lightning and converting the energy into demonic energy. Moka's body began oozing with dark red power, and Argit, Albedo, and Natsu backed away from both the supernatural beings. Moka lifted her hand into the air, and red demonic arcs of lightning fired out of her hands and began hitting the clockwork around the group. As the gears began turning, different worlds began appearing in front of the five heroes.

"And if he wins." Darkseid growled, as he leaned forward into Saeko's face, "Your world will no longer exist."

Once again, the scene shifts, this time on Earthland. Albedo walked into Phantom Lord's guildhall, and passed by several of Phantom Lord's wizards. As Albedo made his way to the guild's center, Black Steel Gajeel smirked at the Galvin.

"You tried your best to save them," Master Jose called down to Albedo, as he sat down on a black throne in front of Albedo. Albedo winched at Master Jose, who smirked at the Galvin and continued, "But on the inside, you know they are all dead...because of you."

Takumi, who was back in his purple tunic uniform, stood next to Rias, who appeared to be injured. Rias' back seemed to be severely burned, with several deep wounds cut into her back. Both Takumi and Rias glanced up at the sky in horror. Ben Tennyson, who appeared to be very distort, also watched the sky. Rimi, who had two large pink magic circles over her hands, lifted her hands into the air to shield herself and her friends.

"We need to go!" Azari yelled, as he began rallying up different Wakandan tribes to unite with him. Each tribe held their own unique Vibranium weapons, and they all looked prepared to battle.

Inside of Fairy Tail's guild hall, Argit and Albedo both lifted up large laser cannons and began firing them at the guild hall, completely destroying the guild's beautiful paintings, walls, decorations, and furniture.

"All debts must be paid." A dark voice rang in the air, as the scene once again shifted, to many of the Fairy Tail members listening to Erza as she tried to rally together and friends and family members. All the members of Fairy Tail appeared to be broken down and beaten hard.

Suddenly, outside Wakanda, Blue Beetle, Heatblast, and Zak Saturday ran through the dark vast forest, apparently being chased by some strange and dangerous creature. While all three young heroes had powers, none of their powers seemed to be able to function correctly.

"And it's time for humanity to pay the piper." The dark voice growled once again, as Takumi, who was back in his tunic, ran through the streets of Tokyo, with Rimi at his side. Tokyo, however, seemed to have several cracked in space and time, and the entire city seemed to be flipped over upside down. As Takumi and Rimi ran through the streets, bumping into people, they seemed to be chasing by several black demonic creatures, whose bodies were set ablaze.

"ATTACK!" Static yelled at the top of his lungs, from the front of the multitude while he held tight to an electrified Nova Blood. Static wore what appeared to be Black Lightning old black and blue uniform, which now had a golden lightning streak over the chest, and several new gadgets and weapons built into it. As the Fallen Angels began to near the thousands of heroes, Static began charging forward and the army behind him joined in.

Static charged the creatures head on, and behind him ran Keito, who was in a silver and black Wakandan armor, Ravager, who had both her swords draw, Zak Saturday, who had his claw aimed forward, Rimi, who had her D-Sword ready, Azari, who was carrying a black and golden Vibranium spear, and Natsu, whose face was covered in dragon scales and fire. Green Lantern, Danny Phantom, Ultimate Big Chill, Gear, Issei, and Starfire flew above the young heroes, following behind Virgil, who aimed Nova Blood in front of himself. The two armies then met head on and entered into mortal combat.

"I hope they remember you." A young man with black hair, pointy ears, and red eyes said to Erza, as she stumbled away him, with a glowing holy sword in her hands. The young man had five pairs of black midnight angel wings, which glowed with power. This was the Fallen Angel leader Kokabiel. Kokabiel then laughed to Erza, as she lifted the holy sword up to him.

Kokabiel leaned into Erza, who seemed to have a hopeless gaze in her eyes. Kokabiel plucked the holy sword out of Erza hands and then smirked, "Because everything will burn." Kokabiel then stabbed the sword into the ground, and he was engulfed in a beam of holy light.

The StarGazer Universe is back. Time to be limitless. Year 2

Superboy's eyes suddenly shot open, and he lifted up quickly. Superboy laid on a hard-wooden floor in a mansion, and was shirtless. He looked around and then gulped, "Where the hell am I? And who the hell are you guys?!"

Superboy looked around her, seeing a young man, with a Mediterranean complexion, with black hair and bright sea green eyes. The boy wore an orange shirt which read, "Camp Half-Blood". Next to the boy was a young woman with long blonde hair, dark gray eyes, and tan skin. She also wore a similar camp shirt. Behind the front two teenagers, there were two more teens. One was a Latino male, who was covered in dust and grease, and had a tool belt tightly wrapped around his waist. Next to him was a beautiful young woman, who looked as if she had some Native American descent to her.

Superboy looked at all the teenagers over and over, until the boy with black hair smiled and nodded, "Hey...um... I think you're a long way from home. I'm Percy Jackson."

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