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This chapter: the Doctor and Ali are brought in to help a friend.

The moment Alyssa got back to her house, she dumped her bag in her room and grabbed some clean clothes so she could freshen up. She took her time having her shower enjoying the warm water over her skin. Eventually she got out, dried herself off and changed into her clean clothes. Alyssa was in middle of dragging a brush through her wet hair when she heard the very familiar noise of the TARIDS. She went over to the window and watched the blue box appear in the back garden. The door opened and the Doctor stepped out. Alyssa opened her window "hey Spaceman!" she called to him catching his attention. He looked up "I'll be down in a moment", she told him and closed the window.

Alyssa finished brushing her hair quickly and pulled it back into a messy bun knowing that she had a hairdryer in her room on the TARDIS. She tugged on her shoes and put on a jacket. She then grabbed her bag, hurried down stairs and out the back door making sure to lock it up behind her. She'd just managed to turn around when she was pulled into a hug. "Blimey I was only gone a few hours", Alyssa commented.

"That's too long", the Doctor mumbled.

"I have some good news for you", Alyssa said stepping out of his arms.


Alyssa just leant in and softly kissed him. She drew back slightly to murmur "you're off the kissing ban". The Doctor stared at her hardly daring to believe what she just said.


"I said you're off the kissing ban", she repeated. The Doctor grinned delighted at that fact. He cupped her face and kissed her deeply. Alyssa closed her eyes feeling the love the Doctor had for her. Eventually they broke apart when air became a little bit of an issue for Alyssa. She internally cursed that fact that she wasn't able to keep going as long as the Doctor could due to having a single respiratory system.

They gazed at each other until the moment was broken by Donna calling out "Come on love birds!" Alyssa looked over to see the ginger haired woman standing in the doorway of the TARDIS. The walked over to her, hand-in-hand. "I see he's off the ban", Donna remarked.

"Yep", Alyssa said "so what did you two get up two while I was gone?"

"We went to the planet of the Ood"

"Shame I missed it"

"I'll take you there sometime", the Doctor promised.

"When you do go, you're gonna want to wrap up really warm. It was freezing", Donna informed her.

"I'll make sure to do that"

"Well what are we going to do next?" Donna asked.

"How would you feel about learning to pilot the TARDIS?" the Doctor offered.

"Really?" Donna and Alyssa asked in unison both very surprised.

"Three people are better than two", the Doctor informed them. Normally he wouldn't have suggested it but he was in such a good mood after Alyssa gave him the news that he was no longer on the ban.

"He's got a point", Alyssa agreed although she was still a bit surprised that the Doctor of all people would offer to give lessons to Donna. She would've assumed it would be herself trying to convince the Doctor to allow Donna to have lessons, if the ginger woman ever asked for them.

"Are you being serious? You want to give me lessons?"

"Yep", the Doctor replied popping the p.

"Ok where do we start?"

"The Doctor and I will take the TARDIS into the Vortex and then you can take over", Alyssa replied. The Doctor nodded in agreement.

Donna clung onto the console watching the Doctor and Alyssa pilot the TARDIS into the vortex. "Ok, now it's your turn", Alyssa said. Donna moved over to where she was standing and her lesson began.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!" Donna exclaimed happily as the piloted the TARDIS with Alyssa correcting her every so often while the Doctor watched on. He had started out being the one to show Donna how to pilot the TARDIS but when he used the mallet on the console, making the ship unhappy with him, Alyssa took over.

"Careful! You're getting a bit too close to the 1980s", the Doctor warned noticing that on the scanner.

"What am I going to do? Put a dent in 'em?"

"Well, someone did"

Alyssa burst out laughing at what the TARDIS told her "care to share Ali?"

"It was you"


"You put the dent in the 1980's"

"I don't remember that"

"Well Sexy told me so I'm gonna say that its true"

"She could be lying" the console zapped him "ow!"

"I don't think she is. Now…" Alyssa broke off when they heard a phone ring. It was coming from her bag. She went over to where it was secured on the captain's chair and dug through it. Alyssa smiled seeing the caller ID.

"Hey Ali", Martha said when she answered.

"Hey. I know it's been a while since we last spoke", Alyssa said making her way back to the console.

"You've been busy having adventures, I understand. Anyway there was a reason a called. I'm bringing you and the Doctor back to Earth".

Martha smiled when she saw the TARDIS appear precisely 5 minutes after Alyssa hung up. The exact amount of time that Alyssa said they would be there. The Doctor stuck his head out the door looked one way and then the other, smiling when he saw his former companion. "Martha Jones", the Time Lord greeted.

"Doctor" the two of them hug as Alyssa stepped out of the TARDIS. Martha's smiled grew when she spotted the red head after moving away from the Doctor. The two women hugged.

"It really good to see you. Again I'm sorry about not calling more often"

"You call each other?" the Doctor asked.

"Yeah. It's that little thing called staying in touch"

Just then Donna stepped out of the TARDIS. "Right. Should have known. Didn't take you long to replace me, then Doctor", Martha remarked when she noticed her.

"No one could ever replace you Martha Jones you're one of a kind, Just like Donna Noble, the amazing super-temp". Old and new companions shake hands politely.

"I've all about you. The Doctor doesn't really mention you but Ali, talks about you all the time"

"Don't worry it was all good things", Alyssa assured her.

"Absolutely", Donna agreed "Who's the lucky man?" she asked spotting the ring on Martha's finger.

"You're engaged? Who to?"

"Tom Milligan"

"Isn't that the name of the guy…?"

"The same one. He's in paediatrics. Working out in Africa right now. And yes, I know, I've got a doctor who disappears off to distant places. Tell me about it"

"Is he skinny?" Donna asked.

"No, he's sort of…strong"

"He is too skinny for words" Donna gestured to the Doctor "You give him a hug, you get a paper cut"

"Doesn't bother me. I love him just the way he is", Alyssa said stepping to the Doctor's side and putting an arm around his waist.

"I love you just the way you are too", the Doctor said dropping a kiss onto the top of her head and hugging her back. A small smile crept onto Martha's face at the display of affection. Having been there at the very beginning of their relationship, which in all honesty probably wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for herself and Alyssa's friend Steve, it was nice to see that it was still going strong. Martha was going to say something when she got a call over her walkie talkie.

"Doctor Jones, report to base, please. Over"

"This is Doctor Jones. Operation Blue Sky is go, go, go. I repeat, this is a go", Martha said into the walkie talkie. The four follow Martha back down the alley where some sort of military operation was going on at a warehouse up ahead.

"What are you searching for?" the Doctor asked Martha as they watched the proceedings.

"Illegal aliens"

This is a UNIT operation. All workers lay down your tools and surrender immediately a voice called over the tannoy.

"B section mobilised. E section, F section, on my command", Martha instructed into the walkie talkie before running off to join a group of soldiers.

"That's not the Martha I know", Alyssa murmured watching soldiers hold their guns on blue suited workers. The year-that-never-was must've really affected her she thought. While the Doctor and herself where held on the Valiant, Martha was on her own wandering warzone that Earth had become when the Toclafane had been unleashed. Alyssa couldn't imagine what she went through, what she saw. She really hoped that the Martha she knew, the Martha she became good friends with, wasn't completely gone, replaced by this new Soldier Martha.

"Is that what you did to her? Turned her into a soldier?" Donna asked.

The Doctor didn't say anything, just watched what was happening in front of them very uneasy.

Next chapter: the Doctor investigates ATMOS