Ch; 7- Everything's Back To Normal.

"Morning!" Crow skipped happily into the cafe with a very sleepy Aion following behind him. "Alright what happened?" Angelica crossed her arms.

"Oh nothing much except for the fact I have my memories back." Crow smiled brightly. "That's excellent to hear." Maple spoke up. Aion rested his head on the bar.

"I don't know why you're so tired considering you slept like a baby last night." Crow poked Aion lightly. "Shut up rodent." Aion pulled Crow against him and mumbled.

"Maybe it's because he has to put up with you." Rom spoke up from where he sat on the other side of the room. "That's not it right Aion?" Crow poked Aion again.

"Rodent as annoying as you are that's not why I'm so tired it's because you woke me up earlier than usual." Aion groaned. "That's not it is it Aion?" Rom walked over to the two.

"No that's it." Aion turned his head to look at Rom. "Your legend of lies is something else hence." Yaiba walked in.

"Aion what is it?" Crow wrapped an arm around Aion's shoulders and frowned. "It's nothing alright." Aion lifted his head off the bar.

"I know what it is. It's all the worry catching up to you isn't it?" Rom sat down and wrapped his arm around Aion. "Hey how about we eat and then you can have a catnap. I have to retune Red Tomahawk anyway." Crow happily suggested. Aion just nodded his head.

"Here you go boys." Angelica put some plates of food in front of them. Aion slowly ate while Crow ate like he usually did.

"It's nice hearing you play your guitar again." Aion rested his head on Crow's shoulder as he tuned his guitar. "Get some sleep Wimpion." Crow kissed Aion's forehead. Aion lay down with his head against Crow's hip. Aion was soon fast asleep purring quietly.

"Aion you think you're hard to love but you're not. You're like a hurt cat at times but then you can also be a lovable kitten." Crow put Red Tomahawk down. "That's just another reason why I love you." Crow shifted his position and moved Aion gently so that his head was in his lap and placed a kiss on his forehead.

"I love you Aion." Crow whispered as he stroked Aion's long hair. "I hope this never ends. Without one the other cannot function that's how it is with us. Without me you would fall apart and without you I would never have the strength to get back up." Crow smiled down at Aion's peaceful face.

Crow awoke with a start as there was a sharp knock on the door. "Oh I must've fallen asleep." He looked down at Aion who was still sleeping peacefully.

"What is it!?" He called out. "Crow there's someone here that wants to talk to you." Rom walked in.

"Who is it?" Crow rested a hand on the top of Aion's head. "It's," Rom looked at Aion nervously before he answered, "it's Shu Zo." Rom said.

"What does he want with my rodent!?" Aion sat up fast. "Calm down." Crow rested a hand on Aion's arm.

"He says he wants to apologize." Rom said. "Tell him to go away." Aion growled. "Aion!" Crow snapped. "It's my choice and I'm going to talk to him. Go back to sleep." Crow glared at Aion.

"Crow." Aion's ears drooped. "Come on Wimpion." Crow stood up and held his hand out to Aion. "Are you sure?" Aion looked at him.

"Yes you idiot now come on." Crow grinned and pulled Aion out of the bed. "Alright." Aion allowed Crow to drag him outside. "What do you want?" Crow crossed his arms still holding Aion's hand.

"Well I wanted to apologize for causing your accident." Shu Zo looked sincere instead of trying to cover everything with a smile. "Apology accepted although it was unnecessary." Crow responded with a smile.

"What!?" Shu Zo and Aion said at the same time. "It wasn't your fault. I wasn't looking where I was going and I'm fine so everything is just water under the bridge," Crow explained, "right Aion?" Crow turned to Aion and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah. I'm sorry for yelling at you it's just." Aion stopped when Shu Zo held up his hands. "I understand. When you care about someone and they get hurt and in a vulnerable position like your Crow was it makes sense that you would be overprotective." Shu Zo turned around.

"Shu Zo!" Crow called stopping Shu Zo in his tracks. "Yes?" Shu Zo turned around. "You had someone important to you at one point didn't you?" Crow said.

"Yeah I did." Shu Zo gave a half smile. "What happened?" Crow asked. "We went our separate ways." Shu Zo cast his eyes upwards and saw a familiar silhouette in a window. "Well I best be off." He spun around and did his hand sign causing sparkles to fly everywhere.

"I'll be waiting for you to get on my level Rom." Shu Zo whispered as he walked away. "We will reach the top Shu." Rom turned his back on the window.

Rom walked into the cafe where Crow was laughing and Aion was looking ticked off. Rom took Yaiba's hand. Yaiba raised an eyebrow. "Nothing." Rom looked at him.

"Rodent you belong to the black monster and no one else." Aion held his hand over his face. "I know." Crow tried to kiss Aion but Aion pushed him off his stool. "Ow! Wimpion why did you do that?" Crow rubbed his rear.

"You are not allowed to kiss the only god of the universe without permission. Useless rodent." Aion muttered. "Aw Aion you're no fun where's all the affection you gave me earlier." Crow whined. "Non existent." Aion groaned.

"Everything's back to normal." Rom smiled still holding Yaiba's hand. "Hence." Yaiba nodded in agreement.

AN- Thank you all of you who have read this fic to the end. I know it's not very well done but this was written months ago and I have gotten better since then I feel. If you guys continue to read my fics I'll let you be the judges of that. So thank you and i hope you all have an amazing day.