A Trip Through The Wells


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"Take it! Just take it!" the old man cried, shoving a shard of the Shikon Jewel at Miroku.

"Wait! I haven't even paid you yet......" said Miroku as he dug in his pocket for spare change.

"Here!" he yelled, shoving it at Miroku and running off into the darkness.

"That was the easiest shard I've ever earned!" he flipped it into the air and caught it.

Miroku walked back to Kaede's village, whistling all the way. "Inuyasha and Kagome should be back by now, and he would shove the shard in Inuyasha's face.

"Hey Miroku!" Sango and Kirara greeted him when he arrived.

"Did you get any shards while I was at home?" Kagome asked, carrying Shippo.

"Feh, he's just a lazy groper." Inuyasha muttered from behind Kagome.

"Ah, well, take a look at this!" Miroku grinned, pulling out the jewel shard and dangling it in front of the hanyou's face. "Now what do you have to say?" he smirked evilly.

"Hey! Gimme that!" Kagome yelled, reaching for the jewel shard. "It looks weird....."

"Well duh," Inuyasha growled, snatching it from Kagome's hand. "It's glowing green, idiots."

"Where'd you get it, Miroku?" Sango wondered, peering closely at the jewel.

"Some old guy threw it at me."

"Get outa here." Shippou grinned.

"Yeah, he wanted to be rid of it."

"Meow!" Kirara purred.

"Here, Miroku, you can have it back." Inuyasha tossed the jewel back to Miroku. "It's creeping me out."

"Oh no!" Kagome gasped suddenly.

"What is it?!" Inuyasha whirled around.

"I, uh, forgot my bag back at the well....."

"Shoot, let's go back then......"

"Hey, let's all go!" Sango suggested.

And so, the whole group traversed to the well. Kagome put her backpack on and sat on the edge of the well.

"You know......" Inuyasha started, "Since we're all standing like this, if someone pushed us, we'd fall like dominoes.....into the well....."

"Hey there BROTHER!" Sesshomaru yelled, charging into the clearing to clap Inuyasha on the back.

"A family reunion?!" Kikyo cried, running into the clearing and smashing into Miroku, who was at the back of the group.

Unfortunately, when Kikyo hit Miroku, they hit everyone else, and everyone tumbled into the well, one after the other, Miroku falling in last. Amazingly, they all disappeared instantly, but Kikyo, 'sadly', was left behind.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken yelled, running into the clearing. "Ah, well, looks like he's left me again....." He sat down on the edge of the well and looked up at Kikyo. "Well," he said as he raised his eyebrows, "It looks like it's just you and me babe."


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