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Two men stood in a brightly lit room amidst the several computer monitors. One older man studied the reports the other had compiled and with intense focus he nodded his head. He was the supervisor to the young man in his presence. The senior ran his fingers through his short black hair as his black eyes scanned the personality section of the report. He flexed his eyebrows, one of which was permanently scarred from his past, a job gone wrong.

The young man adjusted the band on his small stub in his dirty blond hair and looked at his mentor with his crystal clear blue eyes. "What do you think master?"

"I'm not your master," the senior replied easily in his age of early forties. "Not anymore. You are a fully fledged assassin and as such I have nothing left to teach you. Call me by my name."

"Understood, Siris."

"This is quite an interesting individual you have picked up," Siris motioned around the report through the air unsure of what to make of her. "Her psychological reports suggest hints of imbalance, but her military record speaks for itself on just how capable she is."

"If we could get her on our side, she would be a tremendous asset."

"I agree, but what are your reasons for taking such an interest in her?'

The young assassin averted his eyes towards her picture and shook his shoulders. "Beats me, I just figured she was strong is all."

"Listen kid," Siris put down a tablet and stared at his young colleague sternly in the eyes. "Don't screw this up because of some personal reasons. If she can be as capable as the report suggests, then she will be able to help roll the ball along much faster."

"I know. Even I am not stupid enough to sacrifice the goals of our organization just for my own personal reasons," the assassin explained crossing his arms in agitation. He didn't appreciate being treated like an ignorant, and somewhat of a stupid man. Siris turned back to look at the orange haired woman, the green eyes that reminded him so much of nature's purity. But the last name raised concerns for him. Carolina Church… will she be alright or pose the issues her father once posed to the UNSC?

The assassin activated his arm panel and pulled up a map with a blinking light. The light originated from where Carolina's apartment resides. He put up his hood and waved to his senior. "If you need me, contact me via the private channels. I am going to be doing a little recon work on Ms. UNSC."

"Don't get too infatuated with her," Siris noted with the shake of his head. The assassin smirked back and waved his hand. "No promises, after all, she maybe a keeper."

"Mind on the job, not in the gutter," Siris stated in an indifferent tone leading the assassin to comply. He jumped out of the underground base and out onto the fields nearing the edge of the city. He ran into the city and activated his optical camouflage. I hope you show me some more interesting things about yourself from now on Ms. UNSC.

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