Chapter 15: Tip

Bang! Bang! Bang! Ding!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Ding!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Ding!

Washington walked behind every soldier as they finished nailing their target. The accuracy of Muffins' soldiers was on point. However Wash wished he could say the same for the Reds, Blues and their newly acquired forces. He watched Idaho and Iowa miss nearly every shot. The Reds and the Blues didn't manage to hit even one bullet on their target dummies thus far without the assistance of their AI fragment partners. Washington lowered his head with the awareness that he had his work cut out for him.

Sarge fired a shotgun for the twentieth time still unable to nail his target. Washington walked up close beside the man and asked. "Sarge, why are you using a shotgun in a long range firing practice?"

"What else you use?"

"Um…how about the standard assault rifle?" Simmons interjected. Sarge gave them both a look of disgust and corked back the barrel of his weapon. "That's just ridiculous. It has been proven time and time again that range doesn't matter. My baby here can hit anything no matter the distance."

"Yeah, but only with Grif sir," Simmons corrected with Wash wondering, how is that even possible? Ugh never mind, I should expect these sorts of things by now. Grif suddenly jerked his head upwards looking around alarmed. "Did someone just say my name and the word shotgun in the same sentence?!"

He found the barrel of Sarge's shotgun pointed his way. "Um…I don't feel well all of a sudden. I think I will go now."

"Oh no you don't," Wash stepped in the orange soldier's way. "You may have been able to get out of target practice on Chorus, but not here."

"You do realize that the moment you look away I'm just going to go back to slacking off again right?"

"And how will you do that?"

Grif suddenly slouched and his head lowered towards the ground. Washington stared from side to side and looked back at the orange soldier. What's that noise I hear? Wash leaned in a little closer and he could hear the evident noise of snoring. Grif was asleep. "How do you even fall asleep standing up?!"

"Hey, we don't judge you for the weird things you do Wash," Tucker spoke up annoyed from missing his shots. "Plus, if Grif is not sleeping, he is usually whining. So it's better this way bro."

Caboose fired his rifle to hit everything else in his sight but the target. "Ah um yeah, I totally hit it…I yeah…"

"Caboose, you see that target in the middle of all the bullet holes?" Tucker pointed the blue soldier's rifle in the correct direction. "He is your friend. You should totally help him."

"Oh, I love helping!"

Bang! Bang! Bang! Ding! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Caboose, that's enough!" Wash shouted silencing his comrade. Caboose looked at the target, it was completely obliterated. "Um…I tried helping him but he didn't like it. Just to be clear, that was not my fault. Right, Freckles?"

"Yes, Captain Caboose."

"It's alright, that happens to me to," Iowa sympathized patting Caboose on the back.

"And don't you just hate it when they ask for help and then they say they don't need it anymore? It happens to me often."

"Me to," Iowa agreed bobbing his head up and down. "I like you Caboose, want to hang out later?"

"Okay, but just so you know, my best friend spot is taken."

Washington growled in frustration. "Ugh, someone just kill me already."

"I can do that," Sarge pointed his shotgun towards Wash. "One less blue to worry about and you get what you want. It's a win-win situation for everyone."

"Not for us it isn't," Tucker interrupted as he explained. "I mean, how else are we going to get your flag everytime and make you embarrass yourselves in front of us and anyone else watching?"

"But you stole the flag all on your own once before," said Simmons. Tucker cupped his chin in his hand and nodded his head. "Oh yeah, that was badass of me."

In the corner of the room were Sherry and Ohio, standing with their arms crossed and amused at the entertainment playing out before them. Sherry nudged Ohio on the hip. "We have a lot of free time, don't we?"

"Yes we do."

"How about making productive use of that time?"

"Okay, what do you have in mind?"

"Oh you know…"

"I think I know where this is going," Ohio answered with a cautious voice. Sherry slowly slithered her arm around Ohio's waist and pulled her closer. "Then let's get to the good part already."

"How is it that ever since we first met, you have been getting naughtier by the day?" Ohio questioned being pulled away by Sherry into their humble abode.

Creed studied various operational reports of their organization with a keen eye. To his right in a brightly lit room, surrounded by computers was the only remaining advisor of the organization, a man who detested Creed's entry into Cradle of Hope ever since the day they met. The General sifted through the various windows of their application and noticed the decrease in efficiency. He rang up one of their highly ranked operations manager and made a quick yet stern warning to increase these numbers. He turned to face the advisor who went by the name of Adrian. "What is the status on the other Generals and our leader?"

"Worried about your trainees? That's cute," Adrian answered, Creed simply scoffed at the humorless voice. "Just give me the damn update Adrian."

"Their status is stable," he replied knowing just how much he could stretch Creed's patience before even he started feeling threatened by the man's presence. "Should the plan ever need to be accelerated for whatever reason, they are ready to be awakened at a moment's notice."


"But we should have no need to accelerate the plan considering how things have been going to plan."

"Are you trying to be coy?" Creed asked irritated by Adrian's aloof and insulting tone. "The plan will need to be accelerated."

The advisor shook his shoulders with his arms up in a defensive manner. It was a sign of quickly losing interest in arguing this any further. He crossed his arms and watched the General work. "I don't think you have ever told this to anyone but our leader. However it is quite curious. Why did you give up your successful career in the UNSC military and come down to our level?"

"Our level?" he eyed Adrian who simply shot a smug look. If only your role was not as important, I would have done away with you a long time ago. Creed let out a deep contemplative breath and said. "I have always been somewhat of a philosopher and an activist for environmental protection."

"You don't say," Adrian noted with a deep rooted sense of mockery in his voice. Creed simply ignored the bait to rile him up and continued. "Having been stationed on multiple planets, I saw the level of disregard humans showed for the mining planets. They would suck them dry until there was nothing left and move on like parasites, it was…disgusting. I didn't think that this organization had evolved beyond just environmental protection initially, but I was still determined to do what I believed in to bring back balance to the universe. And yes, I was determined enough that I would even consciously choose to be labelled a terrorist."

"So the big man finally felt like sharing."

"Don't push it Adrian!" Creed pointed a finger towards his conversation partner who held up his hands high. "Anyways, I might have an idea of how to take care of our little government problem. We may be able to crush them in one quick swoop."

"Okay…you have my attention. How pray tell will we do that?"

"We send in a tip to them with added video footage of where our 'leader' is," Creed explained, Adrian could see where this plan maybe going. But even he had chocked a little when Creed started his explanation. At this point he had questioned if he had lost it or not. Creed however maintained course to complete his explanation. "The location won't be of our leader's location but a dummy one, preferably somewhere with ample room to move around in."

"I see, we trap them like rats in one location and begin an elimination operation."

"Precisely," Creed nodded but pointed to Adrian. "I will need you to send in the tip like you did for the weapons factory before."

"Anyone can do it, can't they?"

"Out of everyone in this organization, you are one of the very few, perhaps the only one with no history of crime on their record slapped on to your legal name. Those government dogs are bound to put the tip through some excruciating background checks. It needs to appear legitimate."

"Very well," Adrian agreed leaving to handle this task right away. Creed stretched is fingers, and upon every crack he felt his anticipation growing. Perhaps this time, I may also be able to end your life soldier girl.

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