Chapter 6: Fight to Escape

Two adversaries stood faced against one another. They both stretched their necks that echoed a satisfying crack, and raised their fists to eye level. They stood in their respective sides, staring and simply waiting. Ken watched the two as they began walking in circles. The silent game of patience was beginning to intensify as they both feinted various moves in an attempt to goad their opponent. Ken reached for his comm. in his ear and contacted Chloe subtly. "I need you to go get the car ready."

"What about you two?"

"We will be there. Just get the car ready."

"Alright," she now sounded concerned. "Just don't do anything crazy."

"I can't make any promises," Ken replied with a grin as he noticed Carolina throwing the first punch. The General backed away, took her attacking arm in a tight grip and pushed her off balance. She quickly recovered with the help of her jets and boosted up towards Creed's helmet. She kneed him in the visor and caused him to stumble backwards. His head spun round and round.

Carolina sweep kicked him, but his legs stood strong like concrete pillars. He bent down and grabbed hold of her by her waist. He raised her high and flung her hard against the floor. Ken rushed in for support but was interrupted by the General's subordinates. They held tightly onto his legs and each reached for their knives. Ken shook his head and extended his arm blades. "You guys ought to learn when to quit."

Before the subordinates' knives could even come within breathing room, Ken deflected their weapons and stabbed them clean in the throats. Sweet dreams. He shook off their grip and held Creed from the behind. Carolina rushed in with her jets and punched his helmet's visor. She landed several hard and relentless blows on his helmet, and with each blow she felt her confidence wavering. The man made no grunts or noises in response to the punches. He was as hard as iron. He clearly demonstrated his superiority in strength and to some extent tactical wit. Her final punch landed a hard crack on his visor finally earning her a grunt.

Creed stopped Carolina in her movements and twisted her arms backwards. She rested her feet on him and swung her whole body back freeing her arms of the restrictive muscle bind. Creed's grip however persisted. Ken extended his blades and as the tips heated up, he pieced through the armor. But it was clearly not deep enough as the man stood without pain. He threw Carolina back onto the ground and picked up Ken from the back of his collar. "I hate gimmicky toys like that."

He slammed Ken down onto the ground. Everyone could hear an audible crack from Ken's now frail body. Painful moans escaped his desperate figure. Ken started to drag himself away from Creed who followed. "I said I would kill you boy, anything to say before you take your final breath?"

"Yeah," Ken threw down a flash bang grenade and looked away. "Fuck you!"


The flash of light blinded both Carolina and Creed. Carolina opened her eyes, her vision was disorientating and her body was unable to completely cooperate from her recent beating. Creed took off his helmet and threw it away in anger. He growled in Ken's direction as he stumbled in his general area with his arms outstretched to feel his environment. Ken took the opportunity to sneak up behind Creed and jump the man. He extended the blade on his right arm and aimed for the neck. But before he could act any further, Creed took Ken by his hood and flung him to the side of the room.

Carolina's eyes finally stabilized. She rushed for Creed and with the help of her speed boost she landed several blows on him, but at the same time managed a tactical retreat and pattern of movements to confuse him. Unfortunately the confusion tactic did not work as she had hoped it would. He took her right arm and threw her over his shoulder. He planted a firm foot on her chest and pulled on her arm to the point she could no longer hold back her scream. Church scrambled to work out a way of getting out of this situation. But all of his efforts were wasted as Creed promptly dislocated her arm from her body. She breathed heavily as her body shivered in the pain and her mind felt as if a thousand needles had pierced it.

Ken noticed the injury she sustained. He slowly got up and threw a small knife towards Creed that simply bounced off of his armor. Creed did nothing but look at the small object and laugh. He slowly approached Ken preparing his hand to deliver the killing blow. Ken panicked in his moment of weakness as he helplessly looked around for an escape from his corner.

"Get up sis," Church implored as he appeared beside her. "I'm running your healing unit. Come on, we need to find a way for all of us to get out of here right now!"

"No, divert that power to the speed booster."

"What?! I don't know how much more pain your body will be able to handle if I don't administer constant medical treatment."

"I can take it!" she yelled and slowly stood up. "I would know my own body the best. Now divert the power, I have a plan."

"Diverting power," he hesitantly submitted. She reached for the knife Ken threw earlier and charged herself at Creed. He felt no effects of her tackle, but was quickly brought down to the ground by the additional force of her jets and speed boost upon the second tackle. Carolina raised the knife and thrusted it forwards towards his face. But he blocked the blow and held her by her neck. In their struggle she managed to slash his right eye, forever stealing the light from it. Creed agonized in pain as a loud roar filled the floor and sent the fear one may feel facing an angered lion. Carolina quickly snapped Ken out of his panic and motioned towards the exit. Church started the healing unit and watched as they left Creed squirming in pain.

"Was it smart to not finish the job?" Church questioned as the two made their way down the stairs. Carolina was in no condition to chat. Ken looked at the two of them and shook his head. "No it wasn't, but we aren't exactly sitting pretty here either."

Several troopers advanced up the stairwell. Ken diverted their group towards the nearest floor and noticed a scaffolding left from the ongoing patchwork on a damaged window. Ken held out his gun and shot three bullets through the window. I'm sure this is going to piss off some handyman somewhere. He put down Carolina and motioned for the window. "Don't go anywhere, I will be back."

"Oh yea, I thought we would just get up and go for a stroll you know," Church sarcastically remarked as Ken burst through the weakened window. He looked back towards the exit door. Their pursuers still had yet to catch up to them. "Chloe, bring up the car on the west side of the building."

She drove out of the garage and followed his instructions clearly. She looked up and breathed out a sigh of irritation. "What was that about not doing anything crazy?"

"Hey, I never made any promises. Anyways, I need you to park exactly to the side of the scaffold. We are going to be making in a hard landing."


Ken rushed inside and checked his partner's condition. "Speak to me Church."

"I have managed to stop her pain from getting any worse for now, but she needs medical treatment."

"Can she do this?" he asked pointing back to the scaffold. Church looked at Carolina and then back outside. "Knowing her, you probably can't stop her either way."

"Good to hear," he helped Carolina up and looked downwards at their ride. "Alright Carolina, time to show off what you can do."

"My pleasure," she did her best to maintain a light tone amidst her increasing perspiration. Both Ken and she jumped out just as the doors to the stairs burst open and soldiers came in firing their guns. The two activated their jets throughout the fall in intervals to lessen the gravitational pull and after effects. Chloe's eyes widened as she noticed their trajectory. If he gets out of this alive, then I am so going to make him owe me big time. She backed up the car a little, and then forwards to maintain perfect entry point.

They landed wholly into the seats of the vehicle. Carolina let out an agitated moan as her dislocated shoulder and arm hit the leather seat. Chloe looked back at her and stared at Ken for an explanation. The soldiers from up above continued to fire. Ken hurriedly motioned ahead of them. "I will give you full run down later, for now just drive!"

"How about telling me while we go back?" she asked making a sharp turn, but doing her best to be mindful of Carolina's injury. Ken noticed three vehicles tailing them from the rear view mirror. "This might not be a good time after all."

The two looked back to see armed warthogs stepping up their speed and catching up to them. Ken drew his pistol and opened fire as the machine gunners turned to face them.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," Church exclaimed as he slumped his shoulders. "Do they have nothing better to do than to treat their hard-on for their data?"

"Wouldn't be an ATSG mission if we didn't get into a scuffle every once in a while now would it?" Ken asked having a wail of a time. Chloe giggled and agreed as she increased her speed. "No it wouldn't."

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