Mark carefully opened the box as Lexi watched. He took off the top and there was a card lying on top. He opened it. It had a picture of a man holding a baby. 'Congratulations you're going to be a Daddy!' Lexi had written on the card. Dear Mark, I'm going to have our baby in about 8 months. Were going to be a family Love, Lexi. Mark still hadn't lifted his head and Lexi was starting to worry, maybe he changed his mind, maybe he didn't want to have a bay with her. Mark pulled the tissue paper back and pulled out two Harley Davidson shirts. One was for him. It had worlds greatest Dad printed on it. The other was a newborn shirt. It had My Daddy Loves me printed on it. Mark held the tiny shirt in his hand for once in his life speechless. His heart was in his throat and he couldn't speak. Lexi seemed as happy as him about being pregnant. She actually wanted this baby, not just cause they had made a bargain. She would love it and be a good mother to it. Mark could see this clearly now. Lexi was really scared now. Mark hadn't said a word.

"Mark are you mad?" Lexi asked in a trembling voice.

Mark looked up at Lexi in surprise. Was he mad? The question confused him, how could he be mad?

Lexi seen tears in Mark's eyes and that scared her; she had never seen him emotional.

"Lexi you have made me the happiest man on earth. Come here." Mark said in a husky voice.

Lexi went up to him and he pulled her into his arms and onto his lap. Mark pressed a kiss to her lips and pulled back. Mark looked deep into her eyes.

"You really want this baby as much as I do don't ya?" Mark asked in wonder.

"Well of course I do. It's my child to Mark, I already love it. It's a part of us, how could I not want it?" Lexi asked.

Mark cradled her cheek with his hand.

"Lexi we had a business deal, you agreed to have children for me. I didn't think ya would be happy about it or even really want to have my children." Mark said.

"Mark do you think I scream out your name while were making love because we have a business deal, do you think I bring you lunch everyday because we have a business deal, I don't lay awake at night and watch you sleep because we have a business deal. I love you. I want to have lots of babies with you and I want us to be a family." Lexi said.

"Why do you love me?" Mark asked looking in her eyes.

"Because you kind and sweet and strong and brave. I love the way you touch me, I love the way you smell, I love the way you look when you first get up, I love the way you look when your covered with grease after work, I love the way you make chills go down my spine when You say my name...want me to keep going?" Lexi asked grinning.

"I think I get the picture." Mark said smiling at her.

Mark pulled Lexi into his arms and hugged her tight.

"I love you too Lexi." Mark whispered in her ear.

Lexi froze. She hadn't expected that in a million years. Mark loved her. She couldn't believe it. Lexi felt the tears running down her cheeks. Mark had just made her the happiest woman in the world.

"Good Lord girl, you're going to drown us both in tears someday." Mark said rocking her in his arms.

"I'm sorry, its just I didn't think you could love me." Lexi said.

Mark sat her up and kissed her tears away.

"I didn't think I could ever love anybody again Lexi, but you just kept chipping away at me with your sweetness and loving me no matter how big a jerk I was. When I come up here and seen ya sitting on the bed looking miserable, all I wanted was to see a smile on that sweet face. I knew it was over, I waved the white flag right then. I love ya girl." Mark said bending his head to kiss her. Mark pulled back and smiled at her. She was so beautiful. In that moment he let go of the pain and the past forever.

"A marriage made in heaven." Lexi whispered.

"Mmm, what ya talking about?" Mark asked as he nuzzled her neck.

"Oh nothing, just a book I read once." Lexi murmured as she gave in to the pleasure Mark was giving her.


Mark laughed as he watched Ashley run from Beau on her chubby little legs. She was a real beauty at 3 years old. She looked like him and Lexi both.

"Here Mark take Jason for a minute." Lexi said.

Mark lifted his 6 month old son from Lexis arms and settled him in his lap. He was a big boy like his daddy. He watched Lexi button her top back up and winked at her.

"Daddy will be wanting some of that after while." Mark said smiling.

"Are you a little old to be breastfeeding?" Lexi teased.

"Never." Mark said giving her a big grin.

"Maybe we'll get started on number three tonight." Mark said laughing.

"Uhh Mark I been meaning to tell you something…" Lexi started

Mark looked up in surprise, then he jumped up holding Jason in one arm and grabbed Lexi with the other in a tight hug.

"I love ya little one." Mark whispered in her ear.

"I love you too." Lexi whispered.