Apparently, I have a thing for guys in black leather.

I mean, it honestly sounds embarrassing when I say it like that. Maybe I should rephrase to "guys in black leather have a thing for me." That sounds a little better.

Currently, it was John Diggle and his black leather coat.

"C'mon, Abigail," he urged me. "Waller wants me gone in twenty-four hours. I can't leave the Verdant unsupervised."

"You mean Oliver unsupervised," I said, crossing my arms.

"Oliver, Thea, Laurel, it's all a mess," Diggle said. "Surely you can leave S.T.A.R. Labs for a week."

"I absolutely cannot," I said.

"Because of Merlyn?" Diggle asked.

I looked up at the ceiling of C.C. Jitters with a sigh. He'd brought up Malcolm Merlyn on purpose. Yet another black-leather-clad man that I'd gone a little googly-eyed over at one point. To be perfectly fair, he had been equally googly-eyed until he'd decided I was too close in age to his daughter.

"It has nothing to do with Merlyn," I said stubbornly. "We've got some new wild cards at S.T.A.R. Labs. I can't leave Team Flash for longer than this coffee meeting."

John Diggle was so desperate to find Waller a new babysitter for Team Arrow that he'd taken a train down to Central City. I was determined to be adamant, however.

"Can't your wife take it?"

Diggle gave me a look. "And who'd take care of Sarah? Oliver has a thing about kids being in the Arrow Cave."

"Who would Sarah tell?" I asked, mystified. "Or has Oliver just gotten it into his head that he can break it?" That sounded like Oliver.

"I'm pretty sure it's some moral thing," Diggle said.

"Oliver always did have the strangest logic concerning that sort of thing."

"Abi, I still need someone to watch over Team Arrow while I'm gone," Diggle reminded me.

I sighed.

"How can A.R.G.U.S. order you to be in two places at once? Look, I'll do what I can. Maybe our new Speedster can help run me over since he's not in Felicity's security system yet," I said.

"Thank you." Diggle put a hand over mine, smiled, then stood up.

"Yeah, yeah." I went to the counter to get an extra coffee to go as Diggle left. "One Flash, please."

As the barista whipped up my to-go order, I looked out the glass doors at Central City. It looked peaceful for the first time in a while. There were no raging Metas, no clashing of vigilante teams, no near-missile strikes from A.R.G.U.S. Not even that weird sky-beam thing we'd seen a few weeks ago.

Coffee in hand, I stepped out into the streets and started walking to S.T.A.R. Labs. Things felt pretty perfect.

A little too perfect.

Luckily, the feeling didn't last long.

Something snatched me around my waist, and the city blurred by for a few seconds before I realized that a Speedster had grabbed me. We stopped in S.T.A.R. Labs, my clothes smoking slightly.

Barry stepped back, arms raised and grin wide like he was expecting an award.

"What was that for?" I asked, eyes still a little wide from the sudden trip.

"It seems that Misters Snart and Rory have located our Syphon problem," Harrison Wells said.

"Uh, I helped," Cisco put in. He slapped a Twizzler against the computer desk, grinning.

I set down my coffee. "Oh yes. I freaking love you guys. When are we going in?"

"Uh, like right now?" Barry said. He took a few backward steps then spun around. I was almost surprised he didn't zoom us all there instantly.

"That would be unwise," Wells interjected. "We don't have the entire team here."

Uh oh. Keeping the team in line was my job. Not that they really knew that.

Cisco, Barry and Wells were here in the Cortex. Leonard and Mitch were wherever Syphon was. That left Caitlin, Jesse, Wally, and Hunter Zolomon. And if I were particularly anxious, I'd want to locate Team Flash Allies. Joe and Iris West, Peekaboo, and Firestorm, for example.

"Where are the others?" I asked.

"Cait's with Ronnie," Cisco said.

"I believe Jesse and Wally are training," Wells added. There was just a note of disapproval in his voice. I hid a smirk by taking a sip of coffee. Protective daddy, I suppose.

"So that leaves Hunter," I said.

I didn't like that one bit. Hunter was arguably the one I needed to keep an eye on the most.

He didn't show up with the other Metas. He hadn't even been around during Team Arrow's conception. He had only arrived a few weeks ago, calling himself Zoom and looking like Central City's new golden boy. He certainly seemed to have a heart of gold.

And I am a sucker for a man in black leather.

But he was brand new, and there was some suspicion with his timing. He'd showed up shortly after the strange beam of light. He claimed that it had sent him here from another world, similar to ours but not similar enough that he felt he would succeed in this earth on his own.

He didn't seem horribly anxious to go back home, which made us wonder what sort of hell he'd come from. But he didn't seem eager to turn this world into a hell either. And heaven knows that Team Flash was desperate for more allies. Otherwise, their next clash with Team Arrow could prove to be fatal for S.T.A.R. Labs.

Everyone liked Hunter. He was old-fashioned and chivalrous, but wicked fast and quick to aid Team Flash. But everyone was still just a little wary of our new hero.

I pulled my phone from my pocket.


Damn, his voice was as deep and dark as that suit. Did I mention I'm also a sucker for a deep and dark voice?

"Hunter, where you at?" I asked. "We think we've located Syphon."

"Think?" Cisco said. "You do me no credit, woman. I know."

"Cisco seems pretty sure, anyways," I added.

"I'll be right there," Hunter said.

Sure enough, he was. He was standing in the Cortex before my coffee had gone cold.

I grinned.

"Let's round up the others and get this guy in the Pipeline," Barry said. He clapped his hands together and rubbed them before disappearing in a crackle of lightning.