- "Oh, come on guys, it will be fun, it doesn't have to be anything big, we just be all together, eat something and see the fireworks". Penny begged, as she picked up a dumpling for the coffee table.

It had been weeks since the whole gang have been together, just for dinner or hanging out. Penny understood, it was a lot of things happening in their lives now, Bernadette and Howard had their little family with Halley, Raj had a new work project that occupied him almost every night for the last months, and Amy spent most of her time sleeping or preparing things for the arrival of her little one with Sheldon, which left her and Leonard alone, spending the evenings watching TV and feeling that the apartment was more empty than ever.

- "It´s so sad, since Halley´s and Amy's birthday party, we haven't been able to be the seven together, even now, Raj is missing, and new year's eve seems the best time to do it".

- "I don't know Penny, what do we do with Halley? It's too late for her to be awake or out of the house". Bernadette explained as she try to give Halley her bottle, but she refuse it, which makes Bernadette rolling her eyes.

- "She can sleep here, we have Sheldon's old room empty, we can put the crib there and prepare everything for her, please".

- "Excuse me". Sheldon interrupted, rising from the sofa in one quick move. "I haven't given permission for an infant to be installed in my old room".

- "Sheldon, you can't decide who or who not can sleep in your old room, sweetheart, you don't live here anymore, besides, you should be the first to agree with the idea".

- "What do you mean by that? You know I don't like parties, or fireworks or roofs".

- "Because it's the last time you both will be alone, and it's a romantic and unique night, don't you want to spending the night, dancing with Amy? Besides, It's not a party, it will be the same people just on the roof". Penny explained, pointing to Amy, who was eating on the couch with a large belly, which make it difficult for her to stand right.

- "A magical night". Sheldon whispered to himself as the girls continued talking. It could be the special night he'd been waiting for so long to propose to Amy to be his wife. Music, fireworks, surrounded by their friends, an evening she would never forget.

All last tries to propose to her, never felt like good enough for his little lady. The first one was on date night at the beach, everything was going well, but at the moment he was going to do it, something feels wrong, the exact thing happened a few weeks ago, when they celebrate Amy´s birthday and something wasn't perfect, something was missing, "but what?". Sheldon murmured. "Maybe new years eve could be the day, the day to show Amy how much she meant to me". He thought to himself while looking at his beautiful woman smiling and talking with their friends.

- "I think, we should go Amy!" Sheldon said in a confident voice, leaving his friends speechless for his reaction.

- "I don't know, Sheldon, I'm huge and uncomfortable, and I'm sure I'll be too tired to see or do anything at that hours". Amy said, stroking her large and heavy belly, which had grown a lot in the last weeks.

Sheldon looked at Penny, and winking, he whispered, "I'll convince her". Leaving Penny's eyes wide and mouth open.

It wasn't going to be her who complain, it has been her idea after all, but this change in Sheldon's behavior gave her chills all over her body, who could imagine what that brilliant and crazy mind would be trampled right now.

The golden and silver balloons started to move to the sound of the afternoon breeze. It had been hard hours but everything was just as Penny had imagined it, the light bulbs overhead lighting up, the long table where she put all the food and drinks she already bought for it, and all the decorations hanging on in the walls.

- "I must admit Sheldon, it was a surprise for me, that you offered to decorate the roof with me, but everything looks awesome". Penny confessed while knotting one of the balloons.

Although it seemed crazy to her at first, after so many years with him it had made Penny an expert in dealing with all the eccentricities of Sheldon, and she had to admit, he can make that everything looks much better.

- "Well, I was not going to leave it in your hands, I've been to your parties before, and a couple of beer cans and a few blisters are not suitable for tonight". Sheldon said as he placed large gold numbers on the top of the wall.

- "Yeah, right". Penny stammered, rolling her eyes. "I want to say thank you, I wouldn't have done this without you, especially since you've bought most of the things" She joked. "Seriously, they must have cost you a lot of money, thank you".

- "No problem, it's also a special night, and I want everything to be perfect".

- "Sheldon, I know it's one of your first New Year parties, but it's not going to be that special, I don't want you to be disappointed later".

- "That's not why it is ..." Sheldon stopped talking, and looked at Penny's eyes that looked at him tenderly.

In the more of the ten years, he had known her, he had never seen that look in her, full of tenderness, simplicity and love, as his own mother used to look at him as a child. The relationship with Penny had gone through many phases, but what they share now was authentic brotherly love, something that Sheldon never felt with his own siblings.

- "Ok, so what it is? You know you can tell me anything, right, sweetheart?".

Sheldon hesitated for a moment, but if there was anyone to share it would certainly be Penny, after so long she had occupied an important place in his life, and being Amy's best friend, it seems almost inevitable.

- "It's this". He simply said as he pulled out a small velvet box from his pocket.

Penny was stunned, slowly, she approaching to him and opening the little box which rested in his hand, there was the ring, the ring she had seen two years ago, the same ring who was breaking Sheldon's heart during their break up.

- "And it's going to be today?". She barely murmured, as she gazed upon the beautiful and shining ring.

- "I planned to do it on the countdown, when it's twelve o'clock I'll be on my knees and ... " Sheldon was explaining until, he saw his friend's tears falling down her cheeks. "What? Is not good enough, right?".

- "What? No, it's simply perfect Sheldon, is the most romantic thing I ever heard, I´m really happy for you". She said, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug that Sheldon accepted grudgingly.

- "Then, why are you crying?" Sheldon asked, as Penny stepped back and wiped her eyes full of tears.

- "They are tears of happiness, silly".

- "Are you sure?".

- "What do you mean? Of course, I'm very happy for you, your new life, your little one which is coming and now a wedding, is fantastic ..." Penny said but her face became sad with each word and tears fell again from her eyes.

- "Penny, what's going on?" Sheldon whispered as he approached her slowly.

- "Nothing, that's exactly the problem, nothing is happening, you all have new jobs, children, lives … and I don´t fit in it anymore. When I came here more than ten years ago I had my plan very clear, I want to be a superstar, famous and popular, but nothing came out as I planned, I met you guys and my life began to revolve around Leonard and all you, and now, I feel like I have stopped fitting and that you don't need me anymore …". Penny said as her voice trembled, Sheldon listened intently staring at his friend, who dropped her body to the floor, sitting on the step.

- "I know that feeling". Sheldon simply said, putting his jacket on the floor, and sitting next to her trying not to touch the the dirty roof with his body.

- "You do?"

- "Of course, a two years ago, when Amy and I had broken up, I felt the same thing that you are feeling now, I was alone, Leonard and you were going to move, and I felt that I didn't fit any longer into your lives, but you promised me you never would let that happen, and now I do it for you, you are my family now, Penny, and as my mother said, you never leave the family behind, besides, Amy would never let you go, you know that, right?".

Penny smiled, processing every word that Sheldon had chosen, no doubt she felt as his words had helped her, she would never take them away from her life, they are her family, the family she had chosen, perfect or not she loves them.

- "You know, you're going to be a great husband, Sheldon". Penny said, putting the small velvet box back in his hand.

- "Of course I will, I´m excellent in many things!". Sheldon exclaimed and both began to laugh, while they finished decorating the place.

An hour later the roof was perfect, ready for an unforgettable night, to close a year that although it was not perfect, it was incredible, because life is like that, full of good and bad moments, but that things make it perfect.

Her black dress tightened to her sinuous curves in a way that Sheldon had to cling to the kitchen counter, otherwise, he would faint in the instant his eyes caught her. She was so beautiful and radiant, her hair was tucked into a low tail, emphasizing her precious jaw and cheeks, which had a lovely reddish hue. Her eyes glowed in a very special way, with an intense green shade which Sheldon only remembered for a few rarely occasions, and her soft and velvety lips had an intense red tone.

- "I can't believe you convinced me to go to this party". Amy exclaimed, leaving the bedroom as she picks up a small black scarf and places it over her shoulders.

- "It's not a party, I'm not going to parties, it's a small gathering with friends on the roof, there will be good food and we'll see the new year fireworks, and we need to hurry up, it's almost 8 o'clock".

- "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Dr. Cooper, but if you wear a suit …" Amy says as she moves her hips sensually, positioning right in front of him. "... It's a party".

Sheldon moved his hands, slowly, caressing Amy's sweet belly, that in the last two weeks had grown much more than he thought it could be, making her even more adorable. Sheldon stroking it softly, feeling the movements of his little one under his own hands. It still feels strange and rare but at the same time was one of the greatest and incredible experiences of his life. His little boy, was there, inside of the most wonderful, sweet and affectionate woman, his woman, and as soon as he can, his wife.

- "I would never take my pregnant woman to a party". He said, lowering his head and kissing gently on her nose.

- "When did you become so sweet?". Amy whispered, still feeling a tickle which ran all over her body.

- "That's nothing, little lady, I have a surprise prepared for you tonight, so you need to be awake until midnight". Sheldon tease her, raising his eyebrows with a sweet smile.

- "You have? That's interesting, can I have a little clue?". Amy begged with a sweet smile and Sheldon nodded in response.

His hands moved slowly, climbing up her body to her cheeks "Thanks for this magical year, Amy, let me give you a very special New Year's Eve day". Sheldon whispered, leaning over her and giving her a soft and sweet kiss on the lips.

His lips caught her and she instantly surrendering to their warm love. His hands ran down to her belly, looking for his little boy's kicks under his hands while their mouths danced in a sweet and silent ball. Their eyes closed as their lips parted slowly, connected the intense glances that had never felt more united as now.

- "You're supposed to wait until midnight to kiss me, Dr Cooper". Amy whispered, trying to catch her breath as she savored his sweet scent on her lips.

- "I missed a lot of new year´s kisses those years, I think it will be fine". He says winking at her and giving her another kiss, more deeply this time, making her moan hard into his mouth.

Their lips connected, feeling each inch of the other, while their hands surrounded to their bodies, feeling every heartbeat, every breath, every moan that made their skins tremble under the other. Amy´s body shrugged, breaking the kiss as her lips still lay on Sheldon's mouth.

- "Woah, that was a great kiss". Sheldon whispered as he pulled away from Amy.

- "No… well I mean, yes, it was … it´s just, I felt a contraction, but don't worry, it's nothi... ahhh". Amy murmured as she felt that her abdomen split in two parts and instantly, a warm liquid run down her legs.

- "Amy, are you okay?". Sheldon exclaimed, grabbing Amy who was pouring her hands over her belly as if it were about to separate from her body.

- "I think my water broke". Amy said, while a smile was drawing on her face, illuminating her large and green eyes and starting to laugh hard.

- "And why are you laughing?". Sheldon asked confusedly, connecting his gaze to hers as his body trembled with nerves.

- "Because we're having a baby!" Amy said in a trembling voice, a mixture of fear, emotion and anxiety which make her started to cry.

- "We are having a baby!". Sheldon exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around her body, feeling her trembling skin beneath his.

The next minutes had passed like a blurred cloud in Sheldon's mind, his nerves make him unable to remember clearly. The unconnected scenes went through his mind, taking out Leonard from the shower so, as he promised, he could take them to the hospital. Penny took charge of calling the rest of the group and picking up Amy's bags, while he helped his woman down the stairs, and now, here they were the fourth of them, sitting in Leonard's car, while Penny was on the back seat, grabbing her friend's hand to breath with her and making her smile with her inappropriate comments.

- "Leonard accelerates! Even my grandmother drives faster than you". Penny exclaimed from the backseat, making Sheldon turn his head from the copilot seat and connecting his gaze with Amy's, who was twisting in pain.

- "Stop yelling at me, it's not easy to drive with you two screaming all the time, we'll be there in a few minutes, don´t worry".

- "In a few minutes Amy could have the baby in the car, and I don't think you're a good midwife". Penny joked, knowing that Amy would have hours left to birth, but Sheldon squirmed toward Leonard with his wide-eyed eyes and open mouth.

- "What? Leonard accelerates, I will not let my woman have our son in your car, Amy, close your legs!". Sheldon screamed, making the girls laugh.

After a few minutes and several jokes of Penny later, they arrived at the hospital, for Leonard's relief, in one piece, where they passed directly into the doctor's office so that they could examine Amy.

The doctor was a young and dark-haired man, with a white and big smile and blue eyes. He wouldn't be older than them and wore a beautiful blue shirt with matching tie. After examining Amy, he let the others enter to the room, founding her with the hospital gown and a big smile in her face.

- "I'm in labor". Amy exclaimed when she saw them appear by the door. Sheldon in two quick steps was next to her with a great and trembling smile, gently, he took her hand and placed it next to his.

- "Are you ok, Amy?". He whispered fondly. Amy just nodded, give him a sweet smile.

- "And you must be the father". The doctor said, pointing to Sheldon. "I'm Doctor Levy, and I will assist you during the birth, your doctor has the day off, but don't worry I have a lot of experience and everything will work out great".

Sheldon got up, shaking the doctor's hand as he introduced himself. Some years ago he would never do something like that, and less, in a hospital where there are so many viruses and contagious diseases, but now, he was used to doing it, and had changed from an obsession to a simply nuisance. "Other of those little things this woman had changed in me" he murmured to himself. "That vixen".

- "Now you can relax, there are still hours for the show, how curious, maybe your son could be the first baby of the year". The doctor said, while writing some data in his notes.

- "The first?" Sheldon asked.

- "Sure, well at least in this hospital, there is only another woman in labor tonight and still she has much to dilate, you have possibilities". The doctor said as he left the room.

Sheldon started pacing the room nervously, while Penny hugged her friend, they both talked and laughed but for Sheldon they were simple nonsense babbling in the background, his head was working, plotting, his son will be the first baby of the year.

- "Sheldon?" Penny repeated for the third time, and his friend turned his head toward her with a lost gaze.

- "Mmm". He murmured, trying to concentrate again.

Leonard approached to his friend, putting his arm around his back to catch his attention. He'd lived enough time with Sheldon to recognize when his best friend's mind was into something.

- "Buddy". Leonard whispered. "You need to come back here, Amy is in labor, remember?".

- "He could be the first baby of the year". Sheldon murmured.

The nurse reluctantly entered to the room, rolling her eyes when her gaze caught Dr. Cooper, as he had obliged their to called him, jumping up from the seat and approaching to her with a firm step.

"It wasn´t bad luck enough having to work in new year´s eve that I had to deal with, as the nurses had nicknamed him, "Dr. Crazynstein" and his irrational proposals". The nurse thought as she approached to the bed and checked the monitor data.

- "So, are we close now? I don't think Amy is dilating anything at all, is almost eleven and it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon". Sheldon protested, keeping his watch back on his pocket.

- "Dr. Craz-Cooper". She quickly corrected with a silly smile, "You have to let nature do his work, this is a beautiful moment, enjoy it". She said, placing Amy's pillow while she smiled at her back with a grateful gaze.

- "How do you feel sweetheart?" The nurse asked to Amy, trying to avoid him for rest of the time she will be at this room.

- "Well, almost the same, the contractions are strong but very spaced but I´m a little thirsty".

- "Just ice, and if you feel strong you could walk around the room, that will help you to dilate".

- "Noted". Amy says with a smile as the nurse leave the room at a fast pace.

It was understandable, Sheldon was driving all the nurses crazy, even Leonard and Penny prefered to wait out of the room, than be here with him. "Sadly I can't leave him here too". Amy whispered as Sheldon gave her a glass with ice.

- "We should walk, the nurse said that you should walk, let's move, that would be helpful". Sheldon says nervously, grabbing Amy's arm, trying to get her out of bed.

- "Sheldon stops, you're hurting me". Amy protested, while Sheldon keep in deep silent looking at her with sad gaze.

- "I´m sorry, I didn't mean that". He murmured as he walked toward the window.

- "I know you don't, I'm sorry if I been grumpy, but you're making me nervous, to me and to everyone, why don't you go out for a while? Tell Penny to come back". Amy said, as she grabbed her body through one of the contractions.

Sheldon turned his head, perplexed by her words. "You don't want me here with you?". He simply asked, walking towards the bed.

- "You know I didn't mean that". Amy´s eyes filled with tears. "I´m scared, Sheldon, I'm trying to give birth to our son, and you're not making it easy for me".

- "I just wanted it to be special, that he would be the first baby of the year, I never wanted to make you sad". Slowly, he sat down besides her, wrapping his long arms around her body and placing a small kiss in her forehead.

- "Sheldon, it's our son, who cares if it's at midnight or in a day for now, it's going to be special, you need to... ahhhh". Amy was saying when another contraction interrupted her, hard and intense.

- "Are you okay?". Sheldon asked softly, adjusting her body on the bed, but before Amy could answer, another stronger contraction made her body shiver.

Sheldon got up in a swift move, calling to the nurse who reluctantly entered to the room with a smile. After checking her constants, the nurse looked at them with a big smile and her arms posed on her hips. "We're ready to go to the delivery room, 10 centimeters, very well Amy". Sheldon jumped up, kissing Amy on her smiling face.

- "Just in time for midnight". Sheldon murmured with a wink to the nurse who rolled her eyes and let out a big sigh.

While the doctors prepared Amy, the rest of the hospital watched in the televisions the scene of a the full Times Square and the countdown that was about to start. The couples were preparing for the long-awaited New Year's kisses, and friends filled their glasses for the toasts.

But around Amy, the figures became blurred and the sound confused and distant. She could only concentrate on one thing, the soft touch of the hand that was gripping hers, in those crystallines and intense blue eyes that didn't move a single second from her, as if blinking would fade her away, and in those sweet and rosy lips that whispered words which did not reach to her ears.

12 …

The intense and painful pain ripped through her body as in her mind she remembered every kiss and every caress that Sheldon had ever given her. All those years when she dreamed of just touching his skin, or knowing how his lips would taste, every tear she ever shed trying to forget him, and every smile who lit her face with his simple presence.

10 …

She could feel the smell of his hair between her fingers, the warmth of his hands and the touch of his lips on her skin. Every word and gaze which made her cheeks flush and bite her lips.


Her body suffered but her mind traveled to her deepest memories, to a cute and little cafe where, without knowing it, she would meet the person who would change her life forever, who would give meaning to words that she never understood, who would teach her to open her heart, to feel and live experiences that she never dreamed of, and that will lead her until that moment.


- "Amy, he is almost here". Sheldon's words echoed in her ears like a lovely melody, her gaze locked in him, in his tears falling around his smile.


- "One last push". He repeated, returned her to the room, to that moment, to those seconds that feels like an eternity.

"Happy New Year!" The rest of the world cheered, but Amy could only hear the most wonderful sound in the world, the first crying of her son.

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