So I've always thought there were several characters that wer underrated and deserved more, like Graham here, for example. Gage from Go Fish, too, but that's another story for another time. I always thought he shouldn't have gone fishy, and i won't go on this long rant because you have a story to read. Anyway, I thought Graham deserved more and so I'm going to him just that through this AU version of Season four on forward.

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He saw her before Riley did. She stopped in the campus square completely overwhelmed by everything around her. As he turned to go see if she was alright, a short redhead, her friend by the looks of it, waltzed up to her, excited and showing off the usual flurry of flyers that the school organizations loved to hand out on orientation. A small wave of relief came over the blonde girl.

Graham smiled a little. She was cute and the total embodiment of a fish out of water freshman.

"Where have you been?" Forest asked, coming up next to him. He scanned across the crowd. "Freshman, a whole new class to sink my fingers into."

Graham snorted, but left the overly sexual comment alone.

"See Riley anywhere?" Graham asked.

"I think he went to the bookstore on an errand for Walsh. He is her pet after all."

Graham scratched the side of his head. Forest wasn't wrong. Riley was her favorite and the high commander. Graham was his third in command next to Forest who was second.

"Let's go. Party at the house tonight," Forest said.

Graham hadn't been in a partying mood. About thirty minutes into the shindig, he left for a walk. He'd been off on his own a lot lately. No one really noticed. He was the quiet one and also the one for solid advice unlike Forest.

He was making is way across campus when he heard a strange noise, sounded like grunting not far off. Treading carefully, he moved towards the brush where the noise came from an pulled it aside. It was the blonde girl he'd seen earlier today and she was fighting…a vampire.

Graham reached for his sidearm which wasn't there because of course it wasn't. He wasn't in uniform, but it was such an automatic response to reach for it. By the looks of it though, the blonde had it under control for the most part. She was giving out as much power behind her punches and kicks as the vampire. And then two more showed up and just like in the square today, she was overwhelmed and she looked at them, scared and panicky. Graham tensed, ready to go in there and help, but stopped when she ran. The vampires didn't run after her. His jaw clenched at their wise cracks and the sudden mention of the Slayer. Slayer? What was a Slayer?

He hurried after the blonde, but didn't get to close as to spook her more as she hurried back to her dormitory, holding her arm to her chest.

After Pop Culture the next morning, of which she'd shown up again and the professor had kicked her to the curb for disturbing the class. Graham kept his eyes forward, wanting to cut in and defend her. He didn't say a word though. She didn't even see him there as she stuttered and then rushed out.

The library was large, but strangely the information on Slayers was little next to none. He'd found maybe three books in the mythology section. He had better luck on the net. Apparently the Slayer went along the lines of being the chosen one who fights the vampires, demons and forces of darkness.

"How…archaic," Graham mumbled to himself.

"Light research?"

Graham exited out of the window on the computer as Riley Finn sat down in the empty seat next to him.

"Mythology class," Graham lied.

Riley must not have had a good enough look because he didn't press anything more. Before the two struck up any more conversation their beepers went off and a herd of shhh's followed them out of the library.

"Where'd you go last night?" Riley asked as they got back to the house.

"Went for a walk," Graham replied. Forest met them on the stairs, baring his usual scowl.

"You? Go for a walk? Right," Forest snorted.

Graham just shrugged, shrinking back into quiet mode. It was a beautiful thing really. They didn't ask a lot of questions and he didn't say a lot. He was the shy, quiet one.

The green light of the retinal scan moved over the three of them and the doors opened.

"Riley Finn, Forest Gates, Graham Miller. Access granted."

They stepped inside.

"Did you find what Walsh was looking for?" Forest asked as the elevator descended.

"Yes. I was doing my job. She just needed an extra textbook for Psych," Riley replied.

"What did I tell you, lap dog," Forest said, jokingly. He nudged Graham in the side.

"I'm the T.A. So again, it's my job." Riley rolled his eyes.

The elevator stopped and opened up to the military base underground. A group of soldiers whizzed past them on a small motor vehicle, their guns sat upright on their knee with the firing end up toward the high ceiling.

"Anyway, a Freshman came into class today and asked me if the teacher had any plans on yelling at her." Riley chuckled.

Graham flashed to the blonde girl in Pop Culture.

"Was she cute? Did you get her name?" Forest inquired.

Graham shook his head. The guy had one thing on his mine 23/6. He was mostly preoccupied thinking the other night when he spotted her. He wondered if she was alright. And that she was a Slayer. That's what those vamps called her and they laughed like it was a joke.

"She was…peculiar. Her name is Buffy." Riley said.

Graham's head snapped up at the name. So that's who she is, he thought.

After protocol and a patrol around campus that evening, Graham snuck back towards where the vampires came from.

He stopped in the clearing where he'd spotted them and…Buffy. He let out a heavy sigh at the thought of her. She was a Freshman while he was a Junior. Not that it mattered. He hadn't talked to her once. He just saw her…from afar.

He followed back a faint trail to an old, condemned frat house. He crouched down as he snuck to the side of the house, looking between the cracks of the boarded up windows. The leader of the vamps, the one who'd hurt Buffy was sitting up on a chair as her cronies were going through things. By the looks of it and the way they were talking, these were Buffy's things.

He stood up, thinking about a way in and a plan to get rid of these guys when the skylight fell through and with it, a girl. Buffy stared up at the lead vampire who called herself Sunday—what a tacky name.

"Oh," Buffy said, small and nervously. She stood up really quickly.

Graham tensed with strong discomfort that she was in there alone. He need to find a way in and quick.

"Say, don't I know you from beating the crap out of you," Sunday quipped.

"Just thought I'd drop in," Buffy said with a short, even more nervous laugh.

Graham hurried to the back of the house. Crashing and glass could be heard breaking. Lucky for him that he brought his firearm this time. He ran up the back porch and tried the back door. It was stuck and so he rammed his shoulder into it.

He stopped when the frenzy grew even more and peeked in the window. There was a sigh of relief at seeing a group of people come bursting into the house. Her friends, he presumed. He watched as Buffy tossed a vamp effortlessly across the room and staked another easily. She twirled the stake in her hand and threw it with perfect precision, nailing Sunday in the heart. The vampire turned to dust and a smirk played across Buffy's face.

Graham moved back to the front of the house, but stayed low so as not to be spotted. The small gang came out, chatting amongst themselves like this was completely normal, an every night event.

"This is turning out to be a lot like high school," Buffy quipped as an older gentleman (her father?) came rushing towards her with a multitude of weapons. They all laughed and continued back to campus.

Graham knew he should report this. He could be in serious trouble if he didn't. But he was the quiet and shy one and nobody asked him a lot of questions.