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Cardcaptor Sakura meets Witchblade


She appeared in a flash of pink light, the woman settling to the ground as a simple dress swirled around her. She had chosen her arrival point well, no one seeing the lady as she ducked back in a New York alley. She studied the men and women on the street for a time, memorizing the clothes and styles, then in a flash of light she was similarly dressed. Confident in her disguise she set out into the flow of traffic, utterly unnoticeable.


Several weeks later police detective Sara Pezzini crouched beside her car as bullets wizzed by, feeling the absence of the Witchblade on her wrist. The brown haired woman never imagined missing the weapon, but since it had disappeared a few weeks ago...

Sara cursed as a bullet shattered the window, raining glass on her. "Give it up, assholes!" she yelled, "New York Police Department!"

"Think that'll do it?" her partner asked, the younger man peeking up. Bullets whizzed by and he ducked again, "Guess not."

"Cover me," Sara ordered, bursting from cover and running at the building.

Several hectic minutes later, following much gunplay and violence, Sara leaned against her car and sighed as the criminals were carted off. Yeah, there were days she missed having the Witchblade, Sara would easily admit. But there was also a certain satisfaction in finally being able to do things for herself, now.

"Are you nuts, Pezzini!" her captain yelled as Baptiste glared at her, marching over from the cops bagging the crooks.

"Sorry, boss," Sara smiled, glad to be back in the world of dealing with regular criminals and angry bosses.


In another part of the country, Jackie Estacado smiled with contentment as the black haired man watched the sun rise, for the first time in years completely free of the Darkness. A ancient power of chaos the Darkness only manifested at night, giving him the power to create anything he wanted, from weapons to goblin-like servants. The power had been a blessing and a curse to him, but more often a curse.

"Hey, Jackie!" one of the local toughs called out.

The guys out here were total mooks, in Jackie's opinion, but he found them useful justv the same. They were all scared spitless of the hitman too, which was a nice feeling. "I'm gonna need a car," he said briskly, "and clean guns."

"I thought you usually dumped guns?" the younger man asked tentatively.

"No reason to give the cops anything to trace," Jackie said as they walked over to the waiting vehicle to take him to a hotel. He had to scout out the target tonight, as well as make sure there were clear avenues of escape. When he had the Darkness Jackie hadn't had to worry about that, he could just armor up and fight his way out. He missed that, a little, but it was good to just rely on his skills.

"We'll have 'em ready for tomorrow," the man promised. "Uhm, do you want a girl sent up to your room?"

Jackie almost reflexedly refused, then paused as the realization hit him. With the Darkness he had been forced to abstain, because when he concieved a child the Darkness power would leave him to go to the kid. And not incidentally, kill him. But for the first time in years, he was free...

"Hell YES send someone up to my room," Jackie grinned as they drove off.

"Right," the man nodded eagerly.

Jackie sat back in the back seat, sighing in relaxation. Yes, he was gonna miss having the Darkness, but honestly? He wouldn't want things to be any different.


Danielle Baptiste smiled as the blond haired young woman walked hand in hand with her lover Finch, the two women taking in the New Orleans nightlife. "Do you miss it?" Finch asked, her hair died a soft purple this week.

"The Angelus?" Dani asked.

"Yeah," Finch squeezed her hand gently.

"Not so much," Dani admitted thoughtfully.

For a time Dani had used the Witchblade, protecting Sara Pezzini when the police officer had become pregnant. After giving the weapon back to Sara Dani had been granted the Angelus, a power of light and creation that was the opposite number to the Darkness. Using it had been thrilling and empowering to Dani, but it also frightened her deeply.

"Really?" Finch asked, looking up at her curiously.

"I won't deny that I liked the power," Dani said to Finch honestly, "but having it was like riding a tiger. I never knew when it might turn on me and possess me, like it did the other users down through the years."

Finch shivered faintly, "I'm glad that never happened to you. I saw some of the Angelus soldiers and their blind loyalty kind of creeped me out."

"Me too," Dani agreed, putting a arm around the other woman. "Wanna head home and get some dinner?" she asked.

"Sounds good," Finch smiled, "and maybe we can have some fun after dinner."

Dani blushed, "Sounds good."


The room was quiet as the woman gestured, floating the Witchblade into the box, then carefully wrapping it in old newsprint. She sealed the box then sat back, frowning as she studied it.

'This is my last chance to turn back,' the young woman admitted to herself.

She had followed every step of her plan carefully, since arriving in this place. She had seperated the Witchblade, Darkness and Angelus from their users, and had carefully placed each where they needed to be. But mailing off the Witchblade would set everything else in motion, at last.

She sighed as she sipped from a cup of tea. 'Is this really the right thing to do?' she wondered, setting the cup down with a clink. The Witchblade would trigger great trials and pain, and there was no telling how things would turn out.

'No,' she shook her head, red-brown hair flowing down her back, 'I've come this far, I can't turn back now.'

Logging onto the computer the woman accessed the account she needed, then pressed the confirm button. Turning away from the computer she took the mailing label and attacked it to the box, hefting it confidently before calling the shipping company.

A polite young man picked it up, the boy gazing at the label. "So, you're shipping this to Japan?" he asked curiously.

"Yes," the woman agreed briskly, "I'm sending it to a... old friend. Be careful with it, please."

"Will do," he half saluted, walking away with the box.

The woman closed the door, sighing as she leaned against the wood. "Good luck, Tomoyo," she sighed, then in a burst of light simply disappeared.

To be continued...

Notes: Added this first chapter to address what happened to the original users of the three powers featured in the story. This will also be continued in the new 'final' chapter I'll be posting.