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Bulma tentatively sighed as she entered the school building. It seemed that no matter what she did she could not maneuver her skirt lower. Damn Vegeta and his tedious preferences.

18 trotted next to Bulma, monitoring the girl and her unusual facial expressions. Lately, 18 and ChiChi had noticed Bulma acting weirdly. She hardly spent any time with them and seemed deeply lost in her own thoughts. Thinking perhaps that it was time for her to speak up 18 cleared her throat, catching her companion's attention. Bulma's blue eyes turned to gaze at her, curiosity mingling with annoyance.

"Bulma, don't take this the wrong way, but… you've have been really acting strange. Everyone has been noticing it. If there is something you need to talk about you know I'm here right?"

Bulma's face grew pale at 18's words, her expression turning hesitant. Should I tell her? She gulped, unsure what to do. Vegeta had told her not to tell anyone, but 18 wasn't just anyone, right?

Bulma prepared to open her mouth but stalled as she heard footsteps behind them. Twisting around Bulma observed Vegeta and Paris walking up to them, Paris cheerfully waving her hand about.

"Morning," she chirped out, "It's a wonderful day isn't it?" 18, shocked at the girls upbeat attitude could only stare, sharing a secret disbelieving glance with Bulma. If possible Paris's smile only grew. Then holding out her wrist she exclaimed, "Isn't it just fabulous? My daddy sent it to me from Hyalophane just yesterday?" Upon her wrist was a delicate bracelet made of pure pink Kadiaphere.

Suddenly the rare mood was explained and Bulma could barely stop herself from rolling her eyes. Vegeta, she noticed, did not hold such qualms.

"Paris, I'm sure everyone is marveling at your bracelet, but can we please show it off later?" He barked. "We have to get to class."

Paris frowned but decided not to disagree with the Prince. Bulma sent 18 a sympathetic look as they began to head into the buildings, relying her sorrow that they were interrupted before she could answer the former girls question. It was kind of hard for her to do so though with a hand surreptitiously going up her skirt. Giving the hands owner an exasperated look, she stormed off, leaving the group behind before any wandering hands caused trouble.


It was too soon for Bulma and to long for Vegeta before seventh period rolled around. Bulma cautiously entered the room, dreading the fact that she had to sit between Vegeta and Yamcha. Attempting not to meet either's gaze Her eyes were drawn to the large crack in the doorframe. She never did figure out how that got there.

As she eased into her seat she couldn't help noticed Yamcha's adoring gaze on her and Vegeta's soft growl. Situating her books she almost jumped when she felt Vegeta's hand grab her thigh, sliding forward to caress her. Unconsciously she rocked her hips forward, providing more pressure. Catching herself she pressed her legs together, squeezing his hand to stop it from moving. She glared at the smirking boy beside her, mouthing the word stop. He raised an eyebrow but complied.

"Woman," he began. "About last night-"

Bulma cut him off before he could continue. "I don't want to hear about it Vegeta."

He growled low in his throat. "Fine. But I'll be over tonight."

Blue eyes rolled in exasperation. "Just like you said you would yesterday."

Vegeta clenched his fist. "I was going to explain that before you rudely interrupted me."

The girl beside him muttered a few choice words before sarcastically replying, "Do tell me, Prince Vegeta."

"Jimmy had a last minute party."

Bulma could feel the simmers of rage boiling. "You could have called me you asshole. Then I wouldn't have stayed up waiting for you all night."

Vegeta only crossed his arms, refusing to answer. Out of the corner of his eyes he caught Yamcha staring at Bulma curiously. "Woman," he called, voice lowered. "You did break it off with that loser didn't you?" He nodded to Yamcha.

Bulma shuffled her papers around, refusing to look him in the eye. "No," she mumbled.

Reaching a hand out Vegeta grabbed a strand of her hair, pulling on it until she meet his gaze. "You will." He growled out. "After this period."

Meekly she nodded a yes. The rest of the period was spent in silence.

When the bell finally rung, the students dismissed themselves, Vegeta leaving Bulma and Yamcha behind.

The scar faced human turned to Bulma. "What was that? Between you and Prince Vegeta?"

"Nothing." She muttered, her hair blocking him from viewing her face.

Bemused he could only comply with her explanation. "Okay…I guess. Do you want to go out for dinner this weekend."

Looking up she opened her mouth, then shut it. After moments of silence she finally spoke. "Yamcha…you're a really nice guy, but I just don't think it's working."

Stunned Yamcha could only sputter, "Why?"


The human could only stare as Bulma fled from his presence.

Out in the corridors Bulma was meet with a smirking Vegeta leaning beside the doorframe. Grabbing her waist he pulled her close to him, molding their bodies together. After a quick and passionate kiss he pulled away, leaning in to whisper in her ear. "I'll be over at eight. Wear something skimpy."


As a man of his word Vegeta did show up at exactly eight. And as he requested, Bulma did wear something skimpy. A silky midnight blue lingerie gown to be exact. With elaborate ties along the back Bulma got her revenge for the day as Vegeta fumbled with the pieces of string, cursing the man who created such a contraption. However, as always, he gained the upper hand by simply ripping the cloth in half, smirking at her outraged cries.

Now naked, she stood trembling in front of him, goose bumps rising on her skin, nipples erect. If possible Vegeta's smirk only got wider. "Aww, is my poor little Bulma cold? Come here," he mentioned her forward with his hands, "and let your Prince warm you up."

Bulma scowled but, nevertheless, leant into his body. Slowly his hands roomed her body with feather light touches. He marveled at her smooth texture, so unlike anything he had encountered before.

Cursing herself, Bulma realized that his touches excited her, no matter how hard she strived to be immune to Vegeta. When his plump lips pressed against her own she moaned, sliding her hands up and around his neck. Hearing her cries, Vegeta deepened the kiss, thrusting his tongue into her hot mouth as she sucked greedily on it. Through her haze Bulma could feel Vegeta's erection stirring against her pelvis and she pressed against it instinctively.

Mumbling against her mouth Vegeta picked her up, winding her legs around his waist and began to move towards her bedroom. Before long he had her pushed into the mattress, writhing beneath him. Moaning, he broke the wet kiss, a suction sound emanating. Blinking Bulma looked up to see him frenziedly removing his shirt. Once it was flung to the side Vegeta sighed, looking down to gaze at the woman beneath him.

Inflamed by her sultry expression and the full wet lips, his doing, he moaned, dipping down again to capture her lips. Caught in the passion he instinctively jumped when her small cold hands rubbed against his crotch. Quickly he resumed the kiss as Bulma hands moved up to work on his pants, freeing him from the constricting material.

Leaving her mouth Vegeta trailed down her neck, making a wet trail of saliva. Bulma shuddered as the heat of his mouth left her neck bare to the cold air to ravish her the space between her breasts.

Wordlessly he moved higher onto the bed, covering her small body beneath his. Feeling the head of his cock delving into her, Bulma arched her body towards him, grabbing onto his shoulders. Once he was filled to the hilt, she wrapped her long legs around him, making the sensation more prominent. They rocked together, building a dam of sensations, with only the sounds of heavy breathing filling the air.

When Bulma's climax came she moaned low in her throat, throwing her head back and clutching the sheets beneath her. The sensation of her inner muscles clenching around him caused Vegeta to explode, holding the woman beneath him and growling soflty. They collapsed onto one another, breathing heavily.

"You know," Bulma panted out. "I still don't like you."



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