all is fair in love and war.

she is love

he is war.

it must be fair then

shouldn't it?



she doesn't miss the pained looks he gives her from the side of the throne room

she pretends not to notice

it's better that way.

instead she averts her gaze to him

and smiles.

she can feel his stare

boring into the back of her neck.

but she pretends not to notice

it's better that way.



when they go out

he's gotten his revenge.

every time

it's a new contraption

something to mock her by

something to mock him by.

later in the day

they all laugh

she doesn't care, she tells herself

so she laughs too

and she tries not to make it sound hollow.

she succeeds, of course

she's been doing it for centuries.



she doesn't care.


she is just unnaturally affected

by the intense pain

his eyes betray.

she has always been affected.

but he's ugly.

he's not.

so of course she chooses pretty

pretty is what she does.



it's been said already

he's an ugly cripple

and he can't do organic life forms

all he can do is build.

he's just a namesake husband

isn't he?

it's not like she actually loved him.

she's just guilty

she shouldn't be guilty

love is no regret,

no guilt.

she was always the exception, though;

didn't she create love anyways?


A/N: this is the product of my severe writers' block combined with WiFi problems and a craze of projects.

i'll try to update Throne soon; i think it'll be a few days before i get over myself and plant my butt on the bed and force myself to write.

and now my mind is making PJO/HP crossovers and i need to write them down, (i might just publish them) so you might want to look out there. i'm done with the first chapter which is actually seven pages long and two thousand-ish words and that is way more than i'm used to.

thanks for reading (through this long life synopsis)