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A/N: In this story, Elphaba has a child, who only Fiyero knows about. However, she's forced to place the child into hiding in order for protection from the dangers that have found her. Now, onto the Harry Potter side, we all know how Harry and Neville had lost their parents, right? Well, it's time for them both to return back home... Or rather, their birth parents.

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Elphaba's Secret

She had to do it, if the circumstances weren't what they appeared to be during that moment, and then she could forget all about the current task at hand.

All she could think about was the sleeping children in the bundle of blankets in her arms. They were what gave her the strangh to live happily, the children was her only key to a normal life in Oz, and the only key to keep from not going mad herself.

The children, while both had the pale skin and pitched black hair, however, one had bright emerauld green eyes, who was wrapped up tightly in a light green blanket. His brother, who had a slight lighter shade of dark hair, a lighter shade of bright green eyes, and who was wrapped in a lighter shade of a green blanket.

She looked towards her partner, Fiyero, a pale, dirty blonde, blue eyed man, who glanced down at her and the two sleeping children, he wrapped an arm around them both, and whispered softly, keeping his voice down, afraid to be overheard and not wanting to wake up the two sleeping children, "We have to, they can't know about the two children. You know what will happen if they ever find out about the two little ones. It's for the best, you should know that."

She took a shaky breath, not liking the fact that she had to pull this act in which she had to plkace her two children, who were both just a newborn, into hiding, and that was something that she didn't want to do, but she had to do it for the safety of her sons. The very thought actually sent chills down her spine, she hated having to do what she had to do in order to protect and keep safe not only her and her partner, but also their newborns. She had to do this, no matter what!

With only her partner alongside her, she placed one of the sleeping children on the doorstep of a strange land, with one last glance at the child, she and her partner silently fled, leaving one of their sons behind. Next, in another part of this new strange world, she relucently placed her other sleeping child on the doorstep of another home, which was, in truth, miles and miles away from his brother, who was sleeping on the doorstep of another home.

It would be a long time before they would see their baby boys again. Moreover, it would also be quite a shock to hear how they'll react. Both of them not knowing anything about their parent's existence.